May Steering Committee Minutes for Approval at

MAY 7, 2015
ATTENDEES: A. Wolf, D. Hickambottom, J. Pardee, L. Centell, E. Washatka, M.
Cooper, S. Beer, M. White, J. McLean, W. Gordon, J. Register, D. Gronemeier, I. Moore
and B. Paul.
CALL TO ORDER: Co-Chair J. [email protected]:30pm, home of Anne and Roger Wolf
MINUTES: Motion: Approval of Minutes re April 2, 2015 meeting as distributed.
Moved, second. Minutes approved, no additions or corrections. All ayes, no nays.
Motion passed.
GUEST SPEAKER: Sarah Holyhead-Marijuana Policy Project. Background: with MPP
since 2006 as Major Gifts Officer, Master’s in Public Policy (’08). Handout: MPP leads
effort to end failed policy marijuana prohibition. Vision: marijuana legally regulated
similar to alcohol. Runs state initiatives, lobby legislatures, educate public,
seek/maintain allies in elected office. Goal: Enact federal legislation “legalizing” it during
2019-2010 Congress. Scored 11 major victories since 2013, at same time adding many
other successes. Next set of goals to achieve federal “legalization” by 2019. Update re
status of legalization in CO. Can legalization occur in CA 2016?? 55% support it, needs
$10-12M to finance campaign. Current status of work at federal level. PAC powerful
tool. Areas that MPP develops: medical, decriminalized, legalization, lobbying, future
legalization in several states. Q & A’s. Contact info: [email protected]
TREASURER, E.D. REPORTS: Per E. Washatka, detailed Reports hand-out for period
ending April 30, 2015, ACT/ADC Operating Account as of April 30:
JB Fund
Total Operating
ACT Political
ACT Dem Victory fund
$ 1,239.22
$ 873.00
Per E. Washatka, Membership Income: $12,860. Households: 211(73% renewal rate),
31 new, 294 ACT individuals, 219 ADC. Will send out renew notices in July. We could do
welcome to new members. Suggestion: could be done at July Pot Luck. Motion: move
to accept Treasurer and Membership Reports, second. Approved. All Ayes No Nays
J. Fuhrman working on getting updated list of Steering Committee, people on right
committees. Need to make new members aware of Research Committee slots.
CO-CHAIR: Discussion re starting meeting earlier: 6:30 social, 7pm meeting. Will
maintain current times, meeting end at 9:15, latest 9:30pm.
FUNDRAISING: Next event: Wine and [email protected] and Marilee’s, meet and greet
newly elected officials, 3rd week-end July (19th). Speaker could be Mayor Tornek.
Money raised will go towards JB Fund-$7-8,000 needed. Committee will assist with
COALITION/OUTREACH: Per D. Gronemeier(handout), next mtg May [email protected]:30pm.
Pasadenans for Livable Wage(PLW) will gather signatures re petition to City Council to
expand to include also private employers. [email protected] Oaks/Orange Grove, [email protected]
of Fair Oaks/Colorado. Contact E. Washatka for additional info. ACT will co-sponsor
ACLU Forum May [email protected] Church. Re: Revised Livable Wage Proposal
(handout). Motion: move that ACT supports expanding the existing City of Pasadena
Living Wage Ordinance to apply to all employers doing business within the City of
Pasadena. Second. Discussion ensued, consensus can we table til next meeting when
we have more input?? Motion: move that we table for next Steering Committee
meeting. All Ayes No Nays. Motion passed. Fracking also tabled til June.
PROGRAM: June Meeting: Cynthia Kurtz, pres. and CEO SGV Economic Partnership,
will focus on economy in SGV, how it shifted focus from recession and recovery to
growth and new opportunities. July: Pot-Luck and Fundraiser
ISSUES COMMITTEE: Per L. Centell, putting together ad hoc committee, has long list
of needs to shorten to 5-10 ideas, will insert list in Phoenix, have membership rate 1-10
scale for approval.
COMPUTER: Using facebook push, J. McLean promoted T. Tornek and C. Wells, very
effective, cost minimal $5 per person, will submit article for Phoenix.
ELECTION RESULTS: J. Fuhrman(not present) will [email protected] meeting.
The Phoenix: Lead article: Speaker next meeting. S. Holyhead will also provide info.
Deadline Sun. 17th, mailing Thurs. 21st. J. Register questioned M. Gatto’s column-is he
serving constituents in our local area???
NEXT MEETING: June [email protected] Gordon’s home
ANNOUNCEMENTS: National Women’s Political Caucus Champagne Brunch 5/23,
Hilda Solis-speaker, $35. Discussion Group-5/[email protected]’s. J. Pardee working to host
Independent Oversight Committee Forum, June, ACT can have table, involves ACLU,
Mayor Tornek, Chief Sanchez. He posed question-Has ACT done anything on this issueyes, we have a 93% support of membership.
ADC: Question re: ADC contributing monies, will report to committee in June.
ADJOURNED: 9:33 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Paul