Salads & Appetizers

Salads & Appetizers
My Pie Mozzarella Garlic Bread
baked with creamy whipped butter, fresh garlic, and
stuffed with mozzarella cheese. (Please allow 15 min.)
Spicy Garlic Bread
open-faced cheesy garlic bread with a spice to it!
Regular Garlic Bread
Bread Sticks - Baked to order!
Served with marinara sauce, Caesar, ranch, or bleu
cheese dressing
Spinach Crisps
Spinach & Cheese topped crisps, served with
marinara sauce
Dinner Salad - Combination of seasonal fresh
greens topped with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes,
croutons, and your choice of dressing.
Regular $3.50 or Large $6.25
with chicken breast add $2.50
Deep Dish
unique pizza in the pan ™
Small (9”)
serves 1-2
Medium (12”)
Large (14”)
serves 2-3
Any additional ingredient* 1.60
Thin Crust
Cracker thin!
Pizza Slices
Small (12”)
serves 1-2
Medium (14”)
Large (16”)
Family (20”)
serves 2-3
Any additional ingredient* 1.60
Stuffed SpinachSmall
serves 2-3
serves 4-5
serves 3-4
Serves 4-5
Medium (12”)
Slice of the Day*
serves 4-6
* 1/2 Ingredient Charged as 75% of additional ingredient price
Charged as a premium ingredient
Specialty Pizza
Deep Dish
*Monday - onion & green pepper
Tuesday - Spinach
Wednesday - Mushroom
Thursday - Spinach
Friday - Mushroom
Saturday - Spinach
Large (14”)
serves 3-4
Sausage • Pepperoni • Canadian Bacon • Hamburger • Cheeseburger#(Cheddar & Hamburger) Chicken Breast# • Ham
Roast Beef • Anchovy • My Pie Mushrooms** • Onion • Green Peppers • Giardiniera • Jalepenos • Garlic • Fresh Basil
Black Olive • Green Olive • Artichokes# • Fresh Spinach • Fresh Tomato • Pineapple • Fresh Mozzarella • Extra cheese
**My Pie’s special mushrooms are sauteed in butter, garlic & herbs.
Mandarin Orange Salad - Fresh greens,
Thin Crust
Always Homemade!
cup - $2.95, bowl - $4.95, quart - $7.95
Call to inquire which 2 soups are available.
Shrimp & Sweet Potato Chowder Every Friday!
an original! Classic shrimp chowder with real chunks
of shrimp in a creamy broth with sweet potatoes &
cayenne pepper to give it a sweet spiciness, finished
with a touch of bacon & sherry.
These soups are served in the following order:
Mandarin oranges, mushrooms, tomatoes, red
onions, blue cheese & walnuts, served with our
homemade Mandarin orange vinaigrette.
My Pie Special
Caesar Salad - Fresh greens with croutons and a
Hawaiian Pizza
Portabella Posole - another Li’l Guys original!
Chicken Pesto Pizza
New England Clam Chowder - A flavorful version of the
Sausage or Pepperoni or Spinach with mushrooms, onions, & green peppers. (No substitutions, Please!)
(We make the next soup on the list when the previous soup runs out.)
Chicken Noodle - We start with homemade chicken stock and
finish with chunks of chicken. The Cadillac of all soups.
A vegetable
chili broth with portabella mushrooms, Hominy, corn, & black
beans. Such spicy flavor & healthy for you, too!
traditional homemade Caesar dressing.
with chicken breast $8.75
A classic combination! Kretchmar’s hickory smoked ham and pineapple with My Pie’s signature tomato sauce, mozzarella, &
grated Romano cheese.
Cobb Salad - tomatoes, chicken breast, eggs, blue
Chunks of chicken breast, fresh baby spinach, tomato sauce, mozzarella, grated Romano, & a fresh homemade basil-pesto.
creamy classic, finished with a touch of sherry.
cheese, & bacon on bed of fresh greens with your
choice of dressing.
Pizza Margherita
French Onion - onions slowly cooked for hours for a deeper,
Thin crust with a light San Marzano fresh packed tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, sprinkled with fresh basil leaves.
richer flavor.
Chef’s Salad - Homemade slow-roasted turkey,
Gluten Free -
Baked Potato Soup - Baking the potatoes brings out their
8” Gluten-Free Thin Crust, pizza sauce, cheese, & choice of toppings. $9.95
rich flavor. indulge yourself we’ll top it with aged cheddar(add
50¢) &/or bacon (add 50¢), just ask!
Kretschmar’s hickory smoked ham, cheddar cheese,
cucumbers, tomatoes & hard-boiled eggs on a bed of
lettuce with your choice of dressing.
Dressings: Mandarin Orange Vinaigrette,
Modern ART Pizza
French, 1000 Island, Ranch, Creamy Garlic, Blue
Cheese, Italian, Honey-tarragon Balsamic, Lite Ranch
Extra Dressing
Caesar Dressing 75¢
White Pizza
Mozzarella, provolone, bleu cheese, & Romano with a basil-pesto sauce brushed over our crispy thin crust.
Artichokes, fresh tomato, garlic & mozzarella with our basil-pesto sauce brushed over our crispy thin crust.
Sun-Dried Tomato
Chili - Made with New Mexico & Ancho chilies.
Cream of Mushroom - A 30 year old recipe.
sherry that makes it so yummy!
