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NEW RELEASE Why I Try to Believe: An Experiment in Faith, Life and Stubborn Hope
Nathan Brown
Prompted by a friend’s public experiments with faith and non-faith, Nathan
Brown set out to explore his own life-long experiment with trying to believe. Part
memoir of faith, part “personal apologetic,” Why I Try to Believe suggests why
faith might be important, and how it can offer hope and purpose to both our
lives and our world.
“I came away from this book reinvigorated by the revolutionary hope that
practicing faith can bring. There are many reasons to believe and Nathan has
outlined them. But he’s also been honest about why it is still hard, and how
persisting despite that difficulty is rewarding and transformative.”
—Dr Lisa Clark Diller, Professor of history,
Paperback #2365000
Southern Adventist University
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Health and Wellness:
Secrets That Will Change Your Life
Mark Finley and Peter Landless
A book for sharing our message of good health
that recommends and demonstrates spectacularly
simple ways to avoid such chronic killers as
cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Share
how good nutrition heals the body and boosts
the mind; how purpose increases resilience;
how love and forgiveness mend the heart!
Paperback #0830912
Bible Gallery Collection
Puzzle: Eden Morning
Putting this beautiful inspirational
1000-piece puzzle together will bring
hours of enjoyment and will be a favourite
Sabbath activity, reminding you of what our
God created us to be.
Puzzle #1679003
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AUTHOR PROFILEMeet Daniel Reynaud . . .
Dr Daniel Reynaud is associate professor
of history at Avondale College of
Higher Education in Cooranbong,
New South Wales. He has worked with
It Is Written Oceania over the past
five years on a series of the “Faith
of the Anzacs” and this professional
interest has grown into a new full-length biography
of Anzac chaplain William McKenzie. He talked
with Bookshelf about this and other projects.
What caught your attention with the story of
William McKenzie?
He was obviously such a charismatic, larger-than-life figure,
and so hugely popular with the Anzacs. Yet he was also
devoutly Christian and strongly evangelistic. It’s not often that
we see evangelical religion and Anzac popularity go together.
His story was irresistible.
What did your work with It Is Written over the past
few years add to this book project?
The It Is Written episodes emerged from the McKenzie
research, but filming in Egypt, Gallipoli and France really
helped me to grasp the context of the places McKenzie was
in during the war. It really is fascinating for example to walk
over the battlefield of Lone Pine at Gallipoli, from the remnants
of the Australian trenches on the seaward side of the cemetery
through to the memorial, where the battle ended.
How do you find the balance between academic
history and telling a good story?
I’ve always had a passion for making academically sound
information accessible to a general readership. It’s a case
of being solid in research but attempting to be engaging in
the presentation. I really believe that academia has to find
an ordinary voice to share its discoveries with the rest of
us, otherwise all that potential wisdom and knowledge gets
locked up.
In the context of the Gallipoli centenary, why is this
an important Anzac story to be re-told?
This man was once one of the most recognisable Australians.
Now hardly anyone has heard of him. The Anzac story is usually
presented as if all Anzacs had no time for religion. If we are
to understand and memorialise Anzac fully now, Australians in
general as well as Christians need to know that Christians and
Christianity were active, visible and influential in the Anzac story.
McKenzie is the most obvious and most powerful example of this.
What has surprised you most in your research of
the Anzacs and their chaplains specifically?
I am discovering that the myth of the secular Anzac is not
sustainable. While the majority of Anzacs were secular, there
was a strong representation of Christians among them and many
chaplains were able to engage the Anzacs in spiritual things.
Religion was far from absent among the Anzacs. About one in
four of the diaries that I have read makes positive references to
religion—that is startlingly high for a secular legend!
Where does music fit into your creative life?
Music is a direct avenue to my soul. I think songs have
a way of disarming our defences and speaking powerfully to
both our hearts and our heads. My faith is a blend of intellect
and emotion, and music best taps into feelings. My song writing
and recording is part of exploring and expressing the things that
matter the most to me, especially from an emotional aspect.
From the experience of your various writing and
creative projects, how can we as a church better
engage with and speak to our society and culture?
The key to speaking to someone is to listen first—really listen.
When we communicate with others we need to start where
they are, not where we are. Too often we rush people to the
topic we think is important. Really, we need to spend time
finding out where they are. The most effective way to begin
is to find some common ground, and from there develop a
conversation in genuinely respectful relationship. Typically,
The Man the Anzacs Revered
William McKenzie was once
one of the most famous of the
Anzacs, a legend for his work
on Gallipoli and in France.
