Soup du Jour 5/8
Chef ’s creation-of-the-day; cup or bowl
French Onion Soup 5/8
Caramelized onions, fresh herbs, seasoned broth,
toasted Brioche croutons, Swiss and Parmesan cheeses;
cup or bowl
Elk Chili 6/9
The Anchorage Civic Club’s original award-winning elk and
beef chili with tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic, onions; cup or bowl
Side House Salad 6
Side salad of spring mix with Candied Anchor Bacon™,
tomato, cucumber, red onion; choice of dressing
The Village Anchor French Toast 15
Fresh Brioche bread layered with strawberry cream cheese,
strawberries, bananas, blueberries, candied pecans and
real Vermont maple syrup
Grilled Filet Mignon, Moselle’s Bleu Cheese Biscuits 15
Two hefty bleu cheese biscuits with grilled beef tenderloin,
caramelized onions, house-made bleu cheese dressing;
balsamic-tossed fresh greens and strawberries
California Benedict 15
Whole-wheat English muffin, thinly sliced turkey, two poached
eggs, Hollandaise sauce, freshly sliced avocado, house-made
pico de gallo; balsamic-tossed fresh greens and strawberries
Village Anchor Red-Velvet Pancakes 14
Side Caesar Salad 6
Three large red-velvet pancakes layered with sweet Kahlua®
cream cheese, real Vermont maple syrup, light dusting of
powdered sugar
Wedge Salad 9
Two buttermilk biscuits, Purnell sausage gravy,
Candied Anchor Bacon™
Side salad of crisp chopped Romaine lettuce
with traditional Caesar dressing, The Village Anchor’s giant
house-made Brioche croutons; Parmesan crisp
Iceberg and spring mix lettuce with Danish bleu cheese,
Candied Anchor Bacon™, grape tomatoes, Boursin cheese,
candied pecans; bleu cheese dressing
Fried Goat Cheese Salad 9/14
Panko-crusted Capriole Farmstead® goat cheese,
fresh sliced pear, spring mix, Craisins®, candied walnuts;
pear-Champagne vinaigrette; side or entrée
Grilled Chicken Arugula Salad 15
Arugula, grilled chicken breast, blueberries, goat cheese,
Craisins®, candied walnuts; honey-walnut vinaigrette
Spinach Salad 14
Baby spinach, sliced apples, strawberries, toasted almonds,
Craisins® and garlic-brioche encrusted brie;
pear-Champagne vinaigrette
Grilled Salmon Salad 18
Sesame and ginger soy-glazed grilled salmon, spring mix,
Mandarin oranges, avocado, roasted red and orange peppers;
ginger-cilantro vinaigrette
House-made dressings: bleu cheese, Caesar,
1000 Island, honey mustard, ranch
Vinaigrettes: raspberry balsamic, sweet herb,
ginger-cilantro, pear-Champagne, honey-walnut
Every Sunday until 3 p.m.
$1 Mimosas
Only available in The Sea Hag
Biscuits and Gravy 12
Fried Egg and Pancetta Sandwich 14
Two fried eggs, Provolone cheese, fresh basil, fried pancetta,
roasted garlic aioli, thick-cut sourdough bread;
balsamic-tossed fresh greens and strawberries
Skillet Corned Beef Hash 15
Skillet-fried russet potatoes, tender slow-roasted corned beef;
two eggs any style
Huevos Rancheros Burrito 14
Scrambled eggs, black beans, sautéed peppers and onions,
queso fresco, ranchero sauce; house-made chips, pico de gallo
Farm-Fresh Sunday Omelet 13
Fresh eggs with up to four fillings
Choose two: sautéed mushrooms, diced peppers, sautéed
onions, sautéed spinach, diced tomatoes, fresh pico de gallo,
Kenny’s White Cheddar Cheese®, feta, Capriole Farms
Goat Cheese®, cheddar, queso fresco.
Choose two: Kentucky country ham, sliced turkey, Candied
Anchor Bacon™, Bourbon Barrel smoked salmon;
side of balsamic-tossed fresh greens and strawberries
Additional fillings 2
Bob's Big Breakfast 13
Three eggs, any style; choice of four Candied Anchor Bacon™
strips or two bacon sausage links; sourdough toast,
wheatberry toast or Moselle’s Bleu Cheese Biscuit
Granola with Yogurt and Berries 9
House-made whole-grain nut granola, low-fat vanilla yogurt,
fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries
Our chefs are happy to accommodate special requests
or dietary requirements. Please ask your server.
Consumption of undercooked meat, poultry, eggs or seafood may increase the risk of food-borne illnesses. We apply a $3 kitchen charge for split plates.
The Village Anchor is an HCG and Gluten-free-friendly restaurant. Ask your server for options.
