Wearetalent Induction and Training Handbook

Wearetalent Induction and Training Handbook
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Hi, hello, Welcome………
Congratulations and welcome to the Wearetalent Induction and training programme. Thank you for
taking the time to register with us and hopefully working with us, we appreciate the importance of a
part time job whilst you are studying or finding a full time role, not only from a financial perspective
but also for meeting new friends and learning new skills.
In 2014 I created Wearetalent, the aim was to be a company that people wanted to work for, from
earning good money to meeting new friends, developing new skills and having fun. The values of the
company are based around Loyalty, Hard work and Dedication. I hoping you will find my company to
be all of this and more.
My commitment to everyone one who is part of Wearetalent is that my team and I will create the
best possible working environment for you. We will take you to some of the most amazing events,
we will help you develop new skills through training and coaching, and best of all we will pay you to
do this.
All we are looking for in return is Honest, Loyalty and for you to use the talent that you have been
given to help us become the Best company to work for.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon
Ryan and Team Talent
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The following handbook will outline what is expected from every one who works for us and what
you can expect from us, it also outlines some key service standards and regulations that you will
What is Wearetalent?
Wearetalent is a “Family” of exceptional people aiming to be the best.
What we do we do?
Wearetalent provide a variety of hospitality staff ranging from waiting staff, Bar staff,
Hostessing, Butlers, Supervisors, managers.
Where can you work?
Wearetalent gets involved with many different events around the UK, such as Festivals,
Races Courses, Award Ceremonies, Football/Rugby Stadiums, conferences, wrap parties
What type of environments do you work in?
Within all these events, you can be working in Royal/ VIP boxes, restaurants, bars, private
What areas do you cover?
The areas that Wearetalent vary from all around London, Great Britain and event
internationally (e.g Paris air show).
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
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Why we are talent?
At we are talent we make sure that you are the best, this is done by ensuring you work
with the highest of your abilities, thus providing great training and ensuring you are
confident within every role given to you.
Pay……How Much?
The minimum hour rate for Wearetalent staff is £6.75 per hour; this rate can change
under circumstances such as the type of event or the level of skills (e.g. supervisor or
When do you get paid?
The Wearetalent staff get paid, every 10 days after the Mon- Sun week shift that they
have work, so from the Sunday of that working week they will be paid in the 2 nd
Wednesday following, as show in the diagram below;
Where do we pay?
On the week of payment, the Wearetalent will send an email on the Tuesday with their
payslip and the money will go into the account on the Wednesday. If your bank details
change during your employment with Wearetalent, it is your responsibility to notify us of
these changes. Wearetalent guarantee to pay you even when our client doesn’t pay us.
This is our obligation to you.
What if my pay is wrong?
Hopefully this will not be an issue for you, however just in case you have a query.
Wearetalent have set up an email where you can send your query with the payslip to
[email protected] , and one of the team will reply to you within 48 hours of
the email being sent, to help resolve the problem.
We have to deduct Tax and National Insurance from your pay; this is a legal obligation.
To avoid paying more tax than necessary to avoid delays in processing your pay, we must
receive your P45, P46 or a P38 (s) along with your National Insurance number before you
begin working for any of our clients. You are able to reclaim any extra Tax that has been
taken, what you need to do is; Go to the HM Revenue & Customs Page;
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What else…..
Paid Holiday?
Yes! All our staff working at Wearetalent are entitled to holiday pay
In accordance with the Working Time Regulations 1998, you qualify for paid holiday. Your
entitlement is 5.6 normal working weeks paid holiday in each holiday year: for example, if
your normal working week is 5 days, you are entitled to 28 days holiday in each holiday
year. This allowance includes public holidays.
