1 Glenlola Collegiate School Glenlola Collegiate is a controlled

Glenlola Collegiate School
Appointment of Teacher of Music to GCE A’ Level
(3 days per week) (Post available from 26 August 2015)
Glenlola Collegiate is a controlled grammar school for girls aged 11 – 18 years.
Together with its Preparatory Department, the School enrolment is 1140 girls including
259 pupils in the Senior School (Years 13 and 14). The grammar school admissions
number is 157 girls in Year 8 and its present staffing complement is Headmaster and 70
assistant teachers. The School is over-subscribed and it places a strong emphasis on
academic achievement.
The Board of Governors wishes to appoint a part time teacher to the School who is
supportive of our well established standards of behaviour, discipline and endeavour.
The staffing complement of the Music department is 3 full and part time staff. The
person appointed will be expected to demonstrate high quality teaching and have good
administrative and inter personal skills. Full competence in ICT is necessary.
Further information on
The person appointed will be responsible to the Headmaster, through the Head of Music
for the quality of teaching and learning delivered to pupils throughout the School.
He/She will be required to deliver the approved teaching schemes and assist with
departmental business and activities.
As well as being involved in the development of the curriculum in their subject area(s),
the person appointed will play an active role in the overall development of the individual
pupil, the Department and the School by:
Showing concern for pupils and the relationships which exist between them;
Aiming to maximise the potential of pupils;
Giving guidance and support to pupils;
Monitoring and evaluating the performance of pupils and adapting lessons and
teaching strategies accordingly
Liaising with the Head of Department to ensure that all pupils have equal
opportunities in relation to their educational experiences;
Ensuring that School policies are adhered to;
Ensuring that an effective system of rewards and referrals operates;
Working with the Head of Department in implementing an effective system of
recording and reporting pupils’ achievements;
Attending meetings of consultation in relation to pupils;
Being responsible for all resources allocated to groups;
Encouraging pupils to take an interest in and responsibility for their own learning,
facilities and overall school environment;
Undertaking a role as a team member in the Music Department.
The School places a high value on the continuing professional development of staff and
encourages all teachers to be actively involved in the process.
Conditions of Service
All staff will fulfil a range of professional duties required by the Board of Governors,
under the direction of the Headmaster and will be expected to work as a team within the
amended Teachers’ Terms and Conditions of Service Regulations (NI) 1987. All staff
will carry out such other duties as may be required in the interests of the welfare of the
pupils attending the School.
Job Description
Job Title:
Teacher of Music to GCE A’ Level
Permanent part-time – three days per week
Responsible To:
Board of Governors through the Headmaster
Reports To:
Head of Music
Appropriate M Scale up to a maximum of M6 (or UPS
Glenlola Collegiate School, Valentine Road, Bangor
BT20 4TH
Closing Date:
Refer to Application Form/Advertisement
Shortlisted candidates will be advised as soon as possible
after the closing date for applications
Date of Appointment:
The successful candidate will take up teaching duties on
Wednesday 26 August 2015 (and attend staff training days
from 20 August to 24 August inclusive)
Main Duties:
Under the line management direction of the Head of Music the
person appointed will be required to:
1. Teach Music from Key Stage 3 to A2 level to a range of
classes and ability levels;
2. Prepare lessons, mark class work and homework, examine,
write reports and undertake formative and summative
assessment of pupils;
3. Attend departmental meetings, contribute to planning including
schemes of work and examination setting;
4. Assist with day to day duties essential to the smooth running of
the Music Department;
5. Play a supporting role in promoting Music and related areas
throughout the School;
6. Act as a Form Teacher.
The successful candidate may also be required to:
1. Contribute to the extra curricular programme of the School;
2. Undertake supervision duties as directed.
The range of duties may be varied from time to time according to
the changing needs of the post and opportunities will exist for the
professional development of the person appointed.
The Board of Governors may enhance the above criteria at short listing
Applicants must ensure that they address the requirements of the post clearly
when completing the application form. This is essential and will be taken fully
into account by the Board of Governors when it considers applications.
For Information
The School has a complete No Smoking policy. Arrangements will be made for short
listed candidates to meet with the Headmaster prior to interview.
South Eastern Region
Main duties and Responsibilities
Planning and preparing courses and lessons;
Teaching, according to their educational needs, the pupils assigned to him/her,
including the setting and marking of work to be carried out by the pupils in school
and elsewhere;
Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress and attainment
of pupils.
