“Smokey Weekend Nights” Menu

Thursday, Friday and Saturday
4:30PM to 8:00PM
“Smokey Weekend Nights” Menu
BBQ in the Making
In 1907, Henry Perry known as the „Father of Kansas City
BBQ‟ started the first commercial BBQ Operation in the
U.S serving smoked meats from an alley stand.
Customers paid 25 cents for hot meat smoked over oak
and hickory and wrapped in newsprint. When Mr. Perry
died, his employee Henry Bryant took over. Later, his
brother Arthur Bryant would join him. The Bryant‟s
gained notoriety for their burnt end beef brisket and
gained fame over the next several decades. Such notable
diners included President Harry S Truman. Writer Calvin
Trillin wrote that Arthur Bryant's Restaurant was
"...possibly the single best restaurant in the world."
It is by these Kansas City traditions and standards that
we have created our smoked meat products.
BBQ at Saline Downtown Diner
SLOW AND LOW IS HOW WE ROLL! Good food takes
time. We refuse to rush anything. We don‟t claim to be
the fastest kitchen in the county, but the food you receive
at SDD is possibly some of the best. Our slow smoked
and slow cooked foods are favorites for many of our
customers. So grab a friend, take your time, relax in our
casual atmosphere, and enjoy a well prepared meal!
Our Signature BBQ Sauces
Western N. Carolina Vinegar BBQ “Mopping Sauce”
Louisiana Bayou Bite (Spicy)
Kansas City Classic BBQ
Midwest Sweet BBQ
By The Pound or Pint TO-GO
We do the work so you don‟t have to. We encourage you
to take our slow cooked meats and sides home for
dinner. We don‟t mind if you dine in or take out…… so
feel free to order ahead and pick up curb-side.
Homemade Sides
Side 1.95 / Pint 3.95 / Quart 7.50
BBQ Baked Beans with Onion and Smoked Bacon
Pink Vintage Creamy Cole Slaw
Creamy 3 Cheese Baked Mac and Cheese
Louisiana Black Beans and Rice
Corn on the Cob 1.95 ea
Slow and Low Favorites:
(Served w/1 side and Grandma’s bread and butter pickles):
Pulled Pork Sandwich Served on a Brioche Bun served
with our Pink Vintage Cole Slaw right on top. 8.49
Beef Brisket Sandwich Served on a Brioche Bun with a
side of Au Jus. 9.49
Smoked Fish Sandwich (when available) Smoked
**fish of the day (usually Salmon), served on a Brioche
Bun with shaved lettuce and Tartar sauce. 8.49
(Served w/2 sides and our Bread of the Day):
Add a side salad for 2.95 or cup of our
homemade soup to any platter meal for just 1.95.
Pulled Pork – Hand Pulled, Tender Smoked Pork. 10.99
Beef Brisket– Thinly Sliced, Slow Smoked, MouthWatering Beef Brisket. 13.99
Atlantic Salmon – Lemon Brined, Perfectly **Medium
Smoked Atlantic **Salmon. 14.99
Combo Platter – Pulled Pork and Choice of Beef Brisket
or Atlantic **Salmon. 14.99
Half Rack of Ribs – A Half Rack of Slow Smoked,
Tender and Juicy, St. Louis Cut Ribs. 16.99
Full Rack of Ribs – A Full Rack of Slow Smoked,
Tender and Juicy, St. Louis Cut Ribs. 23.99
Rib Combo Platter – ½ Rack of St. Louis Cut Ribs and
your choice of Pulled Pork, Brisket or **Atlantic Salmon.
NEW: Smoked Polish Sausage
– Served as an
Entrée w/ 2 Smoked Sausages over Black Beans and Rice
with Sautéed Peppers and Onions 9.99 – or – 2 Smoked
Sausages Served on 6” Hoagie Rolls topped with your
choice of Sauerkraut, Coleslaw or B&B Pickles. 8.99
– Ask your server about the Pasty flavors
available today. Served with Choice of Side 7.99
Smokey Salads:
Salmon Salad – Smoked **Atlantic Salmon on a Bed of
Mixed Greens with Blue Cheese, Bacon Bits, Tomato and
Red Onion 14.99 (Feel free to substitute Chicken Breast)
Beef Brisket Salad – Slow Smoked Beef Brisket on a
Chef‟s Choice Potato of The Day 1.95 ea.
Bed of Mixed Greens with Blue Cheese, Strawberries and
Pecans. 13.99(Feel free to substitute Chicken Breast)
Chef‟s Choice Bread of The Day .50 ea.
Smoked Pork Salad – Slow Smoked BBQ Pork on a Bed
Grandma‟s Bread and Butter Pickles .75
of Mixed Greens with Black Beans and Rice, Pico and
Cheddar Cheese. 12.99 (Feel free to substitute Chicken Breast)
Enticing Desserts
House Salad – Mixed Greens Salad with Tomato, Red
~Chef‟s Choice Desert of the day: Ask your server!
Onion, Cheese and Croutons. 3.29 (Add Chicken for 2.59)
Coming Soon: Smoked Turkeys and Ham for the Holidays!
**Important Notice: Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order, or served raw. Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish,
or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.
Our menus are available online: http://www.salinedowntowndiner.com
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