The Holiday year runs from 1st Jan until 31st Dec. If your employment begins or ends part
way through the holiday year, you holiday entitlement for that year will be assessed on a
pro rata basis. It must be claimed by the 14th January of the following year
Paid holiday may only be taken to the extent which you have accrued it through a period
of continuous work. If, on termination of your employment, you have taken holiday in
excess of the statutory holiday entitlement, you will be required to replay Wearetalent in
respect of those holidays.
Applications for holiday must be requested through the Wearetalent team 4 weeks prior
on a Monday to when you are going on holiday (which you must actually take), then their
holiday pay will be processed for them in time, Wearetalent have the right to refuse a
request for specific holiday dates at any time up to two weeks before the 1 st date to
which the request relates.
Wearetalent may require you to take part or all of any unpaid holiday entitlement by
giving you not less than two weeks’ notice. All holiday must be taken in the holiday year
in which they accrue and are not, transferable to the following holiday year.
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The Bad bits?
There are penalties to staffs pay, this will only occur when a staff member has failed to fulfil their
duty, this consist of them, failing to turn up to work without notice, Alcohol/Substance abuse,
disregard and neglect of client or Wearetalent property, getting kick off on site or complaints from
the clients but not working properly. This is explained further on in the handbook
Training…..Be the next…..Talent!
To become part of the Wearetalent “family” you will have been asked to come in for an
assessment, this gives us the chance to get to know each other and to see whether you and
others can fit into the Wearetalent team. Once you pass the assessment, you will be put through
the first stage of our Wearetalent training.
The Wearetalent team wants all our people to develop whilst working with us. We will conduct
further training for staff that want to build their experience. These training sessions include Silver
service, Supervisors, Bar/ Event Mangers, Box waiters to name a few, all of which will give you
more opportunities within the company.
The Bonus Bits…...
You being part of Wearetalent mean a lot to us, we appreciate all the hard work that you do for
the team.
Wearetalent Moto- ‘If we work hard as a team, then together we will succeed’
We always want you to know we appreciate the hard work you put in, we will have update
weekly news letters, update on future events, comments on past and praise for all the hard work
done, and hopefully you will get a ticket to the end of Year Staff Party.
We are looking to create a Wearetalent team member of the month, who will be given an award
and special gift to say thanks.
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
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The Wearetalent structure.
Ok, how do you get work?
We publish the majority of our jobs on the members page of the website, You have the
opportunity to select the jobs you wish to work and confirm your attendance.
Once you are booked in you will be sent an email to confirm the shifts you have been given,
which you have full access to see on your online profile. This will give you all the info you need in
order to work.
When you have confirmed your shifts you will be expected to turn up and work as directed, you
have made a commitment to work all the shifts no exceptions.
Hours of work
When signing up for an event, you will be informed of how many hours you are expected to
work, however these are subject to change dependent on the circumstances surrounding the
The Working Time Regulations 1998 states that you are entitled to a break of 20 minutes if you
work more than six hours on a continuous basis. If a Client fails to provide your statutory rest
breaks, you should raise this with a member of the Wearetalent team as soon as possible.
Upon confirming your availability to work, you will be notified of the relevant check in time. It is
crucial that you arrive promptly for check in so that you are able to start work on time. We also
recommend that you allow for unexpected delays to your journey and request that if you
anticipate being late for check in you call the check in staff immediately.
We will endeavour to inform you of any likely overtime in advance however, please be advised
that overtime is not always paid at a higher rate.
Absence from work
If for any reason you are absent from work, you must inform Wearetalent team as soon as
possible prior to your scheduled start time.
Wherever possible, medical and dental appointments should be made outside of your working
Absence for holidays, Military Service, Jury Service or other reasons should be agreed in advance
with Wearetalent team.
If you cancel a shift due to illness they will have to have a doctor’s note to confirm they were ill
that day and able to come back to work, if this is not provided you will be penalised.
If you have to cancel a booking the Wearetalent team expects to give a least a 3 day warning in
the cancelation.
