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September 24, 2013
Quality Health And
Wellness Products
That Work.
Or Your Money Back.
Choose from a huge selection of healthy teas and herbal
capsules, plus read thousands of testimonials from customers
who have drastically improved their quality of life with
Bell Lifestyle Products.
DIY Shampoo
It’s easy to naturally
have good hair
As you make your way to the
shampoo aisle of your local
drugstore, you start browsing
all of the bottles on the shelves
to select your choice. You see
a lot of brightly colored labels
promising you fuller hair, more
volume, less dryness, more
shine, and a whole laundry list
of other benefits.
It sounds great, right? All is
perfect in the world—until you
start to read the ingredients list
on the back of the bottles and
discover that the shampoos
are loaded with harsh chemicals that may lead to dry and
brittle hair.
Some harmful ingredients to
avoid are sodium lauryl sulfate,
ammonium lauryl sulfate, and
ammonium xylene sulfonate. I
know it’s easy to just select any
shampoo and be done with
it, but it’s really essential that
you choose a brand that keeps
your hair as healthy as possible.
Natural shampoos protect your
hair and keep it soft and shiny.
You may have never thought
about making your own shampoo at home, but it’s actually
You can control what’s in it,
and the best part is you can
choose the scents! If you have
dry hair, you should choose
ingredients such as avocado or
orange blossoms for optimum
If you’re looking
to add softness,
settle on adding
cherry bark or
olive oil.
hydration. If you’re looking to
add softness, settle on adding
cherry bark or olive oil.
It’s easy to keep dandruff at
bay by including peppermint
or vinegar in your shampoo. Do
you have normal hair? No problem! Just add dandelion or clover. Adding sage, basil, or nettles helps promote hair growth,
leaving your hair long and lustrous.
Making the shampoo is not
difficult at all and you can interchange any of the ingredients
above depending on your needs.
Be creative and make your
shampoo smell amazing!
Here is a recipe to use at home:
2 tablespoons liquid castile soap (an olive oilbased soap made in a
style originating in the
Castile region of Spain)
1 cup water
Essential oils give your shampoo the scent you love while almond
or apricot oil leave hair moisturized.
Clear Skin
Here is proof that snoring can
be corrupting your health and
your marriage. Three out of 10
couples are considering divorce
because of snoring says a major
magazine article. You are not
alone! An official survey says
48% of all people snore. 75% are
affected, if you add non-snoring
husbands that have snoring
wives or vice versa. Snoring is
caused by slack muscles in the throat. A common
complaint is that people feel that they are not well
rested in the morning. Many people wrote they
are now sleeping like a babies. Their partners are
delighted. This natural health product Sound Sleep
#23 usually helps the first night. No side effects.
“This is a great product.
Thank you!” - Dennis Melton, 65.
“I am glad I asked my local store and he recommended
Bell #23. This product makes me so happy!
Thank you!” - Claude Millet, St. Faustin, QC.
Dr. C. Hammoud, Master
Herbalist, PhD, guarantees
satisfaction. Helps to maintain
healthy skin from the inside
simply by cleansing the blood,
instead of attacking the skin
from the outside with creams
or washes. * This makes sense.
Usually you can see how it
benefits your skin within days.
* Many people wrote they were
surprised how fast it worked.
Lots of testimonials from pleased users on our
Bell website. There is absolutely no risk for
trying Dr. Hammoud’s product.
“After only 3 days, I started to love this
product! It did great!” - Christopher Seraphin,
Brooklyn, NY.
“Saw great results! Truly this is an amazing
product. Will tell everybody. Thanks Bell!”
Terri Fentress, 42, Norfolk, VA.
Ingredients: Oregon grape root extract, bittersweet extract,
sarsaparilla, juniper berries, neem extract.
1/4 cup fresh herbs or 2
tablespoons dried herbs
1 tablespoon almond or
apricot oil
#23 - Bell Sound Sleep, 750mg x 60 capsules
2 drops essential oil, such
as lavender or peppermint
Dr. C. Hammoud M.H., PhD,
recommends this natural,
effective fish peptide product to
nutritionally support the body’s
normal blood pressure function.
*A science-backed herbal phytonutrient. Promotes flexible,
relaxed blood vessels in healthy
persons. *A one-of-a-kind formula that offers unprecedented
nutritional support for your
overall health and well-being. *We have thousands
of repeat customers. Blood pressure is a focal point
of cardiovascular wellness. *Achieve your balance
and maintain your balance and a healthy range.
Men - Natural nutritional
support for urinary ease
& comfort. Relief within
3-5 days from dribbling,
discomfort, urgency,
poor flow. Instead of
getting up many times
most need to get up
only once or not at all
each night. For many
years a favorite for mature men. Good sleep helps to
have more energy all next day. Also blood flows more
easily where it counts for better sex life. Thousands of
satisfied repeat customers. No side effects. We have
literally hundreds of testimonials.
“Bell Blood Pressure Formulation
helped me feel great.
Thank you for this wonderful product.”
William Oliver, Portsmouth, VA.
“I’m telling all my friends about Bell Ezee
Flow Tea!” - Larry Ferris, 60, Proctorville, OH.
First, boil the cup of water.
While you do that, place the
herbs in a clean 10-ounce glass
jar. Once the water has come
to a boil, pour it over the herbs.
Cover the jar and let it steep for
10 to 20 minutes. After, strain
the liquid from the herbs into
a bowl.
Next, add castile soap and
almond or apricot oil to the liquid. Mix all three ingredients
thoroughly. Once the ingredients are mixed properly, add
essential oil to the concoction
and mix well. That’s it! Store
in any clean plastic bottle or
container. Use as you normally
would with any other shampoo.
Homemade shampoo is wonderful. Not only are you saving
money by creating your own
shampoo, you’re saving your
hair too from further and
future damage! Be creative
and experiment with different
herbs and essential oils.
If you don’t have time to make
your own shampoo, some great
all-natural shampoo brands
found in the drugstore are
NouriShea, Avalon Organics,
Burt’s Bees, and Aubrey Organics.
The brand Kiss My Face offers
a castile soap that is 100 percent
natural and smells great!
You’ll feel much happier
knowing that your hair is
healthy, cleansed by natural
ingredients, and washed by a
shampoo that you created.
Eco18 is a collective of creativewriting individuals from different backgrounds with a common goal—to live a healthier,
more natural lifestyle. Their
combined expertise, humor, and
opinions explore green and sustainable in a practical, fun way.
Ingredients: MSM, melatonin 1/2 mg, chamonille,
passionflower, skulcap, valerian.
#60 - Bell Clear Skin, 750mg x 90 capsules
Blood Pressure Formulation Frequent Bathroom Trips?
“Athlete loves Bell products!
I am feeling great! Thank you Bell!”
Timothy Dougherty, 25, Fresh Meadows, NY.
“I feel like another person with no more
frustrations!” - Richard Dorvilus, 55, Elmont, NY.
Ingredients: Extract of fish peptide, celery seed, wild garlic,
passion flower, barberry, pomegranate, micro crystaline, cellulos.
Ingredients: chamonille, cinnamon twigs, cranberry, damiana,
willow flower, ginseng, lavender, lemon, red peony, saw
palmetto, stinging nettle, water plantain.
#26 - Bell Blood Pressure Formulation, 750mg x 60 capsules
#4a - Bell Ezee Flow Tea (120g)
***All Bell Lifestyles products can be returned for a full refund if you are not satisfied.
On the Bell Website we list phone numbers or email addresses of actual users of Bell products.
In other towns try your local health food stores first. If they
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our website or call us with Visa or Mastercard. S & H $9.95.
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back into your
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