Hot Beverages Basic Espresso Coffee Drinks (Regular or Decaf)

Hot Beverages
Basic Espresso Coffee Drinks (Regular or Decaf)
Straight Shot of Espresso
(The Essence of Coffee Extracted Under Pressure)
*Tell your server if you prefer regular
(1 oz) shot(s) or “long” (1½ oz) shots.
Other Espresso Coffee Drinks
Caffé Americano – Espresso with hot water for fresh gourmet brewed coffee
Caffé Latté – Espresso, steamed milk and a layer of velvety milk foam
Flavored Caffé Lattés-the Caffé Latté with the addition of gourmet flavoring
syrup(s) and real whipped cream (see flavors below)
Cappuccino – The Caffé Latté with a large portion of velvety milk foam
Italian Style Cappuccino –
Served in a 7 ounce cup – 2.29 with two shots 3.29
Brevé – Caffé Latté made with half and half
Kicker – Espresso and brewed Deadman (dark roast)
Caffé Olé – Espresso, brewed Deadman, steamed milk and real whipped
Brewed Coffees – Take Out Only* ****NO REFILLS****
Brewed Coffees – Dine In: Any of our Five Daily Airpot Coffees. 1.99 per
16 oz.
20 oz.
12 oz.
mug (one size) - one refill. Additional refills .99. Unlimited refills with
entrée meal (i.e. food order of 5.99 or over)
Carafe of Brewed Coffee (36 oz.) – 3.99
Airpot (72 oz.) – 7.49
French Press – Coffee individually ground and
brewed from any of our five daily coffees. 20 oz. – 3.59
Signature Flavored Espresso Caffé Lattés
The Caffé Latté with gourmet flavor syrups, real whipped cream and garnishes.
12 oz. – 3.39
Almond Joy
16 oz. – 3.89
(Chocolate, coconut and almond with crushed
almond garnish)
Caffé Crème Caramel
(Vanilla, cinnamon and caramel)
Caramel Macchiato
(Caramel & Vanilla)
Rev 5/12
20 oz. – 4.39
Caramel Hazelnut Latté
Irish Mocha Cream
Chunky Monkey
(Peanut Butter, chocolate and banana)
Signature Flavored Espresso Caffé Lattés Continued
Milky Way
Nutty Irishman
(chocolate and caramel)
(Hazelnut and Irish
cream – almond garnish)
White Chocolate
Mint Mocha
Peanut Butter
Chai Tea Latté with Traditional or Vanilla Chai
Favorite Far Eastern drink made from Black Tea, honey, ginger, milk and spices.
Whipped cream optional at the same price.
12 oz. – 2.59
16 oz. – 2.99
20 oz. – 3.49
*CHAI BOMB: boost your Chai Tea Latté with espresso – add $1.29
Other Specialty Hot Drinks
Flavored Steamers – Steamed milk with gourmet syrups
12 oz.
Note: Not available with Fruit Syrups: Banana, Cherry, Orange, Raspberry or Strawberry
Hot Chocolate – With real whipped cream or marshmallows
Premium British and Numi
Teas and Herbal “Teasans” – 1.99. Extra Bag (dine in only) -1 free, others 1.29
Hot Spiced Cider – With a cinnamon stick – 12 oz. – 2.69
Cider Supreme – Spiced cider with caramel and a cinnamon stick topped with
16 oz.
20 oz.
whipped cream and cinnamon – 12 oz. – 3.79
Add shot of Espresso to drink – .1.29. Add Flavored Syrup or Whipped Cream – .69
Substitute Half & Half or Soy Milk in a drink – .99
‘BRAIN BOOSTER’ Energy Supplement - 1.29
This tasteless powdered supplement added to any hot or cold drink will transform your usual
mild-mannered tasty beverage into a genuine kick-butt energy potion. Contains: 100mg
Caffeine, 100mg Guarana, 1000mg Taurine, 25mg Ginsing and 15mg Ginko Biloba. Celebrate
the synaptic symphony.
*For Herbal alternatives to Espresso based drinks…
See Rainforest Yerba Maté selections
Rev 5/12
Cold Beverages
Ice Blended Coffee Shakes and Chai Chillers
12 oz. – 3.49
16 oz. – 4.29
20 oz. – 4.99
Coffee Shakes – Regular or Decaf
Topped with Real Whipped Cream
 Mocha
Chocolate Peanut Butter
 Coconut Mocha
 Caramel Mocha
Lo-Carb Mocha
Caramel Macchiato
 Vanilla Latté
 Toffee Mocha
 Raspberry Mocha
Almond Joy
Café Crème Caramel
 Mint Mocha
 Caramel Latté
 Irish Cream Mocha
 Cherry Mocha
Lo Carb Vanilla Latté
Chunky Monkey
Note: Make flavored Frozen Mochas and Lattés by adding regular or sugar-free syrup – no
extra charge.
Chai Tea Chiller
Chai Tea (favorite Indian spiced black tea)
blended with milk and ice and topped with real
whipped cream.
*Note: Add gourmet flavor to your Chai Chiller –
no extra charge (see flavors next page)
*Boost your Chai Chiller with espresso – the
Fruit and Veggie Smoothies
12 oz. - 3.99
16 oz. - 4.99
20 oz. - 5.99
Jet Tea-Infused Fruit Smoothies
Natural Fruit Puree infused with Green Tea and non-fat vanilla yogurt, topped with whipped cream
Wild Berry Blast
(Blueberry, Black Berry and Raspberry)
Strawberry Bomb
Caribbean Colada
Extreme Peach
Strawberry Banana
Super Green Fruit and Veggie Smoothie
Ice-blended with low-fat vanilla yogurt, delicious multi-fruit flavor containing awesome veggie
nutritionals. Pineapple, Apple, Kiwi, Lime and Starfruit Juices, Mango, Banana and Tamarind Purees,
Spirulina, Chlorella, Zinc Sulphate, Broccoli, Green Tea, Spinach, Barley and Wheat Grasses, Blue
Green Algae, Echinacea Purpurea Extract, Odorless Garlic, Lemon Bioflavinoids, Nova Scotia Dulce
and Jerusalem Artichoke.