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
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E: [email protected]
When you complete a shift for a Wearetalent client, your working hours will be logged on site by
a member of our team or the Client. It is important that you check in and out at the start and end
of your shift – failure to do so will result in a delay in the processing of your pay. Checking in and
out with a member of the Wearetalent team or Client is your responsibility: when you are
confirmed to work at an event you will be sent full details of where and how to check in on the
When working with us, you are representing Wearetalent at all times. Please conduct yourself
professionally at all times. Be polite and aim never to cause offence or misunderstanding.
Remember that when on assignment you are our ambassador and future Client assignments – for
us and for yourself – may depend on your conduct.
It is not possible to provide a comprehensive list of rules as to how any employee should conduct
herself/himself, but the following list outlines normal rules and practices to be followed. If in
doubt about any rules or practices, please ask us.
Whilst working on an event for us, you must:
Co-operate with the Client and its employees and other workers and accept the direction,
supervision and instruction of any responsible person in the client’s organisation
Observe any rules and regulations set by the Client to which your attention has been
drawn or which you might reasonably be expected to anticipate or find out
Treat all fellow employees, visitors and Clients with courtesy and respect
Take all reasonable steps while working for the Client to safeguard your own safety and
the safety of any others who may be present or affected by your actions during the
assignment and comply with the Health and Safety policy of the Client
Not engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of the Client
Not use any motor vehicle or any mechanised equipment in connection with any
assignment unless proper insurance cover is in force for such use. You shall indemnify
and keep indemnified Wearetalent team against loss or liability incurred directly or
indirectly by Wearetalent team arising out of any such use
Ensure that you comply with Client security measures at all times, including following any
instructions relating to the wearing of security badges or identity cards.
You may be provided with items such as keys and access cards as necessary to gain
correct access to the parts of the Client’s premises where work is to be carried out.
These items remain the property of the Client and should therefore be returned as
requested or on termination of the assignment or your employment.
Confidential information, valuables, equipment and materials should be adequately
secured at all times.
You must never be in unauthorised possession of any property, including cash, belonging
to the Client, your colleagues or Wearetalent team.
Suspicious incidents or loss of items must immediately be reported to Wearetalent team.
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
….Dressing for ‘talent’……
Uniform for a “Talent” Man!
Black & White shirt Long sleeved button to the top, Plain Black leather shoes, plain black
straight legged suit trousers, plain black tie, black socks, and plain black belt.
Uniform a for a “Talent” Woman!
Black & White shirt Long sleeved button to the top, Plain black covered leather shoes, plain black
straight legged suit trousers, plain black tie and black socks,
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
Wearetalent must haves...
All Waretalent staff must adhere to the following standards;
Must be clean shaven
Must have a reasonable length hair
No jewellery at all (apart from a wrist watch)
No casual clothes e.g jeans or t-shirt.
No visible Tattoos
Hair completely off their face
No unnatural coloured hair
No fake nails or nail varnish
Clothes must be ironed & washed before every shift
Shoes must be in good condition & polished for every shift
No trainers, open toed shoes or pumps.
No visible piercings – please ensure you have removed before you get on site.
If any of these uniform requirement are not abided by then, you will either be penalised or sent
away and not work. When you become part of our Wearetalent team we trust you to maintain
the high standards we have.
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
‘Talents golden rules’
Stop and search
Wearetalent or the Client reserves the right to stop and fully search any flexible employee or any
visitor, both prior to entry and before exit from the working location, using whatever reasonable
means are at their disposal. Access may also be denied to the working location as part of the
stop and search policy.
It is part of your terms of employment that, if you are asked to take part in a random stop and
search, this request is complied with. Failure to comply with this may result in disciplinary action
and may lead to summary dismissal. A search may be made of your locker, working area, bag or
From 1st July 2007, the Smoke-free Regulations 2007 make it illegal to smoke in all enclosed or
substantially enclosed public places and workplaces. The Client may operate a total no-smoking
policy on its premises. In such circumstances, you must adhere to the Client’s policy and failure to
do so may be treated as a disciplinary matter.
