Grow You, Grow Together Spring 2015 - dc-abwa

ABWA Spring Membership
Recruitment Campaign
March 1-May 31, 2015
Picture a pinwheel, its
bright colors spinning
in the breeze on a sunny
spring day. It’s a symbol of
energy, power, renewal—
just the type of inspiration
the ABWA community
provides for working
women everywhere.
Inspire other women through ABWA and be
inspired by your league, your fellow members,
and your community during the 2015 Spring
Membership Recruitment Campaign.
As a member of ABWA, you have a myriad of resources to share with others who
could benefit by joining a strong and vital community committed to lifelong
learning. Imagine inspiring someone you know to continue working toward her
dream, empowering a co-worker to reach for that big promotion, or providing a
friend with the support she needs to start her own business.
Login to WIN today for all the recruitment tools you need to make this your
league’s most successful campaign yet:
• ABWA’s Member Recruitment Brochure
• ABWA At A Glance Fact Sheet
• ABWA Annual Events Promotional Flyer
• ABWA’s New Member Orientation Brochure
• ABWA Membership Application
Starting today, make a commitment to empower both your league and your
Association by sponsoring or recruiting a new member. When you make an
investment in our Association through recruiting, you inspire your community
to continue changing women’s lives one woman at a time!
Grow You,
Grow Together
Spring 2015
Recruit one new member during the
2015 Spring Membership Recruitment
Campaign, from March 1-May 31, and
you’ll receive a pinwheel lapel pin—
a playful reminder of everything
we can achieve together in ABWA.
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