NC#14 Week 5 - St Joseph`s Nudgee College

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Paul Begg
Dean of Students
23 MAY - VOLUME 37 - NO 14
Dear Parents and Guardians,
“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation,
which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” Confucius
23 MAY
Cattle Club : Maryborough Show
The road to wisdom is a challenging one. I think as parents we all bear the scars of experience, but in so doing
have certainly developed wisdom. Our sons are similarly on their path to wisdom garner knowledge and
enlightenment using those very same tools - reflection, imitation and wisdom.
24 MAY
Mary Help of Christians
GPS Tennis Junior Photos
25 MAY
Mother & Year 12 Student Luncheon
26 MAY
National Sorry Day
27 MAY
College Assembly
Met North Cross Country
29 MAY
Feast of the Ascension
Year 9 Retreat, 9.00am to 7.00pm
31 MAY
NCOBA Jack Ross Gala Dinner
Please refer to calendar on the website for more information
As a school community we are called to develop wisdom as well. To ensure that the path to developing young
men of good character, robust abilities and a discerning intellect includes these three key growth tools.
Experience is the daily challenge of class, of relationships and of emotions. Imitation is by providing great role
models in our staff and also in of older students as they present models of behaviour and conduct and finally
reflection challenging who I am, what do I do and why. This third one is often difficult for teenagers and our
spirituality and formation programs are catalysts to reflective practice but the recent student mental health selfreflection survey was a very important method of allowing students the time to ask“How am I going?”.
The results of the survey have been presented over the last three newsletters with analysis of the data and ideas
on how as a College we will respond to areas of concern. This analysis has two remaining weeks and I certainly
hope parents have garnered good information about your son, the Nudgee College community and the value
of formation and positive wellbeing in your sons’lives. Past issues are available for your review. In our survey boys
were able to reflect and articulate upon their teachers, their peers, school life, their coping abilities and how they
are supported. They could also tell their stories; their experience or witness to bullying and if ever they have been
called upon to challenge it, the notion of being a bystander and how they responded to that call.
There were many wonderful results but I’d like to share your son’s thoughts on his teachers. Boys reported that
their teachers first and foremost wanted them to succeed that they seemed to enjoy teaching and Nudgee life.
That their teachers cared about them and were interested in who they were. Over 95% of the 554 respondents
indicated this of the people who are charged with the daily care and education of your child. But there were boys
who reported feelings of negativity and disappointment. We are constantly mindful of this and address this as
best we can. Accepting less than perfection allows us to relax and be satisfied. Reality says we may never be at
100% but as a community we will continue to focus on and professionally develop our staff so that they can
always be at their best and achieve their own professional goals. We always knew, but now have it confirmed, our
teachers are our greatest resource.
In conclusion – why do we bother? How does a students attitudes impact on the educative function of school
and his 8 year journey fromYear 5 toYear 12.To explain I’ll draw on the wisdom of 18th century rights and freedom
author and activist Thomas Paine - “I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress,
and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience
approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” Thomas Paine
If education is the ultimate goal of St Joseph’s Nudgee College then it is our sole purpose to form young men
that graduate with a firm heart, a strong conscience and one whom holds his principles till his death. As each
boy departs to his next chapter he has been truly educated and truly understands that to be‘real’he must always
remain Signum Fidei.
Paul Begg - Dean of Students
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Erin Wedge
Dean of Identity
We are an Easter People and alleluia is our song!!
We continue to live out our Easter calling in the liturgical season of Easter. With only two more weeks until Pentecost, we are
reminded that we live in hope, and break open the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection is not just something that
happened for Jesus 2000 years ago. It is something bringing to life goodness, graciousness, mercy and love, that in the end, heals
all wounds, forgives all sins, and brings deadness of all kinds of new life.
In the Easter season, let us remind ourselves that God never overpowers. God’s power in this world is never the power of force, of
speed, or physical attractiveness or of brilliance. Instead, God’s power is more muted, more helpless, more shamed, more humbled,
more marginalised, more of service. It’s language it pure love, only love and always love.
