Your 2012 Christmas Meat and Poultry Guide

Your 2012
Christmas Meat
and Poultry Guide
Central Market
West Lakes
Victor Harbor
Welcome to Feast! Fine Foods.
Christmas is here again and we have got an amazing range of
goodies to make your Xmas feast the one that everyone will
remember for years to come.
At Feast! we have scoured the countryside to gather our dedicated
group of quality focussed producers so that we can offer you the
very best free-range turkey, game, free-range pork and poultry
as well as award winning, hand-smoked 100% Australian hams
made from free-range pigs.
We were extremely excited to have the quality of our ham
recognised in the Australian Pork ham awards for excellence
winning 3 of the 6 awards on offer with just 4 entries. Our Red Hog
Traditional Ham on the bone was recognised as SA’s best bone in
ham against all comers this year.
We also have our Sausage King winning sausages, Gold medal
winning Pure Suffolk Lamb and Coorong Angus Beef for a Boxing
Day barbecue.
The team at Feast! are there to help you make your selections as
well as pass on tips and cooking hints so that your Christmas meal
is a truly memorable one.
On behalf of the whole Feast! team I would like to offer all our
customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Richard Gunner
Secure your order with a deposit before
December 9 to go into the draw to win one of two
$150 Gift Vouchers at any of our stores!
We are conveniently located at five outlets throughout South Australia.
Christmas ideas from Feast!
Each year, Christmas Day sneaks up on us which can make it more
difficult to organise everything in order to have the best day possible.
We have put together a list of ideas that should help you have a less
stressful and more enjoyable Christmas event this year.
Cooking tips
Time saving tips
› When cooking your potatoes, using
duck fat will help to give you very
crispy, extra delicious potatoes.
› Sharpen all of your knives including the carving
knife prior to Christmas Day which will make
cutting, peeling and carving so much easier.
› To get the most divine crackling on your
roast pork, rubbing a coarse salt into the
skin will put you well on your way to great
crackling with our Berkshire Pork.
› Pre-cook your vegetables until they are ¾
done and then place them in iced water to
keep them fresh overnight. Then on Christmas
Day, cook them until heated through.
› When cooking a turkey, a great idea is to place
butter under the skin of the breasts as this
will help ensure the driest part of the turkey
retains moisture. You can flavour the butter
with herbs such as thyme or orange zest.
› After you have finished cooking a turkey, it
is important to let it rest for 20-30 minutes
before carving. This will allow the juices
to settle which will moisten the flesh.
› Roast a goose without an oven bag if
it is younger than 12-14 weeks.
› If storing your turkey in the fridge before
Christmas, keep it in a plastic bag so that the juices
don’t drip onto the rest of the food in your fridge.
› Cook your turkey upside down for the first half
of cooking time and then turn it upright. This
will ensure that it will be brown all over.
Visit our website at:
for more great Christmas ideas and recipes.
› If you are having a big family event, sit down
a few weeks before the big day and plan the
food that you want to serve and who will
be cooking it. This way it will reduce the
amount of stress on the party host if everyone
attending contributes to the cooking.
General tips
› Christmas Day is not a day to start
a diet, so cater generously!
› If you buy a turkey when it is frozen, it can
take up to 2-3 days to thaw completely.
› Place your Christmas order as soon as
possible to avoid the disappointment
of products not being available.
› When carving a turkey, remove the thighs and
wings before slicing the breast. See our website
for step by step instructions with pictures, for
how to carve your Christmas turkey and ham.
Information on our locations can be found at the back of our catalogue.
Ham Products
Nothing spells Christmas like a traditional ham. We have a wide range
of hams that will make a perfect addition to any of your meals over
the festive season including our award winning Red Hog Ham on the
Bone. Look for the pink “Australian Pork” logo on all our hams which
guarantees you are getting Australian grown pork.
Free-Range Heritage Breed
Ham on the Bone
Free-Range Heritage
Bone in Gammon Ham
We choose rare breeds of pork such as the Berkshire,
Large Black, Hampshire and Tamworth which makes
for the ultimate ham experience. The pigs used are
farmed free-range and we use traditional curing
and smoking methods to ensure our award winning
heritage hams are a perfect addition to your Christmas
feast. Available as half (3kg) or whole (6kg) hams.
Old style ham. Ready to bake or boil, this ham
has a beautiful flavour which can be further
enhanced by your own selection of spices during
the cooking process. Available as a whole, full leg
on the bone ham only (Approximately 6kg).
Free-Range Heritage Breed
Boneless Ham
Unlike some boneless hams, ours are not trim pieces
pressed together, we simply remove the bone from
a full leg of ham. Another award winning product at
the SA ham awards for excellence, it is the same great
product as above, just easier to carve. Available as
whole or half hams. Sizes: Half (2.5kg) or Whole (5kg).
Free-Range Heritage Breed
Berkshire Champagne Ham
Champagne Ham retains the hock bone which
enhances the presentation of your ham on the
table without the hassle of carving a ham on
the bone. In essence, the best of both worlds.
Available as a glazed option. Available as a whole
ham only. Weight: Approximately 5-6.5kg.