Alcohol/substance abuse
Wearetalent team regards drunkenness or disorderly conduct (including being under the
influence of alcohol, unauthorised substances or misusing substances) whilst at work, on
Wearetalent or Client business or otherwise on Wearetalent’s or a Client’s premises, as being
gross misconduct for which you can be dismissed summarily.
Wearetalent team and the Client reserves the right to test any temporary worker or any visitor,
both prior to entry and before exit from the working location, for the presence of alcohol or
other substances in the body, using whatever reasonable means are at their disposal. Should
alcohol or unlawful substances be found to be present, the assignment will be immediately
terminated and you may be summarily dismissed from your employment with Wearetalent.
It is part of your terms of employment that if you are asked to take part in a random alcohol or
substance test, this is complied with. Failure to comply with this may result in disciplinary action
which could lead to summary dismissal.
You should inform Wearetalent team of any prescribed drug you are taking or course of
treatment you are undergoing which may have an impact upon your ability to properly perform
your job. It is your responsibility to ensure that your practitioner/pharmacist is aware of the
requirements of your job. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you are fully informed of the
potential side effects of any drug/treatment recommended for you and that any potential side
effects are reported to Wearetalent team.
Wearetalent team regards the selling, purchasing or use or possession of any illegal substance
whilst at work, on Wearetalent or Client business or otherwise on their premises, as gross
misconduct for which you may be summarily dismissed. Wearetalent team reserves the right to
inform the police of any such behaviour.
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
Equal opportunities
Wearetalent team is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity in employment. The
same applies to the way in which Wearetalent’s services are offered to Clients and applicants.
Entry to Wearetalent and promotion within it are determined solely by the application of
objective criteria and personal merit. No flexible employee or applicant will be treated less
favourably than another on grounds of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability,
race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or trade union involvement.
Similarly, no member of Wearetalent Event Staff should discriminate on the basis of gender,
marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or trade
union involvement.
This statement has been created to ensure that employees comply with all legal requirements
and understand the main points of the relevant legislation: in short, to prevent discrimination.
Dignity at work
Every member of Wearetalent staff has the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and is
entitled to work in an environment free from harassment, victimisation and bullying, whether it is
related to disability, race, gender, health, social class, sexual preference, marital status,
nationality, religion, age, employment status or membership/non-membership of a trade union.
Public interest disclosure
You can obtain a copy of the Public Interest Disclosure Policy from the Wearetalent website.
Wearetalent encourages event staff to raise genuine concerns about malpractice at the earliest
practicable stage rather than wait for proof. Malpractice within the company is taken very
In the first instance any concerns should be raised with Human Resources team at Wearetalent.
Discipline & Grievances
No dispute between any members of Wearetalent Event Staff shall be permitted to occur either
on Wearetalent or Client premises and Wearetalent requires that each member of Event Staff will
at all times work in harmony with all other members of Wearetalent and all personnel of the
Client with whom they come into contact.
Event Staff must always maintain a positive working relationship with colleagues, complying with
all procedures and policies. If you have a concern or complaint relating to your employment, you
should raise the matter under the Grievance Procedure.
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
Disciplinary policy and procedure
This procedure is designed to help and encourage all of our employees to achieve and maintain
satisfactory standards of conduct, attendance and job performance. Its aim is to ensure
consistent and fair treatment for all. It covers all employees other than those in their
probationary period.