It lies at a deeper level, at the ultimate base of things and it will in the end, gently have the final say. This is the good news of the
resurrection of Jesus and thus, as an Easter people, alleluia is our song!
Mother and Son Lunch and Edmund Rice Dinner
This weekend the some staff at Nudgee College will attend the Edmund Rice Dinner at the Brisbane Convention Centre. This dinner
is organised by Edmund Rice International to raise awareness and funds for a variety of relief funds run by the Christian Brothers in
various parts of the world.
On Sunday, the Seniors of 2014 will share lunch with their Mothers at the Annual Mother and Son Lunch at Victoria Park Golf Club.
All Seniors must wear full school winter uniform with blazers to this function.
Emmaus Retreat – The Year 9 Retreat
The Year 9 retreat is held next week on Thursday 29th May. All Year 9 parents have been emailed information about this retreat. If
you have not received an email please contact the Edmund Rice Centre.
Boys are expected to be at school on Thursday to participate in this compulsory day of retreat and reflection. This Emmaus Retreat
allows our Year 9 students to take time out of their busy schedule to reflect upon their prayer life and become aware of their God
amidst their lives. This retreat is one of the important elements of the spiritual development provided by the College.
All students will gather at the McKennariey Centre at PC and board buses for 4 different venues. The retreat will conclude with the
students being returned to the College McKennariey Centre at 7.00pm. Please make arrangements for your son to be picked up at
this later time.
The students will be divided into house groups and attend four different venues as follows:
Barrett and Duggan
Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, Ormiston
Fogarty and Ross
Mercy Place, Bardon
Riley and Tierney
Emmaus Centre, Banyo
Magee, McKenna and Shaw
Riverglenn, Indooroopilly
It is an expectation that all Year 9 students attend this retreat as part of the holistic education
program provided by the College. Students are to wear free dress with closed in shoes and to
bring with them a hat and water bottle.
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Erin Wedge
Dean of Identity
Community Requests
Baby Supplies for Refugees
Refugee support agencies have put out a plea for baby clothes, and other baby goods and accessories to help support the large
number of pregnant asylum seekers in the local community. If you have any of these items you are happy to donate please deliver
them to the Edmund Rice Centre at the College.
Support for Local Resident
Communify have requested help in supporting an elderly man with dementia and his wife living near the College to do odd jobs
around the home and garden. If a group of students and / or parents would like to help out please contact:
Mr Ellison email: [email protected]
Entertainment Books – Work and Welcome Project
To raise money for the Work and Welcome Project we are again selling this year’s Entertainment Book. To help us raise enough
money to employ a refugee at the College in Term Four please order your book online at
orderbooks/221e696. This year you can purchase the book as an iPhone app, or you can collect the actual book from the finance
office at the College.
Thank you for your continued support of our community outreach programs.
Mr Mark Ellison
Director of Justice and Peace
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
David Johnston
Dean of Learning and Teaching
Everything is “On The Line”
Over the past 18 months the College has made a very conscious and planned move toward developing technology to support
learning. Many College activities occur “on the line.” For anyone who has watched the movie The Internship, you will know I am
incorrectly referring to the internet and everything being “on line.” One of the main characters in the movie is struggling to work
with computers, google and the internet and constantly refers to things being “on the line.” The movie is a light comedy and
did not get great reviews, but it does paint a great picture of the divide that exists between the youth of today and some of us a
little older who are having to work hard to understand technology and keep up with the continual change. Nudgee College has
undergone significant technological changes in recent times. These include:
The introduction of a system of Continuous Online Reporting. At any time of the year a parent or carer is able to see when an assessment task is due, the assessment criteria, the result and a comment relating directly to the task providing feedback on their son’s performance.
Digital summary reports, the first one to be issued at the end of this semester, that provide a summary of the semester’s academic progress.
Google calendars for each student, which can be viewed by parents and caregivers, allowing them to monitor homework and assigned tasks. This has seen the SRB replaced by the online calendar.