We have limited edition ham products available for Christmas including
Suckling Pig Hams. Order’s recommended to avoid disappointment!
Place your Christmas orders now using the Order Form in the catalogue or collect one at any Feast! store.
‘Red Hog’ Ham on the Bone
Awarded 1st place at the 2012 SA ham awards for
excellence, our hams are of exceptional quality
and cannot be beaten on flavour. Made the old
fashioned way, traditionally cured and smoked
to ensure an unsurpassed flavour. Available as
half, whole or extra large whole ham options. Sizes
range from half (4.5-5kg) to whole (8-11kg).
‘Red Hog’ Boneless
Soccer Ball Ham
One of our most popular lines and it’s the great ham
that we sell all year round as sliced ham at Feast!.
Available as half (2-4kg) or full (5-7kg) hams.
‘Red Hog’ Boneless
Buzz Honey Ham
A traditionally smoked boneless leg ham
cured with generous quantities of the
wonderful Buzz Honey from the Adelaide
Hills. Weight: Half (3kg) or Whole (6kg).
‘Red Hog’ Piccolo Ham
A smaller sized ham made from a single
whole muscle which is perfect for smaller
gatherings pre-Christmas or at a Summer
picnic. Approximate Weight: 1kg.
Ham Selection Tips
The vast majority of boneless ham sold each Christmas is made from imported pork and labelled “Made in
Australia”. The true blue hams are “Product of Australia” and have the licensed “Australian Pork” logo. If you are
unsure ask your butcher.
A ham is a product that generally keeps well for many days after Christmas, which is an ideal snack for adults and
children alike. To keep your ham fresh, it should be stored in a ham bag or pillowcase. The ham bag should be rinsed
in cold water with a little bit of vinegar and then wrung out and repeated every few days which will help keep the
ham tasting its best.
Ham will store better as a whole piece rather than sliced, therefore it is best to only cut the required amount of ham
as you need it.
For a glazed ham, look for a product that has a bit more fat on the leg. They will generally remain more moist during
baking which will result in a better finished product.
Ham Cooking Tips
If you decide to cook your own ham, you should first remove the rind up to 15cm from the shank end of the ham. At
this stage you should also remove any excess fat.
A ham on the bone is a cooked ready to eat product, so when glazing a ham to serve hot you are really only reheating
the product to “glaze” the ham to an appetising colour.
Glazing a ham with sweet products such as sugar, honey or maple syrup will put you well on your way to a delicious
looking ham. Continually checking your ham when it is in the oven after applying a glaze is important because the
glaze can easily burn at high temperatures. Glazed hams are best done at lower temperature for a longer time.
A traditional turkey provides the perfect centrepiece for a family
feast at Christmas. All turkey products on our order form are freerange which helps to ensure that you will receive a tender and juicy
turkey for your Christmas meal.
Almond Grove Free-Range Turkey
Almond Grove Turkey’s are grown by John Holland
near Murray Bridge and these premium birds are
available either fresh or frozen, depending on
demand. Treat yourself this Christmas! Average
weight: 4-8kg.
Pooginagoric Free-Range Turkey
Grown near Bordertown by John and Robyn Watson,
these exceptional birds are available thawed or
frozen. Available in a range of sizes, from 3-7kg which
provides flexibility in catering for your Christmas
As we deal with smaller artisan producers, please allow
for a 500g variance each way.
Free-Range Boneless Turkey
Breast Roll - Plain or Seasoned
The finest South Australian free-range turkey, but this
time 100% lean turkey breast meat. Available plain or
with your choice of stuffing. Average weight: 1.5-3kg.
Free-Range Boneless Whole
Turkey Roll - Plain or Seasoned
Soaked overnight in our own secret lightly seasoned
brine to give the juiciest and most flavoursome turkey
ever. Boned and rolled free-range turkey is available
plain or with your choice of stuffing. Average weight:
Barossa Farm Produce FreeRange Turkey
Premium quality free-range turkey grown by Saskia
Beer, daughter of food legend Maggie Beer in the
Barossa, South Australia. Weight: 4.5-6kg.
Red Gum Smoked Turkey Breast
Hand-made in the Adelaide Hills. First we cure with
maple syrup and then slowly roast with redgum
smoke. Can be served either hot or cold. Average
weight: 2kg.
Limited edition, rare breed turkeys are available by order in store this Christmas!
We also have a wide range of recipes available in store or on our website!
When considering how much turkey you need, the following guide
is a good rule of thumb. This doesn’t allow for leftovers, so adjust
accordingly if you want extra per person!
For a whole turkey on the bone, allow about 400g per person.
For a turkey buffet (breast on bone) allow approximately 300g per person.
For boneless turkey be that breast roll or thigh roll, allow approximately 250g per person.
If feeding an army of people, you will get a better, tastier result with two 5kg birds rather than a 10kg bird. The
smaller birds are likely to cook through much better and more evenly than the larger bird which is likely to suffer
from dry, over cooked breasts, while the thighs remain underdone.
