O H I O (cont’d)
13 January 2011
14 January 2004
God’s Word
19 February 2002
Steak (rare), salad, grape pop
14 June 2001
Fish sandwich, fries, Pepsi
19 February 1999
Spaghetti, salad, strawberry shortcake, pop
04 November 2010
Declined a final meal request, instead
buying a cheeseburger from the
vending machine plus a V8 juice, pork
skins and a Yoo-hoo drink
Did not request a final meal, but had
cheese crackers, nacho cheese Bugles,
a ham-and-cheese sandwich and a Dr.
Pepper from vending machines
09 September 2010 None
12 August 2010
Vending machine meal of a meatball
sub sandwich, a double pork chop
sandwich and a Philly cheesesteak
sandwich, with an orange soda and
orange juice
11 January 2011
Deep dish Meat Lover’s pizza, deep
fried jumbo shrimp, and two hush
06 January 2011
Large pepperroni and Italian sausage
pizza and a large Dr. Pepper from
Pizza Hut
19 December 2010
Double cheesburger with mayonnaise,
foot-long cheese Coney with mustard
and extra onions, cherry limeade and
a banana shake
14 October 2010
Medium stuffed-crust pizza from
Pizza Hut with mushrooms, bell
peppers, black olives and jalapenos,
a Dr. Pepper, coconut cream pie, and
a chocolate shake
10 June 2010
Fried fish, french fries and iced tea
14 May 2009
08 October 2009
Turkey sandwich with tomatoes and
mayonnaise, potato salad
11 June 2009
Fried chicken, french fries, onion soup
and a roll
16 April 2009
Fried chicken, fried okra, a biscuit and a
root beer
12 February 2009
No request, but ate two fried egg
sandwiches for breakfast
14 January 2010
Sirloin steak, baked potato, onion
rings, a tossed salad and a Coke
15 January 2009
Two corn dogs with ketchup and
mustard and a Coke
14 May 2009
Cheeseburger, chili-cheese French
fries and a chocolate shake from
Chili’s restaurant
23 August 2007
Hot dogs, a garden salad with French
dressing, orange juice
09 June 2009
T-bone steak, French fries, and a
large salad
Egg and cheese omelette, fresh sliced
22 January 2009
Barbecue ribs, chopped beef, hot
links, baked beans, plain potato
chips, coconut doughnuts, chocolate
25 September 2008
A bucket of KFC chicken, eight
additional drumsticks and a chocolate milkshake
26 June 2007
30 September 2004 Frankfurters, French fries, American
cheese, custard and chocolate cake
with chocolate frosting, but he refused
to eat when the meal was presented
Hot and spicy chicken breast, two
slices of sausage pizza with extra
cheese, a slice of German chocolate
cake, a pint of French vanilla ice
cream, and a Dr. Pepper
21 August 2007
Large supreme pizza and a two-liter
bottle of Coke
05 August 2003
Two eggs over medium, four pieces of
bacon, fried green tomatoes, sliced red
tomatoes, four slices of pineapple with
mayonnaise, white bread, a banana, and
a medium-sized V-8
09 January 2007
Combination barbeque platter with
chicken, chopped brisket, ribs and
hot links, barbeque sauce, a large
order of baked beans and extra bread
31 August 2006
07 August 2003
Request shrimp, but it wasn’t available
in the prison kitchen. Ate vending
machine snacks instead.
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and
gravy, corn on the cob, biscuits, Dr.