The introduction of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. This program aims to improve student engagement and
communication, enables peer interaction and extends the place and time of learning, not restricting learning to the classroom.
It is clear that technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Students today are adept at using mobile touch screen technologies such as
iPads and smart phones, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The College is continually looking to incorporate these
technologies and even aspects of social media in the classroom to improve student motivation and learning. Because of the rapid
evolution of technology, current research is limited and can become outdated in a few short years as the technology changes.
What is not changing is the students’ widespread use of these technologies and the use of social media on a daily basis outside
of school. Research has suggested that implementing technology to enhance and improve student learning creates a positive
learning atmosphere for most students.
Typically, as far as Hollywood movies go, the main characters in The Internship overcome the technological divide that exists
between them and their younger colleagues and learn how to use the technologies available to them to advance their careers. I
would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to go on the line and use the google calendar, take advantage of the online reporting
system and stay in touch with the College through the website. It can only be a positive for the boys to see that we are all lifelong
learners. And please, if you are having any issues with the College technology, contact us and let us help you.
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Ken Mitchell
Director of Boarding
Reflections of a Nudgee Boarder
Over the last two weeks, we have hosted representatives from EREA who have come to speak to a wide range of staff regarding
Nudgee and how it operates. They asked the boarding team today to describe what the boarding houses feel like and also what the
boys are like. I thought I’d start by sharing some of the responses from other Heads of Boarding Houses and my own thoughts. We
described our boarders as being welcoming, spirited, funny, having a great sense of pride in their college, loyal and good mates.
The actual houses were described as being calm, friendly, welcoming, caring and a community or family. I was extremely proud to
have been given the time to reflect on what we do and how privileged I am to be able to care for you sons. That is how we feel as
staff here in Boarding - privileged to be a part of the lives of so many fine young men.
What will be even better from next term is that we have physical surrounds to match the quality of staff and the boarders. Stage
One is due for completion on the 16th July which is the first week back next term. This will mean Hodda and Murphy boys will be
moving some time after that. Whilst it will be exciting to move we will need all boarders to take everything with them at the end
of the term. This will ensure builders can access where they need to and also so the boys aren’t taking a few years worth of built up
gear with them into the new buildings. Please start planning how you will empty your son’s room over the next month.
Boarding Page
Again, please look at the Boarding Page for any news or information regarding boarding here at the College. Also, I’d encourage you
to use your sons’ Google Calendar to help him be organised and on top of things leading into the second half of the term.
Boys’ Education
Boys get criticised a lot for not being good communicators, being destructive, lacking the ability to sit still for long periods of time
and for under estimating the amount of work they need to do whilst over estimating what grades they will receive. Ever noticed
that? Sometimes this is absolutely true but regardless, they need our help and our understanding. If you think you need help or
would like to read further on the topic of boys, please look up authors like Steve Bidhulph, Dr Ian Lillico and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.
They all provide excellent material, stories, advice and suggestions that will really help you and your son.
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Chris Cawley
Director of Junior School
Junior School Assembly this week.
This week at the Junior School Assembly we celebrated two areas of
excellence: our Big Brothers and Principal Award recipients.
The Junior PC groups are truly blessed with the most wonderful and
dedicated Big Brothers a Junior School could ask for. This week on assembly
we recognised the enormous contribution they make to our youngest
students. I asked each PC to write comments on the Year 12 boys and time
and time again the message was clear, they are great role models. The Junior
School boys have limited interaction with the older students and these young
men certainly ensure their PC each day is a positive experience. I thank them
for their continued commitment to our youngest students.
