Food Vendors & Ono Snacks

Food Vendors & Ono Snacks
100% Hawaiian
Aikane Plantation Coffee Co.
Inferno’s Woodfire Pizza
Kettle Corn Hawaii
Na Ono
Papaku no Kamehaikana
100% Hawaiian
100% Hawaiian will be offering a variety of local treats and plate
lunches with options for the whole family—big and small!
100% Hawaiian menu items include:
 Hawaiian plates (lau lau, kalua pig, long rice, lomi
salmon, beef stew, pastele stew, squid luau)
 burgers (regular, cheese, salmon, teri, BBQ pork)
 hot dogs (regular, chili cheese)
 spam musubi
 fried noodles
 nachos (chili and/or cheese)
 baked goods (haupia, butter mocha, brownies)
 shave Ice
Aikane Plantation Coffee Company
Aikane Plantation Coffee is 100% Hawaiian gourmet coffee,
grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa Mountain in the district of
Kau, Hawaii. Coffee cherries are hand-picked, washed and sundried, then roasted. They have been a member of the Hawaii
State Seal of Quality which represents the cream of the crop of
Hawaii’s agricultural producers. Products with this seal are
genuine, Hawaii-grown or Hawaii-made premium products.
Aikane Plantation Coffee Company snacks include:
 freshly brewed 100% Kau coffee
 chocolate covered peaberry
 roasted macadamia nuts
Ebisu-ish will be cooking an assortment of fresh local and
Japanese inspired food.
Ebisu-ish menu items include:
 nori musubi
 cone sushi made with Aloha Tofu aburage and Aloha
Shoyu vinegar
 chow fun made with Hula brand noodles
 namasu made with local Japanese cucumber and Aloha
Shoyu vinegar
 okara made with Aloha Tofu okara
 potato and macaroni salad
 nishime
 teri hot dog
 teri beef hash made with beef from Higa Food Service –
Kulana Ranch Big Island grass fed cattle
Inferno’s Woodfire Pizza
Inferno’s Woodfire Pizza handcrafts and prepares each of their
pizzas with fresh toppings. Pizzas are baked in an 800 degree
wood fire oven and come with fresh mozzarella and san
marzano tomato sauce and are topped with parmigiano-reggiano
 Cheese
 Pepperoni
 Shinsato Smoked Pork
Kettle Corn Hawaii
Kettle Corn Hawaii makes fresh kettle corn popcorn in a 160
quart kettle. What started out as a side business in 2009 has
quickly grown into a fun-filled event with family and friends
making kettle corn popcorn on a weekly basis. This sweet and
salty sensation comes in individual bags of various sizes and
colors for you to choose from.
Kettle Corn Hawaii snacks include:
 small bags - $3
 large bags - $6
 natural or rainbow colored
Na Ono
Na Ono will be roasting super sweet Kahuku corn along with
other local favorites.
Na Ono menu items include:
 fresh roasted corn with specialty butters and seasonings
 blue crab and shrimp stew served with cheese polenta
fresh crepes with vanilla haupia sauce and Kahuku apple
 pancakes with triple berry compote, vanilla haupia sauce
and Kahuku apple
OnoPops produces delicious, refreshing gourmet popsicle treats
that are handmade in Hawaii, using local and organic resources.
They use fresh, natural, and high quality ingredients to create
innovative and creative popsicle combinations.
OnoPops treats include:
 Hawaiian popsicles in various water and dairy based
Papaku no Kamehaikana
Papaku no Kamehaikana’s Kalo Sundae is a delicious recipe
and treat from Hana’s “Kalo Festival” on the Island of Maui.
Kalo Sundae’s include:
 a unique blend of Dave’s vanilla ice cream, topped with
chunks of taro, and a sweet dairy sauce.