This procedure is non-contractual, and sets out the procedure Wearetalent will normally follow
although we reserve the right, at our discretion, to vary, replace or terminate the procedure at
any stage. In all cases, we will take all steps to ensure that any dismissal is both fair and
Examples of gross misconduct
The list below is not exhaustive, but is a guide to the type of offence which normally results in
summary dismissal (i.e. dismissal without notice or pay in lieu of notice):
theft, fraud or falsification of records e.g. Wearetalent documentation, expense claims or
attendance records etc
being under the influence of alcohol
being in possession of, or under the influence of, non-medically prescribed drugs assault
or fighting either on our premises or whilst engaged on our business or where the act
committed irrevocably damages the required trust and mutual confidence between
Wearetalent and the employee
violent, abusive or intimidating conduct
serious act of sexual, racial or other harassment, bullying or offensive behaviour
misuse of property belonging to Wearetaelent or of our name malicious damage to
property belonging to Wearetalent, our clients/customers or other employees
flagrant disregard of our procedures, rules and regulations
any action in serious breach of legislative requirements which may affect our business
gross negligence
use of foul language or any act that violates commonly accepted standards of behaviour
actions which damage the reputation of Wearetalent or bring it into disrepute – this
includes taking part in activities which result in adverse publicity to ourselves, or which
cause us to lose faith in your integrity
any action constituting a criminal offence which makes you unsuitable for employment
with us
unauthorised use or disclosure of confidential information
failure to disclose correct information on your application form
serious breach of Health and Safety rules
accepting a gift which could be construed as a bribe
acts of dishonesty
undertaking private work on our premises and/or during working hours without express
accepting gifts from outside organisations which have not been approved by
setting off an alarm, such as a burglar or fire alarm, deliberately and without good cause
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
An employee will not normally be dismissed for a first incident of misconduct, unless it amounts
to gross misconduct, in which case summary dismissal without notice and without the need for
any prior warnings may take place.
Stages of the procedure
1. Verbal warning: for unsatisfactory performance or conduct of a relatively minor nature
2. First written warning (or improvement note): for incidents of misconduct or
unsatisfactory performance
3. Final written warning: for further continued unsatisfactory performance or further
misconduct or if an incident of serious misconduct occurs
4. Dismissal with notice: for continued unsatisfactory performance or conduct
Grievance procedure
Our grievance procedure is designed to ensure that any questions and problems you may have at
work are quickly aired, and resolved fairly and consistently, and we therefore encourage you to
use the following procedure to facilitate this. Grievances may relate to action which has already
been taken or which is contemplated in relation to an employee, or may include the actions of
third parties such as colleagues. They may relate to a wide range of issues including terms and
conditions of employment, health and safety, work relations, new working practices, working
environment, organisational change or equal opportunities issues.
This procedure covers all employees. It is non-contractual but is designed to indicate how such
matters should be dealt with within Wearetalent although we reserve the right at our discretion
to vary, replace or terminate the procedure at any stage.
Stages of the procedure
Our grievance procedure enables you to raise and settle any grievance you may have as quickly
and as near to the point of origin as possible. Clearly many issues will, and indeed should, be
resolved informally without the need for the formal procedure. However should an informal
approach not result in the required resolution, you should follow the procedure set out below:
Stage one
If you have a grievance relating to your employment, please set out in writing the details of your
grievance, giving the full grounds for your complaint, and send this to the following person: your
direct line manager, unless you are a senior manager or director, in which case the Managing
Director. Your letter should be dated and should state that you are raising a formal grievance
under our grievance procedure. We will respond to your grievance as soon as is reasonably
practicable and will meet with you to hear your grievance. At this meeting you will be given full
opportunity to state your case. After giving full consideration to the points you have raised, we
will then confirm the outcome in writing to you, where appropriate, confirming what action we
intend to take to resolve the grievance, together with the right to appeal.
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
Stage two
Failing a satisfactory solution at stage one, you may appeal to the following person: All appeals
should be made directly to the Managing Director. Again you should do this in writing if possible.
