Fam Fest of the Gorge Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Fam Fest of the Gorge
Saturday, June 13th,
LOCATION: Lewis & Clark Festival Park, First & Union Streets, The Dalles, Oregon
1. Vendors are encouraged to work with a spirit of unity throughout the event.
2. It is possible some booths may be able to set up on Friday June 12th. Please request in advance to increase our
ability to fulfill your request.
3. All booths must be ready by 10:30am. Each participating vendor is requested to stay open from a minimum of
11am to 6pm. Food vendors may not close before 10pm without permission.
4. Booths must be removed from grounds by 11:30pm Saturday, June 13th (unless pre-arranged).
5. Vehicles must be parked away from the festival area to ensure space for patrons. For those planning to leave
before the event has ended, please keep in mind that vehicles in the event area will NOT be allowed to move
during the hours of 10:30am - 10:30pm.
6. Any special needs or requirements regarding the size of your booth/trailer should be submitted with application.
Example: Booth or trailer opens in a certain location which needs to be accessible.
7. Vendors purchasing electricity must provide their own heavy-duty extension cords (along with safety mats to walk
over in pedestrian paths if necessary.
8. Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their booth space and refuse.
9. Food vendors must have a copy of their food license or permit on hand.
10. All vendor fees are non-refundable. (Unless special consideration)
11. Priority of location will be given to Vendors upon receipt of application with payment.
12. This event occurs rain or shine! Be prepared for wind, rain and/or heat, cold.
13. No dogs or animals are allowed in event grounds except service dogs or as part of an approved exhibit.
14. Fam Fest of the Gorge is a family-friendly event and as such ALL items must therefore be appropriate. The event
organizers reserve the right to disallow the sale of all inappropriate items.
Although we take all precautions possible to protect and safeguard the booths, we cannot be responsible for loss,
damage, or theft. Vendors agree to hold harmless the City of The Dalles, Oregon and ACTS International, together with
their officers, elected officials and employees, from any liability, damages or bodily injury, which may arise from all causes
of any kind related to vendor’s use of any city property in connection with Fam Fest of the Gorge 2015 before, during or
after the event.
Insurance & Permit Requirements for Festival Participants:
All vendors shall include proof of general liability insurance, which includes product liability, with the vendor
application. ACTS International is to be listed on the application and named as an additional insured on a
certificate of liability insurance.
Food booths must contact the Wasco County Health Dept, 541-506-2600, have all necessary permits and must
comply with all sanitation regulations governed by the Health Dept. All permits MUST be posted prior to
opening to the public.
I have read and understand the Insurance Permit Requirements, The Hold Harmless Agreement, and the Rules &
Guidelines for Vendors/Festivals. By signing below, Applicant is hereby agreeing to the attached rules, regulations, and
fee schedules. ACTS Must Have a Copy of the General Liability Insurance, Vendor Application and Applicable
Fees Before Space Will Be Reserved.
Signature of responsible party ___________________________________________________Date _______________
P.O. Box , The Dalles, OR 97058 541-298-4277 email: [email protected]
Fam Fest of the Gorge
Saturday, June 13th,
Vendor applications are taken on a first come, first serve basis.
Vendor Name:____________________________________________________________________________
Contact Name:____________________________________________________________________________
Phone:________________________________ Cell Number (important):_____________________________
DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS TO BE SOLD/DISPLAYED: ____________________________________________________
FEE SCHEDULE: All spaces are 10’ x 10’ (Unless otherwise agreed upon) Parking Spaces (Approximately 9’ x
$50 per 10’ x 10’ space Quantity _____ = $______________
$30 per 10’ x 10’ space Quantity _____ = $______________
$100 per parking space Quantity _____ = $______________
FOOD VENDORS: Fee is 10% of total sales (including non-food items). To reserve a space, food vendors pay
$100 deposit per 10’ x 10’ space which is deducted from 10% total owed at end of event.
Quantity ____ x $100 = $________
DO YOU REQUIRE ELECTRICITY? NO ____ YES____ If yes $15.00 x space Quantity _____ = $______________
_____ 15 amp (4 circuits only)
_____ 30 amp (4 circuits only)
GRAND TOTAL $_______________
Amount of check enclosed: $_______________ Check# ____________ (Payable to ACTS International)
Visa/MC:_____________________________________________________ Exp. Date:____________ CCV:__________
Signed:______________________________________________________________________ Date:_______________
Fam Fest of the Gorge - Lewis & Clark Festival Park, First & Union Streets, The Dalles, Oregon
P.O. Box , The Dalles, OR 97058 541-298-4277 email: [email protected]