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April, 2015
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By Amy Moored, DTM
District 62 Governor 2014-2015
Fellow Toastmasters, I'm excited about what's in store for us over the next few
months. Throughout the rest of April there are Division Speech Contests. I just
attended the W Division Contest on Saturday. I'm going to C Division's contest this
Wednesday evening and S Division's contest on Saturday, April 18. Based on what
I've seen, we will have some great speakers in Jackson on May 2nd. Come out and
support your fellow Toastmasters!
At the end of April there is something I'm really looking forward to – the visit from
Toastmasters International President Mohammed Murad. Many people in our
District are working hard to make sure the visit is special and that YOU have an
opportunity to meet President Murad. Here are a few of the opportunities:
4/29/15 “Toastmasters Officer Celebration,” at
On the Border, 3676 Potomac Circle, S.W., Grandville, MI 49418 from 6-8pm
(Contact: Marla Woodward - [email protected])
4/30/15 Multi- Club Open House “Is Leadership for Me?” at Steelcase Global
Headquarters, 901 44th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 48508 from 11:30am-1pm
(Contact: Sean Fahey [email protected] -space is Limited)
4/30/15 Community Event - "Life is a Leadership Opportunity" at
FireKeepers Casino Hotel, 11177 E. Michigan Ave, Battle Creek MI from 7-9pm
(Contact: Karen Newhouse [email protected], Cost is $10)
5/4/15 Networking & Recognition Lunch atAccident Fund
200 N., Grand Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933 from 11:45am-12:45pm
(Contact: Alicia Perez-Banuet - [email protected])
5/4/15 – Toastmaster Open House – at MSU (Location TBD) from 3:15-4:15pm
5/4/15 – Community Event , "Life is a Leadership Opportunity" at
Memorial Healthcare, (Main Auditorium) 826 King Street, Owosso, MI,
home of the Curwood Toastmasters, from 6-7:30 pm
(Contact: David Elston [email protected])
… Continued on page 2
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
What’s Next? Continued from Page 1
Then, on May 1st – the Spring Conference "The Story in You" begins in Jackson, Michigan. You will have the opportunity to
meet President Murad here, as well as our keynote speaker, Kelly Swanson. The conference is full of great activities – the
annual business meeting, our DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) ceremony, two speech contests and lots of opportunities to
connect with Toastmaster friends from across Michigan.
At the Spring Conference, we will also elect our new leaders for next year. If you're a club President or Vice President
Education – make sure you are there (or send a proxy) so you can cast your vote. Plan your club's officer elections for May.
You'll want to submit the officer list as soon as possible to ensure you are receiving communications about training
Throughout the rest of May and June I will be focusing on helping each club in District 62 reach distinguished status (or
better) by June 30 and looking ahead to another great year in Toastmasters!
If your club needs support with some of their upcoming goals, please let your Area or Division Governor know or reach out
to me via email: [email protected] A well planned open house that inspires a couple more members to join your
club may be all your club needs to achieve distinguished status this year. Or that could be the spark that inspires your club
for another great year. We have a few other events and opportunities that may help provide that spark. They include:
The "Sparkle" Website Contest – See Carol Prahinski's article on page 10 for details.
Toastmasters Night with the Lansing Lugnuts (June 5, 2015). Contact Sue Maul [email protected] by April 27,
2015 if you're interested in attending the game.
Incoming Club Officer Training scheduled for June 27, 2015 at the MSU Campus in East Lansing, MI. (If you want to help
with this event, please email Lorrie Ito ([email protected] or me.)
And most importantly, don't forget to celebrate and recognize your club members' achievements in
June or early July! Each Toastmaster dedicates a lot of time and energy into each speech they prepare and meeting role
that they fulfill. There are also a number of members that continue to do even more – organizing club open houses,
contests, serving as a club officer, serving as a district leader or organizing an area, division or district event. Your club and
District 62 would not be successful without these members.
Thank you, fellow Toastmasters – I look forward to hearing about your accomplishments and what's next for you at the
Spring Conference in Jackson, MI on May 1 – 3, 2015.
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
News From Across the District
District leaders, area leaders, club officers, Toastmasters across District 62… We’re looking to publish what is
happening in your neck of the woods. Please send news items including new clubs, club, area, or member
recognition, and other items of note to [email protected] by the tenth of the month to see it printed
here. Thanks for your support of your district newsletter! All standings as of April 11, 2015.