It’s the touch of
Broccoli - Fresh broccoli simmered in a classic French veloute.
sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, provolone, & Romano cheese with our basil-pesto sauce brushed over our crispy thin crust.
Corn Chowder - with lime juice, cilantro & scallions.
Kids Make-Your-Own Pizza
Dine-in Only
Kids can make their own pizza at the table.
Spread the sauce on the crust, top with
cheese (& if you want pepperoni, too.), then
watch your pizza cook on
Lair Bear’s Pizza π Express!
Real Fruit Smoothies
Pastas & Chicken
Capellini Pomodoro
Classic Italian homemade tomato sauce made
with Alta Cucina whole plum tomatoes, fresh
basil & white wine. Served with garlic bread.
Penne Caprese
Our smoothies are fat-free and all-natural!
Fresh mozzarella, basil & pomodoro sauce.
Served with garlic bread
Made from 100 % real fruit and juice... no mixes or fillers.
Try one, you’ll love it!
Penne Basilico
#1 - Strawberry, banana, & juice*
#2 - Strawberry, blueberry, & juice* $4.75
#3 - Strawberry, raspberry, & juice* $4.75
#4 - Blueberry, banana, & juice*
#5 - Peach, banana, & juice*
#6 - Mango, banana, & juice*
#7 - Make your own! Pick 2 fruits & a juice
Smoothie Add-Ons
chocolate in our special oven
Cheesecake (30 year old family recipe)
Chef Richie’s Special Desserts
Chocolate Insanity
Penne or capellini topped with a homemade meat
sauce. Served with garlic bread.
Cheese Ravioli
5 different Chocolate Confections in one:
1) Flourless chocolate cake with 2) a chocolate truffle
filling, 3) coated in a chocolate ganache 4) a semi-sweet
chocolate tower, and 5) drizzled with white chocolate
$8.95 (feeds 2-4)
Chicken breast sauteed in our homemade
pomodoro sauce with a side of capellini & garlic
Chicken Piccata
Always Homemade!
Brownies: Wonderfully fudgy. Made with Belgian
Chicken Pomodoro
add 50¢
Small/Large add 75¢/$1
Cookies: Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter
Pesto sauce with sundried tomatoes & fresh
mozzarella. Served with garlic bread.
in a homemade pomodoro sauce or meat sauce.
Served with garlic bread
*Your choice of orange, apple, or pineapple juice
Omega-3 protein shot
With Ice cream or frozen yogurt
Chicken breast sauteed in lemon-caper sauce
with a side of penne & garlic bread
Kids Pasta
Very thin spaghetti, penne, or multi-grain pasta
with your choice of: tomato sauce, butter &
parmesan cheese, or plain.
*** Gluten-Free Pasta available ***
Send us an e-mail at [email protected]
Prices subject to change without notice. Copyright-My Pie International, Inc. 2004 1/11
About My
My Pie is a family-owned business. My Father started
developing his recipe for deep dish pizza in the 1950’s.
My dad had based his pizza recipe on improving his favorite
pizza. He studied and experimented with tomatoes that
were not as acidic and he developed a “spice pak” that
would enhance the flavor of the tomatoes on his pizza.
On August 24, 1971, My father opened the first My Pie on
Sheridan Road across from Loyola University in Rogers
Park. He started with the deep dish pizza that he had
been perfecting since the 1950’s. Serving pizzas made
out of the finest ingredients was an immediate success.
My Pie was the first Chicago deep dish pizza restaurant
opened outside of Illinois and has been saluted as the best
pizza in the towns where it was located.
When I was 14, my father opened a small carryout version
of his restaurant near where we lived. I started cooking
there and continued to work at his restaurants for 8
years. Then I moved onto restaurant management school
and the Culinary Institute of America. I spent the next 10
years working as a Chef in Fine Dining restaurants around
Chicago until I decided to recreate the restaurant I grew
up in, serving my father’s pizza. I hope you enjoy eating our
food as much as we enjoy preparing it for you!
What makes
so special?
1. Secret recipe of herbs & spices.
Our tomato sauce is flavored with a secret recipe of herbs
and spices created by my father.
We use San Marzano tomatoes which are grown in the
lush valley area around Modesto, California. They are vine
ripened so they develop a full sugar taste.
2. Fresh, homemade dough!
My Pie’s recipe is made fresh everyday and timed so the
third “proofing” of the dough is in the oven, the way all
bread products should be developed.
That is why My Pie pizza has a wonderful fresh yeast
taste and a crispness that remains tender to the bite.
3. Great Ingredients!
We use a combination of up to four different cheeses in our
different types of pizzas. All are artisan made in central
See our website, for more info.
A Chicago favorite since 1971
1361 Shermer, Northbrook
Free parking in any train lot.
Lunch parking on Walters Ave.
Voted Best Thin Crust Pizza at the Chicago Pizza Fest
(We do not use any trans-fats)
Monday - Thursday
Friday - Saturday
11am - 9:15pm
11am - 10:15pm
11am - 9pm
Northbrook, Glencoe, Northfield,
southern Deerfield & Glenview
(Glenview: West of Waukegan, North of E. Lake, East of 294)
(We deliver as far west as Highway 294)
Delivery Hours:
Lunch: M-F 11:30am-1:30pm, Sat: Noon-5pm
Dinner: Sun - Thurs 5pm-9pm
Fri & Sat 5-10pm
$10 minimum, $2.75 Delivery Charge
MC/Visa/Discover/AmEx Sorry, No Checks
Online ordering at: