The French Patisserie Inc.’s mission is to remain an industry leader with a commitment to excellence in providing the finest
desserts to the most discriminating palates. We specialize in high-end, frozen, individual and full-size cakes, tarts, petit
fours, macarons and dessert sauces “les Coulis”. Based mainly on classic French recipes, these desserts offer incredibly
elegant presentations, textures and taste sensations. Our products are hand-made from the finest quality ingredients whole butter, cream, fresh fruits and imported European chocolates.
Our bakery:
Located 15 miles south of San Francisco in the scenic coastal community of Pacifica, CA.
The French Patisserie’s kitchen was custom built in 1999.
Macarons de Paris
Parisian-style macarons
Small, round almond meringue with a thin,
light crust briefly giving way to a center
of silky smooth flavorful filling.
pistachio macaron,
coffee macaron,
raspberry macaron,
coconut macaron,
chocolate macaron,
lavender macaron,
pistachio filling
coffee filling
raspberry filling
passionfruit filling
chocolate / earl grey filling
apricot filling
Case Pack: 72 / mastercase
2 trays of 36 assorted macarons
6 each of 6 flavors per tray
# F3150
Shelf life:1 year at 0 degrees or less |
Sizes:Macarons: 1.5”dx0.75”h
5 days in cooler |
4 hours at room temperature
| Petits Fours: various sizes
Case pack:Macarons: 72 pieces/mastercase | Petits Fours: 96 pieces/mastercase
To serve:Remove all plastic packaging |
Defrost at room temperature 1 hour or in cooler 3 hours
Applications: B Banquet - R Restaurant - S Showcase
Twosome Macarons
An awesome colorful variation to a new classic!
Our classic Macarons de Paris are outfitted with a duo color twist.
Two different colored shells complement each other embracing a delicate filling.
Introducing the delectable Twosome collection!
chocolate and orange macaron,
white and pink macaron,
white and green macaron,
caramel and orange macaron,
caramel and pink macaron,
chocolate and green macaron,
milk chocolate orange filling
cranberry filling
key lime filling
salted caramel filling
vanilla filling
mint ganache filling
# F3165
Case Pack: 72 / mastercase
2 trays of 36 assorted macarons
6 each of 6 flavors per tray
Petits Fours
Buffets and Catering
We revisited our assortment of bite-sized French-style “petits fours frais”.
A mastery of texture, flavor and visual presentation.
A more diverse selection, better price….win win!
12 pieces each of 8 flavors - 96 count / case.
orange cranberry cookie with salted caramel cream
creamy raspberry and pistachio cake with raspberry glaze
traditional vanilla éclair with dark ganache topping
lemon poppy seed bar with crispy buttery crust
hazelnut cream puff dusted with powdered sugar and toasted hazelnut topping (paris brest)
dark marquise mousse square with chocolate sponge cake and buttercream stripes
bold mango filled éclair topped with toasted coconut dusted with coconut powder
classic opéra torte
# F2570
The Sheet Cakes - Uncut 1/2 sheet and Pre-cut Individual
A definite evolution from a basic sheet cake,
these flavor combinations add a delicate refinement
to your banquet/dessert table
Chocolate Triad
Pavé # P1250 - Petit Pavé # P9250
dark chocolate sponge cake, dark chocolate
mousse, milk chocolate mousse, white chocolate
mousse, dark chocolate shavings
Pavé #P1100 - Petit Pavé #P9100 B - R - S
crispy pâte sucrée, chocolate cheesecake
mousse, vanilla sponge & raspberry preserves, vanilla cheesecake with vanilla seeds,
raspberry, chocolate, pistachio, almond deco
2 sizes
to fit your needs:
Uncut 1/2 sheet
Pavé # P1800 - Petit Pavé # P9800
spiced sponge, mango/passionfruit mousse,
vanilla sponge, coconut mousse, honeycomb
coconut deco, mango glaze
Chocolate /Crème Brulée
Petits Pavés:
Pre-cut Individual
Pavé # P1200 - Petit Pavé # P9200
chocolate sponge, milk chocolate mousse/
mandarin orange, vanilla sponge, earl grey
crème brulée, chocolate ganache stripes
Raspberry/Key Lime
Pavé # P1500 - Petit Pavé # P9500
chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache, vanilla
sponge, mint mousse, dark chocolate deco
Pavé # P2710 - Petit Pavé # P9710
vanilla sponge with ginger and raspberries,
raspberry mousse, key lime mousse, raspberry glaze, white chocolate curls
Bars - Uncut 4” x 12”
Great for small bites or plated portions.
Or an instant Happy Occasion cake.
