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IUR]HQEHHI, 70 – 80% vl [visual lean]
IUHVKEHHI, completely lean
This meat recipe may be altered according to local requirements and availability.
No water or ice must be added.
3UR7LS: The fresh lean beef should not be from freshly slaughtered meat but 3-4
days matured at +2° C for best processing result.
Salami Rapido contains GdL [glucono delta-lactone] to accelerate the fermentation process. If
used as recommended, 0.5% of GdL will be added to the final meat product. Refer to next
page for details.
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J 6DODPL5DSLGR complete blend of spices and functional ingredients for
accelerated production of salami and other dry sausage products.
Reduced processing time due to added GdL which acts as a fermenting
accelerator. Spice blend is especially developed to cover the undesired
GdL flavour.
Choose 6DODPL&ODVVLF or 6DODPL0LODQ for natural fermentation
process without GdL acceleration
Nitrite Curing Salt. We recommend to use nitrite curing salt concentrate
to &XUH0L[.
J Cure Mix 5/5 contains 5% sodium nitrite and 5% potassium nitrite. Mix 1
part Cure Mix 5/5 with 9 parts of regular salt to achieve a curing salt with
1% active cure content.
2SWLRQDO:'H[WURVH. Use to cover unwanted salt-flavour when higher salt
to addition is needed to preserve freshness and yield.
J Improves mouthfeel and texture. Reduces the a -value which results into
J 2SWLRQDO: 0HLVWHU*OXWDIL[ premium flavour enhancer based on mono
sodium glutamate [MSG]. For all food products. Eliminates unwanted
salt flavour and balances flavour profile in general. Especially suitable
for meat products and convenience foods.
2SWLRQDO: *DUOLF([WUD, highly concentrated liquid garlic extract, made
from fresh garlic cloves. Use to round off flavour and to cover undesired
off-flavours. Long-lasting flavour retention. Garlic has anti-bacterial
Clean label declaration [VSLFH or JDUOLF].
2SWLRQDO: Starter cultures, if desired
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We offer and store a wide range of FDVLQJV for cooked sausage. Fibrous casings,
ready to be cooked and smoked, or moisture-proof PA-casings for smokeless
sausages. Always soak sausage casings properly – minimum 30 minutes in luke
warm water. The complete range with prices can be viewed online here.
For Beef Salami, best results are achieved when preparing the lean, fresh beef by
grounding it through the 3 mm plate. This will ensure binding of the clean cut
frozen meat parts with the ground lean meat in the bowl cutter.
Photo courtesy of Kilia
Photo courtesy of CFS:
Place the frozen beef with all ingredients except for the curing salt into the bowl
cutter and start chopping at low or medium speed until the desired texture is
reached. At this time, add the ground lean beef and blend with the frozen beef
for as long as needed to distribute the lean beef thoroughly. Finally, add the
curing salt during the final rounds.
3UR7LS: Use sharp bowl cutter knifes to secure clean cut texture.
Fill into pre-soaked fibrous casings [minimum 30 Minutes in luke warm water]
and allow to adjust temperature for a few hours before removing into the cooler.
3UR7LS: It is important that the sausage mix is filled tightly, to ensure that no air
pockets disturb the fermentation process and causing discolouration.
Photo courtesy of handtmann:
Apply cold smoke, if desired for several hours. Keep in the cooler for 3-5 days
according to diameter, until the salami is ready to be sliced or packed.
Natural fermentation process requires long fermenting time. A post-smoking
climate room is necessary to control both humidity and temperature during the
Photo courtesy of fermentation period. This may take 2-4 weeks, depending on the sausage
3UR7LS: Measure pH value of the sausages before slicing or packing to secure
that the salami is fit for consumption. Desired pH: 5.0 to 5.3 This is the
Isoelectric Point or, in other words, the optimum pH value for further
processing, i.e. slicing, packing or shipping.
This recipe was developed with the best of knowledge, and according to today’s technical standards. However,
we cannot accept any responsibility for the result or lack of acceptance.
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