2015 G-Trained Wrestling Camp

2015 G-Trained Wrestling Camp
G-Trained/4 Seasons Member Cost: $225
Non Member Cost: $275
Date: July 27th— 31st
Time: 8:00am-4:00pm
Age Groups: 6-10, 11-13, 14-18
Personal Information
Camp staff:
Davey Blake—Head Coach McDaniel College
Josh Fitch—Assistant Coach McDaniel College
Mason Goretsas—Assistant Coach McDaniel College
Tom Goretsas—Head Coach Manchester Valley High
Tim Lienau—Assistant Coach Manchester Valley High
Name:____________________________________________ Age Group:
Parent/Guardian Name:______________________________ Email:______________________________________
Home Phone:_______________________________ Cell Phone:_________________________________________
City:___________________________________ State:________ Zip Code:_________________________________
Approximate Weight Class:_________________________ Shirt Size:_____________________________________
Campers Birth Date:________________ Campers age at time of Camp:______ Camper’s Grade in Fall 2015:_____
School:___________________________________________ Coach’s Name:_______________________________
I, parent or guardian of __________________, am familiar with the risks inherent in participation in the Wrestling
Camp activities. I release G-Trained Wrestling, Four Seasons, and its employees from any and all claims, demands
and causes of action resulting from participation in the camp. I hereby authorize the staff to act for me according to
his/her best judgment in an emergency requiring medical attention.
Parent/Guardian Signature:___________________________________ Date:__________________________
To Register
Mail in registration form to: Four Seasons 2710 Hampstead Mexico Rd Hampstead, MD 21074 with checks made
payable to Four Seasons. To pay by Credit Card or Cash bring form into the Main front desk or call 410-239-3366 to
pay over the phone. Deadline to register is a week prior to camp start. For more information on the G-Trained
Wrestling Club and complete camp details please visit www.4seasonssportscomplex.com/g-trained/.
For Staff Use Only
Amount Paid:______________ Date Paid:__________________ Management Initials:_______________