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Snack to It
Snack Stat
Have Snacks, Will Travel
As a woman constantly
Bethenny’s not the only
on the go—raising a
one snacking. According to
toddler, running my own
Food Technology magazine,
business, preparing to
Americans are snacking
host my own talk show
more than ever these days:
and trying to keep fit
Whether traveling across town or
around the globe, keeping portable
snack options on hand can help
prevent you from crashing or giving
in to poor food choices—no matter
where you are.
Nearly half (48%) snack at
while doing it all—having
least two times a day, almost
healthy, food choices in a
double those who snacked in
snap is a necessity. Smart
2010. What’s more, U.S. retail
snacking is the key.
sales of packaged snacks
There are a lot of options out there, but not all of
generated nearly $64 billion
them are the best choices for a healthy lifestyle.
in 2010 and are estimated to
It’s important to choose snacks that contain
approach $77 billion by 2015.
beneficial nutrients and ingredients you can
Other research shows women
actually pronounce. Snacks with protein and fiber
are most likely to make
that are low in sugar will keep you energized
unhealthy choices late at
and curb your hunger so you won’t find yourself
night—more than three times
making poor choices later in the day.
a week on average! However,
The best way to keep your snack habits in check
we collectively snack most
is to know yourself. Pay attention to when you’re
often during the mid-morning
hungry and what you crave most (sweets, salty and
and mid-afternoon, when the
crunchy, etc.) and figure out some go-to healthy
dreaded energy drain makes
choices to fit these cravings. Then take a few
us reach for a little boost.
minutes each morning to pack healthy snacks for
Planning well-portioned,
the day, and you’ll be prepared for anything.
healthy snacks ahead of time
And remember, it’s called “smart” snacking not
and stashing them in your
only because it’s healthy, but because it’s easy,
purse or at your desk can
delicious and satisfying. Read
help keep you fueled without
on for recipe ideas, tips
breaking the calorie bank.*
and tricks on how to
snack the smart way!
Bethenny Frankel
*Sterling-Rice Group,
North America Snacking Study, 2010
Invest in a reusable snack bag or
bags to keep a stash
of your own smart snacks in your
purse, car or gym bag at all times.
Keep nonperishable “snacks
with substance” in your office or
desk drawer like instant oatmeal,
almonds, baked chips, pretzels,
dried fruit and a jar of almond
butter. Add fresh ingredients
(like yogurt, apples, grapes,
cheese, whole-wheat toast) to
create a variety of ways
to “snack out of it” deliciously.
Seek out smart snacks on the
such as pre-packaged
vegetables and dip, edamame,
fruit and cheese combos, baked
snacks or nutty trail mixes, that
you can portion mindfully.
Snack bars that use whole,
ingredients are
perfect for stashing in your
carry-on baggage.
Bottled vegetable juices contain
and fiber in a pinch—just
be careful about added sugar.
Bethenny’s Homemade
Almond-Berry Granola
Snack on a couple of handfuls
or add to your favorite yogurt
for a mid-morning boost.
Vegetable oil
4 cups rolled cut oats
2 cups slivered almonds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup maple syrup
or agave nectar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup dried cranberries,
dried cherries or
dried blueberries
Preheat oven to 300°F
and oil two large sheet
pans. In a large bowl, stir
together oats, almonds
and spices. In a small bowl,
stir together warm water,
maple syrup and vanilla.
Pour the syrup mixture over
the nut mixture and stir to
combine. Spread mixture
onto prepared sheet pans
and bake about 30 minutes,
stirring every 10 minutes to
prevent burning, until granola
is crumbly and golden.
Remove from oven and
immediately stir in dried
fruit. Cool and store
refrigerated in an
airtight container
up to one month.
Perfect Proportions
Calculating the perfect portion is essential
to snacking success. These tips make for
smart snacking decisions.
•A nutritious snack is packed
with nutrients and has
fewer than 200 calories.
•Energy-boosting snacks should
contain protein, fiber and very
little added sugar.
•A perfect portion of almonds is
one ounce or 23 almonds—about a
handful—and contains 3.5 grams of
fiber and 6 grams of protein.*
•One tablespoon of almond butter
contains about 100 calories, 1 gram of
fiber and 2 grams of protein to help
keep you satisfied until your next meal.
Dynamic Duos
Try these power pairings for the ideal
mid-morning or mid-afternoon
bread or apple slices
with almond butter
small handful of whole natural
and dried fruit
•Sliced turkey with mustard
Greek yogurt or cottage
cheese and granola
vegetable chips or
soy chips and hummus
of whole natural almonds
and an ounce of cheese
ounce each of dark chocolate
and almonds
To help make your snack choices
even easier, visit
for more information and ideas designed
to help you always snack smart.
*Good news about almonds and heart health Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds, as
part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce
the risk of heart disease. One serving of almonds (28g) has
13g of unsaturated fat and only 1g of saturated fat.
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Snack Stat
According to Bethenny, the perfect
snack should be packed with nutrition
but fewer than 200 calories—and at
160 calories, a one-ounce handful of
almonds fits the bill. In fact, preliminary
research conducted by scientists from
the United States Department
of Agriculture (USDA) and released
in the August 2012 issue of the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
(AJCN) provides potential new and
hopeful information about almonds’
calories. For more information: