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April 2015
Volume 39, Issue No. 3
Christ, the
Missions &
Rob Norris, Senior Pastor
The Lord Jesus has made clear that
His people need never fear that He
will let them go or that He would
ever abandon them.
"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow
me: and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never
perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand."
(John 10:27-28)
He is able to keep that promise because, as the God-man,
Christ is appointed by the Father to be the mediator and the
covenant head and preserver of His Church. The Father knew
what His elect and loved adopted family would need. He knew
what enemies to our soul we would face, what dangers and
temptations would threaten us.
Rob Norris, Senior Pastor
We are blessed to welcome
Melody Istrati to the position of Director of Missions and
Outreach. She and her husband Chris have been worshiping
with us at Fourth Church since they returned from a State
Department assignment in October of 2014. The daughter
of medical missionaries, and the sister of a missions pastor,
Melody understands the challenges faced by missionaries and
their families. She was born in Paraguay and returned to the
United States to attend Wheaton College.
As the Mediator, He keeps us in perfect safety, so no power
can pluck His people from His hands. He has provided a full
salvation by dying for our sins, and rising from the dead for
our justification. He has also provided His sufficient grace to
keep us safe in our journey through this life to His presence.
While she was a Spanish teacher at a public school in
Philadelphia, she met her husband Chris at Tenth Presbyterian
Church. After marrying, they moved to Colorado, where she
served as a cross–cultural trainer. Chris and Melody received
the call to the mission field and then went to work with ethnic
minorities in Kyrgyzstan, where she taught English as a Second
Language (ESL) and was a founding member of an English
language school in Bishkek.
This grace is promised to strengthen us in the face of our own
inbred corruption--grace to face the attacks of the enemy;
wisdom, strength, consolation, sympathy, kindness, all that a
believing sinner can possibly require, is richly stored in Jesus.
After her husband joined the diplomatic corps, they lived in
Peru, Russia and Afghanistan. The last posting took them to
Paraguay, where Melody was the principal at a bilingual high
We access this grace by faith, taking our nothingness to
Christ's all-sufficiency; our unworthiness to Christ's infinite
merit; our weakness to Christ's strength. Through simple faith,
we can go to Jesus, and, as empty vessels, be filled from His
fullness. By distrusting our own power, casting off the spirit
of self-dependence, and looking simply and fully at Jesus, we
become "strong in the strength that is in Christ."
Melody brings her missionary and administrative experience
to us, as she oversees our missions program, providing care
and comfort to our missions families and administering
our program and budget. She brings empathy, vision,
administrative skills and an enthusiasm for world missions.
She is the mother of three daughters.
Inside this Edition
Fourth Family Milestones.....................................................3
Spring Festival......................................................................4
In Our Libraries................................................................. 6-7
Our Newest Deacons........................................................ 8-9
Women of Fourth......................................................... 10-11
Youth Ministry....................................................................12
by Timothy Keller
With his latest book on prayer, Tim Keller has placed all
of us in his debt. While there is no shortage of books
on prayer, many are of an uneven quality and lack the
insightful spirituality that marks this publication. This
book, while not large, is easily accessible and offers a solid
theological and spiritual guide through many questions
on prayer. In common with all of his books there is an
interaction with the current culture and the issues of this
culture as well as a clear biblical underpinning to all that
he says.
Not only is this book theologically profound, it is practically
useful, as the author deals with practical issues of how to
pray in specific situations, such as dealing with grief, loss,
love, and forgiveness.
As you read this book, the one central fact emerges: that
Keller not only believes in the power of prayer but also
is passionate in his desire to see all Christians pray. This
encouragement is one each of us needs to take seriously.
Tim Keller’s latest book, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God, may be checked out from
Fourth’s Media Center. Eleven other books by the same author are also available for checkout.
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Fourth Press
Jeri Weaver
Natasha Gilliam
Esther Steele
Fourth Family Milestones
Information reported to these sources will automatically be included in this monthly listing unless you request otherwise.
Births and Adoptions: Amanda Westly, x219, [email protected]; Marriages: Jean Erskine, x205; [email protected];
Anniversaries: Jeri Weaver, x206; [email protected]; Deaths: Alison Muscato, x216; [email protected]
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Heidi Marie Chase
Born January 29, 2015
Parents: John and Kelly Chase
Big sister: Ruthie
Laurene (Laurie) P. Alfandre
March 3, 2015
Wife of Jack Alfandre
Mother of Dianne Alfandre Bruce; Jay,
Jane and Joe Alfandre
Grandmother of 13
Great grandmother of 20
Laura Hardiman to Jeremy Hashiguchi
January 3, 2015
April 2015
Fourth Night Special Series
Saturday, May 16
Getting Real: Heaven &
Hell, Angels & Demons
We are often tempted to think and live as if all that exists—all
that is real—is what we can see with our eyes and touch with
our hands. But Scripture presents reality as much bigger than
our material world. There are beings—angels and demons—
and places—heaven and hell—that escape our senses, yet
impinge upon this world and the next. For some this might
be cause for fear, because the spiritual world is something
we cannot control and we are uncertain of our eternal
destiny. It doesn't have to be this way, though. Join us for
a special series where we ask and seek to answer the big
questions about God's big world, and draw encouragement
from the hope we always find in our good God who has the
whole world—material and spiritual—in His hand.
April 15: More than Meets the Eye: Living and Praying
as if the Spiritual World Exists
Dr. Douglas F. Kelly, Richard Jordan Professor
of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary
April 22: Angels and Demons
Dr. Robert M. Norris
April 29: Caring for Those under the Influence:
Medicine, Possession, and the Spirit World
Rev. Michael Densmoor
May 6: Journey or Destination: Heaven, Hell, and You
Rev. D. Blair Smith, Former Pastor of Adult Education
Spring Festival
Alison Muscato, Congregational Care
On May 16, Fourth will host its 5th Annual Spring Festival.
Envisioned as an outreach to the community and neighborhood, this has become a joyful and successful day as in the
past four years around 1,000 people have attended each
year. Many invited their non-church attending friends to
Fourth, and others, seeing the festivities, joined us as well.
The Festival will take place rain or shine on church grounds
from 3pm to 6pm.
Once again, there will be activities for people of all ages—a
car show, live music, train rides, a moon bounce, farm animals, free food, and much more.
Will you join us and pray that God would generate vision and
excitement for reaching out to neighbors and friends with
the love of Christ—and that He would use this event for that
purpose? And then, after praying, act by inviting those God
has placed in your life.
As always, we need many volunteers to make the festival a
success. If you have as little as an hour to give to this event,
please contact Alison Muscato in the Congregational Care office at [email protected] We guarantee you will have a
wonderful time serving the Lord.
The Essentials of Inductive
Bible Study
May 20, 6:15-9:15pm
Please join us for this three-hour workshop that introduces you to the most essential skills for Inductive Bible Study so you can
personally interact with God’s Word, understand its meaning and apply it to your life. As a part of our Adult Education equipping,
we will have a Precept Ministries trainer teach tools for observation, principles for interpretation, and how these essential skills lead
to deeper understanding faith and life. Cost is $40. Register in Halverson Hall April 19, 26 or May 3, or online at training.precept.org.
Registration deadline is May 6. For more information, contact Steve Liston at [email protected]
Fourth Press
Young at Heart
St. Patrick's Day Luncheon
Spring has finally arrived,
and it is time for a brand
new session of Body &
Soul Fitness to begin!
Classes at Fourth start the week of April 6.
All ladies are invited to join us for Cardio/Strength workouts
on Monday and Friday mornings at 9:30, Dance Blast on
Wednesday mornings at 9:30 and/or Strength & Flexibility
on Thursdays over the lunch hour (12:30-1:30).
Save the Date
April 19, 6pm
For more information, please contact Heather Johnson at
[email protected] or (301) 871-3420. It’s faith,
fitness, and fun!
April 2015
“I donated this book to the
Media Center because...”
Peggy Gnehm, Special Features Writer
Editor’s Note: This is the sixth article in a new series that gives you
a chance to write about a book or movie that you have donated to
us. If you’d like to donate something (and write about it), contact
Jeri, at [email protected] We continue to welcome your
recommendations and donations.
When Jeri Weaver asked me why I wanted to give a copy of
Mimi Wilson’s Trusting in His Goodness to the library, I could
think of nothing except "Because." Her previous book, Holy
Habits (also written with Shelly Volkhardt), is one that was
studied and loved by the Women of Fourth circles in 200102. Mimi has also spoken to Fourth women at luncheons and
retreats several times in the past 15 years, so she is wellknown among us.
In fact, my personal reasons go much deeper. Mimi was one
of the first women I met after my husband and I arrived to
serve at the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan, on September
10, 2001. Many here at Fourth know the immediate and
deep friendship she and I formed in that time. I know that
she truly is the woman reflected in these pages, because
I was a witness of her life during the years she and Shelly
developed this book.
The final chapter speaks also of the woman she has continued
to become—a woman whose ministry has only intensified as
she deals daily with the limitations and opportunities of living
with Parkinson’s. Like Paul’s, her weakness is being used
as a showcase for God's glory in beautiful and unexpected
ways. The lessons of her book and her life are ones to enrich
believing women of all ages...and men, too!
Trusting in His Goodness: a woman's guide to knowing God's purpose, by Mimi Wilson and Shelly Cook
Volkhardt, is available for checkout from Fourth’s Media Center. Other books in our library by Mimi Wilson
are Holy Habits (1999) and Once-a-Month Cooking (2008).
Fourth Press
New Titles in the Children’s Library
Daniel Boone: frontiersman by Janet and Geoff Benge
Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor by Chuck Black
Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest by Chuck Black
Bible Animals by Alison Brown
Grumpy Day by Stephanie Carmichael and Jessica Green
Abner’s Dilemma by Louise M. Coffman
Bash and the Pirate Pig by Burton W. Cole
God’s Little Devotional Book for Boys by David C. Cook
Rise Above: A 90 day devotional by Bethany Hamilton
and Doris Rikkers
Attack at the Arena by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker
Voyage with the Vikings by Marianne Hering
and Paul McCusker
Loving the Little Years: motherhood in the trenches
by Rachel Jankovic
Before Five in a Row by Jane Claire Lambert
Five in a Row by Jane Claire Lambert
Samson: man of strength by Dan Larsen
George Muller: does money grow on trees?
by Catherine Mackenzie
Helen Roseveare: what’s in the parcel?
by Catherine Mackenzie
Hudson Taylor: could someone pass the salt?
by Catherine Mackenzie
Elijah: fiery prophet by Susan Martins Miller
The Machine by Bill Myers
Kid’s Bible Questions and Answers by Ed Strauss
Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp
Columbus, The Pilgrims, and Early Boston
(Drive Thru History)
East Meets West (Drive Thru History)
Greece and the Word (Drive Thru History)
Patriots, Penn and the Freedom Trail (Drive Thru History)
Rome If You Want To (Drive Thru History)
The Treasure Map
Turkish Delight (Drive Thru History)
Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier:
A lesson in the power of sharing (Veggie Tales)
The Children’s Library Summer Reading Club Is Coming!
June 21 - July 26
Designed for Children Ages 3-12
Read Christian Books
Memorize Bible Verses
Collect Prizes
Attend Thursday Morning Story Hours
Special prizes will be awarded to top readers and
Scripture memory participants.
Questions? Please contact Children’s Librarian,
Holly Gochnour, [email protected]
Save the Date for the
Reading Club Kickoff Thursday, June 18
April 2015
Deacon Ministry
Our Newest Deacons
Barbara Hocker, Deacon
"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to
His purpose" - Romans 8:28
We are here to serve you. The current Deacon Officers are: Chairman, Roland Hirsch, Vice Chairman
Stephen Howe; Secretary, Joe Ann Stenstrom; Co-Treasurers, Anthony Leegwater and Scott
McClelland. Please approach any Deacon to share in prayer or other needs.
Photos courtesy of Charles Brady
DEACON BOARD MEMBERS elected in 2014
Rebecca Fisher—A Silver Spring
native, Rebecca moved to Colorado
for seven years before returning
to the DC area. At Fourth she has
served as a Sunday school teacher,
a youth leader, and a helper with
Special Blessings. She has also
worked on Sunday mornings in the
Welcome Center and the Church Office. Outside of church,
she is an infant and toddler teacher for a local company.
Carol Jackson—After college, Carol
worked in New York City for a few
years before feeling the Lord leading
her to the Washington DC area,
where she met and married her
husband Kevin more than 25 years
ago. Her family began attending
Fourth in 2000 and has been
greatly blessed by the music and the wonderful preaching
and teaching here, especially the Fourth Night classes. Their
adult children, Kim and Stephen, were positively influenced
by their participation in Fourth’s Youth Group.
Drew Jones—First coming to the
DC area as a young teenager in the
early 1970's, Drew came to faith at
that time. He and his wife Diane
served in their previous church in
drama, children's ministry, leading
a small group, and marriage
mentoring. They were blessed with
three children: Erin, Reid and Vicky. A large portion of their
world was affected by the significant medical challenges of
their son Reid, who finished his life in 2009 at age 22. Drew
and Diane arrived at Fourth in the fall of 2011. They host the
Gaithersburg Community Group, help with recording Fourth
Night classes, serve as marriage mentors and occasionally
help out with Special Blessings. Drew works at NASA as an
aerospace engineer.
Iris Lovelace—Born in the District of
Columbia and raised in Virginia, Iris
graduated from Phillips Business
College and later attended the
University of Maryland University
College. During her youth she sang
in the choir, taught Sunday school
and served as an usher. She has
one grown daughter, Tameka. Since becoming a member
of Fourth, Iris has served as a greeter and worked in the
Welcome Center. She is a Circle member and assists with the
ESOL program. Her career took her to the Mitre Corporation,
Georgetown University and Hewlett Packard.
Scott McClelland—A member of
Fourth for over 35 years, Scott
accepted Christ as his Savior during
a junior high retreat, and met his
wife Jill at church. They have three
teenage children, Haley, Jack, and
Jay. At Fourth he has helped out in
various children’s ministries, been
on the steering committee of the newlywed/young married
fellowship, and participated in various Men of Fourth events.
He has an MS in Geology and works at an international
engineering consulting firm.
Dan Ware—After moving to the
DC area from Philadelphia, Dan
joined Fourth in 2011, where he
has served in the Middle School,
High School, and Young Career
Fellowship (YCF) Ministries. He
currently works as a consultant at
a business process management
software provider. He completed his undergraduate studies
at Temple University and completed graduate studies in
Finance at the George Washington University. He and his
wife Maggie are the parents of twin daughters.
Fourth Press
elected in 2015
Cheryl Butz—Raised in Ohio,
Cheryl now lives in Great Falls, VA,
where her neighbor Leesa Donner
introduced her to Fourth. Cheryl
and her family began attending
regularly in 2003 and she joined five
years later. She has participated in
Bible studies led by Leesa for more
than ten years—both at Fourth and in their neighborhood.
She and her husband John (married 25 years) have one son
(J.C.), who has attended Sunday school regularly here since
he was five, and joined the church last spring.
John Hoobler—John was raised by
Christians and taught Christianity
by them, by Fourth Presbyterian
Church, and by Washington
Christian Academy. His family has
regularly attended Fourth
decades. He and his five siblings
all attended Washington Christian
Academy for at least a decade apiece. Most of his siblings
have worked at church in the past. John has been involved in
the summer staff, support staff, Sunday school teaching, and
worship team aspects of Fourth. A regular attender since
1990, he joined the church in 2014.
Arpad Korossy—Arpad first came
to Fourth with his family while he
was in high school (1996), and was
already starting to make the faith
of his parents his own. Although
often away for school or work, he
attended regularly whenever able,
having been active in Young Career
Fellowship since about 2008. He joined Fourth in 2009, and
looks forward to returning to the area permanently in the
spring, after commuting up on weekends while stationed in
Norfolk, VA, for the last several years. His parents (Zoltan and
Katalin) and siblings (Zoltan, Katalin, Laszlo) all also attend
Fourth regularly, and his parents and sister are members.
Mark De Ravin—As a native of the
land down under, Australia, Mark
attended the University of New
South Wales in Sydney. Through a
university ministry, he met his wife,
Suk See. They live in Bethesda, and
have two girls, Emma (freshman at
Maryland) and Laura (freshman at
Whitman High School). He is host of Table 6 for the 9:30
Pastor’s Class and works some Sundays in the Media Center,
assisting with check-outs at the counter or shelving returned
Romi Kobayashi—Growing up in
Japan in a nominal Buddhist home,
Romi became acquainted with
the Bible at age 12 at a private
school. She then attended a small
denominational junior college in
Kentucky, where many people
believed that the Bible was the
word of God. She began attending Fourth when Dr. Glen
Knecht was preaching from Revelation in the evening
services, and joined in 2012. Romi attends Sunday morning
and evening services and the 9:30 Pastor’s Class at Table 8.
