Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Portland Cement Revitalizes

Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) with
Portland Cement Revitalizes Nichol
Street in Greenville, South Carolina
Cement is spread and ready to mix
Mixing commences
First mixing pass is made
By: Roger Faulkner, PE
Executive Director
Portland Cement Association, SE Region
On February 10-11, the Portland Cement
Association, Southeast Region, in partnership
with Clemson University, held its first
Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) Symposium
at the Greenville, SC. There were close
to 300 attendees from city/county/
state departments of transportation, FDR
contractors, consultants, and cement
company representatives from Georgia,
Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee, and Virginia. FDR presentations
ranged from basic concepts, pavement
performance, and local/state/airport case
studies. The Symposium was developed
corroboratively with The Miller Group, Blount
Construction Company, and Slurry Pavers,
as well our entire PCA Southeast Promotion
team of Stan Bland (Carolinas/Virginia),
Andy Johnson (Pavement Design Engineer),
Bob Nickelson (Georgia), Barry Wilder
(Tennessee/Kentucky) and David Avant
(Alabama) and Clemson University’s Local
Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) center.
In the afternoon on the second day,
attendees visited a live field demonstration
to observe first-hand the FDR process with
cement in action on a local city street,
Nichol Street, in Greenville, SC. The field
demonstration was conducted cooperatively
by Blount Construction and The Miller Group,
the reclaimer was provided by the Wirtgen
Group, the grading equipment was provided
by Linder Industrial Machinery, and the
material testing for the mix design, as well as
field compaction monitoring was provided by
Summit Engineering.
Southeastern Emulsions provided the
prime coat. Credit also goes to The City of
Greenville who provided the site, worked with
the construction crew by lowering manholes/
valves prior to the event, and provided traffic
control and mix water during construction.
This close coordination allowed the complete
reclamation of a 900-foot city block in less
than one day with minimal disruption.
The existing pavement and base were
reclaimed to a depth of 8 inches using
40 pounds of portland cement per square
yard. The reclaimed base was designed to
achieve 450 psi unconfined compressive
strength in eight days and should provide
many decades of maintenance-free service.
The base was primed, sanded, and reopened
to traffic the same day.
Overall, the symposium was regarded a huge
success with several who commented it
was “one of the best conferences they ever
attended” and gave everyone a thorough
understanding and tools to utilize FDR in
their projects.
Second pass of mixer begins
Large crowd at demo
Mixing and final compaction
Demo completed in one day
Initial compaction begins while mixing continues
Compaction and spread rate monitored to ensure quality
Primed, sanded, and ready for final surfacing