West Country Breakfast Baked Eggs & Chorizo Eggs Sausage

Just so you know… We only use free range meats and eggs sourced from
West Country suppliers. Everything we serve is made from scratch on site and
available from the moment we open until the minute we close.
West Country Breakfast
Applewood smoked bacon,
traditional pork sausage, scrambled
egg with tomato and basil, roasted
vine cherry tomatoes and baked
beans served with mixed seed
granary toast
Cornish Stack
Hogs (white) pudding, smoked
streaky bacon & onions, fried bread
topped with gruyere cheese, garlic
and thyme mushrooms, roasted vine
cherry tomatoes & a poached egg
Lightly curried rice with smoked
haddock, spring onions, lemon and
coriander. Served with a poached
egg and coriander yoghurt
Served all day
Baked Eggs & Chorizo
Chorizo & roasted new potatoes in a
rich tomato sauce with eggs topped
with Greek yoghurt served with
white toast
£6.75 two sharing £13.00
Veggie option
£6.00 two sharing £11.50
Boston Baked Beans with
Streaky Bacon & Poached
Borlotti beans in a smoky tomato
sauce with crispy streaky bacon
and a poached egg
Poached or Scrambled
(with tomato & basil)
Toast or Bagel £4.50
Ham £5.75
Smoked salmon £5.75
Applewood smoked bacon £5.75
Field mushrooms £5.50
Eggs Benedict
Toasted English muffin topped with
ham, soft poached eggs drizzled
with hollandaise sauce
Sausage Bap
add poached egg £4.50
Applewood Smoked
Bacon Bap
add poached egg £4.50
Veggie Breakfast
Eggs Florentine
Mushrooms on Toast
Rosemary & smoked paprika
roasted new potatoes, thyme &
garlic baked field mushroom,
roasted vine cherry tomatoes,
scrambled egg with tomato & basil
and baked beans. Served with
mixed seed granary toast
Toasted English muffin topped with
wilted spinach, soft poached eggs
drizzled with hollandaise sauce
Field mushrooms baked in thyme
and garlic, drizzled with olive oil
served on a toasted granary
£5.95 (Vegan Option)
Scotch Pancakes with
Applewood Smoked Bacon
& Maple Syrup
Homemade pancakes topped with
Applewood smoked bacon &
drizzled with maple syrup
Scotch Pancakes with
Seasonal Compote &
Greek Yoghurt
Homemade pancakes layered with
Greek yoghurt and seasonal fruity
Eggs Royale
Toasted English muffin topped with
smoked salmon, soft poached eggs
drizzled with hollandaise sauce
Kids Veggie Breakfast
Mushroom & Roasted
Tomato Bap
add poached egg £4.00
Hazelnut & Almond
Toasted Bagel
with Greek yoghurt, seasonal
compote & fresh fruit £3.25
or with milk & banana £2.75
(ask for me skinny or soya)
Plain porridge £2.50
Add any for 50p
with jam, syrup or honey
with fruity compote
with toasted seeds
with raisins
with chocolate drops
with jam/Marmite/peanut butter
cream cheese £2.60
smoked salmon £4.95
bacon £4.25
mushroom £4.25
with jam/marmalade/Marmite/
peanut butter
with brown sugar £1.95
with Greek yoghurt and honey £2.25
Kids Meat Breakfast
£4.50 (ask me to be vegan)
Scrambly Egg
and Soldiers
Pancakes and
Maple Syrup
Porridge and Honey
include with Applewood
smoked bacon
NB. We cannot guarantee the absence of nuts in any of our dishes
Burger with Bacon
& Cheddar
Veggie Burger
Homemade burger with Applewood
smoked bacon, local cheddar,
red onion marmalade, salad
and mayo. Served with
chips and homemade slaw
£7.25 (I can be vegan)
Pulled Pork Wrap
Squash & Feta Salad
Slow cooked pulled pork with Amai
sauce, crunchy cabbage, chilli
and coriander in a tortilla wrap,
served with homemade slaw and
coriander yoghurt
Classic Club Sandwich
Chicken and Applewood smoked
bacon, tomato, mixed leaves
and mayo
Served with chunky Hobbs
House bread
Homemade beetroot, carrot,
courgette, toasted pine nut and
sunflower seed burger with
haloumi, houmous and tzatziki.
Served with chips and
homemade slaw
See our board for today’s flavours
Spiced Red Lentil and
Chickpea Falafels V
Cumin roasted butternut squash
with feta, black olives, mixed
leaves and toasted pinenuts
Super Salad
Packed with goodness, spinach,
avocado, radish, mango, sprouting
seeds, sugar snap peas and toasted
nuts and seeds to name a few…
Wrapped in tortilla with tomato
salsa, avocado & crunchy carrot
salad, served with a side of patatas
bravas and a tzatziki dip
Warm Chorizo &
Roasted New Potato Salad
Deliciously topped off with roasted
red peppers, spinach and toasted
nuts and seeds
Toasted Sandwiches & More
Croque Monsieur
Classic layered toastie of ham,
cheese and béchamel sauce
Get Your Goat,
You’ve Pulled!
