Signature Cocktails Beer Drinks with Wiiings Tiki and Specialty Drinks

Signature Cocktails
Mighty Mai Tai
A blend of Cruzan Estate Light and dark rum with
tropical fruit juices $7.99
Jim Beam White Label mixed with DeKuyper Ginger
and topped with Coke. $7.99
local and craft beers
An energizing cocktail with Cruzan Black Cherry,
pomegranate and mango monin, and orange juice
topped with Red Bull. Complete with remaining
Red Bull. $8.50
F TG Sangria Sling
A refreshing sangria made with Riunite Lambrusco,
DeKuyper Blood Orange liqueur and a blend of fresh
fruit juices. $8.99
Traditional, Desert Pear, Mango, Pomegranate,
Strawberry or Peach on the rocks or straight up $7.29
Select One Rum
Traditional silver
Black Cherry
Passion Fruit
Sam Adams Seasonal
Ask your server about our additional Asian,
The Undertow
Tiger (Singapore) $4.50
Angry Orchard Cider
$4.50- Gluten Free
Kentucky Ginger
Create your own
Select Your Flavor
Traditional Lime
Desert Pear
White Peach
Wild Raspberry
Drinks with Wiiings
Tiki and Specialty Drinks
Rip Tide
Rumchata & Cruzan Estate coconut mix with
pineapple juice to take you to your favorite island
getaway. $7.25
(Non-Alcoholic beverages
made with Red Bull) $3.99
Made with Red Bull
Rockin Red Lemonade
Made with Red Edition Red Bull
Bottomless Non-Alcoholic Beverages
We proudly serve
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer $2.59
Beringer White Zinfandel
Trinity Oaks Chardonnay
Trinity Oaks Pinot Grigio
Mango Mist $3.99
Rising Sun $3.99
Iced Tea
Freshly brewed Ceylon black or ask your server
about our seasonal flavors
Hot Tea
Ask your server for our selection of hot teas
Fresh Brewed Coffee $2.29
Lemonade $2.59
Mark West Pinot Noir
Flavored Lemonades $2.99
Raspberry, Mango, Desert Pear, Pomegranate,
Strawberry, White Peach
Trivento Reserve Malbec
14 Hands Cabarnet Sauvignon
Trinity Oaks Merlot
RedBull energy drink, Sugarfree, Red, Silver and
Blue Editions $2.99
Bottled Water
Rumchata Colada
Titos Flattop Sling
Our twist of the classic sling featuring Tito’s
Handmade Vodka, fresh muddled berries and a
mix of fruit juices.
A tasty escape to Asia. $7.75
Tiki Punch
A refreshing Asian Punch with Cruzan Passion
Fruit Rum, fruit juices and a touch of a tropical
breeze to fight back the cold weather blues. $7.75
Dark & Stormy
Ginger beer and Cruzan Estate Dark rum. The tropics
answer to the Moscow mule. $7.25
The Scorpion
A classic blend of Cruzan Estate Dark & Light
rums with a touch of fruit juices.
Think beach parties and bonfires. $7.50