Preparation of a Turkey
Cooking time for a whole Turkey
› Fresh turkey should be stored at or below 3 degrees
if possible. If your fridge is opened constantly, it is
better to pick up your turkey closer to Christmas
› If purchasing a frozen bird of approximately 5kg,
allow 2-3 days defrost time in the fridge.
› Rinse your bird well and pat dry with paper towel
to freshen the appearance of the turkey.
› If you are not stuffing your bird, introducing some
aromatics to the cavity such as thyme, cut lemon,
parsley, onion or garlic can add a new dimension of
› To ensure moist well flavoured breast meat,
consider a flavoured butter to add between the
meat and skin. Try the following simple recipe or
make up your own:
› Many people complain of overcooked and dry
tasteless turkey. As mentioned above, stuffing
the cavity with aromatics and using a flavoured
butter under the skin will introduce plenty of
additional flavour and help keep the meat moist.
Being Christmas, don’t hesitate in using up to
500g of butter on a 5-7kg bird!
› A meat thermometer is a good and very cheap
investment for use when cooking a turkey. The
perfect internal temperature for a turkey thigh is
› Stephanie Alexander, perhaps Australia’s
premier food writer and cook, suggests for a
whole bird, 35 minutes per kilo at 180°c plus 15
minutes extra. When the turkey thigh internal
temperature is 75°c, it is cooked to perfection and
ready for resting for approximately 30 minutes.
› Fresh thyme and some quartered lemon in the
baking dish will give extra flavour to your bird
and the gravy. Adding the neck to the baking dish
will also add flavour to the gravy.
300g unsalted butter, rind of a lemon, tablespoon or
two of lemon juice, ground pepper to taste, a tablespoon
or two of chopped fresh thyme. Mix softened butter
together with all ingredients and insert gently under
the breast skin. This can be done ahead of time.
Roasting Tips For Turkey Breast Rolls.
› For roasting a breast roll, 30 minutes per kg at a temperature of 200°c should be sufficient. The perfect internal
temperature is 72°c when cooked.
› Ovens vary as does the thickness of joints so these are guides only and the use of a meat thermometer will remove
the guess work from when it is ready.
› The old time tested piercing of the thickest part of your roast and checking the colour of the juices which run out is
also a good guide. Juices of a done turkey will run clear. Pink or red indicates under-done, no juices are a sure sign
your bird is over-done.
› Rest your breast roll for approximately 20 minutes, loosely covered before carving.
Berkshire Free-Range Pork is the “King” of pork when it comes to
juiciness and flavour, which is sourced from a network of growers
in South Australia. Berkshire Pork is always succulent and provides
perfect crackling every time. Our selection of Murray Valley Pork
products will also provide you with tender and tasty results.
Free-Range Berkshire Pickled
Pork Loin
Free-Range Berkshire Pork
Roasting Leg
Our pickled pork is brined and cured on the premises.
Order early to allow time for preparation. A popular
product to serve hot or cold. Guaranteed to tantalise
your taste buds! Weight: 1-5kg.
Try cooking one of these slowly in a Weber kettle bbq
for roast pork like you’ve never had before. Finely
scored and cut to your requirements for your special
Christmas meal. Minimum Weight: 3kg.
Free-Range Berkshire Rolled Pork
Murray Valley Rolled Pork Loin
A tenderloin of boneless pork, with plenty of crackle
to go around. Available plain or with your choice of
stuffing. Approximate Weight: 1-4kg (Cut to Size)
Free-Range Berkshire Pork Rack
A rack of pork is a perfect roasting product for small
families. There are 10 chops per rack with plenty of
A delicious Murray Valley moisture infused Rolled
Pork Loin is the perfect product when you are looking
for pork that is extra juicy. Can be cut to size depending on your requirements. Weight Range: 1-4kg
Murray Valley Pork Rack
These 10 pin racks are perfect for a Christmas celebration of any size and can be served as individual chops
or as a larger piece. Cook in a Weber for extra special
Our staff members are there to help if you require any help selecting the perfect products for your Christmas feast.
It should be noted that it is perfectly safe to serve pork medium
rare if desired. Pork is possibly at its best, being succulent, juicy
and delicious, when served medium. There is absolutely no reason
to overcook pork to a dry and unappetising well done as you will
lose some of the best qualities of your piece of pork.
› The safe internal temperature for pork is 63-69°c.
› For calculating the cooking time of your rack, loin
or leg of pork, allow 30 minutes per 500g. If you
use a stuffing on any of these joints, the weight is
taken after stuffing.
› For delicious crackling ensure the rind is dry. This
is best achieved by removing it from any plastic
wrappings and placing the pork uncovered on
a plate in the fridge for a couple of hours prior to
roasting. Final drying can be achieved by patting
well with paper towel.
› Ensure your pork rind has been scored (this
is done at the store usually) and rub in some
delicious Murray River Pink Salt Flakes.
› Have your oven pre-heated to 220°c.
› Start you pork roast in the oven at 220°c and roast
for 15 to 20 minutes, this initial burst of high heat
gets the crackling going and is the most important
step in achieving good crackling. We all understand
the oven can be a busy place at Christmas but this is
an important step and other baking should be timed
so that you can achieve this.
