Chicken, Lamb and Shami Kabob Recipe Provided By:

Recipe Provided By:
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Chicken, Lamb and Shami Kabob
Chicken 1lb
Lamb 1lb
Shami Kabob
Fresh Ground Beef 1lb
Black pepper 1 table spoon
Salt 1 table spoon
Garlic 1 ounce
Onions 3 onions (liquefied)
Remove Fat from chicken and lamb and cut the meat into
small cubic shapes. Then soak into a marinated liquid of
your taste for each meat for 2 hours.
In a separate bowl, mix pepper, salt, garlic and liquefied
onions in with beef.
Skewer the meat gently, include the beef mixture (Shami
Kabob) and grill the meat using a charcoal barbecue which
gives the kabob better results.
Serve with rice, preferably brown rice and salad.