1 Programme 2015 ACC Europe Annual Conference Innovation for

2015 ACC Europe Annual Conference
Innovation for the In-house Lawyer – Are You Ready for the Challenges
Sunday 31 May
1500 – 1900
1730 – 1900
Welcome Reception
Monday 1 June
0730 – 1700
0730 – 0845
Delegate breakfast
0900 – 1030
Opening Plenary
General Counsel as advocates of change – how in-house
lawyers can drive innovation
In recent years the legal profession has changed significantly at an everincreasing pace. However, there are many indications that more fundamental
changes to the role of the in-house lawyer are yet to come. Hear from leading
GCs how they have embraced innovation and applied it to help their
departments transform, adapt to new business requirements or even create
profit opportunities for their companies.
This session will explore new approaches to deliver legal services, discuss
challenges and opportunities created by new technology and provide
perspective on what it takes to be an innovative lawyer in today’s business
Reena Sengupta, RSG Consulting, London, UK
Alexandre Menais, EVP & Group General Counsel, Atos, Paris, France
Bill Mordan, SVP & Group General Counsel, Reckitt Benckiser, Slough, UK
Felix Müller-Mürnseer, General Counsel, Gigaset AG, Munich, Germany
1030 – 1100
Refreshment break
1100 – 1200
Concurrent sessions
Track: management
Contract management: what works and what doesn’t?
Contract management is an increasingly important yet complex task for legal
departments due to rapidly changing business models, increased compliance
and the challenge to streamline operations. This session will look at
upcoming trends and new contract management models and discuss best
practice on how to manage a contract during its whole life cycle – including
contract databases, implementation of online contract drafting, use of digital
authentication and signatures, and key challenges in delivery.
Caroline Cottaz-Cordier, Deputy Group Head of Contract Management,
Atos, Paris, France
Claire Debney, VP General Counsel, Group Legal Affairs & Compliance, RB,
London, UK
Gregory Leveau, President and Founder, Ecole Européenne de Contract
Management (e2cm), Paris, France
Ken Moyle, Deputy General Counsel, DocuSign Inc, Seattle, USA
Track: Pan-European issues
Best practices for doing multi-jurisdictional deals
Essential topics which today’s international corporate counsel need to engage
effectively in the strategic planning, negotiation and deal structuring of
international commercial and corporate transactions. Topics will include:
planning the transaction and due diligence process, as well as how to plan
and structure an international acquisition and planning local implementation.
Ilse De Loof, Chief Legal Officer, LBC Tank Terminals Group, Mechelen,
Richard Keenan, Chief Counsel Major Transactions, BT plc, London, UK
Reinhart Schaap, General Counsel, Director Group Legal, Post NL, The
Hague, Netherlands
Track: intellectual property
Organising an appropriate intellectual property policy and
programme for your company
This session will address the need for medium and small companies to have a
clear IP policy. Panelists will discuss the basic elements of any IP strategy,
take you through the twenty things all in-house counsel should know and
provide you with a checklist for a successful IP strategy.
Rocio Fernández-Bujarrabal, IP Europe Counsel, The Coca-Cola Company,
Madrid, Spain
Kati Levoranta, Chief Legal Officer, Rovio Entertainment Ltd, Espoo, Finland
Michael Loch, Head of IP, GSMA, London, UK
Track: compliance and DR
Data protection: putting a policy in place and making sure it
No matter the size of your company, if you hold and process information
about your clients, employees or suppliers, you are legally obliged to protect
that information. By answering many frequently asked questions, this session
will prove a useful source of practical advice to those who have day-to-day
responsibility for data protection.
Jonathan Armstrong, Partner, Cordery, London, UK
Ana Mingo, Counsel, BP Oil España, Madrid, Spain
Hannes Saarinen, Manager (R&D Legal, IP & Privacy), F-Secure
Corporation, Helsinki, Finland
1200 – 1330
1330 – 1430
Concurrent sessions
Track: management
Value-based billing: implementing alternative fee arrangements at
a Pan-European level
For many years, ACC has been the front runner for the promotion of valuebased billing models and alternative fee arrangements in an effort to
transform the relationship with external counsel. The session will review
some of the latest case studies and hear from both in-house and external
counsel how best to implement such arrangements at a Pan-European level.
Ronald Hendrikx, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP, London, UK
Dr Uli Kühbacher, VP Legal, Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Germany
Agustin Lojo, Founder and Partner, Summa Quatro, Madrid, Spain
Track: Pan-European issues
Advocacy: status of in-house counsel across Europe
A panel discussion on the threats to the independence of in-house counsel
across Europe and, in particular, how privilege rules may vary in different
practice areas. Also covered will be an overview of the opportunities and
challenges to in-house counsel’s geographic mobility, and their ability to
practice across Europe, as well as the regulatory regime in England and
Wales, which permits law firm ownership by non-lawyers.
