Cadet Story Guide - 583 Coronation Squadron

You have been selected by your corps / squadron staff to participate in a training evaluation activity.
The objective of this activity is to get a story about your training experience with the Cadet Program.
Your story will be useful in helping us learn more about what Cadets like you are feeling and have to
say about your experience. This will help us highlight some of the benefits and positive aspects that the
Cadet Program is providing you.
Your story will be combined with other Cadet stories to help us paint a profile of what Cadets have to
say about their Cadet Program experiences. Not only is this valuable for evaluation purposes but your
stories will be very important in helping us promote the Cadet Program to other youth.
Looking back over your cadet training experience, write a story that tells us what you feel are the
benefits and positive aspects that you are getting from the Cadet Program. This could include but is not
limited to answering the following broad questions:
What do you believe is the most significant change you see in yourself since joining the Cadet
Program? Why do you think your Cadet training experience is making this difference in your
What are the benefits you feel you are getting by participating in the cadet training activities at
your corps / squadron?
What do you enjoy most about the training program and why?
If you aren’t able to tell a complete story by answering the questions above, you are encouraged to be
creative and tell us a story about your most unforgettable cadet training experience at the corps /
squadron and what this meant to you.
Stories should be prepared using Microsoft Word and be about 1-2 pages in length or approximately
500-1000 words in total. If you do not have access to this software you can simply prepare your story
as an email submission.
Please include the following personal information with your story submission:
Rank, first and last name
Elemental program (eg, Sea Cadet, Army Cadet or Air Cadets)
Corps / Squadron number
Current training level
You are also encouraged to send us a picture of yourself participating in a Cadet activity.
This information will be used to help us better understand where the stories are coming from within the
Cadet Program. It could also be used if parts of your story or the full story is quoted in any evaluation
reports and / or published to promote the Cadet Program.
Once you have written your story, you are encouraged to have someone you trust read it over to help
you make any spelling and grammar corrections before submitting it. Once you finish your story, you
are asked to send it directly to the Directorate Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers no later than May
30th, 2014 by either of the following two means:
Electronic submissions are preferred and should be emailed to:
[email protected]
Hardcopy submissions are also accepted. You can mail your submission to:
D Cdts & JCR Evaluation and Validation
Director Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers
National Defence Headquarters
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa ON K1A 0K2
Your story submission is a critical element of the Cadet Program Training Evaluation Plan. We really
appreciate the time you take to prepare and submit your story. It will make a significant contribution to
helping us learn more about what Cadets like you are feeling and have to say about your experience.