The person hearing your appeal will arrange to meet with you as soon as is reasonably
practicable to discuss your grievance and again you will be given full opportunity to state your
case. He or she will attempt to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of both you and the
business. Whatever decision is taken by him or her will be final and will be confirmed to you in
writing. Should your grievance relate to the behaviour or decisions made by your manager
him/herself, then please raise the matter, as soon as possible, at stage two. In this case if the
person hearing your grievance is unable to resolve it to your satisfaction, you will have the right
of appeal, which will be to a further senior manager if practicable.
Grievances should be raised and the above procedure followed without unreasonable delay at
any stage.
At all formal stages of this procedure, the person hearing a grievance is advised to be
accompanied by a suitable employee of Wearetalent who will act as a witness and take full notes
of everything that is said. Where no internal person of sufficient seniority or confidential status is
available, or where preferred, an external party may be invited to attend in this capacity.
At all stages of this procedure you may choose, if you wish, to be accompanied by either a fellow
worker, a trade union representative (who must be certified in writing by the union as having
experience of, or having received training in, acting as a worker's companion at disciplinary or
grievance hearings) or an official employed by a trade union. You should tell the person
conducting the hearing in advance whom you have chosen as your companion. The ACAS Code
of Practice confirms that it would not normally be reasonable for employees to insist on being
accompanied by someone whose presence would prejudice the hearing nor would it be
reasonable to ask to be accompanied by someone from a remote geographical site if someone
suitable and willing is available on site.
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
Health & Safety
Wearetalent ensures that safety provision is made for all Event Staff, but this is only achievable
with the full cooperation of Clients and Event Staff.
It is your duty to:
Assess risks to your personal health and safety to which you are exposed at work. This
extends to reporting any dangers or potential risks to Wearetalent or the responsible
representative of the Client
Stop working immediately if you consider that your working environment is unsafe and
immediately report the matter to the safety representative or other official of the Client
and Wearetalent
Work in a safe manner, taking all reasonable steps to safeguard your own safety and that
of any other person who may be affected by your actions
Report incidents that have or may lead to accident or injury to the safety representative
or other official of the client and Wearetalent
Cooperate with the Client on health and safety matters, and observe all health and safety
instructions and regulations from the Client
Wear (and, if you consider it necessary, request) any protective clothing and use any
safety equipment that has been provided in order to carry out any assignment
Observe the Client’s health and safety policy at all times and ask for sight of the policy
before starting any assignment. Take care to follow and safety regulations and be
responsible not only for your own health and safety at work but also for that of your
colleagues and employees of the Client
Clients have a duty to:
Treat all Event Staff as they would their own employees with regard to all health and
safety matters and ensure a safe system of work at all times
Provide Wearetalent with information on special qualifications or skills which the flexible
employee will need and on special features of the work insofar as they are likely to affect
the health and safety of Event Staff
Cooperate and coordinate with flexible employees on health and safety matters
Provide Event Staff who are working with them with information on health and safety
risks and measures
Make available to the Event Staff safety equipment and protective clothing as necessary
for the job to be undertaken and ensure its use
Tell the Event Staff the name of his/her authorised health and safety representative
Record any accidents or injuries in their Accident Record Book and report to the Health
and Safety Executive, in accordance with current requirements
Assess health and safety risks and record the result of the assessment
First aid/accidents
No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, every accident must be reported. This is done by
recording them in the Client’s Accident Book, which is maintained by the Client’s designated First
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
Every venue will have a different fire procedure, so it is important that you know the system for
whichever premises you are working at. You must fully comply with all procedures and take part
in drills organised by Weareatalentor the Client.
You must not render any fire escape or fire escape route at the site as unavailable for emergency
use. You must also ensure that you do not cause any obstruction to any staircases, passages,
walkways, entrances and exits or any other part of the site.
The two main risks surrounding electricity are shocks and fires. These risks can be reduced by:
not overloading sockets; keeping electrical equipment well maintained and cables in good repair;
not repairing or adjusting electrical appliances when they are switched on or connected to mains
supply; never touching light switches or appliances with wet hands.
However, the repair and maintenance of electrical appliances is a job for an expert.