Patrick Ambrose, Legal Advisor, Bank of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
Matthew Benz, Legal Counsel, International Carriers & Roaming, Orange SA,
Paris, France
Amar Sarwal, VP & Chief Legal Strategist, Association of Corporate Counsel,
Washington DC, USA
Mathias Schulze Steinen, Partner, K & L Gates, Frankfurt, Germany
Track: intellectual property
Handling IP disputes in a global economy/cross-border
Patent litigation has become a major risk for many businesses, not just in the
high tech sector. We will examine litigation strategy in major European
markets such as Germany, the Netherlands, UK and France and discuss how
to protect your brand and whether the WTO dispute settlement mechanism
provides for a suitable alternative.
Paul Barrett, Head of Legal, Home Retail Group, Slough, UK
Huw Evans, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, London, UK
Track: compliance and DR
Is mediation an alternative to settle your disputes?
Mediation is an effective and confidential way of resolving disputes without the
need to go to court. Although not widely used, it presents a lot of benefits for
corporations. This session will provide in-house counsel with a view on what
mediation is, its benefit, how it differs from arbitration, and when and at which
state of a dispute mediation can be used. Speakers will focus on a practical
and lively approach to the topic, with real examples.
Miryan Weichselbaum-Gharibo, International Commercial Mediator, Vienna,
Venia Papathanasopoulou, Director Legal Affairs, Athens International
Airport SA, Athens, Greece
John L Sander, Practice Leader, International Practice Group, Jackson Lewis
LLP, New York, USA
Tim Williams, Area Legal Counsel - Wärtsilä Development & Finance,
Helsinki, Finland
1430 – 1500
Refreshment break
1500 – 1600
Concurrent sessions
Track: management
Interpersonal skills: how to increase the emotional intelligence of
the legal department
When it comes to creating a truly successful team, many studies have ranked
the importance of interpersonal skills above and beyond technical knowledge
and management know-how. This session will explore the types of behaviour
required to succeed in today’s business environment and how legal teams
can learn to apply them.
Oboama Addy, General Counsel & Head of European Legal, Fujifilm Europe
GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany
Ciaran Fenton, Leadership and Change Consultant, Fenton & Co LLP,
London, UK
Track: Pan-European issues
Competition law issues in the Internet economy - dealing with
How “disruptive business models” affect competition and impact consumers
and which regulation and regulatory regimes should apply to new entrants
such as Uber, AirBnB etc?
Katerina Maniadaki, Legal Advisor, Ofcom, London, UK
Irina von Wiese, Antitrust Director, GSM Association, London, UK
Jose Rivas, Partner, Bird & Bird, Belgium, Brussels
Track: intellectual property
IP issues in acquisitions, divestitures and IPO’s
In any M&A project or IPO, the intellectual property of the target is a critical
part of the deal, as it not only affects the price of the transaction but also can
expose the deal to substantial risk if things go wrong. This session will focus
on how to structure the transaction, what to watch out for when conducting IP
due diligence and which contractual protections are advisable to ensure that
such risks are mitigated.
Sean Collin, Founder & Director of Research & Innovation, IPWatch
Corporation, Florence, AL, USA
Stacey Van Hooven, VP & General Counsel, SCA GmbH, Ismaning,
Paul Joseph, Partner, RPC, London, UK
Track: compliance and DR
How to deal with, and anticipate, one of the most common
challenges: breach of contract dispute
In difficult economic times, in-house counsel face an increasing number of
breach of contract disputes which may arise in several European jurisdictions.
In-house counsel need to be equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with
such disputes in key countries such as England, France, Germany and
Switzerland. Panelists will guide you through the major pitfalls you need to
avoid when dealing with a breach of contract dispute in selected countries.
Hans-Peter Duerr, Group VP Contracts, Legal & Integrity, ABB Asea Brown
Boveri Ltd, Zurich, Switzerland
Virginia Lombardo, Senior Legal Counsel EMEA, Network Solutions, KesselLo, Belgium
Francesco Portolano, Partner, Portolano Cavallo, Milan, Italy
1930 – 2300
Conference Dinner in the Grand Hall of the
Löwenbraukeller, an historic Munich public
house steeped in Bavarian tradition since its opening in
NOTE: Places at the dinner are limited and will be allocated on a first come,
first served basis. Please confirm your attendance on the
conference registration form.
