top mount dna fiat 500 us fitting instructions

● This drawing represents a view of the DNA Top Mount Kit made for the North American Version
of the FIAT 500 (Pop, Sport, Lounge, ABARTH & 500T).
● Here is an exploded view of one of the top mount with all the parts in fitting order.
● First step is to remove from the car the wipers and the plastic cowl cover in order to get access to
the top mount. Then you will remove the shock absorbers together with the top mounts. To do
this you need to remove the two shock absorber knuckle bolts along with unclipping the brake
line from its mounting location and finally removing the top nut on the factory upper mount in
the engine compartment.
● Now put the shock absorbers on a clamp and using a spring compressor, compress the springs
and safely remove the lower portion of original top mount from the shock absorber.
● Next step is to assemble the 2 halves of the upper mount (the part that is held together by the 3
studs and nuts) as shown on the pictures. These 2 parts will sandwich the sheet metal strut
mount of the FIAT for a secure mounting location for your strut.
● Rotate the top flange according camber/caster values you require. Lock the three nuts using a
torque wrench to 53 Foot Pounds. The picture below shows max negative camber and zero
● Now we need to assemble the adapters for standard FIAT spring.
● NOTE: This kit can be installed without the adapter should you choose to do so. The adapter is
only to enlarge the area around the outer spring coil but is not required. If you are installing or
already running coilovers on your FIAT the adapters are not required since the diameter of the
spring is smaller.
● If you using a not height adjustable type shock absorber please use two ratcheting straps to hold
the parts in position and slightly compress the spring. If you are using an adjustable height set of
shock absorbers (coil-over) simply lower the perch all the way down so the spring sits lower
exposing more of the threaded shaft up top.
● Reinstall the shock absorbers making sure that you align the threaded shaft of the strut with the
corresponding hole on the top mount in the engine bay. The shaft will protrude through into the
engine compartment and you will be able to screw the blue anodized nut onto the exposed
threads of the shaft to secure it in place
● Bolt the shock absorbers to the knuckles and reinsert the brake line into its clip. Assemble the
plastic cover and put the wipers back.
● Finally you will need to have an alignment done to finish the job.