Pepper, and an apple pie
29 August 2006
13 March 2003
Fried catfish, potato logs, coleslaw, hush
puppies, salad, water
Large pepperoni pizza with sausage
and extra mushrooms, a large grape
01 June 2006
Kentucky Fried Chicken (original
recipe), potato wedges, baked beans,
coleslaw, an apple turnover, and a
dinner roll
18 April 2006
Chicken dinner, potato wedges, apple
pie and a Pepsi from Kentucky Fried
29 January 2002
Italian dinner with spaghetti, meatballs, ravioli, sausage, garlic bread
and salad, strawberry cheesecake,
and 7-Up
06 December 2001
One chicken, two cans of olives,
grapes, and one palmagranite (sic)
18 October 2001
Double cheeseburger, onion rings,
French fries, vanilla milkshake, and a
hot fudge sundae
26 July 2007
03 May 2007
Black-eyed peas, pepper steak,
orange-flavored drink
25 October 2006
Requested to eat from a vending
machine with family members
22 September 2005 Ate very little in the days before the
execution and did not make the
traditional request for a last meal
07 May 2001
No meal at all
02 May 2000
Supreme pizza, garden salad with ranch
dressing, pickled okra, strawberry
shortcake, cherry limeade
19 December 2000
Jumbo fried shrimp, French fries,
cloeslaw, ketchup, lemonade, cheesecake
08 September 1999
Barbeque potato chips, beef jerkey,
geen onion dip and garlic dip, buttered
popcorn, Pepsi
08 September 1999
Fried shimp, garden salad, chocolate
cake, grilled salmon
12 April 1999
Two large cheeseburgers, one small
supreme pizza, fried green tomatoes,
onion rings and fries, one quart of
buttermilk, pecan pie
28 August 2001
Shrimp fettuccini alfredo, salad,
garlic bread, 1 slice of strawberry
cheesecake, and iced tea sweetened
with sugar
16 February 1999
Large double cheeseburger with
mustard, pickles, tomato, luttuce, onion,
jalapeno peppers, a large Coke with ice,
raisin pie
17 July 2001
1 vanilla malt, 2 large hamburgers, 1
large cheeseburger, 2 orders of fries,
16oz. Dr. Pepper
29 May 2001
08 July 1998
Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato,
onions, and mayonnaise, French fries
with ketchup, peach cobbler, tea with
sweetener and ice
Fish, hushpuppies, chips, French fries,
dip & sauce, strawberry malt,
strawberry shortcake with whipped
cream, and 7-Up
22 May 2001
06 August 1997
Large supreme pizza, banana pudding
with meringue topping, root beer,
peanut M&Ms
1 bacon cheeseburger, 3-pounder
pizza, and 1 banana malt
01 May 2001
1 chicken taco salad, 1 Mexican pizza,
Encharitos, 2 soft tacos, 1 order
Cinnamon Twists, 1 piece of pecan
pie, 2 cans of Coca-Cola
27 March 2001
1 cracker and grape juice
01 March 2001
Shrimp, fish, oysters, tarter sauce,
32oz. cream soda, 1 strawberry
01 February 2001
8 pieces of chicken, hot rolls, 2 Diet
30 January 2001
1 bacon cheeseburger, 1 order onion
rings, 1 order French fries, 1 pint
Chocolate Chuck frozen custard, 1
piece pecan pie, 1 cherry limeade,
and catsup
23 January 2001
2 order onion rings, 1 cheeseburger,
bacon cheeseburger, 1 grilled chicken
sandwich, and 1 medium cherry
18 January 2001
2 large pepperoni pizzas and
strawberry ice cream
16 January 2001
13oz. box of Cocoa Pebbles, 1/2
gallon of milk, 3 glazed donuts with
chocolate icing, 3 glazed donuts with
maple icing, 1 Big Mac, 1 large order
of fries with ketchup, 1 Oreo McFlurry,
1 Quarter Pounder with cheese
09 January 2001
Fried chicken, potatoes with onions,
sweet potato pie, hot rolls, and Coke
10 August 2000
8 pieces of KFC chicken, 4 biscuits, 1
pint of Braum’s frozen custard
20 July 2000
Chef salad with Italian dressing, BBQ
beef or pork, hot fudge sundae
15 June 2000
Fried shrimp, salad, German chocolate cake, “Tin Roof Sundae” ice
cream, apple fritter, and strawberry
08 June 2000
2 bacon cheeseburgers, onion rings,
chocolate ice cream, root beer
27 April 2000
Catfish, French fries, plums, grapes,
strawberry shortcake, and Sprite
10 February 2000
BBQ beef ribs, 6 dinner rolls, Cornish
hen, hamburger with cheese, strawberry drink, and 7-Up
06 January 2000
3 fried chicken thighs, 10-15 shrimp,
tater tots with catsup, 2 slices of
pecan pie, strawberry ice cream,
honey and biscuits, and a Coke
08 July 1999
6 tacos, 6 glazed donuts, and a
Cherry Coke
08 January 1997
Fried chicken, rice with gravy, pinto
beans, turnip greens, hot rolls, milk
08 January 1997
Caesar salad, seedless grapes, crackers, breadsticks, coffee
08 August 1996
Beef tacos, Spanish rice, refried beans,
cheese enchilada, sliced avocado, corn
tostado chips, onion, jalapeno peppers,
19 April 1995
31 August 1995
Fried crappie, two large onions, large
green salad, blue cheese or Roquefort
cheese dressing, hush puppies, buttermilk
Fried chicken, macaroni and tomatoes,
mixed greens, pinto beans, sliced bread,
03 August 1994
2lbs. shrimp - deep fried, French fries
(without peelings) and ketchup, Dr.