Tuesday 2 June
0800 – 1700
0730 – 0845
Delegate breakfast
0900 – 1030
Concurrent sessions
Track: management
Managing your career as an in-house counsel
Whether you have just started your in-house career, are considering a
transition to another industry or are preparing for the next career move, this
session is for you! Should I switch industries during my career? How should I
handle transition periods? At the beginning, middle and end of my career?
These are just some of the questions our panelists will discuss, in addition to
providing you with the latest insight to the legal job market.
Tanya Jaeger de Foras, VP, Deputy General Counsel EMEA, Luxottica
Group, SpA, Milan, Italy
Marianna Nitsch, General Counsel Europe, Chanel, Paris, France
Adam Smith, Group General Counsel, Safran, Paris, France
Naveen Tuli, Global Managing Director, Laurence Simons International,
London, UK
Track: Pan-European issues
Diversity as a key factor for operational performance
A well-managed diverse legal department is likely to perform better in this
changing environment because a diverse workforce enables the organisation
to offer a wider range of resources, skills, ideas and energy to the business,
providing a competitive edge and seizing the benefits of resourcing from a
wider pool of talent. This session will give you an understanding of the
importance of diversity and you will learn how creating a well-managed
diverse legal team can help bring more innovation and increased performance
and creative problem-solving derived from a greater blend of perspectives and
Maria Pernas, SVP Group Deputy General Counsel, Atos, Paris, France
Tahl Tyson, Shareholder, Littler, Seattle, USA
Track: intellectual property
Brands: intellectual property issues where the brand is king
Any company with a valuable brand needs to ensure it is protected against IP
threats in the global market place. Hear about best practices from leading inhouse counsel and how they ensure brand protection through internal
policies, brand usage guidelines and training. The panel will discuss threats
and opportunities arising from the new trademark law in China, as well as how
to use trade laws as a defensive mechanism.
Giorgia Armanni, Head of Legal and Competition Department, Furla SpA,
San Lazzaro, Italy
Jan Vidjeskog, Senior Counsel, Philip Morris International Management SA,
Lausanne, Switzerland
Track: compliance and DR
117 Resolving your dispute by arbitration or litigation? What you
need to know before opting
The conventional view among many people is that arbitration is cost-effective
and more efficient than litigation. Like most generalisations, however, the
truth is not so simple. To help you make an informed decision, our panelists
will expose the factors in-house counsel should consider when deciding to opt
for arbitration vs. litigation or vice-versa.
Javier Ramirez, VP & Associate General Counsel, Litigation Global Regions,
Hewlett-Packard, Las Rozas, Spain
Michael Molitoris, Partner, Noerr LLP (Lex Mundi firm for Germany), Munich,
Noah Hanft, President & CEO, International Institute for Conflict Prevention &
Resolution, New York, USA
1030 – 1100
Refreshment break
1100 – 1200
Concurrent sessions
Track: management
Project management skills for lawyers
Why are project management skills important for lawyers? Our panelists will
demonstrate this by looking at three real life examples: an M&A project, a
major litigation and contract negotiations for a complex project. This session
will discuss how to handle a project, give guidance on how to identify and
focus on strategic or key topics, and provide you with the ten golden rules for
in-house lawyers when it comes to project management.
Béatrice Bihr, Legal Director, Teva Laboratories, Paris, France
Robert Gallmann, Senior Legal Counsel, Novartis Group, Basel, Switzerland
Gregory Ritts, General Counsel, Altisource, Luxembourg
Stefan Winghardt, Managing Director, Head of BT Legal, Germany and
Austria, Munich, Germany
Track: Pan-European issues
Doing business in emerging markets: legal trends and tips
This session will provide an overview on considerations for new market entry
in the international arena with particular focus on navigating both the legal and
practical aspects of beginning and maintaining operations in Africa, Asia,
Eastern Europe and Latin America. Discussions will include issues around
contractual and entity structure, import/export considerations, transparency
risk and the impact of current events and trends in these areas.
Martín Castro, Legal & Public Affairs Manager, Bridgestone Argentina SAIC,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paige Bickley Navarro, Senior Director – Commercial Law, Europe/Africa,
Halliburton, London, UK
Dominic Gyngell, Regional Counsel Asia Pacific, M East & Africa, BT Global
Services, Hong Kong
Track: intellectual property
Cloud computing
As cloud computing becomes less of a buzzword and more of a reality for the
businesses we serve, we will take a look at the maturing cloud market and
discuss recent developments - from competition law to data protections
issues. Our panelists will discuss how to effectively manage risk in a cloud
computing contract and provide you with a due diligence checklist to choose
your company’s cloud provider wisely.