Although, as a chaplain, he
preached against booze,
brothels, betting and bad language, he was revered by the
soldiers—and by many on the
home front as well.
Paperback #1307910
Nothing Is Wasted CD
Manifest: Our Call to
Faithful Creativity
Rich lyrical content offering
spiritual inquiry and thoughtful
and thought-provoking music.
Daniel Reynaud is one of 32
Adventists writing about why
creativity is important to them.
CD #CD00114
Paperback #1307900
“GREATER LOVE HAS NO MAN . . .” Stories of faithfulness in war
The Man With the Reversible
Desmond Doss:
Conscientious Objector
Susan Phelps Harvey
Frances Doss
The remarkable story of Dick
Stenbakken, United States Army
chaplain. From difficult child
experiences to intense Army
encounters, he learnt to trust in
God. But his stories also have
moments of fun and prove that
God has something better for us
than we ever imagined.
From an accident-prone
childhood to World War II
gallantry, the tragic loss of
his first wife, Dorothy, and
his battles with deafness and
cancer, Desmond Doss lived a
life of unsurpassed devotion to
his country, his convictions and
his God.
Paperback #1317403
Paperback #0351882
I’m Not Leaving
Carl Wilkens
The War Within
Working from tapes made for his
family, which chronicle daily events
from the sublime to the horrific,
Carl reconstructs in fascinating
detail both personal and political
events of Rwanda in 1994 as
he bade his family goodbye and
chose to stay amid the unfolding
genocide to protect his staff and
Waldemar Leonhardt
This is the true story of 14-yearold Waldemar Leonardt who lost
four brothers in World War II in
Europe—along with his faith in a
loving God. And it’s the story of his
life-long struggle to find forgiveness
and peace from the war that raged
Paperback #2303242
Paperback #0904063
Alla Czerkasij with Natalie
Czerkasij Lewellen
The Seventh Escape
Alla was just a child when World
War II invaded the Ukraine but
the blunt horror of war ended
her childhood. Haunting and
inspiring, this is the true story of a
girl who, amid the soul-ravaging
horrors of war, came to know the
God of hope and deliverance.
Like millions of other Europeans,
Walter Logé was caught in the
violent vortex of World War II. Not
just another war story, to follow
Logé on his desperate, but at times
humorous, flight from degradation
and slavery is a heart-warming
adventure of the human spirit.
Paperback #0420433
Jan Doward
Paperback #1930502
Dare to Stand Alone
Bradley Booth
Religion was suppressed. Christians
were forced to practice their faith
secretly. Yet one teenage boy found
the courage to stand up and speak
boldly about his God. Not just to
his friends or in a private church
meeting—but on a Soviet military
base. In front of nearly 3000
enlisted men . . . and one colonel.
Paperback #0409993
War in Heaven, War
on Earth DVD
As the Civil War engulfs America,
the Seventh-day Adventist
denomination is established, and
issues of faith, freedom and duty to
country clash as conflict threatens to
divide both nation and church. War
in Heaven, War on Earth explores
the converging experiences of a
nation at war and the formation of
the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
DVD #DV01852
RECENT RELEASESCatch up on these inspiring products
1000 Inspirational Quotes Book 2
John Jeremic
Motivation and inspiration come in
various forms, but most often in the
words spoken by people of literary
and intellectual greatness. 1000
Inspirational Quotes: Book 2 is a
topical compendium of quotations, a
practical resource for the preacher,
teacher and other public speaker, as
well as for personal reflection and
Paperback #2001024
The Prodigal Daughter: A True
Kay Rizzo
Based on the true story of a young
and gifted woman who leaves
home amid the protests and tears
of her father. Headstrong and
determined to become a star,
Brianna soon finds herself swept
into a world far different from
the life of fame and riches she’d
Paperback #1656032
Questions and Answers About
Women’s Ordination
Montana Bullwhacker
C C Rouse
Cindy Tutsch and Martin Hanna
A sharing edition of this favourite
Adventist story of Elisha Rouse, one
of the original settlers of Bozeman,
Montana. He learned to survive
in the hostile environment of the
western frontier. But he learned
something far more important
along the way.
An in-depth look at the muchdiscussed issue of women’s
ordination in the Seventh-day
Adventist Church in an easyaccess, question-and-answer
format, collecting contributions
from Adventist scholars around
the world.
