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Saltwater cleansing is an ancient and in my opinion magical practice. Saltwater purifies the digestive system and draws impurities out of
the organs as it passes through the body. Saltwater cleanses may be used to treat many symptoms from the common cold to high blood
pressure (it's important to have salt from a natural source that has not been processed) and it also aids in digestive ailments, fever and
degenerative related ailments.
Use non-refined salt for salt water cleansing.
I first came across this ancient practice about 5 years ago and I have never looked back. It has felt miraculous and liberating and it’s
helped me out so many times. I recommend everyone try this as it is a simple and effective way to assist and aid your body in healthy, easy
and cost-effective colon cleansing. It helps you clear out literally years of literal built up ‘gut plaque’. Getting more specific - I have known
people poo black tar for a few days as the old remains of putrefying meat is removed from their colon and liberates them, leaving them
feeling fabulous :) Graphic but true and so if you are a meat head.....your colon need no longer be the cemetery of your
habit....clean it’ll be pleased you did :)
Before changing your diet, just as when you redecorate a house, you need to rid your body of built-up toxins. You would not add more
wall paper, paint and furniture into an already full room would you? You’d have a clear out first and make way for the new :) And your
colon is the same :) Getting rid of the old stuff will make way for the new program/diet/lifestyle to take effect. How else would you know if
something is working if you are just putting new things on top of the old? If you really wish to see results from any health changes, you
must begin in the colon, before moving on to cleansing your organs...but that is another ebook....
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Your Daily Program for Saltwater Cleansing
The most effective and powerful time to do a salt flush is early morning hours between 5AM and 7AM.
It is best to do this before you have a bowel movement, as the natural peristalsis of the colon (the movement of the colon that allows you to
go to the loo) then allows all the salt water you have drunk to come through easily, thus working with your body and really cleaning you
The 2 litres that you drink will go all the way through you and are not considered part of your daily water intake. To be more precise, what
goes in your mouth should come out of your bum. Yes really :) So it is important to remember to drink lots of water in the day.
I have often been asked: but isn’t salt bad for you?
The salt you are using is totally natural and non-harmful. Salt is only ‘bad for us’ if we are using bleached or treated salt. It is the chemicals
that cause an issue in the body. Salt is a mineral that is fundamental to proper cell function and hydration. What is the first thing you would
have put into your arm on going to hospital? An IV of saline which is yes salt and water....just consider that!
So let us begin.......
I find it helpful to drink the salt water whilst bearing in mind that the process will allow my body to release. So I’ll inwardly say "Thank you
water. I relax & allow my body to release....." I will focus on breathing deeply and imagining the water moving easily through my body
arriving in my colon quickly and effecting great release. Getting your mind involved in the game will help you no end....
If you find yourself with a full stomach, even after the first glass, the following exercises can help. The idea is to get the water out of your
stomach and into your intestines.
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Preparing for Cleanse
Pick a morning you are able to be calm and have no rush to go anywhere, as you will need to be near a loo for a few hours. This way
you will get to see how long the process takes for your body. The first time takes the longest, usually, and it will get quicker.
A relaxed and positive attitude is also important ;)
During the Cleanse
Avoid alcohol, spicy foods, fried foods and anything rich or heavy during this week of cleansing. You will take your digestive tract back to
its childhood state. Feel what would be best to feed a small child and you will know what to eat.
Salt-Water Flush Recipe
2 Litres (2 Quarts) Spring or Mineral Water - boil to tea drinking temperature
1 Level Dessert Spoon of Natural Salt - from sea or rock salt
Juice from a Lime/Lemon - if required to offset the taste
Alarm Clock - to get you up for between 5-7 for 7 days
Toilet Paper
YES!!! You will drink 2 Litres (2 Quarts) at one time.
Tip :
Salt from a natural source is better for cleaning the body, my personal favourite is Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. I like to use a tea pot to
mix up my salt and water as for me psychologically it is easier to sit there and think/feel I am having my morning herbal. It has become a
process I now thoroughly enjoy although that is not how it started ;)
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What to do if your stomach feels full & how to help keep the salt water moving through :)
Exercise 1 - Rub your stomach with the palm of your hand clockwise 21 times and counter clockwise 13 times. Some are examples above.
Exercise 2 - Raise your arms over your head (still standing) and sway them left to right.
Exercise 3 - Spread your feet shoulder width apart and spin your body at the waist from left to right. Let your arms swing with your body. Feel the
stretch in your lower back and abdomen.
Exercise 4 - Doing the Hatha Yoga Cobra Position is also good as are other exercises that get the intestines stimulated.
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Results from the Saltwater Flush
What to Expect from your Salt Flush...
As with any cleansing program, reactions vary from person to person. You may take more than one hour to drink this much saltwater.
However it is important to do it as fast as you can, as the pressure helps move things along. After a little practice, most people can drink
the water in 30 to 45 minutes. Personally I vary between 10 and 20 minutes and I have finished going to the loo within an hour. The most
important thing is to just keep sipping......
Some people will throw up the first time, it can be a reflex reaction & normally only happens once or twice. It gets much easier & eventually
you even enjoy it :) Keep trying and you'll be glad you did.
You should expect to make trips to the toilet throughout the morning. Some people finish cleaning their bowels in a couple of hours. It may
take a little longer during the first few days.
One thing that is very common on completing the 7 day Salt cleanse, is to have LOTS of additional energy and a great appetite.
Plan to take it easy on the first few days, especially if you have never done any kind of cleansing before (headaches can occur during detoxification & I
would remind you to drink lots of water). Very soon you will be amazed at how the Salt Flush has affected your energy, mood and emotions. Physical
cleansing is often connected to a deeper more psychological and spiritual cleansing. So a pen and paper or good friend to have a chat with can be
helpful :)
You will be taking your digestive track back to its childhood state and this is something to celebrate and nurture. Eat light (no fried, heavy, spicy food)
during the Cleanse and no alcohol. Consider what you feed a 5 to 6 year old child (not McDonalds). When you stop cleansing, watch what you eat and
bring your body back to your chosen diet slowly.
After the first 7 days, you may choose to continue. During the second week, drink every second day, the third week, drink every third day, the fourth
week, drink every fourth day... until you drink salt water one time in one week for the rest of your life. Or... whenever you feel you need a cleansing.
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People over 25 years of age can drink salt water once per week as a laxative and to keep the immune system up to par - it is one thing that
keeps me twinkling*
Some Salt Water Flush Benefits:
Within 2-3 days you will notice fresh breath, improved sleep, softer skin, improved digestion and a general state of lightness in your
Your sweat will become odourless.
Your skin and especially your complexion will seem brighter, more radiant and attractive.
You will help boost your immune system.
The salt regulates the metabolism and will help bring balance to your weight, whether you are under or overweight.
Your palate will seem to change, assisting the body to crave the correct foods for health and well-being.
It helps create clarity of mind, thus improving meditation, mental peace and energy practices.
Salt Water Cleaning Provides relief for these ailments:
Chronic headaches
Diseases of the eye, nose, teeth, heart, abdomen, and rectum
Damaged intestines
Inflammation of the digestive tract
Intestinal worms
Menstrual irregularities
Diseases connected to the organs of reproduction
All the 25 kinds of urethral infection and affections known in the Ayurvedic medicine. CLICK HERE TO SHARE YOUR FLUSH EXPERIENCE
This is an ancient Yogic Practice of Shank Prakshalana (Internal Purification)
I would love to hear how you get on with it :D I hope it brings you the same magic it has uncovered for me :)
Thank you for reading :D To keep up to date on how to twinkle* in all areas of your life....go to and subscribe :D
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