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PLUS Gabriella Coslovich clines
Chickpea flour
I WAS talking to our oyster supplier, Steve Feletti, and he mentioned that
he was making chickpea flour from the chickpeas he grovvs on his farm
In Cowra, NSW. We ordered a bag and started playing around with it
with great results. We nCMI use it In our chickpea-<:rumbed eggplant with
labna, shanklish, almonds and fennel. Steve produces some of the best
oysters In Australia and he's now prodUCing some very nne chickpeas.
John-Paul Twomey, CuUer & Co, 55-57 Gertrude Street, F"rtzroy.
Source from Brasserie Bread Company, 150 Thistlethwaite Sb'eet,
South MeJboume.