Reduce the heat to 170°c and continue with the
remainder of the cooking time.
If you do not have a cooking thermometer, the best
test for doneness is when the juices run clear when
the meat is pierced with a fine skewer.
As with all grilled or roasted meats it is advised that
you rest your pork roast for at least 15 minutes before
carving. When resting, do not cover the pork as it
will spoiling the crackling. Simply rest in a warm
If making a pan gravy, pour off excess fat. This
fat can be kept for delicious roast potatoes to
accompany your leftovers on the days after
Cryovacing & Brining
What is Cryovacing?
What is Brining?
Cryovacing is the process of removing all air from a
specially designed plastic bag through the use of a
vacuum sealing process. This process allows meat
products to be kept fresher for longer through storage
in a refrigerator. As all oxygen is removed, this can
temporarily cause something called ‘confinement
odour’ when the bag is first opened, however the
product is perfectly fine. This odour will subside
normally within 20 minutes which will vary
depending on the product that is being stored. This
process is commonly used with ham and turkey
products amongst others. If you are in any doubt, a
Feast! staff member can assist with your enquiries.
Brining is a process which is commonly used to cure
a range of meat products. The main ingredients used
are generally salt and water with other secret flavours
such as honey added depending on the product being
This process means that the meat product soaks up
some of the moisture which will change the texture
of the product. At Feast! the most common product
that uses a brining mix at Christmas is our Berkshire
pickled pork loin and is also part of the first process
when making hams.
Duck is a half twist on your traditional Christmas turkey. Roasting
ducks are a perfect size for smaller gatherings. Duck breasts and
duck marylands provide an alternative if you are looking to cook a
specific meal for you and your guests.
Roast Duck with Cherry Stuffing
Duck Breast
Fully cooked whole boneless duck stuffed with
dark Morello cherries. Can be served hot or cold.
Approximate weight: 700g.
A perfectly modern way to change up a Christmas
lunch is to serve a seared duck breast with your
choice of salad. Approximate weight: 180g-250g each.
Free-Range Roasting Duck
Duck Marylands
We source our free-range ducks from South Australia’s
leading growers to the restaurant trade. Like the
goose, these are a smaller bird that can take the
place of the traditional turkey if you want something
different for your Christmas feast. Sizes: 1.5kg-2.5kg.
Suited to roasting, duck marylands are just the thing
for a confit duck or something that can be prepared
days before Christmas, allowing the busy cook to
spend more time with the family on Christmas Day.
Approximate weight: 180-250g each.
Duck Cooking Tips
› When roasting, place the duck on a rack in a baking tray so the fat can drain freely.
› Never stuff the cavity of a whole duck as this prevents hot air entering the duck cavity.
› A few herbs or the zest of an orange placed inside the cavity will help in building a pleasant aroma and also add to
the flavour when cooking.
› Flavours that work with duck include cherries, orange, honey, walnuts, soy sauce, sherry and thyme.
Place your Christmas orders now using the Order Form in the catalogue or collect one at any Feast! store.
Ham Recipe
There are many variations on the ingredients for a ham glaze but all usually contain something sweet (sugar, honey,
maple syrup). These are the ingredients which give your ham the glazed or burnished appearance. Something sour
(citrus juice and/or zest, vinegar, wine, cider) is for flavour and balance, otherwise the glaze would be sickly sweet.
Finally, some spice is a perfect addition to your recipe. Spice and Christmas have a very long association and spices
at Christmas are still seen today, not only in the glaze for hams but in plum puddings and Christmas cakes. You can try the recipe below, the sugar can be replaced with maple syrup if desired and the studding of the ham
with cloves can be omitted and a half teaspoon (taste the glaze, you may like more) of ground cloves mixed in the
glaze instead, or replace with half ground cloves and half ground pimento.
Once upon a time the glazed ham looked more like a Christmas tree and was decorated with sliced oranges,
pineapple rings, more spices than the pudding and would have been rather sickly to modern tastes! Some of the
old flavours in moderation can work such as some pineapple juice or apricot or cherry nectar but keep it simple and
chose a single flavour rather than mixing it all up.
Grated zest and juice of an orange
2 tablespoons of mustard (Dijon if available)
¼ cup of soft brown sugar
Whole cloves (if studding the ham) or half a
teaspoon of ground cloves and half a teaspoon
of ground pimento (if not studding the ham)
1 cooked leg ham
½ Cup – 1 Cup of good quality apple cider
› Pre-heat oven to 180°c.
› Mix the orange zest and juice, mustard, ground
spices (if using) and soft brown sugar in a bowl.
› Remove the rind from the leg of ham (leaving
behind the fat) and score the fat in a diamond
› If using the whole cloves, press a clove into the
centre of each diamond, this looks very pretty
when presenting the ham.
› Brush the ham with half the glaze and place in the
baking dish.
› Pour in the apple cider. This has two functions, it
imparts beautiful flavour as it steams the ham and
also stops too much of the glaze burning on the
bottom of the baking dish.
› Bake for approximately 40 minutes basting with
the remaining glaze once or twice. If the ham has
not achieved a beautiful dark shiny glaze in 40
minutes, leave it a little longer until it has done so,
remembering to keep an eye on it.
