C102 Introduction to the Old Testament

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Spring 2015
C102 Intro to the Old Testament
Rev. Josh Carney, Instructor
C102 Introduction to the Old Testament
March 21, April 11, April 18 & May 9, 2015
Rev. Josh Carney, Instructor
Cell: (812) 554-0701
Email: [email protected]
About Your Instructor
Josh Carney is the Senior Pastor of Sullivan FBC in Sullivan, Indiana. He received his
ministry degree and training from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary (Lombard, IL) in
2008 with a concentration in theology. He also holds a degree in music from Taylor University
(Upland, IN). Pastor Carney has served the churches of Indiana & Kentucky since 2009 and
currently sits as a member of the ABC-IN/KY Region Board. He has a passion for building
relationships and a strong commitment in leading others to understand the transforming
power offered through Jesus Christ. He enjoys woodworking, relaxing on the
golf course and is an amateur runner. Pastor Carney is married to Bethany and they have
three children.
Nature and Purpose of the Course
“Introduction to the Old Testament” introduces students to the history, literature, and
theology of the thirty-nine books known to Christians as The Old Testament and to Jews as
the Hebrew Bible (or Torah). This course provides a beginning understanding of the Old
Testament story as well as a basic grasp of the contents, setting, and occasion of these thirtynine books. It will be taught from a perspective that affirms the divine inspiration of the
writers in their own time period and the spiritual illumination of the reader (student) today.
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Spring 2015
C102 Intro to the Old Testament
Rev. Josh Carney, Instructor
Course Objectives
After completing this course students should be able to do the following:
• List all thirty-nine OT books in canonical order and give a brief summary statement of
the theme of each book.
• List the thirty-nine OT books in the approximate order of their writing.
• Identify at least seven of the kings of Israel and Judah (e.g., David, Ahab).
• Identify and locate the Israelite prophets in their historical period (e.g., pre-exilic,
exilic, post-exilic).
• Place fifteen OT events in chronological order (e.g., Exodus, Exile).
• Identify different types of literature found in the OT (e.g., poetry, history).
• Discuss the primary theological themes found in the OT (e.g., covenant, sin).
• Locate 15 geographic sites on a map of Israel.
Required Texts
David & Pat Alexander, eds., Zondervan Handbook to the Bible, 4th ed. (Grand
Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, 2011) ISBN 0-310-23095-0, hardback.
(Can be purchased new or used at Amazon.com, but Cokebury’s price is very good.
Available in a sturdy paperback at $19.95 list price). This book is challenging and
comprehensive, easy to read, faith-based, filled with color pictures, maps, and charts,
and serves as a ready reference. Note: You may use the 1999--3rd Edition David & Pat
Alexander, eds., Zondervan Handbook to the Bible, 3rd ed. (Grand Rapids, Michigan:
Zondervan Publishing House, 1999) ISBN 0-310-23095-0, hardback.
An English translation of the Old Testament, preferably a modern translation.
(Revised Standard Version, New International Version, Good News Bible, and New
King James Version are good examples.) Using a modern translation will make your
reading easier and faster. The Message is not a good text to use because it is a
Course Requirements
Complete assigned readings in Zondervan Handbook to the Bible (ZHB) prior to the
class meeting for which they are assigned.
Read the suggested scripture passages for each class session.
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Spring 2015
C102 Intro to the Old Testament
Rev. Josh Carney, Instructor
Class Calendar
Mar 21
Introductory Matters
The Pentateuch:
Creation (Genesis 1-11)
The Patriarchs (Genesis 12-50)
The Exodus (Exodus, Leviticus
Numbers, Deuteronomy)
ZHB, 14-107
ZHB, 108-113
ZHB, 114-127
ZHB, 128-157
ZHB, 158-219
Apr 11
Entry into the Promised Land (Joshua, Judges)
Israel Becomes a Nation (Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel,
1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles)
Exile and Return (Ezra, Nehemiah)
ZHB, 220-249
ZHB, 250-327
Pre-Exilic Prophets (Amos, Hosea, Micah,
Isaiah 1-39, Zephaniah, Nahum,
Habakkuk, Jeremiah)
Exilic Prophets (Ezekiel, Isaiah 40-55, Obadiah)
Post-Exilic Prophets (Haggai, Zechariah,
Isaiah 56-66, Malachi, Joel, Jonah)
ZHB, 408-458, 483-487,
490-494, 498-504
Apr 18
May 9
Wisdom, Worship, Devotional, and Apocalyptic
Literature (Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,
Song of Songs, Job, Esther, Lamentations,
Jonah, Daniel)
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha
Theological Themes in the Old Testament
ZHB, 328-339
ZHB, 461-472, 495
ZHB, 488-489, 505-514
ZHB, 340-407, 459-460,
473-482, 496-497
ZHB, 515-523
NOTE: It seems the page numbers are consistent whatever edition of the Handbook you have,
but please make sure that you are reading the appropriate sections of the ZHB depending on
the edition of the ZHB you have and in accordance to the Topic for the class session.
9:00 - 10:15
10:15 - 10:25
10:25 - 11:45
11:45 - 12:30
12:30 - 1:40
1:40 - 1:50
1:50 - 3:15
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
First Baptist Church
2625 Wabash Ave
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