The following Toastmasters in C Division completed educational awards in District 62 last month:
Sylvia Brown
Tara McCoy-Jones
William Ray
Carol Prahinski
Darin Witkowski
Jack Pyle
John Trudgeon
Kimberly Fedewa
Kathy Brooks
Daniel Hudson
Brittney Wright
Jackson Trailblazers
Jackson Trailblazers
C-Division Advanced Speakers
Insights Toastmasters
Yawn Patrol
Secondary to None
Curwood Toastmasters
Power Toastmasters
Energizers Toastmasters
C-DIV Distinguished Club Standings: Top 3
1. Curwood Toastmasters (Area 13)
8 points
1. Eloquents (Area 3)
8 points
3. C Division Advanced (Area 3)
7 points
3. Insights Toastmasters (Area 3)
7 points
3. Yawn Patrol (Areal 5)
7 points
3. Rising Stars (Area 6)
7 points
3. Toastnotables (Area 7)
7 points
C-Div Clubs that Need Coaches:
2714 - Secondary to None Club
If interested in assisting as a coach,
please contact your Area Governor,
Division Governor, or Tammy Slavik,
Club Coach Chairperson at
[email protected]
or 989.370.2757.
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
More from C-Division!
Area Evaluation & International Speech Contestants
Area 5:
International Speech Contest
1st Place: Jared Burkhart, Yawn Patrol
2nd Place: Bill Ray, Yawn Patrol
Evaluation Contest
1st Place: Jared Burkhart, Yawn Patrol
Area 6:
From left to right: Vandell Stewart; Brad Bammert; Mike
Venturini, C3 Club, winner of the Evaluation Contest;
Cheryl Ketchens, Rising Star Club, winner of the
International Speech Contest; Todd Lancaster; Rebecca
Area 13:
International Speech Contest
1st Place: Ryan Humphrey, Auto Owners
2nd Place: Michael Barrel, Curwood
3rd Place: Joy Archer, Curwood
Evaluation Contest
1st Place: Ryan Humphrey, Auto Owners
2nd Place: Susan Baldwin, Curwood
3rd Place: Faith Cooper, Auto Owners
*Thanks to Sue Maul, C-Division Governor, for providing the contest photos!
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
The following Toastmasters in E Division completed educational awards in District 62 last month:
Rachel Jacobs
Elvin McKenney
Mary Anne Dobson
Oliver Johnson
Lorrie Ito
Timiya Banks
Elvin McKenney
Jeannie Dellar
Menahem Lender
Megan Donaldson
Baker Buzzz
Greater Flint Club
Greater Flint Club
Hemlock Talk
Mount Pleasant Club
Greater Flint Club
Greater Flint Club
Midland Club
Hemlock Talk
Wednesday Speakers Circle
E-DIV Distinguished Club Standings: Top 3
1.Tuesday Talkers Toastmasters (Area 15) 9 points
2. Saginaw Harvey Spaulding (Area 16)
3. Greater Flint (Area 11)
6 points
E-Div Clubs that Need Coaches:
112691 - Baker Buzzz
1586683 - Find Your Voice
If interested in assisting as a coach,
please contact your Area Governor,
District Governor, or Tammy Slavik,
Club Coach Chairperson at
[email protected]
or 989.370.2757.
My apologies for the error that appeared in last month’s newsletter. I do my best to eliminate them,
but some just find a way to sneak back in. Thank you for your understanding!