She is part of the Fourth Women’s Prayer Ministry, Greeters
Ministry (with the Special Blessings students), the Northern
Virginia Circle, a small prayer meeting for the Muslims on
Sunday mornings, and Vienna Oakton Community Group.
Lee Thorson—Growing up in a
Christian home, Lee attended
Fourth Presbyterian Church for
over a year before joining last May.
She and her husband Scott came
to the DC area from MN for a job
change. They have been married
for 33 years and have three adult
children in MN and CA. At Fourth, Lee is in a small group,
attends the Pastor’s Sunday school class, and attends some
of the Women’s Ministries activities.
Phil Warker—Living in Bethesda,
Phil and his wife Margaret joined
Fourth about ten years ago. He
has served on the Evangelism
Committee and has led an Alpha
group and assisted with Alpha,
Beta, and Christianity Explored.
He was the Covenant Choir parent
for three years and has helped with other, smaller ad hoc
tasks. He has taken advantage of the various worship and
learning opportunities at Fourth (as well as the CS Lewis
Fellows Program). Their daughter, Julia (14), has been active
in Fourth’s youth programs and choirs for a number of years.
April 2015
An Artful Afternoon
Saturday, May 9
"In the beginning, God created..." Genesis 1:1
Bringing together women of all ages to fellowship
and hear and consider how Christian themes have
influenced and pervaded art throughout history
(with something special for our little ladies!)
Stop by the tables in Halverson Hall.
Women’s Ministry Retreat
Baltimore’s Inner Harbor—April 24-26
Day Only Registration
If you are unable to come the entire weekend, on April 1, we will accept Day Only Registrations. The cost to attend the retreat on
Saturday only will be $80. (There is an additional parking fee to be paid to the hotel). Following is the schedule for Saturday, April 25.
2:00 Breakfast
Session #2 with Barbara Murray
Small groups
Workshop #1
4:00 7:00 8:15
9:00 Workshop #2
Free time with dinner on your own
Session #3 with Barbara
Small groups
To register, go online to 4thpres.org/registration or stop by the table in Halverson Hall on Sundays between services.
Fourth Press
Taste of Fourth Cookbook!
Recipes from Fourth Presbyterian Women
to create a spectacular community cookbook.
Each woman is invited to submit up to 5 recipes for
consideration in all areas of cuisine including
appetizers, main dishes, breads, soups, salads,
slow cooker dishes, food for a crowd, vegan dishes and more!
Submit recipes electronically until April 15 by visiting
http://4thpres.org/cookbook or by dropping a hard copy
in the WOF Recipes folder in the Main Office.
Proceeds from the sale of this cookbook will
support the Women of Fourth Ministry.
Stephanie Looney or Sarah Thatch
[email protected]
April 2015
Focus on
Chelsea Custer, Youth Ministries
Pray for the Youth Ministry team (Chelsea, Garrett, Devan, Nate and
Rob) as they continue to transition and adjust in this new season
with new leadership. Pray for this full-time staff as they develop
and pray over intentional future ministry.
Pray that our middle school and high school students would feel
loved, welcomed, and cared for, in the name of Jesus.
Pray for wisdom, strength, and joy for Sunday school teachers and
volunteer staff who disciple students and lead Wednesday Bible
studies. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work through them to draw
students closer to the Lord.
Pray for The Rock (MS) and The Root (HS) Wednesday evening Bible
studies,for students to feel loved and welcomed in Jesus’ name.
Pray for students to hear and respond to the gospel, and for real
relationships to develop among students.
Continue to pray for our community to be a safe and welcoming
place for students to bring their friends and for these friends to be
welcomed into fellowship and community, in Jesus' name.
Pray for high school seniors away on the Senior Florida Trip April
6-10. Pray for the Lord to give them vision as they discuss what it
looks like to pursue Christ, and community as they leave the youth
ministry and enter college. Pray for Devan, Nate, and staff as they
prepare and facilitate community.
Pray for students to develop a heart for service in Jesus' name to
their communities and neighbors. Pray that God would stir in their
hearts a desire to serve, and further understanding of the gospel.
Especially pray for those students who will serve at Camp Bennett's
Annual Easter Egg Hunt for inner-city youth on Monday, April 6.
Pray for the Lord to prepare our summer staffers who will arrive
in May and minister to our students through August. Pray for their
fruitful relationships with our students. Pray for staff as they plan
for the summer.
Fourth Press