Paperback #1365202
Paperback #8392452
Adventist Evangelistic Preaching
Golden Tips for
those Golden Years
Russell Burrill
Whether you’ve preached
hundreds of evangelistic sermons
or you’re preparing for your
first, this book will be invaluable
in making your presentations
more practical and effective,
leading step by step through
every aspect of the evangelistic
process from sermon preparation
to calling for decisions.
Sharon Platt-McDonald
Many of us are living longer
because of the benefits of
modern medicine and improved
health care. Based on the best
scientific evidence, this book sets
out a practical lifestyle “recipe”
for making the most of these
extra “golden years.”
Paperback #0751904
Paperback #0110802
Knowing Jesus, Knowing God
David Marshall
Sharon Platt-McDonald
This book is all about Jesus.
It reveals His personality, the
reasons why we can believe in
Him and depend on Him, and
how we can accept His salvation.
By knowing Jesus, we know God.
When we know God, the miracle
at the heart of the Christian
gospel begins in our lives.
If you have been wounded by
the hurts others have inflicted
on your or struggled with
the regret of causing pain to
someone else, this book is
for you. Forgiveness could
be the prescription you need
to experience resolution,
restoration and healing.
Paperback #1132654
The Healing Power
of Forgiveness
Paperback #0830404
or share as meaningful gifts
Celebrations! Healthy Inside Out!
Word Power Cards—
Health and Children
Sonia Krumm and
Shawna Vyhmeister
For use as discussion
starters, promise
prompts, gift tags
or a small note with
added meaning. Boxes
containing 30 cards
each with words of
encouragement, comfort
and inspiration on a
variety of topics.
A book that introduces kids to
the joy of being healthy inside
and out. The little decisions
we make every day can help
to keep us from getting sick.
That’s why it’s important to
learn the 11 important secrets
for feeling good and being
Paperback #0309342
Pack of 30 Cards #2379544 #2379504
EACH $795
Promise Box
A perennial favourite
gift, family treasure
and activity starter for
all ages. A selection of
Bible texts to encourage
and challenge,
presented in small paper
rolls with tweezers for
selection, presented in
an attractive and solid
cardboard box.
Earth’s Final Crisis DVD
Steve Wohlberg
A survey of the final events of
our world and what the Bible
has to say to us today, offering
both warning and hope. A
resource for study or for sharing
with friends and community
members who wonder where
the world is heading.
DVD #DV01912
Promise Box #1659524
150 & Beyond DVD
Vanuatu Advent
Herald Choir DVD
Family Reunion
150 years after the official
founding of the Seventh-day
Adventist Church, many of the
church’s notable musicians
gathered to remember some of
the unique hymns loved by our
Adventist pioneers and church
members through the years.
Church members from Port
Vila get together to share the
gospel through music. Musical
performances include mass
choir, male choir and smaller
vocal groupings, presenting
songs to bless and inspire.
DVD #DV00604
DVD #DV00624
Classic Praise DVD
Family Reunion
No Turning Back DVD
The Commissioners
Male vocal octet share their
favourite hymns and praise
songs. More inspiring and
worshipful music with a South
Pacific feel and location scenery,
from Livahline Media.
DVD #DV00634
Join the Family Reunion singers
and musicians as they sing
praises to our Redeemer.
Praise invokes God’s presence
and creates an atmosphere
in which God is pleased to
dwell. Featuring a mix of new
arrangements of favourite
hymns and more contemporary
worship songs
DVD #DV00614
emembering God’s leading
Ellen G White Encyclopedia
A comprehensive guide to
Ellen White, her context,
writings and ministry.
Hardcover #0536923
Ellen G White Letters
and Manuscripts with
Annotations, Vol 1
Complete and insighful.
Hardcover #0536943
J N Loughborough: The Last
of the Adventist Pioneers
The story of one of the longestserving of our church forebears.
Hardcover #1010513
The Unknown Prophet
Mostly unknown but William
Foy’s story, ministry and
message still speak today.
Paperback #2133003
Life Sketches
Lest We Forget
Adventist Pioneer Places
Journey of Faith and Healing
Ellen White’s early and
formative life experiences in
her own words.
This devotional book
reintroduces us to our spiritual
ancestors and their mission.
Includes maps, GPS coordinates,
and captivating stories that will
sweep you back in time.
The story of White Memorial
Medical Center, thriving in the
face of every obstacle.
Hardcover #1222012
Hardcover #1211433
$26.95 $1495
Hardcover #0112993
$44.95 $2995
Hardcover #1046812
A T Jones: Point
Man on Adventism’s
Charismatic Frontier
A controversial figure.