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
The following Toastmasters in S Division completed educational awards in District 62 last month:
Robert Budesky
Peggy McCourry
Carla Dey
Lynda Kistler
Katharina von Kennel
Dennis Wood
Timothy Lomas
Michelle Steffes
Amy Tefft
Cindy Lang
Kathy Cameron
Allen Hight
Thomas Lynema
Kate Burns
Judy Hartgerink
Galesburg Toastmasters
Gun Lake Toastmasters
Whirlpool Club
Goodwill Industries
Stryker Toastmasters
Kellogg’s Toastmasters
Gun Lake Toastmasters
Gun Lake Toastmasters
Gun Lake Toastmasters
Goodwill Industries
Lakeland Toastmasters
Logistics Center Toastmasters
Gun Lake Toastmasters
Orbicular Orators
Transformed Toastmasters
S-DIV Distinguished Club Standings: Top 3
1. Lakeland Toastmasters (Area 21)
2. Gun Lake Toastmasters (Area 9)
3. Logistics Center (Area 4)
3. Kalamazoo Club (Area 8)
8 points
7 points
6 points
6 points
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
The following Toastmasters in W Division completed educational awards in District 62 last month:
Margaret Sieh
Elisabet Pons
Tami Lynn Sims
Noreen Savage
Laurel Freshour
Rocky Nichols
Cynthia Bailey
Henry Bouman
Janet Broadbent
Margaret Sieh
Paula Oja
Margaret Sieh
Margaret Sieh
Kimberly Rich
West Michigan Advanced
Amway Soapbox
BDO Club
Lunch Bunch Club
Lakeshore Club
Toast of the Town
Toast of the Town
Amway Soapbox
Toast of the Town
Amway Soapbox
Toast of the Town
West Michigan Advanced
North Kent Community Club
W-DIV Distinguished Club Standings: Top 3
1. Amway Soapbox Club (Area 1)
1. GVSU Club (Area 18)
3. Lakeshore (Area 19)
8 points
8 points
7 points
W-Div clubs that need coaches:
1995 – Cadillac Area Toastmasters
9371 – Tri-City Club
7910 – White Lake Club
352 - Cascade Engineering Club
If interested in assisting as a coach,
please contact your Area Governor,
District Governor, or Tammy Slavik,
Club Coach Chairperson at
[email protected]
or 989.370.2757.
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
Toastmasters Goes to High School
by Elaine Warakomski, VP PR, Midland Toastmasters & Jeannie Dellar
Over the past 4 years the Midland Toastmasters Club has worked with both Midland
High and Dow High School Sales & Marketing teachers to present an 8 week Youth
Leadership program which is a scaled down version of a Toastmasters meeting.
Midland Toastmasters Jeannie Dellar, Tracey Meyette, Chris Egan and Jim Graczyk
have all helped bring the program to the schools.
Throughout the course students are encouraged to practice skills familiar to every Toastmaster. They
initially vote for Officers and eventually are able to run the meetings almost on their own.
"Our focus is to offer public speaking and evaluation skills for the students and give them a chance to
practice what they learn," shared Jeannie Dellar, a member of the Midland Toastmasters Club and
co-facilitator of the program.
After the very first speech, students showed improvement based on comments given from their
classmates. In addition they became more comfortable with each other. As one student put it, “There
is a greater sense of respect among us now.”
"People took constructive criticism well," reflected Lydia. Dellar added," Thoughtful evaluations
encourage growth and are a key aspect of the program."
A sense of camaraderie among class members came as a bonus to many students. "I think it really
brought all of us closer," shared Eilah Nanny, "Our friendships have gotten stronger because of the
personal level of speech topics."
Saeed also reflected on the value of sharing personal stories. "I got to know more people in my class.
I don't think anyone really knew me much either. They didn't know what I liked or what I do. Now, in
some ways, they do."
Ben and Justin shared specific skills they learned from the program such as attention-getting
introductions and closings that call the listener to action. They also commented on the lifetime
benefits of becoming a better, more confident speaker.
Alexa’s experience is similar to that of so many adult Toastmasters. "I used to be very scared to
speak up in groups. I would never raise my hand before the program began," she confessed. "I used
to freeze up but now it's easy."
The Youth Leadership program is opening new doors for the students who are participating in this
program– perhaps even more than they know.
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
Is Your Club’s Website Ready to SPARKLE?
by Carol Prahinski, DTM, Past District Governor
Get your websites polished by May 5th to win the SPARKLE contest. All clubs with a
website are eligible.
Research has shown that community clubs that have a website connected to “Find a club” on
Toastmasters International (TI) website have average three members greater than clubs that
don’t have a website connected to “Find a club.” With that in mind, we shall provide some
awards to encourage a sparkling salutation to your club with a sincere and stimulating
All clubs are eligible and will be considered for the Sparkle Contest. To make the first judging hurdle, the club
website must include at least four of the following six criteria:
Link to TI website
Link to D62 website
Link from “Find a club” on TI website
Working email address and/or phone number on the club website
Inclusion of required disclaimer: “The information on this website is for the sole use of Toastmasters’
members, for Toastmasters business only. It is not to be used for solicitation and distribution of
non-Toastmasters material or information.”