Pepper, banana pudding
03 August 1994
8oz. hickory smoked sausage (beef),
8oz. cheese (mild or sharp, Kraft),
Wendy’s double cheeseburger with
pickles, onions, lettuce & mayo, French
fries, ketchup, a Kosher dill pickle, an
onion, Coke classic, Breyer’s viennetta
ice cream/cake combo
03 August 1994
Porterhouse steak (rare), extra sharp
cheese, salad with blue cheese dressing,
root beer
11 May 1994
Sirloin steak, French fries, fruit salad,
Pepsi, ketchup
11 May 1994
Barbeque pork spare ribs, French fries,
ketchup, small box of Velveeta cheese,
artichokes (2), Coke (1 large bottle),
chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, light
bread, Miracle Whip
07 May 1992
24 January 1992
25 June 1990
18 June 1990
Fresh Chef’s salad with ranch dressing,
mashed potatoes with butter, porterhouse steak (medium well), A-1 steak
sauce, Worchestershire sauce, lemon
meringue pie, 1qt. of buttermilk
Fried steak (well done), baked chicken
with gravy, brown beans, pecan pie,
cherry Kool-Aid
1 filet mignon steak (well done), 2
medum raw onions (sliced), 2 tomatoes
(sliced), 6 rolls, 6 slices of cheese, 1
banana, 2 7-Ups
Barbeque chicken, rice and gravy, pinto
beans, fresh early June peas, fresh
squash, peaches, hot rolls, tea
26 October 2010
23 May 2007
Steak, fried okra, French fries, strawberry ice cream, and a Dr. Pepper
Fried okra, four buns with lots of butter,
lots of salt (lots), two slices banana
08 November 2000 2 guacamole tostadas, 2 tacos, 1
strawberry malt, 1 Dr. Pepper, 1 lemon
meringue pie, 5 jalapenos, 1 lemon, 1
lime, 1qt. strawberry ice cream
16 February 2000
27 October 1999
16 May 1997
2 green apples, 2 red apples, 4 soda
pops (the largest), and any good fruit
06 September 1996
5 fried eggs (sunny side up),
hashbrowns, bacon strips (crisp),
stack of pancakes with syrup, hot
coffee, milk, and cold orange juice
2 eggs (over easy), 4 slices bacon,
coffee, 1 pint vanilla ice cream, 1 can of
peaches, strawberry jam
02 May 1995
2 fried eggs, 4oz. of Pace hot sauce, 4
strips bacon, 12oz. sirloin steam, 10oz.
French fries, 3oz. ketchup, 1 pint vanilla
ice cream, 1 pint milk, 1 cup hot coffee
11 July 2007
16 June 1999
3 fried eggs (sunny side up), 4 slices of
bacon, hash brown potatoes, 2 slices
whole wheat toast, butter, 2 servingsize boxes of Raisin Bran cereal, 2
cartons milk, 2 cups of Taster’s Choice
05 May 1999
Green Chili burros, burritos with
barbequed steak, French fries and
ketchup, vanilla ice cream, cream soda,
03 March 1999
24 February 1999
Six fried eggs (cooked over-easy), 16
strips of bacon, one large portion of
hashbrowns, one pint of pineapple
sherbet ice cream, one “breakfast
steak” (well done), one 16oz. cup filled
with ice, one 7-Up, one Dr. Pepper, one
Coke, one portion of hot sauce, one cup
of coffee, two packes of sugar, four
Rolaid tablets
2 BLT sandwiches on white bread,
mayonnaise, 4 fried eggs (over-easy),
medium portion of hash brown potatoes,
2 breakfast rolls, small portion of
strawberry jelly, one half pint of
pineapple sherbet ice cream, one 22oz.
