Hot Hor D’oeuvres

Hot Hor D’oeuvres
CRAB STUFFED MUSHROOMS Medium mushroom caps filled with fresh crabmeat stuffing.
$95.00 per 100
MEATBALLS Bite sized meatballs (spicy, American or Sweet N Sour)
$40.00 per 150
COCKTAIL SMOKIES Popular "little smokies" slowly simmered in barbecue sauce and honey.
$35.00 per 100
CHICKEN TENDERS Tender, juicy strips of white meat with a seasoned batter, served with honey mustard
dip. $95.00 per 100
CHICKEN DRUMETTES Fresh chicken drumettes seasoned and fried golden brown, southern style.
$90.00 per 100
HOT-N-HONEYED CHICKEN WINGS Chicken wings are marinated for tenderness and flavor, then baked
'til they melt in your mouth. $90.00 per 100
WINGS OF FIRE Spicy chicken wing portions served with celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing.
$90.00 per 100
CHICKEN BITS A L' ORANGE Bite sized pieces of white chicken meat sautéed and served in a tangy
orange sauce. $45.00 per 100
RUMAKI Chicken livers and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon then broiled, served with a sweet n sour
sauce. $60.00 per 100
MINI QUICHE Bite sized quiche filled with ham and cheese or bacon and spinach.
delicious. $100.00 per 100
Light, flaky and
CHICKEN KABOBS Available in 2 styles: regular kabobs with onions, red peppers or Hawaiian style with
pineapples. $75.00 per 100
SAUSAGE LOAF New Orleans French bread hollowed out and filled with ground sausage and cheeses and
spices. $30.00 each
BLACKENED CATFISH NUGGETS Mississippi farm raised catfish cut into large nuggets and blackened in
spicy Cajun seasoning served with white remoulade sauce. $50.00 per 100
FRIED CATFISH NUGGETS Mississippi farm raised catfish nuggets fired in our special lemon herbed
batter, served with white remoulade sauce. $50.00 per 100
SPINACH MADELEINE Served with crepe cups. $60.00 per 1/2 gallon
BURGUNDY BEEF TIPS Cubed beef tips in a rich burgundy wine sauce. $80.00 per 100
SCALLOP WRAPS Fresh sea scallops wrapped in bacon and broiled. Served with come back dressing.
$300.00 per 100
CRABCAKES New England style crab cakes made with fresh lump crabmeat and served with dill
mayonnaise sauce. $250.00 per 100
ASSORTED MINI EGG ROLLS Shrimp, chicken or pork in a miniature variety of this Asian favorite. $65.00
per 100
COW PATTIES Don’t let the name fool ya’. These are great! Seasoned ground sausage and beef
combined with cheese then spooned on cocktail rye on toasted. $75.00 per 100
SAUSAGE BALLS The traditional Bisquick sausage ball, served warm with a delicious, spicy dip.
$45.00 per 100
SLOPPY ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES Hot pulled chuck roast cooked in brown gravy and served with rolls
and/or croissants. $150.00 per 100
DILL CHEESE PUFF Delicious garlicky, dill, cream cheese stuffed into a flaky cream cheese pastry (served
warm or at room temp). $125 per 100
ASPARAGUS WRAP Tender medium asparagus tip wrapped in butter phyllo with a shredded blend of
imported Asiago and Fontina Cheeses. $165.00 per 100
BACON WRAPPED QUAIL LEGS Succulent fresh quail legs wrapped in bacon and broiled to perfection.
They melt in your mouth. $150.00 per 100
POTATO BUTTONS Bite-sized potato skins with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and bacon bits
piped on top of the potato, served warm or cold. A great compliment to any menu. $85 per 100
BACON-WRAPPED POTATO BITES Bite-sized potato cubes, wrapped in hickory-smoked bacon and
broiled to perfection. Served with a spicy sour cream sauce. $55.00 per 100
CHICKEN SATAY with SPICY PEANUT DIPPING SAUCE Marinated and grilled chicken on a kabob
served with a delicious peanut sauce. $95.00 per 100
SWEET CHICKEN BACON WRAPS Juicy chicken tenderloins wrapped in bacon seasoned rolled in chili
powder and brown sugar, then broiled until golden brown. $95.00 per 100
KICKIN JALAPENO CHICKEN BITES These are just the opposite of the sweet bacon wraps. Chicken
tenderloins filled with fresh chopped jalapeno wrapped with hickory-smoked bacon and broiled to perfection.
Spicy and delicious. $95.00 per 100
PEPPERONI PIZZA PUFFS Homemade pizza flavored delights - mini muffins are made with 3 cheeses,
and pepperoni. Served hot or cold with pizza sauce. $75.00 per 100
Cold Hor D’oeuvres
ASSORTED FINGER SANDWICHES Three layers of bread filled with your choice of: olive-nut, pineapple
cream cheese, cucumber, shrimp, ham salad, or chicken salad all cut into bite sized squares.