Display screen equipment (VDUs)
Regulations advise that you take periodic breaks from the VDU. This does not mean that you
have to stop work. The recommendation is that you take time out from using the screen every
one to two hours. It is stressed that frequent short breaks are better than occasional longer
Manual handling
Correct manual handling is important for your health and safety. Manual handling regulations
cover the tasks involving supporting or transporting loads by physical human effort. You should
familiarise yourself with good handling techniques as hazards are not only presented by heavy
loads. There is no particular maximum weight specified in the regulations, which recognise the
fact that whilst weight is evidently a significant factor, there are other considerations of equal
If you have to lift anything, you should consider the following:
Plan the lift, working out what is the best way to get the item from A to B
Ensure that you are properly balanced for lifting by positioning your feet apart
Adopt a good posture, bend the knees using them to lift and keep your back straight
Grip the load firmly
Keep the item close to your body
Lift smoothly, trying not to jerk
Do not twist your body when turning to the side
Put the item down before adjusting it to the desired position
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
T: 0203 0534569
E: [email protected]
The main dangers when using machinery are: traps; entanglement; contact; ejection; impact.
To minimise risk, you should:
Operate only machines you have been trained and authorised to use.
Make sure you can reach the controls easily and know how to stop the machine
Use safety guards which are fitted correctly
Wait until a machine has stopped and been switched off before cleaning or moving it
Beware of long hair or loose clothing which may become caught in mobbing parts.
Not distract other people who are using machinery
Inform you supervisor if any machine is not working properly.
Hand tools
To avoid accidents with hand tools, obey the following basic safety rules:
Use the correct tool for the job
Ensure that any tool you use is in good condition
Use any tools in the correct way
Do not use tools which you are not trained to use
Report worn and broken tools
Safety signs
Safety signs must comply with strict requirements on their shape and colour. There are four
types of safety signs:
Information – white on green background
Prohibition – red on white background
Warning – black on yellow background
Mandatory – blue on white background
You must understand and observe any safety signs displayed.
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (C.O.S.H.H.) Regulations 1998
Under C.O.S.H.H. all persons at work need to know the safety precautions to take so as not to
endanger themselves or bothers via exposure to substances hazardous to health. This section
describes four basic classifications of risk: you must recognise these symbols, their meaning and
safety precautions.
Toxic/Very toxic
These may cause serious health risk or even death if inhaled, ingested or if they penetrate the
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection
After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water
In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately
W: www.Wearetalent.co.uk
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May contact cause destruction of living tissue or burns.
Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection
Remove immediately all contaminated clothing
In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately (within fifteen minutes) with plenty of
water and seek medical advice
May cause limited health risk if inhaled or ingested or if it penetrates the skin.
Do not breathe vapour, spray or dust
Avoid contact with the skin
Wash thoroughly before you eat, drink or smoke
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical
May cause inflammation and irritation on immediate or repeated prolonged contact with the
skin, or if inhaled.
Do not breathe vapour, spray or dust
Avoid contact with the skin
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical
In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water
To use hazardous substances safely:
Ensure that you obtain, read and understand copies of all relevant C.O.S.H.H. data sheets
from the Client before using any hazardous substances
Ensure hazardous substances are suitable for the intended task
Check the container and instruction labels are intact
Put on all protective clothing
Check work area and equipment for potential dangers
Prepare hazardous substances and cleaning materials as directed on the label
Use hazardous substances as directed on the label
Rinse and dry as directed on the label
Dispose of any unused hazardous substances safely
Return hazardous substances to the correct storage area
Never mix hazardous substances
Do not smoke, eat or drink whilst using hazardous substances
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Special notes for food production assignments
Hands must be washed frequently, especially after using the toilet, following breaks, before
starting work and between tasks. Cuts and sores must be covered, and nails must be short and
unvarnished. Hair must be clean and neat: if it is long it must be tied back and secured under
protective headwear when working in a food preparation or service area. The only jewellery
permitted when on duty is a plain wedding ring.
