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Enterprise Architecture Rollout for Malaysian telecomm player
“The client is
one of the leading telecommunication player in Malaysia and is a subsidiary of a global
Telecommunication giant. .”
Outcome and Business Value
Problem Statement
The client has created a formidable sized repository of artifacts that are
consistent. The client has also achieved a level of success in encouraging
The products and services of the client are largely served by
vendors from various parts of the world.
similar architectural practices amongst their vendors as well by engaging
Our consultants have enabled them to build the single version of truth
Their Technical Architecture, Application Architecture and Services
by leveraging the power of central repository of Enterprise Architect.
Architecture were primarily done by discrete teams of vendors.
Majority of the architects in the Malaysian team were focusing on
reviewing and reworking the designs .
The Client wanted to streamline the architectural practices and
create a unified view of their architectural models.
Scope of Work
Our consultants were engaged to offer training and consulting to
streamline the architectural practices and create a unified,
centralized view of the firms’ architectural models.
Minimize the time spent by in-house Architects on rework, but
rather work on better customer focused, innovative application
and services portfolio.
Enable end-to-end traceability, GAP analysis and Impact Analysis.
Bring in consistency and standardization amongst their vendors.
Define protocols and process in TOGAF to build consistent
architectural artifacts
Single unified view across the firm and its vendors
Better utilization of In-house resources who are trained on
EA and TPGAF process to focus on strategic imperatives.
Improved control and visibility over distributed operations.
Alignment to Business Processes
Greater customer satisfaction
Customer Appreciation
“The guys really love the tool, it really has
made a key difference in the way we do things”
- Head of IT Architecture