CEDGR-7-Circular - Trakhees

To : All Consultants, Contractors, Business Units and Developers Subject : Trakhees - CED Accreditation Requirements
Ref : ; CEDGR‐7‐Circular Date : 05 May 2015
As part of continual improvement of services, PCFC Trakhees Civil Engineering Department (CED) is pleased to amend the previous circular ref.: CIRCULAR‐107060/2013/DA issued on March 2013. All Consultants and Contractors in‐charge in design and/or construction of projects under Trakhees jurisdiction shall accredit their respected Engineers as classified in the below table: Site ** Office * Required Accreditation Programmes Architects Structural / Specialist Engineers
Marine Engineers MEP Engineers Resident / Site Engineers Infrastructures/ Marine/ Specialist Engineers
MEP Engineers Turquoise & Blue
Yellow (Green &Orange) Not required for Modification Permit
Green & Orange
Yellow * Applicable for Consultants & Specialist Contractors (Geotechnical, Steel and Pre Cast/ Post Tensioning Engineers) In Charge of Design activities. ** Applicable for Consultants & Contractors Engineers In Charge of Site Construction activities. Turquoise Blue Grey Red Yellow Green Orange Regulation & Design Provision for People with Disability Building Regulations & Design Guidelines ‐ Architecture Building Regulations & Design Guidelines ‐ Structure Marinas & Small Craft Harbour Regulations & Design Guidelines Building Regulations & Design Guidelines ‐ MEP Construction Materials & Quality Control Guidelines Fresh Concrete Testing in the Field Engineers following the review process, discussions and technical communications with Trakhees CED shall present their Accreditation Card in the same respected subject. All applications for Permit Section services and requests for Site Inspection shall clearly specify the name of the Accredited Engineer assigned to the project. The Accredited Site Engineer shall be present during the Inspection process on site. To register in Trakhees Accreditation Program, please visit our website: www.trahkees.ae and follow the Accreditation Link. You may contact CED Accreditation Section on Telephone numbers: +9714‐4485953/4485900 or via email: [email protected] for any further inquiries or assistance. Thank you in advance for your compliance and cooperation. Yours faithfully, Eng. Abdulla Belhoul Director –Civil Engineering Department