We request that you are diligent with regard to personal hygiene. Frequent washing and the use
of deodorants are recommended. Ensure that your uniform is clean and fresh.
You must not cough or sneeze near food. A clean handkerchief or tissue should be used to
contain the cough or sneeze, which should then be disposed of immediately. You must then
wash your hands.
Event Staff must inform Wearetalent team immediately if they are suffering from any of the
following conditions: food poisoning; typhoid; dysentery; hepatitis; influenza; ear or throat
infection; stomach upset; open sores; eczema. Under no circumstances should you work in a
catering environment whilst suffering from any of these ailments.
The following are common major hazards:
Floors, steps and stairs throughout, particularly if wet
Dangerous machines, including slicers, mincers, mixers, food processors and waste
disposal units
Manual handling hazards, especially movement of hot pans and food stocks. Large
cooking pots containing hot liquid must not be carried across the kitchen – a safe system
of decanting should instead be implemented
Storage, use and disposal of cleaning products and pest control baits
Storage and use of knives and other sharp work equipment
Electrical installation to equipment
Access and egress to cold rooms and freezers
Access to shelving in stores and kitchen area
Work with hot equipment, including ovens, Bain Maries and stills or hot water boilers,
fryers, solid tops
Use of barbecue equipment with respect to position near flammable materials, use of gas
cylinders and risk of burns to public or catering staff
The use of hot equipment and liquids, including steam, hot or boiling water, frying oil and the
food itself, are essential in the catering environment and these hazards can never be fully
The nature of the catering environment is such that cuts are one of the most common
occupational hazards in the kitchen. It is essential that cuts are minimised by ensuring that all
staff, particularly those who are less experienced, are aware of the hazards and take appropriate
precautions to minimise injury to themselves and others.
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There is a risk of injury when carrying out cleaning of stainless steel equipment, particularly when
cleaning sharp underside surfaces or recesses etc. Staff must use common sense when carrying
out such cleaning and use Personal Protective Equipment if provided.
Important measures include:
Correct knife training and procedures, particularly in relation to use and storage
Staff use the appropriate knife or implement for the purpose it is intended
Adequate supervision must be given to all staff, particularly those under training as
young persons
Care must be taken when opening food packages, particularly when handling wire staples
etc. All such packaging must be disposed of appropriately
Care must be taken when cutting cling film
Any breakages, including glass bottles, jars, bowls or dishes or other equipment must be
immediately and properly cleared away in a common sense manner, in order to reduce
the risk of injury to yourself and third parties. Sharps should be disposed of in a rigid
container, not plastic bags
When washing up sharp items or removing them from dishwashers, appropriate care
should be taken
No one must intentionally interfere with equipment or guarding provided to ensure
health and safety
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Food Allergens – 2015
Are you aware of the new allergy labelling legislation?
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) in conjunction with DEFRA are introducing new allergen labelling
laws which will come into effect from 13th December 2014 these are called the Food Information
Regulations SU1169/2011 (FIR REGS).
What does this mean to you as an employee?
Communication between staff and the customer and between staff within the business is key to
ensuring that customers receive accurate information about the food sold.
You can no longer state that you don’t know if an allergen is present
You can no longer state that all foods ‘could’ contain allergens
Oral statements have to be backed up in writing if required
Your local Environmental Health Officers will enforce regulation, non compliance will result
in large fines
What do I need to do?
Be sure you know your allergens and how they affect your customers.
Here are the EU top 14 allergens:
Crustaceans Celery
You should ensure you are fully aware of necessary allergy information for food being sold in your
area of work. If you are not informed of this information before you begin work, it is your
responsibility to seek out the information from a superior/manager.
I ……………………………………………………………………………………(full name) have read the above and I’m fully
aware of my obligations regarding the above legislation.
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