Hardcover #0180293
Light Bearers
Myths in Adventistm
A classic work of Adventist
history revised and updated for
today’s reader.
George Knight examines many
provocative Adventist questions
in this insightful book.
Paperback #1237402
Paperback #1219733
The Struggle for the
Prophetic Heritage
How Ellen White’s work was
contested soon after her death.
Paperback #1967824
$19.95 $1295
FOR CHILDRENstories to help them grow in grace
Jesus Loves Trucks
My First Bible Storybook
Many different vehicles are
used for spreading the gospel
and Jesus uses them all.
71 best-loved Bible stories
selected to bring the Bible to
life for the youngest readers.
Hardcover #1029293
Moose Stories #9: The Big Wet
Creative and engaging retelling the story of Noah and
the great flood.
Paperback #0766890
Hardcover #1386024
The Puzzle Bible: Through
Trials and Triumphs
Uncle Arthur’s Best Bedtime
Stories 5-volumes
Learn key Bible stories through
completing the puzzles.
A selection of Uncle Arthur’s
timeless and value-driven stories.
Puzzle Book #1242584
The Puzzle Block Bible: God
Saves Daniel and His Friends
Use the blocks to complete the
scenes of this dramatic story.
Puzzle Book #1242624
5-volume Hardcover Set #0214213
Paul’s Life and Journeys
Step by Step
A simple version of Paul’s
amazing work and exciting
Drawn from Steps to Christ
and written in language kids
aged 6 to 9 can understand.
Set of 12 Boardbooks #1609604
Paperback #1953962
KidZone Bible Studies
The Prodigal Son DVD
Daniel DVD
The Good Samaritan DVD
A set of 14 Bible-study guides
for 8 to 12 year olds from
Voice of Prophecy.
An animated story of one of
Jesus’ most-loved and powerful
Daniel’s true story of courage,
integrity and trust in God in
the Babylonian empire.
Jesus taught that we are all
neighbours and we should
serve one another.
14 Study Guides Set #1120143
DVD #DV02693
$22.95 $1495
DVD #DV02673
$22.95 $1495
DVD #DV02663
$22.95 $1495
Keeping Connection
Rediscovering the Power of Prayer
The subtitle of Pastor Zuzai Hizoke’s Keeping Connection—
“Rediscovering the Power of Prayer”—is key to understanding
the motivation for his book—but not in the way we might
expect. Keeping Connection does not seek to give a
Summer has a secret that is literally eating her up. Her mechanical formula for this rediscovery, but breathes life into
friends and family try to make her face what they think isthe daily practice of prayer in very practical ways. Rather
her real problem. But what they see is only a symptom ofthan using prayer much like a vending machine to get what
we want, just when we want it, Pastor Hizoke instead asks
something much more sinister.
us to incorporate prayer and its power into the fabric of our
When Julie whirls back onto the scene, Summer’s carefullyeveryday lives.
organised life begins to spin out of control, even as she “When we really know God, prayers that run out of
unsuccessfully tries to avoid Ben, who just might be the words become something of the past,” he writes. “We will
observe real change; the most noticeable will be that the
nicest guy she has ever met.
conversation in prayer will naturally flow as it does in a boy–
Then Julie discovers Summer’s secret. Something she’s beengirl relationship. They keep the conversation going without
planning what to talk about when they meet.”
hiding to protect the ones she loves. With the support of
As well as urging this ongoing conversation, Keeping
her new friends—and Ben—the question remains: Will
challenged me to refocus on who I am actually
peace be found before Summer fades?
Paperback #1119400
Amanda Bews
addressing in prayer. Both in private and public prayer,
there is a danger of becoming mechanical. Here we
are challenged to come into the throne room of heaven,
“Amanda gets human nature—and she gets God’s
bringing not only our requests, but also our heartaches and
heart. Her characters are believable and her dialogues our joys, our frustrations and our questions. The power of
are skillfully woven so that they are both engaging and prayer will be found in being real with God. His reply to
insightful. Read Summer Fades. You’ll be glad you did.” our petitions may come in immediate and dramatic ways,
but more frequently, learning to wait patiently for His
—Ty Gibson, author, A God Named Desire
timing, even when there appears to be no answer.
Whether you choose to use this book to enliven your
personal walk with God or to refocus the real purpose of
your small group or prayer meeting—with the discussion
questions and prayer prompts at the end of each
chapter—Keeping Connection will challenge and refresh
your growing conversation with God.
—Kevin Geelan, sales manager, Adventist Media Network
Amanda Bews
 NSW, Cooranbong (02) 4977 2444
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