No. 11/2/2014-Estt.l/
t 'S
Government of India
Central Water Commission
Room No. 305(5), 5ewa Bhawan,
R.K. Puram, New Delhi - 110 066
Dated the
March, 2015
In pursuanceof MoWR, RDand GR'sletter No. A.22012/4/2014-Admn. (Pt) dated 24.3.2015,the
following transferrs/postings from CWC(Hq.)to Ministry are hereby ordered with immediate effect:
1. Shri M.S.Sahare,Director, CWC,asSJC(FM) vice Shri A.S.Goel.
2. Shri Ajay Kumar Gupta, Director, CWC, asSJC(B&B).
3. Shri DeepakKumar, Director, CWC,asSJC(MI) vice Shri S.L.Jain who is retiring on 31.3.2015.
Further, Shri K.K.Jangid,Director, CWC,is posted asADMN in NMCGon informal basis.
Under Secretary
Tel. No 26104761
Copy to:-
PPSto Chairman, CWC,New Delhi.
PPSto all Members in CWC(Hq.), New Delhi.
Chief Engineer (HRM)/ Chief Engineer (P&D))/ Chief Engineer (F.M)/ Chief Engineer (NBP)/Chief
Engineer (PAO)/Chief Engineer (POMIO), CWC (Hq.), New Delhi. It is requested that Shri M. S.
Sahareand Shri Ajay Kumar Gupta and Shri K.K.Jangid may please be relieved immediately, while
Shri DeepakKumar be relieved by 31.3.2015 (AN).
4 Secretary, CWC/Directors (Admn)/Estt-I/Estt-II/PCP/TD/Trg./TC/D&R Coord./RM Coord./WP&P
Coord., CWC,New Delhi.
5 Shri Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, JS&MD, NMCG,RearWing, 3rd Floor, MDSS,9-CGOComplex, lodhi Road,
New Delhi.
6 Ministry of Water Resources,RD& GR [Attn: Shri A.K. Kaushik, Under Secretary /Under Secretary
(Admn.) Shram Shakti Bhawan, New Delhi with reference to letter NO.A.22012/4/2014-Admn. (Pt.)
dated 24.03.2015.
7 Officers concerned. The Charge relinquishment report and handing over as well as no demand
certificate may please be forwarded to all concerned.
8 Officers concerned. The Chargerelinquishment report and handing over as well as no demand
certificate may please be forwarded to all concerned.
9 PAO/AO/DD(Ol)/ DD(WPC)/DD,PCP& Security officer/Section Officers (E.VIII/A/c-III/IV/CM&V/
O&M/R&I), CWC,New Delhi.
10 PersonalFile/Servicebook of the concerned officers/ Guard File/ Office Order folder.
11 ShriAmitoz Grover for uploading on the website of CWe.