the April 2015 newsletter

April 2015
This month has been yet again another busy month for myself and the other executive members.
Your Negotiation’s Committee has finished going over your proposals for our local and will be
presenting them to the members soon.
I have attended numerous meetings this past month representing union members with issues with
management and making phone calls on their behalf.
I also attended a Nova Scotia Council of Unions meeting this past January in Dartmouth. I must
say that these council meetings are very informative to attend. At these meetings there is always
discussion on what is happening with the other locals across the province. We get to hear the
issues we have been experiencing are the same as the other locals. It is also great that we hear
how other locals have dealt with these issues.
As always I encourage our members to get in touch with any executive members if work issues
should arise. Please feel free to call the CUPE Office or any union cell number, if we cannot
answer at the time, please leave a message and we will reply as soon as possible. We normally
check messages on break time or after work.
I also encourage all Brothers and Sisters to read the policies of our school board at:
It is important that we become aware of these policies.
There are less than three months left to this school year so things will be starting to get hectic for
In solidarity,
Acting President Local 5050,
Glenn MacPhee
The Grievance Committee met on March 23. We are still waiting for a response from the
Employer for mediation for the policy grievance on vacation time.
A grievance has been filed over bus drivers’ not receiving overtime for an emergency call out.
A grievance has been mutually settled without going to arbitration.
There have been several time lines filed over issues that are currently being investigated.
Next meeting is scheduled for April 15th
In Solidarity,
Sister Mary Jessome, Chair
OHS Report
Hi everyone, as always your committee is working hard on your behalf, please remember to
advise your on-site committee of any problems or what you think could be a potential problem at
your worksite. Your onsite committee is your first step, if the issue is not resolved in a timely
manner then you can pass it on to your union joint committee. All info for your joint committee
can be found in our union yellow pages, or you can contact one of the union numbers for your
executive. As always work safe, use your training as it was meant to be used, it’s for your safety
as well as your co-workers safety, so at the end of the day we can all go home healthy.
In Solidarity
Denise Lewis
Education Report
The education committee is meeting to send out the bursaries to all of the high schools. Our
week long school is in Newfoundland and we will be voting on who will be attending. We are
also offering weekend course in Workplace Stress, May 2nd and 3rd , and the Learning Series on
May 23rd and 24th and June 6th and &7th these are held in Sydney.
Ann Mombourquette Education Chair
Sympathy cards were sent to the following members
Harriette LeBlanc
Wendy Cartwright
Connie Forrest
Clearance Morgan
Eric MacLeod
Arlene Boutilier
George Hines
Christina Billard
Karen Wheeliker
Carmie Erickson
Get Well Wishes were sent to
Wanda Devison
Ann Gouthro
Helen Mac Sween
If you know of any member who is ill or has lost a loved one, please contact anyone on the Sick
and Social committee, and we will send a card.
In Sol.
Carmie Erickson
Benefits Report
If you have any question regarding your pension we suggest that you contact our local plan
advisors, Roderick Mac Gillivary, CA at (902) 564-5604, or Larry Farrell at (902) 562-2906.
Sharon Bona
Benefits Committee
The local has made a donation to the Sydney Mines Fire Hall.
If you have any good news please contact Karen Wheeliker at (902)567-6686 or by e-mail at
[email protected]
Our next union meeting Sunday April 19 at 2:00 pm at Dr. T.L.
We will be electing a new President for a 1 year term.
We will be taking nominations for 1st Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasure.
Elections will be held May 31st at 2:00pm at Dr. TL Sullivan.
As per article12 a, of the by-laws: To be eligible for nomination, a member shall have attended
at least fifty percent (50%) of the membership meetings held in the previous twenty-four (24)
months or in the period he was a member if less than two (2) years (supported by attendance
record per Sergeant-At-Arms). Cancelled meetings do not qualify for eligibility. No nomination
shall be accepted unless the member is in attendance at the nomination and election meeting or
has allowed to be filed at the meeting his consent in writing, duly witnessed by another
member. No member shall be eligible for nomination if he is in arrears of dues and/ or
assessments. If there are no nominations for an office at the April meeting, then the election for
this office will be held at the next regular meeting after the elections meeting.
Please check out our web-site, for our contract, our By-laws, a list of your
executive and their contact information and much more.