Order Form
Place your Christmas order before
December 9th to go into the draw
to win one of two $150 vouchers!
Almond Grove Free-Range Turkey (4-8kg)
$16.99 / kg
Pooginagoric Free-Range Whole Turkey (Available thawed or frozen - 3-7kg)
$13.99 / kg
Free-Range Boneless Turkey Breast Roll (1.5-3kg)
$28.99 / kg
Free-Range Boneless Whole Turkey Roll (3-6kg)
$24.99 / kg
Red Gum Smoked Turkey Breast Roll (Approximately 2kg)
$28.99 / kg
Barossa Farm Produce Free-Range Turkey (4.5kg-6kg)
$21.99 / kg
Red Hog Ham on the Bone (Half 4.5-5kg/Whole 8-11kg)
$13.99 / kg
Red Hog Boneless Soccer Ball Ham (Half 2-4/Full 5-7kg)
$18.99 / kg
Red Hog Piccolo Ham (Approximately 1kg)
$23.99 / kg
Red Hog Boneless Buzz Honey Ham (Half 3kg/Whole 6kg)
$20.99 / kg
Free-Range Heritage Breed Ham on the Bone (Half 3kg/Whole 6kg)
$18.99 / kg
Free-Range Heritage Breed Boneless Ham (Half 2.5kg/Whole 5kg)
$24.99 / kg
Free-Range Heritage Breed Berkshire Champagne Ham (5-6.5kg)
$23.99 / kg
Free-Range Heritage Bone in Gammon Ham (Approx 6kg)
$18.99 / kg
Pheasant (Approximately 900g)
$47.99 / kg
Poussin (Approximately 500g)
$8.00 Each
Quail (6 Pack - Approximately 1kg total)
$22.80 (6 Pack)
Duck Breast (Approximately 180-250g)
$42.99 / kg
Duck Marylands (Approximately 180-250g)
$23.99 / kg
Free-Range Roasting Duck (Approximately 1.5-2.5kg)
$20.99 / kg
Roast Duck with Cherry Stuffing (Approximately 700g)
$34.99 / kg
Greenslades Free-Range Whole Chicken (Approximately 1.8-3kg)
$10.49 / kg
Barossa Farm Produce Free-Range Corn Fed Chicken (Approx 1.5-2.5kg)
$14.99 / kg
Free-Range Roasting Goose (Approximately 2.5-4kg)
$23.99 / kg
Free-Range Berkshire Rolled Pork Loin (1-4kg - cut to size)
$24.99 / kg
Free-Range Berkshire Pork Rack (10 Pin Rack)
$23.99 / kg
Free-Range Berkshire Pickled Pork Loin (1-5kg)
$18.99 / kg
Free-Range Berkshire Pork Roasting Leg (Minimum 3kg)
$14.99 / kg
Murray Valley Rolled Pork Loin (1-4kg - cut to size)
$22.99 / kg
Murray Valley Pork Rack (10 Pin Rack)
$22.99 / kg
Coorong Angus Roasting Rib Eye (Maximum of 6 ribs)
$34.99 / kg
Coorong Angus Beef Whole Rump (Approximately 4-6kg)
$21.99 / kg
Coorong Angus Wing Rib Roast (3 ribs)
$31.99 / kg
Order Form
A4 sized Order Forms
available in our stores
Whole Beef Fillet (Approximately 1.2-2kg)
$39.99 / kg
Pure Suffolk Easy Carve Leg (Approximately 1.5-2.5kg)
$22.99 / kg
Pure Suffolk Butterflied Lamb Leg (Approximately 1.5-2.5kg)
$22.99 / kg
Pure Suffolk Lamb Rack (8 pin)
$45.99 / kg
Hay Valley Lamb Backstrap
$49.99 / kg
Certified Suffolk Milk Fed Easy Carve Leg (Approximately 1.2-1.5kg)
$21.99 / kg
Spear Creek Butterflied Leg of Lamb (Approximately 1.5-2.5kg)
$23.99 / kg
Spear Creek Easy Carve Lamb Leg (Approximately 1.5-2.5kg)
$23.99 / kg
Boneless Venison Leg (Approximately 1.5kg)
$19.99 / kg
Kangaroo Loin Fillet (Approximately 250-300g)
$21.00 / kg
Venison Racks (Approximately 400-500g)
$44.00 / kg
Wild Rabbit (Approximately 600-900g)
$16.00 / kg
Goat Leg (Approximately 1.2kg)
$16.00 / kg
Stuffings available: (Stuffings are included with each product where applicable or can be purchased separately)
1) Christmas Stuffing (CS) 2) Cranberry & Chestnut (C+C) 3) Apricot & Macadamia (A+M) 4) Apple, Sage & Rosemary (ASR)
Please include an abbreviation of the stuffing next to your selected item. (e.g. for Apricot & Macadamia the abbreviation is: A+M)
Condiments, Sauces & Other
Beerenberg Apple Sauce
$4.99 each
Saskia Beer Horseradish
$7.99 each
Beerenberg Cranberry Sauce $5.99 each
Luv-A-Duck Duck Fat (330g)
$7.99 each
Maggie Beer Quince Glaze
$12.49 each
Ham Bags
$2.50 each
Maggie Beer Cabernet Sauce
$9.99 each
Extra Christmas Stuffing
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details to place
your order:
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and Sauces
Christmas Stuffings
Our Christmas stuffings are the perfect addition to all
your Christmas meats. Ask one of our staff members
for advice on which stuffing works well with your
selected products.