‘BRAIN BOOSTER’ Energy Supplement – 1.29
This tasteless supplement added to any hot or cold drink will transform your usual mildmannered tasty beverage into a genuine kick-butt energy potion. Contains: 100mg Caffeine,
100mg Guarana, 1000mg Taurine, 25mg Ginseng and 15mg Gingko Biloba. Celebrate this
synaptic symphony.
Rev. 5/12
Creamy Frappés (caffeine free)
These drinks combine blended ice, milk, low fat vanilla yogurt and gourmet flavorings and are
topped with real whipped cream.
12 oz. – 2.99
16 oz. – 3.69
Irish Almond Cream
Peppermint Patty
Vanilla Cream
Macadamia Nut
Raspberry Cream
20 oz. – 4.39
Coconut Banana
Orange Creamsicle
or design your own flavors
Other Cold Beverages
12 oz. 16 oz. 20 oz.
Italian Sodas – Gourmet all natural flavored syrup with soda water over ice 1.99
French Sodas (cremosas)–Italian sodas with Half & Half and whipped cream 2.39
Cold Spiced Cider – 12 oz. – 2.49
Specialty Root Beer (Regular or diet) – 2.49
White Milk – 12 oz. – 1.49
Chocolate Milk – 12 oz. – 1.69
Bottled water – 1.29
Bottled Apple and Orange Juice – 1.49
Kiddie Cocktail (Sierra Mist, cherry syrup) – 12 oz. – 1.49
Fountain soda (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Orange Crush), Lemonade
and Iced Tea (Traditional and Flavor of the Day) - 1.99
Refills (Dine in only) Unlimited with Entrée Meal , otherwise- 1 free refill; additionals at .99
Add shot of Espresso to drink – 1.29 Add flavored syrup or Whipped Cream – .69
Substitute Half and Half or Soy Milk in a drink- .99
Additional nutritional supplements for smoothies .49 each
Bee Pollen – nature’s perfect food with 18 amino acids, minerals, and B-complex vitamins
Gingko Biloba – increases blood flow to the brain, enhances brain function.
Multi-Vitamin/Mineral – provides 100% RDA vitamins and minerals
Pure Panax Ginseng –Chinese “King of Herbs” - believed to provide energy, vitality, and prevent cold,
Soy Protein Isolate – highest quality soy protein– critical to building and maintaining muscle mass
Spirulina – second most nutritious food for humans after mother’s milk
Wheat Grass Juice Powder – rich source of vitamins A, B, C, and E and all the known mineral elements
Dr’s Garden-The Ultimate Nutrient Blend – 1.49
All natural containing over 35 raw complex multiple vitamins and minerals and 19 amino acids – high in fiber and
enzymes – boosts cell building and antioxidant protection
Raven Gourmet Syrup Flavors
Almond, Hazelnut, Green Mint, Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon, Coconut, Irish Cream, Banana,
Peanut Butter, English Toffee, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, Chocolate and White
Sugar Free: Chocolate, Vanilla, Hazelnut, English Toffee and Caramel.
Rev. 5/12
As an herbal alternative to coffee-based lattés and blended drinks – try –
Rainforest Yerba Mate
Certified Organic
Boosts Mental ClaritySustains EnergyRelaxes Nerves
100% organic hand-picked, wood-dried, cedar-wood aged medicinal green Yerba Maté from
the eco-friendly Guayaki Rainforest preserve in Paraguay. This powerful tea-like rejuvenator
used by native peoples for hundreds of years is loaded with vitamins, trace minerals, amino
acids and 196 active compounds, including the stimulating properties of theobromine,
theophylline and naturally occurring caffeine.
Maté served as tea – 1.99
French Press Maté Tea – 3.59
Traditional, Mint, Chai Spice or Raspberry
Brewed Loose in 24 oz. French Press
Extra Strength
Extra Bag (dine in only)—1 free, others 1.29
Maté Iced Tea – 2.59
Yerba Maté Lattés
Extra Strength
Refills 1.49
Concentrated Maté combined with steamed milk and velvety milk foam (suggested addition of
honey or other sweetener)
12 oz. –2.59
16 oz. – 2.99
20 oz. – 3.39
Signature Flavored Maté Lattés
Maté Latté with addition of gourmet all natural flavors and topped with real whipped cream.
12 oz. – 3.39
16 oz. – 3.89
 Macadamia Nut 
 Coconut Banana 
20 oz. – 4.39
 Amaretto 
 Peppermint Patty 
 Vanilla Hazelnut 
 Irish Almond Cream 
 or design your own flavors 
Yerba Maté Flavored Chillers
Concentrated Yerba Maté with blended ice, low fat vanilla yogurt, half and half and gourmet
flavorings and topped with real whipped cream.
12 oz. – 3.49
16 oz. – 4.29
20 oz. – 4.99
Coconut Banana
Irish Almond Cream
Macadamia Nut Orange Blossom Cream
Peppermint Patty
Raspberry Cream
Vanilla Hazelnut
or design your own flavors
Rev. 5/12