Inclusion of club mission statement
For more information on the appropriate use of TI intellectual property, see Policy and Protocol 4.2
(page 159+) for more information. Additional criteria will be presented by late January. It will include additional
aspects that make a club website welcoming and professional, such as the active use of “Meet our members,”
detailed directions to the club meeting, customized photos, the calendar, elimination of errors and/or dead
links, and having a kudos or brag page.
The top 5 websites will be promoted on TI’s LinkedIn page, D62 Facebook pages and D62 Newsletter.
The winning club website will be promoted at the main Toastmasters Leadership Institute at the end of
(Pending approval) A letter from our International Director to the winning club congratulating your club
on your success in the Sparkle website contest
Promotion of the top club on the D62 website home page
Promotion of the top club in the D62 Newsletter
Evaluation of the club websites will begin on May 5th. Your club website is a team project.
Have fun and enjoy!
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
by Susan Franck, Conference Chair
District 62 Spring Conference in Jackson Michigan: News You Can Use!
The Spring Conference is just 2 weeks away! May 1-3, 2015
The Theme is: The Story in You!
Do you like hearing a good story? In my opinion, a good story transports me into another person’s experience
and gives me something to learn from, think about later and is entertaining. The story opens my imagination
and helps me to consider something from another’s point of view – it might even motivate me to do or stop
doing something. That’s powerful.
There is a powerful story(s) inside of you. Are you sharing it? Do you know what that story is or how to share
it? That is why you want to come to the District 62 Spring Conference.
At the Spring Conference, you will hear two compelling guest speakers with incredible personal stories and
they will help you to define the ‘Story in You’. The first is Mohammed Murad, Toastmasters International
President from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the second is our keynote speaker Kelly Swanson from
North Carolina.
On Kelly’s website, http://www.kellyswanson.net/, she talks about teaching you how to Harness the Power of
Your Story to Connect, Influence, and Get Results.
She writes, “Our ability to work at our highest level, set goals and achieve them, find passion and purpose in
what we do, and not kill ourselves in the process, is dependent on the story line running through our head. The
script we give ourselves will lead our actions and behaviors. That’s the inner script.
Our ability to sell more, deliver better customer service, lead more effectively, and be more successful, hinges
on our ability to connect with those we serve. That’s the outer script. I can help with both.”
Kelly will be helping us with our stories on Friday night and Sunday morning. On Saturday night, we get to
enjoy her comedy keynote. This is a great date night.... who can YOU bring?
Mohammed Murad will be with us the entire conference and on Saturday will be sharing some great lessons on
bringing out our leadership potential using our stories.
This is only the beginning of the storied treasures you will uncover during the Spring Conference.
Sign up today!
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
Spring Conference Checklist
1. Pre-Register for the Spring
Conference by next Friday,
April 22 if you want to eat.
Registration includes all of
your meals! What a deal!
FYI- Conference volunteersneed to register too.
2. Book your Hotel Room: If
there are rooms still remaining
the cost is $107 per night (plus
$23 in taxes/fees).
Click here to book room.
3. Plan to bring your family!
Click here for list of activities.
Use registration form for
Saturday evening activities $30 per person
Contests are free.
4. Take a picture of your club
members in front of your club
banner. Send to Paula Oja
Photos on or before
Wednesday, April 23rd.
5. Plan to vote in the District
Business meeting.
Bring Proxy if Club President
and/or VP of Education
cannot attend.
Click here for Proxy and get
it signed at your next
meeting so you are ready to
Spring Conference Educational Presentations:
Creating an Effective Multi-Generational Workplace
Presented by: Rhonda Oyer, CC CL
While not a new issue, generational differences sometimes create
conflict. Those of us in the workplace today face a unique challenge with
four generations currently working. Much has been written on this issue,
but how do we go about “Creating an Effective Multi-Generational
Workplace”? This presentation will focus on exploring some of the
challenges and benefits that exist with this generational diversity and
what we can do to encourage teamwork, foster communication, and
draw on the strengths each generation offers to our team.
Working Internationally: Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Global
Gal or Guy?
