Classico £9.95 Piccolo £4.95

Classic pizza and dough balls or garlic bread
Designed for kids; a Piccolo pizza
(Margherita, Mushroom or La Reine),
dough balls and a mini chocolate fudge cake
Classic pizza, dough balls or garlic bread and
a mixed salad or dessert
Four classic pizzas, two garlic breads or dough balls
and two mixed salads
Dough Balls “PizzaExpress” £3.45 Bruschetta Originale “PizzaExpress” £4.85
Garlic Bread £3.55 Tomatoes, red onion, garlic, fresh basil and pesto
& Tomato Salad
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella £3.95 Mozzarella
Served with fresh basil, pesto and extra virgin olive oil
£2.65 Polenta Chips £3.95
Red & white cabbage, carrot, onion and parsley in a creamy
horseradish mayonnaise with lemon juice and black pepper
Caesar Salad
Cos lettuce, Gran Moravia cheese, anchovies, croutons
and Caesar dressing
Mixed Salad
Italian polenta with rosemary, twice baked and
finished with Gran Moravia cheese, served with
honey & mustard dressing
NEW Rucola
Rocket and shaved Gran Moravia cheese with
black truffle oil and black pepper
Mixed leaves, tomatoes and cucumber with our house dressing
Margherita £7.55 Toscana Mozzarella, tomato
Pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato
American Hot
Pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato, with your
choice of hot green, roquito or jalapeño peppers
A discretionary 25p will be donated on your behalf to the Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2014,
which raises funds to help young people tackle life’s challenges
Sloppy Giuseppe
La Reine
Hot spiced beef, green pepper, red onion,
mozzarella and tomato
Prosciutto cotto ham, olives, mushrooms,
mozzarella and tomato
Fiorentina £8.95
Crumbled chilli & fennel sausage, mozzarella and
tomato finished with baby mozzarella, Gran Moravia
cheese, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil
Caprina Rossa
Beetroot, goat’s cheese, red onion, garlic, tomato and
mozzarella. Finished with Gran Moravia cheese, rocket
and pesto, served with a wedge of fresh lemon
Artichokes, mushrooms, red peppers, marinated
santos tomatoes, leeks, olives, mozzarella and garlic oil
with a tomato & pesto base
Pomodoro Pesto
Marinated santos tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto,
baby mozzarella, tomato and garlic oil
Four Seasons
Spinach, free-range egg, mozzarella, tomato,
garlic oil, black olives and Gran Moravia cheese
Four different quarters: mushrooms, pepperoni,
anchovies and surfine capers, mozzarella.
Finished with olives
A discretionary 25p will be donated on your behalf to the ‘The Children’s Food Trust’,
the UK charity that has been getting children cooking since 2005
NEW Emilia £9.95
Chestnut & closed cup mushrooms on a goat’s cheese,
garlic oil and mozzarella base finished with rocket,
Gran Moravia cheese, fresh lemon juice and black truffle oil
Padana £9.85
Goat’s cheese, mozzarella, tomato, caramelised
onions, spinach, red onion and garlic oil
Pine kernels, red onion, surfine capers, olives,
sultanas, mozzarella and tomato
A discretionary 25p will be donated on your behalf to the Veneziana Fund
A fiery pizza; chicken marinated in smoky chilli powder,
garlic and dried chilli flakes with chargrilled red & yellow
peppers, roquito peppers, mozzarella and tomato,
finished with Gran Moravia cheese, parsley and chilli oil
Hot soft n’duja sausage, roquito peppers, speck ham,
mozzarella, tomato and Gran Moravia cheese
Da Morire
Gorgonzola D.O.P, crispy pancetta, leeks,
artichoke, mozzarella, tomato, rosemary and chilli oil
NEW Pollo Forza
Hot spiced beef, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato,
green pepper, red onion and Tabasco with your choice
of hot green, jalapeño or roquito peppers
Mozzarella and tomato finished with rocket,
Gran Moravia cheese, roasted tomatoes, crispy
pancetta and Caesar dressing
Il Padrino Chicken, roasted tomatoes, chargrilled vegetables
and mozzarella with a tomato & pesto base
Pollo ad Astra
NEW Pianta
Chicken, sweet Peppadew peppers, red onion,
mozzarella, tomato, cajun spices and garlic oil
Spinach, chestnut mushrooms, pine kernels and
artichoke on a spicy arrabbiata base, finished
with rocket and extra virgin olive oil (no cheese)
Our takeaway menu includes the dishes that we think taste best at home, but if there’s something missing that you