“So far you have been the best Big Brothers and I’ve had so much fun. I can’t wait for the fun we are going to have in the rest of the year
and I hope you keep it up. I hope you enjoy it with us.” (Year 5 student)
Principal Award Recipients Term 1
This week on assembly we also acknowledged our
Principal Award recipients for Term 1. These students have
demonstrated a willingness to give their best in all facets of
their learning. I congratulate the following students:
Tyler Wolfe 5C
Rowan Burton 5D
Declan Townsend 5H
Maximus Morrow-Woods 5R
Lachlan Doherty 5S
Patrick McGillion 5T
Daniel Kuskie 6B
Isaac Babao 6C
Bevan McNicholl 6H
Oliver Smeaton 6S
Luca Romano 6Z
Year 6 Excursion
This week as part of our Year 6 Religious Education Unit students had two
very different religious experiences. We visited the Jewish Synagogue in
Mary Street followed by a celebration of the Eucharist and tour at the
Cathedral of St Stephen. As this is the spiritual home of Brisbane Catholics
and also the birth place of St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, from which
we developed, it was indeed a wonderful day. For boys to see much of
what we have discussed in class in both the Synagogue and Cathedral was
indeed rewarding. It was a wonderful sight, and was acknowledged to me
by many members of the congregation, to see over 120 Nudgee students in
full blue and white, front and centre at our Cathedral.
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Greg Thorne
Director of Activties - Sport & Culture
Cross Country
Last Friday we hosted the weekly competition, with the GPS teams being joined by runners from St. Patrick’s, St. Columban’s and
Nudgee Junior. Races from 10 years through to 17 years were contested over the afternoon on a wet course thanks to a half hour
downpour just prior to the meet. The Primary Nudgee boys had great numbers and ran well on the home course. In the 10 years
Alex Kluck, Henry Cliff and Malachi Tuck scored a trifecta, and Lewis Cammack won the 11 years boys also.
Scoring in the Secondary section was close, with the afternoon seeing Nudgee winning the 14 years and 16 years, and coming
second in the 13, 15, and Opens. This amounted to a close meet win from GT and BGS.
The following boys were in the top ten places. Hayden Cotter, Stephen Lean and Ryley Robertson in the 13’s, Nelson Birogi (1st) and
Ben Molineux in the 14’s, Michael O’Sullivan and Fin Martinez-Bennett in the 15’s, David Lean (2nd), Hayden Barrett, Yousif Birogi and
Jack Donovan in the 16’s, and Jordan Pizzica (3rd) and John Lean in the Open 6km.
Congratulations to all the boys on some fine running.
A huge thank you to all the parents and staff who braved the wet to man the officials posts, and to those who helped in the canteen.
Mrs Maureen Toohey
Head of Cross Country
Upcoming Cross Country Events
Friday May 23
Tuesday May 27
Friday May 30
Minnippi Parklands BSHS race
Met North Championships St Paul’s Bald Hills
Limestone Park, Ipswich – last meet before GPS
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Greg Thorne
Director of Activties - Sport & Culture
Nudgee Rugby Gala Ball
Please see the below (and again further in this newsletter) for date claimer.
Rugby Sign On
Rugby sign on is now open for our Term 3 competition season. Please encourage your son to sign on as soon as possible, this
will help with confirmation of team numbers, coaches etc. You will also find information regarding age groups on the Portal. As a
reminder boys play in the age group they turn in 2014 ie a boy turning 13 in 2014 plays in the U13’s. Sign on will close Monday 2nd
2014 All Age Rugby Camp
Please find the All Age Rugby Camp form and details on the College Portal under Rugby
rugby. Places will close Friday 13th June.
Mr Anthony Connellan
Director of Rugby
Nudgee Rugby Gala Ball
26th July
7pm - late
Grand Ballroom
Eatons Hill Hotel
supported by
Book a table and
help support the
A fabulous night of
fine food, live
entertainment and
charity auction.
Limited tickets
available, so secure
table today.
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Greg Thorne
Director of Activties - Sport & Culture
Nudgee College V Churchie
Last Saturday saw some very close matches across all of the grades. The 8A’s fought hard all day to eventually lose a very tight
contest by two games while the 10B’s team of Andrew Deshon, Campbell McCoy, Lewis Begg and Myles Andrew forced a 34all draw
with their Churchie opponents. Both the 10C’s and 10D’s won their matches with the team all working well together in the doubles.
