A&B Groep opens an office in Denmark to serve the Scandinavian

A&B Groep opens an office in Denmark to serve the Scandinavian
market in the best possible way.
Roosendaal, the Netherlands | Søborg Copenhagen, Denmark – April 2015
A&B Groep, located in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, has opened an office in
Søborg, Copenhagen (Denmark). Under the name A&B Group, current and
future telecom projects of customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
will be coordinated from this location.
Earlier this year A&B Groep announced a strategic collaboration with the American CBI
Telecommunications Consultants. This collaboration has made it possible to offer the planning
and implementation of telecommunication projects throughout the world using local expertise.
Read more here. We are currently also consulting with an Asia Pac specialist.
Opening an A&B Groep branch in Scandinavia will help us provide our Danish, Swedish,
Norwegian and Finnish customers with even better service than before. Included in our wide
range of customers in this region are a number of national government bodies. This has enabled
us to further expand our contact with telecom providers in Scandinavia and Finland. A local office
will make collaboration with both customers and providers even easier.
Our core business is offering Telecom Expense Management solutions to large companies and
(multi-)nationals. Next to that our combined services and capabilities include: Sourcing of all
telecom services, contract optimization and/or (re-)negotiation, benchmarking, procurement of
wireline and mobility, international help desk (M.A.C.D.-support), wireline, wireless audit,
optimization and Enterprise TEM Software implemented by the experts! We have our own TEM
platforms and we are official certified resellers of the IBM Emptoris Rivermine TEM platform.
A&B Groep and IBM
A&B Groep has advised and supported several customers in Denmark and
Sweden for many years. In addition to our own customers we also
collaborate closely with IBM.
Apart from being the official Auditing & Sourcing Partner of IBM for the
entire EMEA region, A&B Groep is also the certified reseller of the TEM
software platform IBM® Rivermine® Telecom Expense Management.
A&B Groep has built up more than 15 years of telecom expertise and has also established a
close collaboration with the IBM Rivermine team in Scandinavia. We work together as one
organisation on a project basis, whereby IBM markets the software platform IBM® Rivermine®
Telecom Expense Management and A&B Groep - with its extensive telecommunication
knowledge - provides insight into telecommunications costs. Furthermore, we ensure the
optimisation of contracts for all our customers and indicate short, medium and long term cost
savings. Telecom cost savings which we will subsequently realise. We also manage the IBM®
Rivermine® platform for those customers that have chosen to use this telecom software package.
Would you like to know more about IBM® Rivermine® and A&B Groep Managed Services? Read
more here.
Ron Rijkenberg (CEO & Founder A&B Groep) and
Cees Wiedijk (COO A&B Groep) in front of the A&B Group office
building in Søborg, Copenhagen.
Ron Rijkenberg, CEO & Founder A&B Groep: “Opening this Scandinavian office was a logical
step that fits perfectly into our strategic plan. Within this plan we
have expressed our ambition to become a global telecom
consultancy organisation. We are well able to offer global telecom
solutions using local market knowledge. A good example of this is
our collaboration with IBM. Some of our major customers, and
those of IBM, have branches in many countries and need a TEM
solution that will serve all those branches. However, what they
need first and foremost is the ability to closely monitor costs, gain
insight into contracts and continue optimising their processes.
Telecom Management is a complex subject, which is why we have
the following motto: Service in telecom based on facts and figures!
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