Activity 1 - Intro in Packet Tracer (PT)

Activity 1 - Intro in Packet Tracer (PT)
What is Packet Tracer (PT)?
Packet Tracer is a simulation software which enables reproduce physical and behavioral characteristics
of a computer network. PT allows the construction of various networks with various components: PCs,
Servers, Printers, Laptops, Smartphones,Tablets etc. The real behavior of such a network can be easily
simulated in PT. In such manner, PT serves very well purposes like network tests and traffic examination.
Today we:
Explore PT,
Get acquainted with the PT interface,
Learn basic networking concepts that serve as basis for performing exercises in PT,
Place devices in the workspace and interconnect them using proper cable.
Task 1: Explore PT Interface.
1. Logical Workspace – Realtime Mode
When we launch PT we are (by default) in the Logical Workspace, Realtime Mode. This is signaled in the
top-left corner, respectively in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Alternatively, we can switch to
Physical Workspace and Simulation Mode. Please, try this feature.
2. Menu bars
PT offers several and intuitive menu bars. Please, take a look at the interface and try to identify some
3. Icons (symbols) bar
In the bottom-left corner of the screen we can find the Icons Menu. Here are groups of devices we are
going to use in networks built-up. Each group is symbolized by an icon. On mouse pointer hold, you can
read the name of the group. One click on each icon expands the group. There is an icon for each device
in the group and the label of the device will appear on mouse hold.
Task 2: The Logical Workspace
Exercise 1
1.1 Add devices to the Logical Workspace
Drag and drop a device to the Logical Workspace. Practice with the following devices: a server, a 2960
switch, a 1841 router, a hub, a PC, a printer.
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1.2 Interconnect devices
Automatically interconnect the devices added to the Logical Workspace in Step 1. In order to do that, click
the Connections group (includes different types of cables), then Automatically Choose Connection Type.
This will automatically choose the right cable to use for interconnecting the chosen devices. Observe the
Exercise 2
2.1 Build a star topology network consisting in: 5 PCs, one server and one printer. Choose a Switch as
the central element. Choose the appropriate model.
2.2 Separately from this network, add 3 PCs to the Logical Workspace. Add a switch and connect the
PCs to the switch. Connect the switch to the switch in the star network in 2.1.
Computer Networks Lab – Activity 1: Intro in Packet Tracer