Horsemen’s Park/Lincoln Race Course
Handicapping Contest
Fonner Park
When: Saturday – April 25, 2015
1st Place - $1000
2nd Place - $ 500
3rd Place - $ 300
4th Place - $ 200
5th Place - $ 100
6th Place - $ 75
($10 Entry Fee)
7th-8th Place - $50
9th-10th Place - $25
Additionally the top 4 & ties will receive a free entry into the two (2) day Spring Champions HWS
Qualifying Contest to be held May 30 & 31, 2015. Contestants may only qualify once for a free entry
into the final contest. Previously qualified contestants will play for cash only.
All Contestants must register ($10 Entry Fee) prior to Fonner’s 1st race on the card.
Select one (1) horse per race on Fonner’s Saturday April 25, 2015 Race Card.
All contestants will receive a mythical bankroll of which to bet $2 to Win & Place on each race.
You MUST wager on every race on the card.
All Contestants must make their selections through the designated self serve contest terminals.
Contestants may make all of their wagers at once or prior to the post time of each race.
Use your contest card to make your wagers through the designated self serve contest terminals.
Points will be awarded based on the actual $2 win and $2 place mutuel payoff price for picking
a horse that finishes first or second. There will be no cap on the payoffs.
9. In case of a total point tie the contestants will split the prize money. (i.e. if 2 contestants tie for
1st place you would total the prize money for 1st & 2nd places ($1500) and split the prize money
equally between the 2 contestants ($750.00 each).
10. All selections must be made by the entrant and submitted by the entrant.
11. Program numbers must be used for all selections. Entries and fields go as a single interest.
12. If your selection is scratched you may cancel your previous ticket and make a new selection.
Please note you WILL NOT receive the post time favorite.
13. Each Player may purchase a maximum of Two (2) entries.
14. You must be 21 years of age by March 2016 to be eligible to play in the HWS Qualifier however
you may play for prize money only if you are at least 19 years old.
15. $10 Entry Fee
16. Employees of Horsemen's Park & Lincoln Race Course will not be eligible.
17. Each player agrees to abide by all the published tournament rules. In the event of a dispute,
Horsemen's Park will render a decision and the decision of Horsemen’s Park’ management is