would really like, let us know and we will gladly make it for you. For £1.50 any of our classic pizzas can also be
made as a Romana, our bigger, thinner and crispier pizza base. You can also personalise your pizza with any
of our favourites of chicken, goat’s cheese, pancetta, pepperoni, Sloppy Giuseppe mix or chargrilled vegetables
for an extra £1.50
Our hottest pizza is inspired by the food from
Francesco Mazzei’s home town in Calabria
Spicy Calabrese sausage D.O.P, hot soft n’duja sausage, fresh red
chillies, roquito peppers, chargrilled red & yellow peppers, baby
mozzarella, rocket, pesto, oregano and Gran Moravia cheese
Lasagna Verde £9.75
Chargrilled vegetables, chopped capers and olives,
roasted peppers, mozzarella, béchamel & passata
layered with green spinach pasta and baked with
a spicy arrabbiata sauce and Gran Moravia cheese
Melanzane Parmigiana
Aubergine, béchamel sauce, mozzarella and tomato, glutenfree breadcrumbs and Gran Moravia cheese (no pasta)
Lasagna Classica
Bolognese sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes,
béchamel sauce and Gran Moravia cheese
Leggera Superfood Salad
Under 300 calories
Packed with some of our favourite superfoods,
our original Leggera salad is high in nutrients but
low in calories
Baby spinach and seasonal mixed leaves, roasted butternut
squash, beetroot, light baby mozzarella, avocado, pine
kernels, cucumber, lentils and fresh basil, finished with
balsamic syrup
Add chicken for £1.50
Under 340 calories
NEW Leggera Salmon Salad
Under 450 calories
Full of flavour and crunch, our salmon salad
provides a natural source of protein, vitamins
and minerals
Oak-roasted peppered salmon fillet, chargrilled red & yellow
peppers, sweet baby onions, cucumber, avocado, red onion,
mint, rocket and seasonal mixed leaves with parsley and
fresh lemon juice
Pollo Pancetta Salad
Chicken and pancetta with Peppadew peppers, sweet
baby onions, tomatoes, cucumber, red peppers, seasonal
mixed leaves, basil and mint. Extra virgin olive oil & red wine
vinegar dressing and Gran Moravia cheese
Add goat’s cheese for £1.50
Tiramisu £4.40
The following are served with your choice
of cream or mascarpone:
Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.15
Cheesecake £4.40
Banoffee Pie £4.40
San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa
San Pellegrino Limonata
NEW Coke Zero
Diet Coke
Our original 1985 recipe: tuna, anchovies, surfine capers,
olives, free-range egg, seasonal mixed leaves, tomatoes,
cucumber and house dressing
Grand Chicken Caesar
All of our listed Romana and Classic pizza recipes
can now be ordered on an 11" (classic sized) gluten-free base.
Chicken, anchovies, Gran Moravia cheese, cos lettuce,
croutons and Caesar dressing
Add dough sticks to any salad
for an extra £1.50
symbol denotes dishes made with
‘No Gluten Containing Ingredients’ where
appropriate measures are in place to avoid
contamination with gluten, as accredited
by Coeliac UK. We have also introduced a
gluten-free blend of flour to our kitchens.
Suitable for vegetarians. Contains nuts or nut oils. Although dishes without this symbol are made without nuts, there is a possibility that traces of nuts may still be found
in them. Please also watch out for stray olive stones.
Dishes made using No Gluten Containing Ingredients.
Veneziana Fund The policy of the trustees of the Veneziana Fund (registered charity number 262146) is to give 50% of net receipts to Venice in Peril and the remaining 50%
towards the restoration, repair and maintenance of buildings constructed in the UK prior to 1750. The total sum raised for these purposes from the sale of our Veneziana pizza
amounts to over £2,000,000 so far.
The Children’s Food Trust runs 5,000 Cook Clubs in schools, for children, their families and the wider community, with the aim that everyone should have the skills,
confidence and knowledge to cook and eat healthy food to reach their potential. For more information please go to (registered charity
number 1118995).
The Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2014 is raising funds for the Dallaglio Foundation, (registered charity number 1130353), whose projects use sport to help young people tackle life’s
challenges. For more information, please go to
Order your takeaway online to collect on your way home