The 16A’s were also victorious and didn’t drop a match all day against the Churchie team. The 5A’s team of Zachary Paulik, Eamon
Gerrard-Stace, Declan Townsend and Edward Launchberry also won again showing that they will be a force to reckon with this
The firsts four took the match to the more favoured Churchie team and were two matches all after the doubles however could not
reproduce that form in their singles to eventually lose six matches to two.
Mr Gary Stickler
Open 1st
Open 2nd
Open 3rd
Open 4th
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Notice board
Book Hire
All Year 7 students - Black Snake novel & History 7 text are due to be returned to Book Hire by Friday 13 June (before camp week).
Returns due by end of Term 2:
All Year 8 students - ICE-EM Book 1 text .
All Yr 9 Maths & Delta Maths students - ICE-EM Book 1.
The replacement cost of any overdue copies will be charged to school fees.
Please be advised that the following resources are to be returned to Book Hire by Friday 20 June (end of term):
All Yr 7 students - Black Snake novel & History 7 text.
All Year 8 students - ICE-EM Book 1.
All Yr 9 English students - “Nanberry” novel.
All Yr 9 Modified English students - “Dougy” novel.
All Yr 9 Maths & Delta Maths students - ICE-EM Book 1.
All Yr 9 students - History 9 texts.
All Yr 10 Drama students - “Juice” play.
All Yr 11 English students - “Lord Of The Flies” or “The Crucible”.
All Yr 12 English students - “Macbeth” play.
The replacement cost of any copies that remain outstanding as at end of Week 1 Term 3 will be charged to school fees. Thank you for
your assistance,
Mrs Michelle Grieve.
Book Hire Coordinator
Bus Run Change to Bus Run 10
Until further notice, Bus 10 will be diverted from its current Telegraph Road to Nudgee College route onto a Ridley Road and Beams
Road to Nudgee College route both for the AM and PM school runs.
This change is to due to bus runs 1 (Eatons Hill), 5 (Samford) and 9 (Cashmere) overloading.
All students in Beams Road and Ridley Road who normally catch these buses, please be advised you may be required to catch bus 10
if directed.
Timings for these changes will be minimal.
Mrs Tanya King
Marketing Manager
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Notice board
Locker Room - Opening Hours and Contact Details
Opening hours
Monday - Friday 8.00am to 11.00 am & 12.45pm - 4.00pm
Please respect our closed and opening times.
A good way to contact the locker room is by email: [email protected] both Jo and Carol can pick up emails form this
address. You can email at night re any information for your son as we look at emails before we open up the shop each day.
Locker Room - Important Washing Information for Track Tops
When washing the track suits especially the tops can you please make sure you follow washing instructions which are on the label
inside the jacket.
You must wash in cold water.
Remove from machine immediately after the wash (do not let it sit in machine wet)
No fabric softener.
Do not bleach
Do not dryclean
Our suggestion also is for the first wash to wash separately.
Sorry but our supplier will not exchange any items that run.
Locker Room - Drycleaning of Blazers
The locker room has a company which will assist in the pick up and drop off blazers to be drycleaned the pickup and drop off days are
Tuesdays and Thursdays. By 9.00 am. The cost of this is $9.00 to be paid on collection of blazer.
Locker Room - Soccer Shorts
We now have some more stock of soccer shorts size 32, 30, 28.
Locker Room - Supporters Clothing
Items for sales in locker room:
Long Sleeve Cotton button up shirts Mens and Ladies $65
Short Sleeve Polo Mens and Ladies $46
Vests Polar Fleecy Mens and Ladies $45
Jackets Polar Fleecy Mens and Ladies $55
White Supporters Cap $20
Nudgee College Scarf $25
Golf Nudgee Umbrellas (Galeforce) $35
Ladies Auto compact Umbrellas $30 (Great for hand bag or school bag)
Mens Auto compact Umbrellas (Wooden handle) $35
All these items are on the college website:
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Notice board
Locker Room - 2nd Hand Clothing
Reminder re 2nd hand clothing: The college accepts 2nd hand clothing on consignment only. Items of clothing must still be in good
condition. No marks on clothing, no seams split on shorts and trousers, winter shirts the logo must not be faded, blazers must not be
faded, holes, sleeves frayed. You will need to print off a form which is on the webiste under locker room. down the bottom of this page there is a PDF form to print. Can
you please fill out this form and bring in with your clothing. Payment for items sold are credited to school fees.