cup of hot coffee (black), one medium
slice of German chocolate cake with
coconut-caramel icing, one 12oz. cup of
cold milk
03 February 1999
New York steak (medium rare),
Worchestershire sauce, 2 eggs, 8 strips
of bacon, 2 slices wheat toast with
butter, 1/2 pint peppermint ice cream,
16oz. of apple juice
13 January 1999
New York steak (rare), 1.5 cups of sliced
mushrooms, 2 eggs, 10 strips of bacon,
2 slices of wheat toast with butter,
3tbsp of strawberry preserves, 8oz. of
milk, 8oz. of apple juice, 32oz. chocolate milkshake
03 June 1998
6 fried eggs (over-easy), 4 strips of
bacon (chewy), 2 slices of wheat toast
(buttered), 1 cup of real coffee, 2 Classic
Cokes (over ice)
29 April 1998
3 grilled cheese and fried egg
sandwiches, macaroni & cheese (lots),
pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, 2
cans of Pepsi
2 cheeseburgers, 2 fries, chocolate
milk, and chocolate pudding
Steak with A-1 sauce, jalapeno
poppers with cream sauce, onion
rings, a salad with cherry tomatoes,
ham chunks, shredded cheese, bacon
bits, blue cheese and ranch dressing,
lemon iced tea and coffee to drink,
ice cream for dessert (South Dakota’s
first execution in 60 years)
08 May 2009
Pizza and donuts
20 February 2009
Fried chicken, fried turkey, steak, a
baked potato with sour cream and
butter, a tossed salad, cranberry
sauce, ketchup, and peach cobbler
05 December 2008
No final meal request
22 June 2007
T-bone steak (well done) with A-1
sauce, baked potato, French fries,
grape drink, chocolate cake
14 June 2006
Salted cashew nuts, instant French
roast coffee, chocolate chip cookie
dough, “Moose Tracks” ice cream, 3
Mr. Goodbar candy bars
28 May 2004
Pizza, Mountain Dew, and 2 BLT
23 April 2004
Steak, mashed potatoes, green beans,
collard greens, corn bread, banana
pudding, cherry cheesecake, apple
cobbler and sweet ice tea
16 April 2004
Steak, jumbo shrimp, broccoli with
cheese, French fries, lemon meringue
pie, and ice tea
18 March 2004
Asked for a bottle of Dom Perignon,
but he didn’t receive it
02 December 2009
Refused a final meal. Spent 28 years
on death row.
04 February 2009
Seafood plate of shrimp, fish, oysters,
onion rings and hushpuppies
12 September 2007
No final meal request. Ate was was
served to the other inmates: riblets
on a bun, mixed vegetables, baked
beans, white cake with white icing,
iced tea
09 May 2007
Declined a meal to eat. Instead
requested a vegetarian pizza be
given to a homeless person. Request
denied. The public then sent a total of
170 pizzas to area shelters
22 April 1998
1 broiled chicken, 9 corn tortillas, 2
tomoatoes, 1 can of jalapenos, 2 cans of
Pepsi, 1 plate of rice (4oz.)
21 January 1998
2 red chili beef burritos, 2 cans of Coke
Classic, 1 slice cherry pie
25 June 1997
16oz. top sirloin steak (medium rare),
French fries, 1 dozen deep-fried butterfly shrimp, 1 whole cherry cheesecake, 1
case of Pepsi, 1 pot of coffee
23 January 1997
Cheeseburger, fries, coffee with milk
28 June 2006
Pizza pockets, ice cream, iced
oatmeal cookies, milk
22 August 1996
2 beef burritos, 2 pork chops, French
fries (big order), jalapenos (a few)
19 April 2000
10oz. steak, peas, rolls with butter, 1
baked potato with shredded cheddar
cheese, stawberry pie with whipped
cream, large chocolate malt
Fried catfish, white beans, hushpuppies, coleslaw, French fries, sweetened ice tea, and pecan pie
13 September 1995
14 April 1994
03 March 1993
06 April 1992
Porterhouse steak (medium rare), 2lbs.
of large shrimp and sauce, A-1 steak
sauce, baked potato with sour cream,
coleslaw, banana cream pie, rice
pudding with raisins, 2 dinner rolls with
butter, and a strawberry milkshake
22 February 2011
Fried chicken, French fries, lemon
cake, root beer, Sprite
15 February 2011
Fried, barbequed, and baked chicken,
pizza, brownies, sweet iced tea, milk,
vanilla pudding
2 grilled pork chops with gravy, a
quarter-pound of bacon, 6 fried shrimp,
beef Rice-a-Roni, 2-3 slices of French
bread with butter, apple sauce, 2 cans
of Canada Dry ginger ale with ice, 1 slice
coconut cream pie, 1 pint orange juice, 1
can chicken noodle soup with crackers,
1 can pear halves with syrup, Maxwell
House coffee with cream and sugar
17 August 2010
Enchiladas, fajitas, and a cinnamon
01 July 2010
Three bacon, egg, and cheese
omelets, three chicken cheese
enchiladas, and 3 each of Pepsi,
Coke, and Dr. Pepper
15 June 2010
Four eggs, four chicken drumsticks,
salsa, four jalapeno peppers, lettuce,
tortillas, hashbrowns, garlic bread,
two pork chops, white and yellow
grated cheese, sliced onions and
Several fried eggs, several strips of
bacon, toast, butter, honey, and orange