$50.00 per 100
RIBBON SANDWICHES Double-decker finger sandwiches with the top layer chicken spread and the bottom
with ham spread---a great new sensation. $50.00 per 100
SHRIMP BALL Cream cheese, shrimp and spices shaped into ball or served from a bowl. Served with
assorted crackers. $50.00 per 100
SOUTHWESTERN SNACK SQUARES Cornmeal mixture topped with cheese, peppers and bacon, then
baked, much like Mexican cornbread, with our own little twist. Everyone will love it! $40.00 per 100
STUFFED CHERRY TOMATOES Cherry tomatoes stuffed with our special shrimp, tuna, crab, chicken
salad, or stuffed with smoked oysters and cream cheese. $55.00 per 100
CHEESE WAFERS Light flaky-wafers: spicy-cheese or pepperoni flavored. $30 per 100
VEGGI CONFETTI SPREAD Chopped carrots and zucchini combined with cream cheese and special
spices make this both delicious and attractive to serve with pita wedges or bagel bites. $45 per quart
SUNDRIED TOMATO PESTO MOLD Fresh garlic, basil, spinach, pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes layered
with parmesan, Borsin garlic cheese and cream cheese make this a sensational spread. It can be served
Melba toast, Wheat Thins, or Triskets. $65.00
HUMMAS Garbanzos and garlic make this a great Greek treat, served with pita wedges. $45.00 per quart
CHIPPED BEEF BALL A personal favorite. Made from green onions, black olives, water chess nuts,
chipped beef and cream cheese. Can be shaped into almost anything and rolled in almonds, pecans or
walnuts. $45.00 per ball
SALMON SPREAD A rich creamy spread, can be piped on crackers or served in bowl, garnished and
presented with corn chips, crackers or pita wedges. $45.00 per quart
B.L.T. The South’s own bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich served opened faced on sliced French bread with
our specially seasoned mayo. $55.00 per 100
CHICKEN SALAD W/ CROISSANTS Our own homemade chicken salad with grapes and pecans. Served
with phyllo cups or mini croissants. $75.00 per gallon
CHICKEN PINWHEELS Cream cheese is mixed with shredded chicken then flavored with pepper relish;
spread on a flour tortilla and sliced into pinwheels. $45.00 per 100
MOUSSE Creamy delicious salmon, crab, shrimp; avocado, or red caviar mousse served with crackers,
Melba toast or cucumber slices. $50.00 each
FABULOUS PATES Wide variety of pates, black peppered, rabbit, venison, you name it we can serve it.
$ market priced
CAVIAR FLOWER Sour cream in a circle is topped with your favorite caviar, encircled with Belgium endive
flowers. Your choice of caviar: American, Osetra, Beluga, Beluga, Sevruga, or Mujjol from Spain.
$ market priced
SMOKED SALMON Whole smoked salmon thinly sliced, served with cream cheese, onions, capers and
crackers. $85.00 each
DEVILED EGGS Southern-style deviled eggs, just like mom makes. $60.00 per 100
HAM DEVILED EGGS All the fixings in regular deviled eggs plus diced ham. $70.00 per 100
BEEF TENDERLOIN CROISSANTS Slow roasted beef tenderloin sliced and served inside a buttery
croissant, topped with horseradish sauce. $500.00 per 100
ASPIC GLAZED CHEESE Assorted flavors of cheese topped with edible flower petals or leaves and
encased in a wine glaze…delicious and beautiful….$25 per pound
BRIE 10" Brie cheese round surrounded by twisted fresh baked rye bread. (This can also be aspic glazed).
$50.00 each
CHEESE BALL Homemade cheese balls available in more than the traditional ball shape, also available in
many flavors, served with crackers. $45.00 each
CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES Fresh strawberries dipped in real milk chocolate and dried into a candy
shell or served fondue style for you to dip. $75.00
STUFFED BAQUETTE Fresh baked baguette hollowed out and filled with a wonderful blend of feta and
cream cheeses, salami, olives, onion, peppers and sundried tomatoes with a kick of Italian seasoning.
Served sliced on a tray. $95 per 100 pieces
CHICKEN & BOWTIE PASTA Strips of tender white meat tossed with green onions, black olives and
peppers in a light creamy herb dressing. $55.00 per gallon
SEAFOOD ALFREDO Shrimp and imitation crab blended with fettuccini then smothered in Alfredo sauce.