Condiments & Sauces
Beerenberg Apple Sauce
The perfect accompaniment to your Christmas roast
pork and any baked hams.
Varieties available:
Beerenberg Cranberry Sauce
› Christmas Stuffing - Feast!’s own secret recipe for
the ultimate stuffing mix.
Whole cranberries in their own sweet jam to
complement your Christmas turkey or ham.
› Cranberry and Chestnut
› Apple, Sage and Rosemary
› Apricot and Macadamia
› Pork Sausage Mince (750g Packet)
Boxing Day and New
Years Day
When the Christmas rush is over, there is
no better time for a simple and delicious
meal during these holidays.
At Feast! we have a wide range of
restaurant quality products including
Coorong Angus Beef, Limestone Free
Range Beef, Hay Valley and Pure Suffolk
Lamb, Berkshire Pork, Free Range
Chicken and much more.
Maggie Beer Quince Glaze
This beautiful piquant glaze is great brushed over ham
for the best centre piece for Christmas dinner, or used
on a leg of lamb.
Maggie Beer Cabernet Sauce
A rich jelly made of cabernet grapes which enhances
smoked, roasted or poached meats.
Saskia Beer Horseradish
A wonderful accompaniment to beef but can also be
mixed with sour cream to make a horseradish cream
which is a bitey addition to nearly any roast meat or
seafood dish.
Luv-a-Duck Duck Fat
Pure rendered duck fat is a must have for perfect roast
Looking for those hard to find ingredients? Our friendly staff members can help source it for you.
and Poussin
Chicken provides you with the perfect product to make your own
masterpiece. With so many options to cook chicken, from roasting to
barbecuing, our free-range chickens will help to deliver that mouth
watering meal this Christmas.
Barossa Farm Produce FreeRange Corn Fed Chicken
Greenslades Free-Range Whole
Barossa Farm Produce chickens from Saskia Beer
are corn fed which helps to deliver a wonderful
flavour. Additionally, being free-range ensures a more
flavoursome product. Approximate Weight: 1.5-2.5kg
These free-range chickens grown by Matthew
Greenslade at Riverton in South Australia pack a
punch in flavour and deliver a mouth-watering eating
experience. Approximate Weight: 1.8-3kg
Poussin is a much younger chicken, which delivers
a more delicate flavour. They are similar to quail and
are easy to cook. Approximate Weight: 500g
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Nothing beats a tender, juicy steak on the barbecue during a
summer’s day. Our range of Coorong Angus Beef includes a wide
variety of steaks and roasting products to provide you with the
perfect product for your meal. Additional cuts are available in store.
Coorong Angus Roasting Rib Eye
Roast (Bone-in)
An outstanding, top quality roast, offering tenderness
and unbelievable flavour. A great centrepiece for any
Christmas function. Weight: Up to a maximum of 6 ribs.
Coorong Angus Wing Rib Roast
Equal to the rib eye but slightly smaller with just 3 ribs.
This traditional English style roast will stand proud at
the table and will be enjoyed by all.
Whole Beef Fillet
Coorong Angus Beef Whole Rump
The rump is the most flavoursome of all the traditional
grilling cuts. When roasted as a whole piece, this
popular cut comes into its own. See our website for
Richard’s recipe for Weber rump roast and you will
see why we think this is one of our best. Weight: 4-6kg
Coorong Angus Beef Asado
(Cross Cut) Ribs
A staple of the Argentinian barbecue, more used as
a braising cut in Australia, they are fabulous on a
charcoal BBQ. Even Maggie Beer agrees!
The perfect product for a larger Christmas gathering to
form a part of your Christmas feast. Weight: 1.2-2.5kg
Gift Hampers and Store Vouchers available
Want to impress the person that’s got everything or looking for something that bit different for friends, family, or business associates? We can make up a Christmas hamper to any budget or even provide a gift voucher that can be used in the future.
Available by order only, the hamper can include any special request from the Feast! Fine Foods product range with each
hamper beautifully presented in a basket. Speak to one of our staff members who will assist in creating the perfect hamper.
Visit our Tips and Ideas section on our website for information on how to cook the perfect steak and more!
Our range of award winning lamb is recognised around Australia
and is used in some of the best restaurants in the country. You can
have the same restaurant quality experience at home with our Pure
Suffolk, Certified Suffolk, Spear Creek & Hay Valley Lamb varieties.
Pure Suffolk Easy Carve Leg of
Pure Suffolk Lamb is newly back in season around
Christmas and what better way to celebrate the return
of this great product than to serve it on the Christmas
table. A trimmed leg of Pure Suffolk Lamb, tender
and juicy, is a great addition to your Christmas feast.