Promoting the general progress and well-being of individual pupils and of any
class or group of pupils assigned to him/her;
Providing advice and guidance to pupils on educational and social matters and
on their further education and future careers including information about sources
of more expert advice on specific questions, making relevant records and
Making records of and reports on the personal and social needs of pupils except
in instances where to do so might be regarded as compromising a teacher’s own
Communicating and consulting with the parents of pupils;
Communicating and co-operating with such persons or bodies outside the school
as may be approved by the employing authority and the Board of Governors;
Participating in meetings arranged for any of the purposes described above.
Providing or contributing to oral and written assessments, reports and
references relating to individual pupils and groups of pupils except in instances
where to do so might be regarded as compromising a teacher’s own position.
Staff Development/Professional Development
Participating, if required, in any scheme of staff development and performance
Reviewing from time to time his/her methods of teaching and
programmes of work;
Participating in arrangements for his/her further training and
professional development as a teacher.
Advising and co-operating with the Principal and other teachers (or any one or
more of them) on the preparation and development of courses of study, teaching
materials, teaching programmes, methods of teaching and assessment and
pastoral arrangements.
Discipline/Health and Safety
Maintaining good order and discipline among pupils in accordance with the
policies of the employing authority and safeguarding their health and safety both
when they are authorised to be on the school premises and when they are
engaged in authorised school activities elsewhere.
Participating in meetings at the school which relate to the curriculum for the
school or the administration or organisation of the school, including pastoral
Public Examinations
Participating in arrangements for preparing pupils for public examinations and in
assessing pupils for the purposes of such examinations; recording and reporting
such assessments; and participating in arrangements for pupils’ presentation for
and supervision during such examination.
Review and Development of Management Activities/Administration
Contributing to the selection for appointment and professional
development of other teachers, including the induction and
assessment of probationary teachers;
Co-ordinating or managing the work of other teachers;
Taking such part as may be required of him/her in the review,
development and management of activities relating to the curriculum,
organisation and pastoral functions of the school.
Participating in administrative and organisational tasks related to such
duties as described above, including the management or supervision of
persons providing support for the teachers in the school and the ordering
and allocation of equipment and materials.
Subject to the provisions of Article 22 of the Order, attending
Registering the attendance of pupils and supervising pupils, whether these
duties are to be performed before, during or after school sessions.
Number of days/Hours of work
A full-time teacher, other than a teacher employed in a residential
establishment, shall be available for work on 195 days in any year of
which not more than 190 days should involve teaching children in a
classroom situation;
A teacher, other than a teacher employed in a residential establishment,
shall be available to perform such duties at such times and such places as
may reasonably be specified by the Principal, or where he/she is employed
by a Board on terms under which he/she is not assigned to any one school
by the Board or the Principal of any school in which he/she may for the time
being be required to work as a teacher, for 1,265 hours in any year
exclusive of time spent off school premises in preparing and marking
lessons and time spent travelling to and from the place of work;
A teacher may not be required to teach as distinct from supervise children
in a classroom situation for more than 25 hours in any week in a primary or
special school and 23.5 hours in any week in a secondary school;
Unless employed under a separate contract as a mid-day supervisor, a
teacher shall not be required to undertake mid-day supervision.
Staff cover
Supervising and teaching any pupils whose teacher is not available provided
In schools with an average daily enrolment greater than 222 pupils a
teacher other than a supply teacher shall not be required to provide such
cover after the second day on which a teacher is absent or otherwise not
available or from the first day if the fact that the teacher would be absent or
otherwise not available for a period exceeding 2 days was known to and
agreed by the employing authority in advance;
In schools with an average daily enrolment of 222 pupils or less a teacher
other than a supply teacher shall not be required to provide such cover
after the first day on which a teacher is absent or otherwise not available
for more than 1 day was known to and agreed by the employing authority
in advance;
In schools with a complement of 1, 2 or 3 teachers and in nursery units in
primary schools, a teacher other than a supply teacher shall,
notwithstanding heads (a) and (b), not be required to provide such cover.
Conditions of Service
The conditions of service for this post will be in accordance with the Regulations
of the Department of Education for Northern Ireland.
Permanent job-share Teacher of Music to GCE A’ Level (3 days per
week) (Post available from 26 August 2015)
1) Hold a teaching qualification
which meets the requirements
for recognition to teach in grantaided schools in Northern
Ireland and be registered with
GTCNI by the agreed date of
taking up duty; and
 Hold an Honours Degree
(minimum 2:2) in Music or a
relevant related subject;
 Have a minimum of Pianoforte
Grade 6 (an audition may form
part of the selection process).