# N2465
coffee soaked biscuit, chocolate ganache,
coffee butter cream, chocolate ganache
Raspberry Mousse
# N3245
crispy pâte sucrée, raspberry white chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache sprinkles,
raspberry glaze
Lemon Curd
# N1455
crispy pâte sucrée, lemon curd
Shelf life:1 year at 0 degrees or less |
5 days in cooler |
4 hours at room temperature
Applications: B Banquet - R Restaurant - S Showcase
Sizes:Pavés: 12”x 16” | Petits Pavés: 1.67”x2.87” | Briques: 4”x12”
Pavés Sheetcake Portion Chart per Case: 1”x1”= 384 pieces | 1”x2”= 192 pieces | 1.5”x2”= 128 pieces | 2”x3”= 64 pieces
Case pack:Pavés: 2 cakes/mastercase | Petits Pavés: 32 cakes/mastercase | Briques: 6 cakes/mastercase
To serve:Remove all plastic packaging, cut while frozen | Defrost at room temperature 1 hour or in cooler 3 hours
Raspberry Mont Blanc
Marquise au Chocolat
# A3240
white chocolate mousse, “framboise”
raspberry liqueur-soaked raspberries,
vanilla sponge, white and red chocolate
pyramid shell
# A2220
chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge,
baked hazelnuts, chocolate leaf
# A2510
mango/passionfruit mousse, coconut
mousse, vanilla sponge, dark chocolate
stripes, cape gooseberry (aka physalis)
Chocolate Terrine
White Passion
Key Lime Calypso
# A1235
dark truffle chocolate, coffee butter
cream, bittersweet chocolate mousse,
chocolate sponge, cocoa powder
# A3250
white chocolate and passionfruit mousse,
pistachio sponge, white chocolate token
# A2010
key lime mousse, vanilla sponge with
chocolate chips, chocolate weave texture, white and dark chocolate diamond
# A1330
chocolate meringue, chocolate mousse,
dark chocolate wrap, white chocolate
spray, cocoa powder
Dulce Picchu
# A1385
dulce de leche mousse, diced poached
pears, spiced sponge, white and milk
chocolate pyramid shell
Our specialty: individual minicakes approx. 4 oz
Elegant and sophisticated, our minicakes have won
many awards from the NASFT Fancy Food Show
Pineapple Upside Down
# A2580
rum scented yogurt pound cake, brown
sugar butter glaze, poached pineapple,
serve warm or at room temperature,
can be microwaved from freezer
# A1225
coffee mousse, chocolate ganache,
striped “joconde” biscuit, coffee glaze,
mocha bean
Lemon Chantilly
Pyramid Noisette
# A2135
lemon cream, vanilla sponge, shredded
coconut, nutty chocolate morsel
# A2935
chocolate/vanilla ladyfingers soaked in
coffee and cognac, fresh mascarpone
cheese, chocolate wrap, cocoa powder,
white chocolate honeycomb morsel
# A2595
chocolate mousse, hazelnut mousseline,
chocolate sponge, marble chocolate
Raspberry Miroir
Warm Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Trilogy
# A2725
raspberry mousse, pink and white
striped biscuit, raspberry glaze, striped
chocolate square
# A3205
moist chocolate cake with natural
orange flavor, warm liquid ganache,
microwave direct from freezer
# A1240
white, milk and dark chocolate mousse,
chocolate sponge, dark chocolate
shavings, powdered sugar
Shelf life:1 year at 0 degrees or less |
5 days in cooler |
4 hours at room temperature
Applications: B Banquet - R Restaurant - S Showcase
Sizes:Round: 2.65”d x 2”h | Pyramids: 3”w x 2.75”h | Warm Choc Cake: 3”w x 1.5”h | Choc Terrine: 3.75”l x 1.5”w x 1.75”h | Pineapple Upside Down: 2.85”d x 1”h
Case pack:Round, Pineapple Upside Down: 24 cakes/mastercase |
Pyramids, Warm Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Terrine: 36 cakes/mastercase
To serve: Remove all plastic packaging | Defrost at room temperature 1 hour or in cooler 3 hours
3.75” individual fruit tartlets
Fresh fruit resting on a rich cream
and nested in a crunchy pâte sucrée shell
Peach Hazelnut
Apple Almond
# D2540
sliced peaches, hazelnut cream, pâte sucrée
shell, sliced almonds, powdered sugar
# D1060
sliced apples, spiced almond cream, pâte
sucrée shell, apricot glaze
Lemon Curd
Pear “Bourdaloue”
# D2546
poached pears, almond cream, pâte sucrée
shell, apricot glaze
# D2141
tangy sweet lemon curd, pâte sucrée shell,
butter cream rosette, apricot glaze
Berry - Tarte du Soleil
# D1110
a blend of sweet and tart mixed berries: blueberry, red currant, black currant, blackberry,
frangipane filling, pâte sucrée shell, apricot
Shelf life:1 year at 0 degrees or less |
Sizes:Tartelettes: 3.75”d |
5 days in cooler |
4 hours at room temperature
Verrines: 2.25”w x 3”h
Case pack: Tartelettes: 48 cakes/mastercase | Verrines: 20 cakes/mastercase
To serve:Defrost at room temperature 1 hour or in cooler 3 hours
Applications: B Banquet - R Restaurant - S Showcase
A clear cupful of individual dessert
Inviting combinations of luscious flavors and textures.