Presented by: Alan Headbloom
As a global communications consultant, Alan Headbloom advises
relocation managers to look beyond mere technical expertise when
filling overseas positions. Whether the posts are filled by Americans
going abroad or internationals coming to work in the U.S., there are
three things expatriates will require for a successful assignment:
flexibility, humility and willingness to work really hard. In this
presentation, Alan will talk about why it’s so difficult to live and work
inter-culturally but why it’s essential to bring a global skillset to the table
in the 21st century.
Are You Surviving or Thriving?
Presented by: Jan Janke and Craig Carrel
We will equip you to create more energy and more joy in your life. You
will identify your passion and develop an actionable plan. You will leave
this interactive workshop on the path to pursuing your passion….
Empowered to THRIVE!
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
Spring Conference Checklist
6. Make a list of club supplies
to purchase at the bookstore
and send list here so supplies
can be ready for your pick up.
Clear your calendar for May 1-3
and bring your family too!
There are many activities and local attractions for your family to enjoy
while you are at the conference. Our local Toastmasters have created a
whole list for you to choose from and you will find it on the District
Conference webpage
7. Plan to carpool!
This week at your club
meeting, encourage another
member of your club to
come with you!
The main attraction is the 28th annual Jackson Storyfest. Held the first
weekend of May each year, Storytellers from all over the United States
bring their special stories to Jackson, Michigan. Audiences of all ages
will share in the laughter, the tears, and the memories. This Storyfest
was the inspiration for our conference theme!
You may be able to share a
hotel room and the costs
Additionally, the Jackson area Toastmasters have crafted three special
‘after’ events for you and your family to experience after the conference
ends on Sunday. Again you will find more information by clicking here.
Priorities of our District Conference:
To Learn, Laugh, be Lively and Timely.
Show incredible hospitality to District Toastmasters, Guests, and Dignitaries visiting Jackson
Extensive PR promotion to the community and around Jackson County to promote conference &
recruit new members.
Provide communication and leadership training opportunities for participants in support of the
district mission.
Provide opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas.
Provide recognition and celebration of district/member accomplishments.
To conduct the district's semi-annual business meeting
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
District Election Process
by Marcia Bednar ACS, ALB via Carol Prahinski DTM
According to our bylaws, we must meet twice a year to conduct district business. The main purpose of the
conference is the business meeting. In the spring, we vote on the proposed alignment of clubs, district officer
elections and other district business. For the elections, we vote eight times – one for each office:
 District Director (currently Governor)
 Club Quality Director (currently Lt. Governor Education and Training)
 Club Growth Director (currently Lt. Governor Marketing)
 - Five Division Directors (currently Governors) C, E, S, W, and N
Every Club President and Club VP Education receives the opportunity to submit one vote each. Other
individuals who are eligible to vote include certain members of the District Executive Committee (current
holders of elected positions, Area Governors, District Treasurer, District Secretary and District Public Relations
Officer). At this time, we have 88 active clubs in the District; each club has two votes.
If the Club President or Club VP Education is unable to attend the business meeting, he or she can assign a
proxy (a document which gives the holder the right to vote on their behalf) to another member of his/her club
who plans to attend the annual business meeting. These proxies are important to make sure we have
adequate club representation to conduct business.
The annual business meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 2 at 2:00 pm. All voting members of the district
must register with the Credentials Chair, Marcia Bednar, prior to 1:00 pm. Attendance at the business meeting
is free for all Toastmasters and strongly encouraged.
The Proxy for our District Business Meeting
District 62 Toastmasters Business Meeting – PROXY
May 3, 2015
Commonwealth Commerce Center Ballroom, 209 E. Washington Ave., Jackson MI 49201
Club Name _______________________________________________________Club No. _____________
I hereby appoint _______________________________________________________________________
to vote as Club proxy at the District level business meeting stated above.
Title: (Check one) ___Club President ___Club Vice President Education
Date: _____________________________
(See instructions on next page)
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
District Election Process Continued…
Importance of proxies: Proxies play a key part in the success of business meetings at the District and
International Conferences. Proxies are the mechanism by which clubs can ensure their voice is heard in
decisions made at the District and International level within Toastmasters. They also count toward establishing
a quorum for the business meeting held during the Spring and Fall Conferences. This particular proxy is
ONLY used for the District level business meetings.
Each club is entitled to two votes. One vote is held by the President and the other by the VP Education. Each
District Officer has one vote. The President, VP Education and District Officers make up the District Council.