Goats cheese, thyme and
onion marmalade
Hot Chick
Chicken, sweet chilli sauce,
cheddar and coriander
Tuna Melt
Tuna with tarragon, capers
and cheddar
Chorizo, Somerset brie and
tomato salsa
Classic Ham & Cheese
Ham, local cheddar and
sliced tomato
‘Hidden Veg’
Chicken Curry
Chicken Goujons with
Rice and Amai Sauce
Ham or Cheese Sandwich
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Beans on Toast
Cheese on Toast
We only use West Country organic milk
Key: Gluten free
NB. We cannot guarantee the absence of nuts in any of our dishes
We make our cakes on site from scratch using natural ingredients to ensure they
are free from unwanted extras. For us cakes are made to be shared, ideally with a
good pot of loose leaf tea...
Afternoon Tea
Cake Plate
A selection of finger sandwiches including ham
& mustard, egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon with
lemon & black pepper, cucumber & cream cheese.
Homemade scones with Cornish clotted cream &
strawberry jam. A selection of BTP cakes and loose
leaf tea (House, Earl Grey or Darjeeling)
A selection of 4 of our finest cakes, loose leaf tea
(House, Earl Grey or Darjeeling)
£9.50 per head (minimum of 2)
£4.50 per head (minimum of 2)
Cream Tea
Two homemade scones with Cornish clotted
cream & strawberry jam. Loose leaf tea
(House, Earl Grey or Darjeeling)
£4.50 per head
Homemade Cakes
Our fantastic gluten free chocolate
brownie has now been made even
more decadent with 70% chocolate
Hayley’s Hippy
Nut Bar
A Boston favourite, packed with
carrot, walnut and spices and
topped with a zesty orange cream
cheese icing
Caramel Shortbread
Classic slice of shortbread topped
with caramel and chocolate
Lemon Drizzle
Zesty sponge cake, drizzled with
lemon syrup and topped with
glacé icing
Spiced Apple Cake
Baked Cheesecake
Cinnamon spiced sponge cake
bursting with sultanas, walnuts and
apple topped with brown sugar and
Dark chocolate torte with a gooey
salted caramel centre on a buttery
biscuit base
Orange & Almond Cake
Sticky cake made with whole
oranges, lemons and almonds
Rocky Road
Iced frangipane sponge with
raspberry jam layer on a
pastry base
Choose between chocolate chip
or oatmeal & raisin
Chocolate or
Raspberry Friand
Naughty muddle of chocolate,
digestive biscuits, glace cherries
and marshmallows
Caramel, pecan & hazelnut
Raspberry & blueberry
from £1.95
chocolate or yoghurt £2.50
Oaty bar with pecans,
cranberries, pumpkins seeds,
poppy seeds and apricots
Carrot Cake
Salted Caramel Torte
Delicious little French cakes made
using egg whites and ground
almonds, flavoured with orange zest
Hot Drinks
Coffee from £1.65
All our ethically sourced coffee is hand roasted in Bristol by those clever people at Extract Coffee. Our espresso blend changes with the seasons,
but we always look for coffees with depth & body that deliver lovely notes of cocoa, caramel and hazelnuts that stand up well through milk. Our
filter coffees, where available, are single origin and have been sought out for their unique flavour.
Filter Coffee
(where available)
Best served black, a fabulous
alternative to an espresso based
house coffee
A double shot as standard:
perfectly extracted espresso
using our medium roast espresso
blend. Short sweet and intense
A double shot of our medium
roast espresso blend served with
a tiny dash of textured milk to
take the edge off
House Coffee
A double shot of either our
medium or dark roast blend
served over hot water
Served the traditional way with a
double shot of our medium roast
and perfectly texturised dense
foam. Please ask for chocolate
Caffe Au Lait
A double shot of our dark roast
espresso served over half hot
water/half hot milk
A double shot of either our
medium or dark roast espresso
blend with perfectly texturised
milk. Served at the perfect
temperature ready to drink in a
traditional latte cup with the
baristas artistic flare
Flat White
A double Ristretto shot pulled
short to create an intense coffee hit
through creamy milk with a hint of
A double shot of our dark roast
espresso blend mixed with a shot
of chocolate for those who like
something a little sweeter
Hot Chocolate
A double shot of our delicious
chocolate. Topped up with
creamy dense milk
Hot White Chocolate
A double shot of white dairy
chocolate topped with perfectly
texturised creamy milk
Chai Latte
Texturised milk with a shot of
spicy chai syrup topped with
Teas from £1.95
Our teas are selected by Bristol’s Canton Tea Co and are all authentic, high grade and whole leaf. They are grown on small farms
and processed by hand, just as they have been for thousands of years. We buy them seasonally so they are fresh and full of flavour.
Boston Breakfast
A blend of rich, bold Assam teas
with the robust flavours needed
for a morning pick-me up or at any
time of the day
English Breakfast
A decaffeinated version of a
classic English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Bright, floral and citrusy, we
blend the finest China black teas,
and infuse with oil of Bergamot.
Perfect with or without milk
Strong, dark, malty and powerful.