Reminder with buying 2nd hand clothing. There is no exchange or refund of any 2nd hand items. Once the item has gone through
the till we can not reverse this sale. Our system will not allow this.
Locker Room - Bleaching White (Winter) Shirts
If you are needing to bleach the white long sleeve shirts. A hint so you can keep the logo blue. Scrunch up the logo together and put
a rubber band around it so it will stay out of the bleached water. Then you will not be bleaching the colour out of the logo.
Locker Room - Important Information Blazers
Blazers will not be in stock to the lockerroom till Monday 2nd June. If there is a change of date we will put this in the newsletter
and let the boys know through student notices. Once again we apologise for the delay but this has been out of our control.
Please remember each boy will need to come in and try on the blazers when they arrive. No blazers have been previously paid
for. You may have left credit card details but we have not processed any payments. Staff are aware of this issue.
Locker Room - Credit Card Form
Credit Card Form - ccv now required
The Locker Room requires every family who has left credit card details with us to fill out a new form. The bank will be changing our
system and we require CCV number to be able to process credit cards. Can you please scan and email back the form URGENTLY to
[email protected]
We have provided the link below to assist:
Mrs Carol Ephraims and Mrs Jo Jackson
The Locker Room
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Notice board
Lost Property
Could the parent who phoned the Student Office in Term One, advising they found a G Shock Watch at an away Cricket match, please
contact Elizabeth Ridgway in the Student Office on 3865 0338.
Date Claimer Music Soiree – Monday 2nd June (Week 7)
The College Cultural Events Committee will be providing a BBQ for Music students prior to the Concert to purchase a Sausage sizzle
for $2 and a can of soft drink for $2 from 5pm onwards.
The purchase of alcohol, soft drinks and chocolates will be available from the bar commencing at 6pm. Complimentary Tea, Coffee,
Water and a few cheese platters will be at the bar area also.
Foyer Solo’s will commence at 6.30pm to 7.00pm with entry in the Tierney Auditorium at 7.00pm with the concert running until
approximately 9.00pm.
ANZCA/AMEB – External Music Exams
Congratulations to the following boys who successfully sat their AMEB External Music Examinations in the past few weeks. The boys
worked hard and achieved great results!
- Clarinet First Grade: Marcus Cutuli
- Saxophone Second Grade: Alexander Evans
Mr Brett Foster
Head of Music
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Notice board
Nudgee College Art Dimensions
Vibrant Brisbane artists’ Kylie Farrelly and Amanda Russian will bring a local perspective to this year’s Art Festival. The Opening Night
Gala will be the best opportunity to secure a piece of art by one of these extraordinary Feature Artists.
Kylie Farrelly is Brisbane born and raised and taught Art as a Secondary School teacher in Queensland High schools. Since having her
children she has established her Art Studio Gallery in Teneriffe. Kylie works mainly in acrylic using a bold colourful palette to capture
the energy she draws from our vibrant city. Kylie, well known for painting recognizable locations within Brisbane’s landscape, will be
painting a “Nudgee Scape” at the Opening Night Gala, which will be offered as one of the many prizes available on the night .
Two Storys by Kylie Farrelly
Amanda Russian, also raised in Brisbane, is a professional artist who has been exhibiting since 1997. She is very accomplished in
oils but enjoys pastels equally. Her art portrays the natural environment integrated with every day activities such as bushwalking,
camping, and fishing. Her love of colour and texture and use of light and shade bring to life these landscapes on canvas.