Alessandro Galtieri, Senior Legal Advisor, Colt Technology Services Group
Ltd, London, UK
Pavel Klimov, General Counsel EMEA, Unisys, London, UK
Severin Loeffler, Assistant General Counsel, Central Eastern Europe,
Microsoft, Munich, Germany
Track: compliance and DR
Data protection for companies with well-established programmes
Even though there has been much development within the last 30 years,
information security and privacy remain relatively new phenomena. In the
ever-evolving privacy world, enterprises need to anticipate and assess the
impact of privacy in new processes and technologies. This session will
navigate the key trends faced by regulators and organisations.
Georg R Fisch, Managing Attorney, EMEA Legal Department, Intel,
Feldkirchen, Germany
Joseph Srouji, Regulatory Counsel & Data Protection Officer, GE Capital,
Paris, France
1200 – 1330
1330 – 1430
Concurrent sessions
Track: management
Law Department 3.0 – innovation in the legal department
Welcome to the Law Department 3.0. How can innovation help the legal
department adapt to the challenges of today’s global businesses, cope with
new and extended scope of work and changes in the in-house lawyer’s roles
and responsibilities? Panelists will discuss topics such as the importance of
innovation in the context of the positioning of the legal department inside
organisations, new talent retention schemes, the cultural environment and the
use of enterprise social networks and other technology tools.
Olivier Chaduteau, Founder and Managing Partner, Day One, Paris, France
Peter Connor, Vice-President Products, Red Flag Group, Zurich, Switzerland
Archana Makol, Chief Counsel, BT Legal, Director BT Law Ltd, London, UK
Track: Pan-European issues
Practical tips and best practices for dealing with data breaches
In this interactive workshop a panel of experts will provide practical tips and
guidance on data breach obligations and associated notification requirements,
how to address data breach in contracts, how to deal with bad leavers and
protect trade secrets, corporate spying and the impact of European human
rights legislation.
Gerard Chan, VP Legal & Public Affairs, EMEA, Symantec Limited, London,
David Eveleigh, Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, Serco
Group, London, UK
Tim Fitzgerald, VP & Chief Security Officer, Symantec Corporation, San
Francisco, USA
Nick Holland, Partner, Fieldfisher, London, UK
Track: intellectual property
Document and information retention programmes and policies
Do you know what legal requirements apply to records storage and how a
“bring your own device policy” affects your company’s document retention
scheme? Document and records storage and retention is not only a key
aspect of any compliance programme, but more so; a well-run records
management policy can minimise compliance risk and legal spend.
Orijit Das, European General Counsel & VP, Genpact, London, UK
Sabine Everaet, Europe Group CIO, The Coca-Cola Company, Brussels,
Track: compliance and DR
Conducting effective internal investigations: knowing what to do –
and what not to
Which scenarios should a company investigate and which should it ignore?
Who should conduct the investigation? What should the goals be? How
should interviews be conducted? This evaluation is a mix of practical and
legal considerations. The session will analyse the numerous aspects to be
taken into account when facing an alleged violation of internal policies or local
Antigone Papangelopoulou, Legal Counsellor - Europe Compliance Officer,
Head of Legal & Compliance, Italy & Mediterranean, Nokia Solutions and
Networks, Athens, Greece
Lauren Reynolds, Regional Compliance Attorney Europe, Microsoft
Deutschland GmbH, Unterschleissheim, Germany
Mariusz Witalis, Partner, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services, EY,
Warsaw, Poland
1430 – 1500
Refreshment break
1500 – 1600
Closing Plenary
Enhancing your competitive advantage with innovative and
creative thinking
Throughout this conference our speakers and panelists will highlight how inhouse lawyers can gain a competitive advantage through innovation. This
closing session will demonstrate how to put this into practice and will focus on
ways to improve your personal skills when it comes to thinking creatively
about a problem and finding an innovative solution.
Klaus Pertl, Course Director, MindStore System in Europe, Stuttgart,
Programme and speakers are subject to change without notice
ACC Europe wishes to thank the 2015 Annual Conference Advisory Board for
their guidance in developing this programme:
Carsten Lueers, Managing Counsel, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Frankfurt,
Chris Fowler, General Counsel UK Commercial Legal Services, BT plc,
London, UK
John Lowe, Group Compliance Director, Geodis, Paris, France
Mercedes Carmona Mariscal, Managing Counsel West Europe, BP Oil
Company, Madrid, Spain
Maria Pernas, Senior Vice-President Group Deputy General Counsel, Atos,
Paris, France
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