Queso Cotija & Queso Menonita Melting Cheese

Queso Cotija & Queso
Menonita Melting Cheese
Known for their particular melting properties, distinct flavors
and overall versatilities, Queso Cotija and Queso Menonita
cheeses give your recipes a strong, authentic finish.
the bold flavors of traditional MexiCo
in a full line of ingredients and entrées
del Pasado™ offers the bold foods and flavors of traditional
Mexico in a full line of ingredients and entrées. From tortillas,
guacamole and enchiladas to salsas and sauces, each high
quality del Pasado product is ready to serve or be used to
create one-of-a-kind signature dishes.
Product Inspiration
Queso Cotija:
One of Mexico’s most recognizable
cheeses, Queso Cotija comes to
America where it’s still made the
traditional way. The strong, salty tang
ratchets up the flavor in Mexico’s iconic
recipes and will bring authenticity
to your dishes. Akin to the crumbly
texture and non-melting profile of
Parmesan, this cheese can be used
to top, garnish and accent your
authentic Mexican or Tex Mex
inspired recipes. Ready to grate,
crumble or slice.
Queso Menonita:
With its mild flavor and dairy notes,
excellent stretch and melt point, and
natural pale, yellow color, Queso
Menonita is the ultimate complement
to your Mexican dishes…but don’t
stop there! When this cheese melts,
it won’t separate into oil and solids,
making it ideal for grilled cheese
sandwiches, pizza, cheeseburgers
and more.
Ideal Use
• Cotija is easy to use: just crumble
or grate
• Melt resistant with granular
texture, holds its structure better
than other cheeses
• Cotija has strong salty flavor
and rich dairy notes
• All natural
• Top salads, tacos, gorditas, tostadas,
enchiladas, refried beans, chili
• Mix directly into casseroles
• Seasoning or garnish
• Menonita is traditionally used in
quesadillas due to its excellent
melting properties
• Gives a true ethnic flavor to dishes
• Known by many names in the
industry, such as asadero, Chihuahua, and quesadilla cheese
• All natural
• Cheesy baked dishes
• Fondues
• Queso Fundido
• Quesadillas
• Savory sauces and salsas
• Grilled cheese
Product Description
Pack Size
Queso Cotija
4/5 lb.
Queso Menonita Melting Cheese
4/5 lb.
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