What about Me by Amanda Russian
Alongside these acclaimed artists will be works of Art from previous winners of the Art competition as well as a variety of local artists
competing for this year’s prizes. Our Nudgee College Art Students, Years 5 to 12, will have their work on display at the Festival. The
Nudgee College Cultural Arts Committee invite all Nudgee families past and present, friends and the wider community to support
this impressive Annual Cultural Event.
23 MAY | VOLUME 37 | NO 14
Lantern Parade
Welcoming New Queenslanders
Friday 6 June 2014
Cultural Forecourt
South bank Parklands
(near the Wheel of
2014/15 Entertainment Book
Helping support the Nudgee College Work and Welcome Program
St Joseph’s Nudgee College is proud to be fundraising for the
Work and Welcome Program, which allows the College to employ a
newly arrived refugee to work for one term.
This program provides a range of experiences for the Work and
Welcome candidate to help them settle into Australian culture and
gain employable skills, while also providing the College community
with a first-hand experience of life as a refugee.
We wouldn’t be able to provide this experience without the support of
families and friends in the College community.
Through the Work and Welcome program we
invited Mr Zulfiqar Ali into our community
You can help us reach our 2014 fundraising goal by purchasing a
copy of the 2014/15 Entertainment Book!
$13 from every book sold will go towards
supporting the Work and Welcome Program
Purchase your 2014/15 Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Surrounds Entertainment™ Memberships
to help us raise funds for Nudgee College.
This year you have a choice – to purchase the popular
Entertainment™ Books or the brand new Entertainment™
Digital Membership, which puts the value of the
Entertainment™ Book into your iPhone or Android
For only $65 enjoy discounts valued at over $20,000 for
restaurants, cafés, hotel accommodation, attractions, and
activities, until June 2015!
To purchase securely online or to order your
Entertainment™ Digital Membership visit:
Your Entertainment Book can be sent via Registered Post (at cost), or you can nominate to pick it up from
the College free of charge. Please indicate which delivery option you would prefer when ordering online.
For further information please contact
Mr Mark Ellison
Director of Justice and Peace
07 3865 0525 [email protected]
Nudgee Rugby Gala Ball
26th July
7pm - late
Grand Ballroom
Eatons Hill Hotel
supported by
Book a table and
help support the
A fabulous night of
fine food, live
entertainment and
charity auction.
Limited tickets
available, so secure
table today.
Ongoing Purchase Authority Form
Date ___ / ___ / ______
Student’s full name _________________________________________________
Year level: ______
Student’s full name _________________________________________________
Year level: ______
Student’s full name _________________________________________________
(If more than one son at college please put all names on one form only)
Year level: ______
I/We (parent’s name/s) _________________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________
Daytime contact
Phone ____________________________________
Mobile ____________________________________
Email address _________________________________________________________________________
Authorise my son/s to use the credit card details supplied to purchase any merchandise sold in the
Locker Room (including clothing, stationery, memorabilia and RECHARGE MOBILE PHONE CARDS)
until written advice from parents to say otherwise.
I do / do not authorise my son to purchase prepaid mobile phone recharge credit
($40.00 Telstra & $30.00 Optus only). Please cross out whichever is not applicable.
Parent must email or phone Locker Room. WE DO NOT PHONE PARENTS.
Payment details
(Please circle)
Card number:
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Expiry date
__ __ / __ __
Card holder name
Card holder signature
The Locker Room
phone: 07 3865 0498 | fax: 07 3865 0186 | email: [email protected]
Nudgee Students are required to attend an etiquette
class before being able to use the golf course outside of
P.E classes
Please check with the golf club for available times.
$10 each
(07) 3865 0595
Weekend Staff Required
Golf Knowledge and Sales/Retail
experience essential. Ask for Andy.
Jack Ross Gala Dinner
hosted by
Nudgee College Old Boys Association
in support of the Jack Ross Bursary Trust
Saturday May 31, 2014 - 6pm
Victoria Park Golf Complex
Ballroom and Marble Bar
Tickets $300 per person
$100 tax deductible donation included in each ticket
Limited tickets available
RSVP - Hugh Hamilton - 3009 6400
[email protected]
Dress - Black Tie