$60.00 per gallon
BLACKENED CHICKEN PASTA Strips of blackened chicken mixed with green onions and red bell peppers
and combined with linguine and Cajun cream sauce, this one is spicy! $55.00 per gallon
CHICKEN AND SAUSAGE JAMBALAYA Great way to spice up any party! Served with rice in both spicy
and mild recipes. $60.00 per gallon
CRAWFISH ETTOUFFEE Onions, peppers, tomatoes, crawfish and an array of secret ingredients make
this a favorite choice of even the most discrete Cajun. $70.00 per gallon
PEPPER-PARMESAN SPIRALS Spiral pasta, black olives, shredded cheddar and French fried onions
tossed with our own pepper parmesan dressing. $40.00 per gallon
SEAFOOD PASTA Bowtie pasta, imitation crab, shrimp, shredded cheddar, celery, onions and peppers
tossed with a creamy herb dressing. $75.00 per gallon
FUMI SALAD Asian coleslaw has slowly made its place in any American buffet. Crunchy, crispy and full of
flavor. $40.00 per gallon
(All platters serve approx. 50 people)
CHEESE AND CRACKERS Variety of cheeses, cubed and served with assorted crackers. $55.00
CHEESE CRACKER/SAUSAGE/FRUIT TRAY (DISPLAY) Great replacement for the fruit cascade in the
“off season.” We use a basket overturned with fruit and cheese cubes spilling onto leaf lettuce directly on
the tablecloth, then we add crackers and sliced summer sausage, which not only looks beautiful, but gives
them a great variety of tastes. $125.00 to serve 50—can be made to serve any size party.
VEGETABLE TRAY Radishes, carrots, celery, cauliflower, and broccoli, served fresh and crisp with your
choice of ranch or curry dip. $55.00
GOURMET VEGETABLE TRAY Steamed asparagus, sugar snaps, snow peas, yellow and zucchini
squash, carrots and celery accented with radishes, red bell peppers or cherry tomatoes. $60.00
MEAT/CHEESE PLATTER Cajun roast beef, smoked ham and turkey, Swiss, jack and cheddar cheeses
Served with buns, croissants, rolls and condiments. $140.00
FRESH SEAFOOD PLATTER Boiled shrimp, Cajun steamed shrimp, marinated crab claws and smoked
oysters. $175.00
ASSORTED DESSERTS Mini cheesecakes. $95.00 per 100
FANTASY FOOD’S CREAM PUFFS Cream-filled cup topped with chocolate icing and rolled in toffee chips,
a delightful combination. $65.00 per 100
CHOCOLATE CUPS Filled with flavored mousse or cream cheese. $165.00 per 100
FRUIT CASCADE Splendor of fruit: cascading grapes, carved melon, plums, strawberries, pineapples, kiwi,
everything in season. One serves approximately 50 people, but can be designed to serve any size party.
Makes a great centerpiece. $125.00 - SEASONAL
WATERMELON BASKET Caved melon filled with melon balls, fresh pineapple, and grapes. Carved into
basket, whale, baby buggy, water-well, birdcage. $60.00 each. SEASONAL
GOURMET DIPS Served with crackers or chips. All dips (except crab) are $55.00 half gallon
Shrimp (Hot or Cold)
Spinach (Hot or Cold)
Hot Artichoke
Hot Sausage Rotel
Hot Reuben dip
Capt. Rodney’s Bacon Bake
7 Layer Mexican Dip
Hot Spinach/Artichoke
Cajun Shrimp or Crawfish Dip
Corned Beef Dip
Onion Soufflé
Jalapeno Corn Dip
Hot Crab Soufflé - 75.00 per half gallon
Specialty Stations
(Not all stations include attendant)
CARVING TABLE Carved per guest. Served with assorted condiments, fresh rolls or croissants.
Beef tenderloin
$5.00 per person
Pork tenderloin
$3.00 per person
Steamship round
$3.00 per person
Smoked Turkey
$2.75 per person
Molasses Baked Ham
$2.75 per person
MARTINI POTATO or GRITS BAR Rich, homemade mashed potatoes or garlic cheese grits. $2.00 per
person. Toppings included: Cheese, Bacon and Sour Cream.
Meats (additional cost)
$4.00 per person
Beef Boudreaux
$2.75 per person
Cajun Shrimp
$4.00 per person
TROPICAL PARADISE Your favorite seafood selections served island style.
Peel and Eat Shrimp
$3.00 per person
Marinated Crab claws
$1.50 per person
Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell
Smoked Oyster stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
$1.00 per person
Hot Crab Soufflé
$1.25 per person
JAZZ FESTIVAL Assortment of your favorites.
Natchitoches Crawfish Pie
$1.25 per person
Mini Muffallettas
$2.00 per person
Red Beans and Rice
$1.50 per person
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
$1.50 per person
Cajun Shrimp Dip
$1.00 per person
MEXICAN FIESTA You don’t have to travel South of the border to enjoy these specialties!
Assorted Quesadillas
$3.00 per person
7 Layer Dip $1.00 per person
Jalapeno Corn Dip $1.00 per person
Cheese Dip, Salsa and Chips $2.00 per person
DOWN HOME COOKIN’ Just like momma used to make (or wished she did).
Fried Catfish Nuggets
$1.50 per person
(with our own White Remoulade Sauce )
Hot Turnip Green Dip
Mini Jalapeno Corn Bread Muffins
Mississippi Caviar
$1.00 per person
$ .50 per person
$1.00 per person
CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN Dipping and dripping with goodness no one can resist.
Regular or Liquor Flavored Chocolate (All inclusive) $2.50 per person
Pound Cake
Apple Slices