Approximate Weight: 1.5kg-2.5kg.
Pure Suffolk Butterflied Leg of
A boned and flattened leg of Pure Suffolk Lamb.
Easily roasted or placed on the BBQ for something
a bit different this Christmas. Approximate Weight:
Pure Suffolk Lamb Rack
A truly spectacular restaurant quality lamb rack
which provides the ultimate eating experience. A
full eight pin Pure Suffolk Lamb rack is at its peak
when roasted. Limited supply available - orders
Hay Valley Lamb Backstrap
Lamb backstrap is a very versatile piece of lamb that
can be used for anything from a warm lamb salad
through to haute cuisine. Average weight 200g each.
Certified Suffolk Milk Fed Easy
Carve Leg
A milk fed easy carve leg of Certified Suffolk Lamb
provides a fine lamb eating experience through its
delicate flavour and texture. Approximate weight:
Spear Creek Butterflied Leg of
These butterflied legs of lamb from the Flinders
Rangers have a beautiful distinct flavour due to the
environment that each lamb is raised in. 1.5-2.5kg
Spear Creek Easy Carve Lamb Leg
Perfect to roast, an easy carve leg of saltbush lamb is
full of flavour and is easy to prepare. Serve with all the
trimmings for a tasty Christmas meal. 1.5-2.5kg
When selecting and preparing a goose, the following tips provide you with
some of the secrets to getting the most out of these tasty birds this Christmas.
Goose Tips
› A Christmas goose from Feast! will be fresh where
possible however supply of this bird is limited and
a frozen bird may be the only bird available. All
birds, whether fresh or frozen, are grown for the
Christmas market and processed fresh during late
› Geese are different in appearance and cookery
methods to a turkey or chicken, some find them
a challenge to cook just right and it is true that
they do not yield as much meat as their size would
› A goose usually weighs between 2.5-4kg and
you should allow a 3kg bird to feed 4 people,
certainly much less than a similar sized chicken
or small turkey. This makes a goose ideal for a
small gathering of gourmets who are searching for
something a little different.
Goose Roasting
› Before cooking, remove any excess pads of fat
from within the bird. These can be kept and
rendered to produce wonderful goose fat for
roasting potatoes or to store in the freezer for your
next confit making session.
› Rinse and pat dry your goose and then prick it all
over with a skewer or something similar. Try to
avoid penetrating the flesh and pierce the thick
fat layer only. This can all be done ahead of time,
plated and refrigerated until required.
› A goose may be stuffed and in European cultures
more often than not is. The Germans like apple,
chestnut and red cabbage, English prefer apple
and sage with perhaps pork sausage.
› Season your goose with salt and pepper. Preheat
you oven to high (around 240°c).
› Place the goose in the hot oven, breast side up for
15 minutes then turn the oven down to 180°c and
continue roasting.
› All up your goose will require approximately 15
minutes per 500g.
› To check whether the goose is cooked, a meat
thermometer once again is a great investment. The
internal temperature when checked at the thigh
should read 70°c.
› Rest your goose for 20 minutes before carving.
Looking for something for a special occasion? We can obtain the highest quality specialty products on request.
Game Birds
At Feast! we stock a wide range of hard to find products such as
game birds. From pheasant to quail and beyond, we have that
unique product that will make your Christmas dining experience
one that you will never forget. Ask one of our staff members in store
about the availability of other ‘unusual’ products.
Free-Range Roasting Goose
Game Bird Cooking & Selection Tips
The Christmas goose is making a comeback and with
good reason. Goose is a more suitable size for smaller
family gatherings. Goose is also a succulent, juicy and
tender bird which makes a perfect addition to your
Christmas celebration. Sizes: 2.5-4kg.
› Goose - When purchasing a goose, you should
always try to purchase from a reputable retailer
that has knowledge of how the product was raised.
As with all meat products, free-range products
generally provide a more delicate flavour. When
cooking a goose, make sure that you use a deep
pan and a roasting rack as there will be a lot of fat
that will render off the bird.
According to Maggie Beer who is renowned for her
knowledge of this bird, “Pheasant is a sweet, moist
and delicious meat which is not as strongly flavoured
as duck or pigeon”. Weight: Approximately 900g.
Quail (6 Pack)
Quail has a delicate texture and a sweet nutty flavour.
They are quick and easy to cook and suit a wide range
of accompanying flavours. Approximately 1kg per
pack of six.
› Pheasant - What is different about pheasant is
that it doesn’t have as much fat as other meats
which means that it is more likely to dry out. To
compensate, you can use butter mixed with herbs
that can be stuffed under the skin to keep it juicy.
› Quail - These birds cook well on a slow barbecue.
Because they are small, they cook easily and their
skin caramelises well using this method.
Looking for the perfect gift for someone special or a way to expand
your food knowledge? The team at Feast! have a wide range of
Butchery classes now available including:
› Sausage Making
› Pork Butchery
› Mastering the Grill
› Lamb Butchery
› Beef Butchery
› Poultry & Game Butchery
Photos: John Kruger
Information about our classes and bookings can be found on our website:
Gift Ideas
Himalayan Salt Seasoning Dish
Our beautiful translucent pink
salt dishes from the Himalayas
are of the highest standard of salt
blocks available on the market.