Ready to serve - decorated as shown.
Great for catering, banquets, showcases, perfect for any dessert menu.
# L2939
tiramisu cream, coffee & brandy
soaked sponge, dark chocolate deco
Blanc / Raspberry
# L1120
whole raspberries, white chocolate
mousse, pistachio sponge, raspberry
mousse, raspberry glaze, white
chocolate & pistachio deco
Chocolate Trio
Dulce de Leche
# L1242
dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse,
white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate shavings
# L1380
dulce de leche mousse, spiced sponge,
diced poached pears, white chocolate
The Verrines come in a tray with a tray cover.
Individual lids with a built in spoon are available upon request for an additional charge.
Custom made to ensure the integrity of each product. The packaging not only maintains the presentation of the
products, but safeguards as well the moisture, textures, and flavors from outside factors such as freezer burns
and other odors. Disposable plastics provide beautiful designs, crystal-like clarity, and rigidity. And they are recyclable!
Crèmes Brulées
A delightful classic revisited
French style custard made with cream, eggs, sugar and real vanilla bean.
Ready to serve in their own chocolate ramequin.
Just caramelize, thaw and serve.
Serving Suggestion
Chocolate Cup Crème Brulée
Petite Chocolate Brulée
# E1285
# E1286
6 oz - 24 ct
3.5 oz - 48 ct
Sold in custom
made plastic trays,
the frozen Crème
Brulée is easily
removed from its
To caramelize:
Sprinkle with sugar.
Brown with torch.
The French Patisserie’s Green Mission:
The French Patisserie is dedicated to environmental sustainability and preserving the world’s natural resources, with
established systems and protocols for conserving water, air, and energy, as well as reducing waste and landfill space.
We use non-GMO and domestic ingredients, which are locally sourced whenever feasible. Our facility utilizes the sun’s
natural light and California’s perfect coastal climate to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, while minimizing
the use of electricity and fuel. We divert 90% of our waste, with the goal of Zero-waste, thru a comprehensive recycling
program and with the help of local gourmet pigs indulging their sweet tooth with our organic waste.
The French Patisserie’s green dedication to the environment supports our commitment to social responsibility, to our
employees and customers, and their families.
Food Safety and GMPs:
We have a state of the art production facility with impeccable proactive Quality Control including a comprehensive
HACCP plan which includes a recall and traceability program from raw materials receipt to shipped goods.
Our food safety program and equipment includes temperature monitoring devices, metal detection, bacteriological,
chemical and environmental testing.
A simple and elegant enhancement to your plated desserts
24 oz. ready-to-use squeeze bottles. Just thaw and decorate.
Perfect consistency for pre-plating, for mixing colors/flavors.
Complements flavors on cakes, tarts, ice creams, sorbets, fresh fruits...
Use to flavor mousse, fillings, and sweeten drinks (i.e. shakes/smoothies).
No preparation, no pastry bags needed.
# C27201
# C22151
# C12301
Shelf life:1 year at 0 degrees or less |
5 days in cooler |
4 hours at room temperature
Crème Anglaise
Applications: B Banquet - R Restaurant - S Showcase
Sizes:Chocolate Cup Crème Brulée: 5”dx0.75”h | Petite Chocolate Brulée: 2.65”dx0.75”h | Coulis: 24 oz bottle
Case pack: Chocolate Cup Crème Brulée: 24 cakes/mastercase | Petite Chocolate Brulée: 48 cakes/mastercase | Coulis: 2 bottles/mastercase
To serve:Remove Crème Brulée from plastic packaging | Defrost at room temperature 1 hour or in cooler 3 hours
Remove cakes from packaging immediately from freezer.
Remove all plastic and paper collar/molds while still frozen for best presentation.
(This is especially important for all pyramid cakes and mini-cakes).
Thaw Macarons in refrigerator overnight to optimize flavors.
Warm Chocolate Cake and Pineapple Upside Down: freezer to microwave for 30 to 45 seconds.
Cut sheet cakes, bricks and caramelize Crèmes Brulées in chocolate ramequin while still frozen.
Thaw pastries in cooler 3-4 hours or at room temperature for 1 hour.
Shelf life in refrigerator is approximately 5-6 days, in freezer 6 months to 1 year.
Optimum presentation is during first two days out of freezer.
# C12701
The French Patisserie, Inc.
1080 Palmetto Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044
Made in USA
(800) 300-CAKE (2253)
phone: 650-738-4990
fax: 650-738-4995
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