Great with rich cakes such as
chocolate or coffee
Gun Powder
Young, high-quality leaves rolled
into small balls creating a soft,
sweet refreshing afternoon tea.
Not one for milk
Organic Dragon
Well (Long Jing)
One of China’s most famous and
best-loved teas. Slightly citrusy
with a predominant nutty and
sweet aftertaste. Not one for milk
Yellow Gold
Smooth, easy-drinking and fruity
with a sweet floral fragrance
White Peony
Organic First Flush (Bai Mu Dan)
Made from just the unopened
Called the champagne of tea,
a lovely muscatel flavour and
delicious astringency. Not one
for milk
silvery buds and the small, top
two leaves. Smooth, sweet,
refreshing, easy-drinking tea.
Not one for milk
Lapsang Souchong
Pine chipped smoked Chinese
tea. Great with a slice of lemon
Organic Ceylon
Organic Chai
Fresh, light and full-bodied.
Perfect for everyday drinking
Deep, spicy and warming, best
served sweetened and with milk
Yunnan Rose
Black tea with whole dried
rosebuds makes for a rich,
delicious lightly floral afternoon
tea (goes well with cake!). Not
one for milk
Vanilla Black
A classic black tea scented with
diced organic Indian vanilla
pods. Great with or without milk
Jasmine Star
A bright tasting green tea with
distinctive jasmine notes. Not
one for milk
The name chamomile comes
from the Greek word Chameleon
meaning ‘earth apple’. As well as
its subtle flavour it also helps
settle the stomach and is
considered a mild relaxant
Lemongrass and
A refreshing & uplifting
Lemongrass and Ginger blend
that’s fragrant and zesty.
Red Berry and
A deep infusion with intense soft
fruit flavours. Hibiscus and
Rosehips are also naturally high
in vitamin C
An award winning blend inspired
by Ayurveda teas. With ginger,
fennel seeds, cardamom pods,
liquorice root, rosebuds and
vanilla. Warming, spicy, organic
and caffeine free
Used throughout Europe, the
Middle East & North Africa to
sooth and aid digestion. Naturally
caffeine free and is perfect after
Organic Rooibos
Rooibos, or ‘Red Bush’ is native to
the mountains of Southern Africa.
A refreshing full-bodied herbal
tea, naturally caffeine-free and
extremely high in antioxidants.
Perfect with or without milk
Moroccan Mint Tea
Traditional Moroccan mint tea
made using organic Gunpowder
tea and fresh mint leaves
Cold Drinks
Homemade from £2.00
Mango & Vanilla
Fruits of the Forest
Blast Off Smoothie
Lemon, Raspberry
and Mint Cooler
Mango blended with ice-cream
and apple juice
Mixed berries, yoghurt, milk,
oats & honey
Homemade lemonade blended
with raspberries, mint and ice
Minty Raspberry &
Vanilla Ice-Cream
Ultimate Banana
Boston Iced Tea
Apple Juice, mint leaves,
raspberries and vanilla icecream
Bananas, Greek yoghurt, milk,
honey and a dollop of peanut
Super Blueberry
& Ginger
Raspberry &
Mango Smoothie
Blueberries and ginger blended
with apple juice and half a
banana. Great for the digestive
Blended with apple juice
Summer Fruit
Coconuts Smoothie
Coconut milk, milk, homemade
granola with nuts and seeds,
bananas and honey
Traditional Iced Tea using Earl
Grey, mint, lemon, brown sugar
Alice in
Iced Tea
Red Berry and Hibiscus tea
served over ice, topped with
apple juice
Iced Coffee
House blend coffee, blended
with milk, ice and a hint of frappe
for a subtle sweetness
Iced Mocha
As our iced coffee but with our
own cocoa chocolate for extra
Ice Dark/
White Chocolate
Either our cocoa chocolate or
white chocolate blended with
milk and ice
Freshly Squeezed
Orange Juice
The juice of 5-6 oranges and
nothing more
Freshly squeezed lemon juice,
water and sugar – that’s it
All the berries blended with
apple juice and half a banana
Soft Drinks from £1.40
Frobishers Mango
Frobishers Pear
Orchard Pig
Flower Power
Sandford Apple
Luscombe Hot
Ginger Beer
Alibi Pomegranate
or Citrus
Sandford Apple &
Blackcurrant Juice
Thirsty Planet Still
or Sparkling Water
Coca-Cola / Diet
Purdeys Silver
(apple and elderflower pressé)
Ales, Beers and Wines
Sanford - Devon
Red Cider
500ml £3.60
Bristol Beer
Factory Southville Hop
London Meantime
Brewery - London
Lager & London
Pale Ale
Marselan - Merlot
Syrah (Red)
330ml £3.00
Vermentino (White)
500ml £3.60
Bottle £15.00 250ml carafe £6.00
Bottle £15.00 250ml carafe £6.00
Drinks for the Kids
Banana Smoothie
Apple Juice
Mini Hot Chocolate
Glass of Milk
Boston Bloody
Is there a better way to kick start
Made with a double shot of
vodka, tomato juice, Worcester
sauce, tabasco and a pinch of salt
and pepper. Served over ice