This dish is versatile, suitable for
many uses. Size: 200mm wide,
40mm at highest point.
Himalayan Salt Seasoning Tile
The perfect shaped tile to place
in the oven and heat for use as
your own portable cooktop. Sear
a thinly sliced piece of beef or
lamb and cook to your liking. Can
also be placed in the freezer and
then used as your own ‘cold rock’ for smashing up ice
Himalayan Salt Egg Shaped
Candle Holder
Simply place a tea light candle
inside and watch as the light
gently illuminates the salt. The
perfect centrepiece for your next
dinner party.
Himalayan Salt Round Seasoning
The perfect platter for
entertaining. The beautiful
round shape makes it the perfect
serving plate for cheese and other
tasty treats.
Feast! Store Gift Vouchers
Available in $25 or $50
denominations, our store
vouchers are the ideal gift to treat
that someone with their choice
from our range of award winning
Feast! Butchery/Cooking Class
Available for all of our classes, a voucher allows for
the learning of new skills while
utilising the finest local produce
during our classes held in the
Adelaide Central Market Kitchen.
Ideal for those hard-to-buy for
family members.
To see an increased range of Christmas gift ideas, visit
Red Game
Our open-range sourced Red Game products provide an exotic choice
of flavours for something a little more adventurous this Christmas. You
will find an increased range of wild game products in store and we can
assist in sourcing a specific product for you from our supply network.
Kangaroo Loin Fillet
Venison Racks
Best cooked on the BBQ, kangaroo loin fillets are very
lean and simple to prepare. Average size of 250-300g
each, which is a perfect portion amount for individual
The distinctive flavour of a venison rack is sure
to please this Christmas . Each rack weighs
approximately 400-500g and is best served rare to
Wild Rabbit
Goat Leg
A whole wild rabbit marinated with oil, garlic and
classic herbs such as oregano and thyme is sure to be
a flavour sensation. Cook over charcoal for another
level of flavour. Weight: Approximately 600-900g
The sweet, subtle flavour of a goat leg is another great
option for something a little different this Christmas.
Perfect when slow roasted in the Weber. Approximate
weight: 1.2kg
Boneless Venison Leg
Perfect for a roast, the deep rich flavour of a boneless
venison leg will be a great addition to your Christmas
feast. Weight: Approximately 1.5kg
Find recipes, tips and more on our website -
Every year after the big Christmas feast there are bound to be lots of leftovers. Here we provide
you with some ideas on using your leftovers to create a whole new meal.
› Left over ham is popular with almost everyone
and can be utilised for quick snacks from ham and
cheese toasties to ham and goat’s cheese soufflés.
› Ham makes a delicious and lean alternative to
bacon for breakfast when you have time for eggs
and ham or omelettes.
› Frittatas with leftover roast vegetables and ham are
great for Boxing Day picnics or informal gatherings
with friends and family.
› If the weather cools, a simple soup with ham and
split peas or lentils is satisfying and a pleasant
alternative to the rich foods of the season.
› If you have a get-together to attend and are
required to bring a dish for sharing, a ham mousse
is easily put together with cooked ham. Old
fashioned but surprisingly tasty.
Turkey and Chicken
› Cooked turkey and chicken make a delicious
risotto. All that is required in addition is arborio rice
and parmesan cheese. A stock can simply be made
with the bones, some fresh vegetables and herbs.
› As with ham, a delicious frittata can be made with
left over poultry.
› Use poultry for simple soups with seasonal
vegetables. Make stock with bones from the roast.
› Stir-fried rice and noodle dishes are even easier
when utilising left over poultry or pork, just add
fresh vegetables, noodles and stir-fry with your
preferred sauce.
› Easy and delicious, mix shredded poultry with fresh
parsley and mayonnaise for a delicious sandwich
› Neat slices of turkey, chicken, pork or ham are
wonderful in the days after Christmas when friends
drop by unannounced. A simple green salad and
vinaigrette completes the meal, maybe some roast
root vegetables if the weather cools.
Product Storage
› If storing leftover poultry such as turkey, chicken,
goose or duck, it is best to remove the meat from
the bones. This will help to maintain the taste of
these products for a longer period.
› Pack any poultry meat in plastic containers with
lids. This will extend the shelf life of the products
when stored correctly in the refrigerator.
› As mentioned earlier, the only product you should
keep on the bone when storing is your Christmas
ham. This results in less of the ham surface being
exposed which helps maintain the freshness and
moisture of the whole ham when stored in a ham
bag or pillowcase.
has a very simple aim.
To bring the best product from the farm where it is grown, directly to the
consumer. What makes us different from other butchers and supermarkets is that
we are committed to branded meat products. This means you as the consumer,
can be rest assured you will receive the same great quality product, time and time
During the festive season, our product range extends to include all your favourite
Christmas products. This means we have all your meat requirements covered this
Christmas and all the best advice when you shop with us at Feast! Fine Foods.
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