2) Have a degree or teaching
qualification which has prepared
the applicant to teach Music as
his/her main subject; and
3) Have a minimum of 6 months’
experience in a paid capacity of
teaching Music to Key Stage 3
level within the last 4 years as
at the closing date for receipt of
completed applications; and
4) Have a minimum of 6 months’
experience in a paid capacity of
teaching Music to Key Stage
4/GCSE level within the last 4
years as at the closing date for
receipt of completed
applications; and
5) Have a minimum of 6 months’
experience in a paid capacity of
teaching Music to GCE A’ Level
within the last 4 years as at the
closing date for receipt of
completed applications; and
6) Have experience of organising
and rehearsing a musical group
or ensemble; and
7) Have experience of using ICT
as an integral part of classroom
practice to enhance pupil
 Sound knowledge of Revised
 Employ a range of appropriate
and effective teaching strategies
in the classroom;
 Make effective use of
assessment to inform teaching;
 Fully competent in ICT with a
sound knowledge of how ICT
can enrich learning;
 Communication skills;
 Organisation and planning skills;
 Interpersonal skills;
 Pupil management;
 High quality classroom practice
leading to excellent examination
 Knowledge of Child Protection
A caring child-centred approach;
Ability to cope under pressure;
Solution focussed;
Ability to use initiative;
Team worker;
Ability to deal appropriately with
pupils and parents
Committed to raising pupil
Ability to motivate self and
 Willingness to contribute to
extra curricular activities in the
The criteria may be enhanced
Application forms and associated documents may be downloaded from the
Education Authority’s website www.eani.org.uk.
Please note that the post availability indicates how long a post will be vacant at
the time of going to press and does not necessarily indicate the commencement
date of any contract. Temporary contracts may subject to extension or may be
reduced for any valid reason unless otherwise indicated. Certain circumstances
may arise where the successful candidate will not be employed for the full period
of availability eg. Due to incomplete pre-employment checks at the commencing
availability date.
Where a post is available for a full 12 month period and due to unforeseen
circumstances it is not possible for the successful candidate to commence their
contract at the availability date stated, the period of employment will be reduced
and the teacher will be paid on the hourly rate for teachers.
Temporary teachers employed for less than a 12 month period will be paid on the
hourly rate for teachers.
If you have been appointed for a post that involves ‘regulated activity’ under the
Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (NI) Order 2007, the Education Authority will be
required to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure of Criminal Background. Please
note that you WILL be expected to meet the cost of an Enhanced
Disclosure Certificate, which is currently £33. Details of how to make
payment will be sent to you at the pre-employment stage.
Further details in relation to legislative requirements can be accessed on
www.nidirect.gov.uk/vetting or www.dojni.gov.uk/accessni
This appointment will be subject to satisfactory references being received. One
reference should be from a person who is able to comment on your suitability to
work with children/young people in an educational setting. The Education
Authority (EA) will seek references from present/previous employers for posts
involving ‘regulated activity’.
From 1 April 2015 the Education Authority (EA) has taken over the functions of
the South Eastern Education and Library Board.
All appointment processes completed before 1 April 2015 will be unaffected by
the transfer of functions to EA. All staff who were employed by South Eastern
Education and Library Board on 31 March 2015 transferred to EA on 1 April 2015
and are protected on their existing terms and conditions of employment, including
pension, in accordance with the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of
Employment) (TUPE) Regulations 2006.
All ongoing appointment processes completed after 1 April 2015 will be offered
by EA as the employing authority.
All posts will continue to be offered on the basis of current terms and conditions
of employment, as advertised.
It is essential that you fully describe in the application form how you meet
the criteria sought. Please provide detailed information against each
requirement, providing dates and ensuring that where requirements are
time bounded (e.g. 1 year within the last 5 years) you provide detail and
dates that fully satisfy the requirement. It is not appropriate to simply list
the various posts that you have held. Assumptions will not be made from
the title of your post.
Posts involving work in educational institutions are subject to the provisions of
the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (NI) Order 2007
Canvassing will disqualify
Please complete and return your application form and Equal Opportunities
Questionnaire by post/hand delivering to the Equal Opportunities Unit,
Education Authority – South Eastern Region, Grahamsbridge Road,
Dundonald, BT16 2HS no later than 2.00 pm on the closing date for
completed applications.