11507 PARK ROAD, ANCHORAGE, KENTUCKY • (502) 708-1850
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Summer 2014
All sandwiches are served on toasted breads with your choice of
fresh fruit, coleslaw, low-fat cottage cheese, house-made
rosemary-salted fries. Substitute any side for sweet potato fries with
marshmallow dipping crème for an additional $2
Anchor’s custom fresh-brewed French-pressed coffee 4/7
Vitamin D whole milk 2
Orange, tomato or grapefruit juice 3
Sparkling or distilled bottled water 6
Pepsi, Diet-Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Diet Mountain Dew 3
Tropicana Pink Lemonade 3
B, L, T & A 14
Thick-cut Candied Anchor Bacon™, lettuce, tomato, avocado,
chipotle aioli, fresh wheatberry bread
Kevin’s Meatloaf Burger™ 14
Kevin’s savory meatloaf burger, fresh pretzel bun,
aged cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, Candied Anchor Bacon™,
chipotle aioli, dressed; choice of fresh fruit, coleslaw or
rosemary-salted fries
Valencia orange juice with champagne
Mom’s Sort-of-Gourmet Fried Bologna Sandwich 9
Champagne, St. Germaine® Liqueur, peach bitterssoaked sugar cube; orange
Thick-cut all-beef bologna, cheddar cheese, Dijonaise,
toasted wheatberry bread
Sesame Chicken Salad Sandwich 14
House-roasted, hand-pulled tender chicken, green onions,
celery, sesame, cilantro, Mandarin oranges, lettuce, tomato,
toasted fresh wheatberry bread
Blackened Fish Tacos 12
Two grilled soft-flour tacos, blackened tilapia, Napa cabbage,
avocado, queso fresco, lime, cilantro sour cream;
fresh pico de gallo, house-fried flour tortilla chips
Each additional 4
The Hotter Brown™ 15
House-roasted, hand-pulled tender chicken, house-made
sourdough stuffing, cheddar-Parmesan Mornay sauce,
grape tomatoes, Candied Anchor Bacon™
Four Candied Anchor Bacon™ strips 4
Two hearty bacon sausage links 5
Two slices of wheatberry toast/butter/preserves 3
Two slices of sourdough toast/butter/preserves 3
Moselle’s grande bleu cheese biscuit 3
Two eggs, any style 4
Low-fat cottage cheese with sliced grape tomatoes 4
Seasonal fruit 4
Apple-raisin coleslaw 4
Rosemary-salted pub fries 4
Sweet potato fries with marshmallow crème 5
Cobbler of the week 9
Chocolate bread pudding 9
Village Anchor Pie Pop™ 9
Carrot cake with a cheesecake twist 8
Mom’s Hot Banana Pudding Meringue® 8
Buttermilk Pie 8
Comfy Cow® Ice cream 6
Vanilla Bean; Intense Chocolate;
Dulce de Leche Caramel
The Original Mimosa 6
The Sultry Mrs. Robinson 8
The Proud Mary 8
Our original bloody mary with just the right amount of zing!
Tangy tomato juice, our own blend of spices, house vodka;
skewer of peppers
The BLT Mary 8
Our own bacon-infused vodka, zesty tomato juice; skewer
of Candied Anchor Bacon™, lettuce, tomato; bacon salt rim
Spicy Bloody Harry 8
Secret spices with house vodka and a skewer of hot peppers.
Watch out! This one is not for the weak!
The Bloody Berry 8
Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka, triple sec, St. Germaine® Liqueur,
fresh fruit juices; skewer of strawberries, blueberries, pineapple
The Nutty-Sweet Mexican Molé Mary 8
Vodka, brown sugar syrup, dash of chocolate bitters;
skewer of peppers, dill pickle, cherry tomato
Kevin's Allen Wrench 9
Kevin's original Palm Springs-born libation: Finlandia® grapefruit
vodka, PAMA® pomegranate liqueur, X-Rated passion fruit
liqueur, fresh ruby red grapefruit juice, splash of Diet Sierra Mist®
Our number one libation
EastEnder Martini 11
Hendrick’s cucumber gin, fresh-muddled cucumber, mint,
lime juice, cucumber-infused simple syrup
MoTeaTo 8
Kevin's mint julep meets southern sweet tea!
Red Stag Honey Tea Bourbon, freshly brewed sweet tea;
lemon, mint
Brown Sugar Old Fashioned 7
Bourbon, brown sugar syrup, Angostura Bitters; orange peel
Vodka Aviation 9
Vodka, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, lemon juice
French Press Coffee has long been a preferred method of brewing coffee since its introduction by
Attilio Calimani in 1929. The Village Anchor's French presses utilize our own custom-blend of beans at a
coarser grind than usual--as finer grounds seep through the press filters. The brewing method
unites steaming hot water and freshly ground coffee, leaving it to brew for a few minutes,
and then pressing the plunger to trap the coffee grounds at the bottom of the beaker.
Enjoy a pot of our amazing custom brew with a house-made Village Anchor dessert, today!
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