Minutes Cttee Mtg 21 June 2014(1)

The Australian College of
Advanced Postgraduate
Minutes of Committee Meeting
21 June 2014
213a South Street, Beaconsfield, WA 6162
Jillian Horton (Chair), Richard Taylor (via Skype), Liz Tong (via Skype), Melanie Freeman
 Meeting opened at 1310
New agenda items
 Change the college name at the bank (Jillian)
 APAC submission due at the end of July (Jillian)
Previous Minutes
 Jillian moved to accept the minutes, Richard Seconded.
Correspondence (in/out) (Jillian)
 Melanie sent out the graphic designer’s brochure changes and logo
 26 May: domain name due for renewal and hosting. Let it lapse. Mel will find
a new one and move to a new web site. Mel to action.
 28 May: consultation paper from APAC from July regarding standards for
 6 June: Mel sent a note regarding off label use of drugs for kids. Jillian sent out
note to all health ministers, all mental health commissioners, media and
professional colleagues discussing how problematic it is.
 18 June to Minister Hames about Nova criteria to finalise. He said previously
this would be in June. We've not heard back yet.
 18 June: media statement on GP fees went to media outlets
 22 May: Reply from Min of health in VIC. David Davis Re Specialist registration.
It was a reply to an email Jillian sent on 2 March. Jillian will scan and send to us
as it has quite interesting points included.
 11 June: From WA health minister. Thanking us for corresponded about the
off the label drug use for kids. He has passed it on to Helen Morton.
 20 June: From WA mental health commissioner. Liz noted she had seen in the
past some stats around kids dying as a result of these meds. If we can find the
source, would be good to send it back.
General Issues for Discussion
 Financial Statement (Jillian)
o As of 23 May: $4709.67
ACSP Minutes 21 June 2014
We need to pay for new hosting, domain name and graphic designer in
the next month
 Membership Update (Richard)
o Postal addresses are oncoming in. Once they are in, we will send out a
letter about renewing. Still aiming for end July so we know who can
vote at the AGM.
Specific Items for Discussion
 Brochure logo (Melanie)
o All done. Mel to send to committee in next day for review.
o Distribution as planned.
 Draft letters for other professions (Melanie)
o Mel to email once retrieved from hard drive
 Web site (Melanie)
o Mel has drafted a basic web site. Melanie to send the draft out for
o Need password from the old one to double check content and retrieve
documents. Jillian to please ask for this.
 APAC Board membership applications (Jillian)
o Board has appointed a new person to APAC – a female clinical psych in
private practice. From VIC we think. She is a full APS member concern about independence and a lack of representation from WA.
o It’s a bit sad as we were hoping for a WA person. WA has not had
great representation at the Board or APAC level to date.
 National Mental Health Commission (Jillian)
o Ian hickey been appointed to the national mental health commission.
There was some discussion about that this might mean for
psychologists as in some interviews in the past he was careful about
his support for psychologists getting rebates under Medicare.
 Media release regarding the $7 Medicare co-payment (Jillian)
o Thanks Richard and Jillian for making this media release. It looked
great. Liz and Mel agree. It went out to media outlets, and Jillian may
resend after a review of her media email list as some addresses
bounced (List to be updated).
 UK psychs advising the govt on policy (Jillian)
o Jillian noted that on ABC radio national about 5 days ago, there was a
story about psychs advising the UK govt about health and well being.
Jillian tried to Google and find the link – she did find a report that had
been writtten in Jan 2014 focused around depression and anxiety and
workplaces. Mel noted well being is a popular topic in govt and
business right now from the org psych perspective so this is not
o Liz said she might ask the BPS if they know who has been on this.
 Bank Account (Jillian)
o We need to change the college name at the bank - Jillian will do this.
 APAC Submission on Training Standards (Jillian)
o APAC submission on standards of retraining is due at end of July. Is the
second round. Jillian will draft a reply.
 AGM in August (Jillian)
o AGM- august. Format last year was a normal executive meeting. We
put out the notices as required, was forewarning, people sent in
proxies and they could attend if they wanted. Jillian will send
ACSP Minutes 21 June 2014
 Melanie
 Melanie
 Melanie
 Jillian
 Jillian
 Liz
 Jillian
 Jillian
notifications at end July once Richard has the revised membership list.
We will aim for end August as planned.
 Anything else?
o New mental health commissioner Tim Marney – has a Finance
background in Dept of Finance and Treasury. What experience and
perspective do we get from someone with a non-mental health
background is yet to be seen.
Next Meeting: At 1300 on 26 July in Beaconsfield
Meeting closed at 1415
ACSP Minutes 21 June 2014