The best choice is to BE PRESENT at these meetings, avoiding the need for a proxy. If however, you cannot
attend, then it is VERY important you complete your proxy and have someone from your club (an active dues
paid member) carry it to the meeting as your representative. It is important for your club’s voice to be heard –
please plan on sending at least 2 people from your club to attend the Conference and cast their vote at
the business meeting.
Either the Club President or the Club Vice President Education may designate, in writing (using this form or
other written communication, including e-mail) any active member in good standing of the Club to act as a
proxy or proxies, and cast one or both ballots of the Club at the District Council Business Meeting. In the event
one of those Officers is not in attendance at the meeting and has not designated, in writing an active
member of the Club to act as proxy or proxies of the Club at any Council meeting, the other Officer in
attendance may cast two votes. No other proxies shall be valid at any such meeting.
Each member of the District Council or Club proxy for the Club President or Vice President Education in
attendance is entitled to one vote. Any active member who carries the proxies of both the Club President and
the Vice President Education from the Club is entitled to two votes: and any such Toastmaster who is also a
member of the District Executive Committee is entitled to three votes (if they are President, VP Education or
their proxy, plus their District Executive status). All other Toastmasters shall be limited to a maximum of two
votes regardless of the number of Clubs to which they belong. The maximum number of votes that any
Toastmaster may cast is three, regardless of the number of Clubs to which the Toastmaster belongs.
The appointed proxy-holder must present this proxy form at the Credentials Desk at least 1 hour prior
to the District Council meeting on Saturday, May 2, 2015
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
!!! District 62 Helper Reminders !!!
Bookstore Help Sought
Douglas Brinker, ALS, ACB, District 62 Bookstore Manager
This year, helpers are desperately needed to assist with bookstore operations during the
Spring Conference during the hours of operation as well as during set-up and tear-down.
You can contact Douglas Brinker, District 62 Bookstore Manager at
[email protected] or Amy Moored if you’d be willing to lend a hand.
Calling All Writers
Michael Barrel, CC, CL, District 62 Newsletter Editor
The District 62 newsletter is in need of quality articles that promote District 62 Toastmasters.
What does your club, area, or division have to celebrate? This includes, but is not limited to, new
club charters, open houses, officer changes, new members, and members celebrating educational
awards or working on leadership projects. Please include your division in the text.
Photos, photos, photos! Nothing makes a bland, text-heavy newsletter more welcoming than the
smiling faces of Toastmasters in action.
Please consider submitting an article soon. If you have suggestions for the newsletter, please submit
those as well. All submissions can be made to [email protected]
Attention Shutterbugs!
Paula Oja, District 62 Photographer
I need your help to take photographs of the events in your division and/or area. If you are interested in helping
your area, division and district document events please send me your name via email to
[email protected] Please state your area and division. If you’ve taken photographs of events this
past Toastmaster’s year (2014-15) please send the photographs to me at [email protected] and
they’ll go into the 62 district photo archives. Thank you for your help. Your fellow Toastmasters and I
appreciate your assistance!
Paula Oja, District 62 Photographer
[email protected]
District 62 Newsletter
April, 2015
Here are some ideas for May themed
meetings, table topics, or open houses:
Star Wars Day: How about bringing the
power of the force to your meeting the week
of May 4th?
Try this for your word of the month…
Mom: Reminisces of mom, the joys and
frustrations of being a modern mom, or
quotes about motherhood might make a
great Mom’s Day meeting!
Just begun and so not fully formed or
developed; rudimentary
National Bike Month: Consider hitting the
trail with your two wheeler in your next
It was time to deliver my speech, yet my
hands trembled for I knew that it was still
Other May observations and celebrations
to consider:
Definition courtesy of google.com
May 1 - Mother Goose Day
May 5- National Teachers Day
May 8- Military Spouses Day/ V-E Day
May 8- World Red Cross/Crescent Day
May 9- Lost Sock Memorial Day
May 10- Clean up Your Room Day
May 11- Twilight Zone Day
May 12- International Nurse’s Day
May 14- Dance like a Chicken Day
May 15- Peace Officers Memorial Day
May 17- Rat Pack Day
May 20- Be a Millionaire Day
May 25- National Missing Children’s Day
“Anticipate the difficult
by managing the easy.”
-Lao Tzu
District 62
Please direct news article submissions/ photographs to: [email protected]
Connect with us on social media!