May 2015 Newsletter

 May 2015
Madison, WI Chapter 3346
Dealership Ride We are now: Welcome 4-Lakes H.O.G. Members
This Newsletter is published and distributed via the internet and is specifically for
“Madison 4-Lakes H.O.G.” members. Harley-Davidson of Madison, WI. is our sponsor,
please support them. Refer to our web site’s calendar to view the latest rides, events and
last minute updates. We welcome all new members and urge you to attend our Chapter
The Madison 4-Lakes HOG web site is:
It was great to meet the new owner of Harley-Davidson of Madison
Virgil “Wolf” Schulenburg
Virgil W. Schulenburg told the story of how he started with Harley-Davidson back in
1977 and bought his first Harley-Davidson dealership in 1979. Virgil announced that as of
April 16, 2015 he had purchased Harley-Davidson of Madison; formerly known as Badger
Harley-Davidson. This beautiful facility at 6200 Millpond Road, Madison, welcomes
everyone to stop by. We are very excited about all the opportunities in and around the
beautiful city of Madison, WI. Virgil W. Schulenburg has owned and operated Sauk Prairie
Harley-Davidson since 1979 with a long standing tradition of being The Dealer Who Cares.
In 2009, the opportunity arose to purchase and operate Dubuque Harley-Davidson of
Dubuque, IA.
We want to welcome all of those who have called Badger Harley-Davidson their
dealer of choice into our Harley family. We intend to keep up the Customer Service that
many of you have come to know and respect. Thank you again and we look forward to
serving the Greater Madison metropolitan area.
4-Lakes HOG wishes Virgil success in his purchase of Harley-Davidson of Madison.
Remember, Harley-Davidson of Madison is the sponsor of 4-Lakes H.O.G.
We did NOT have a winner last month of the “Wish You Were Here”, this month if we
pull your name and you are at the meeting, you will win $60. “LOUD and PROUD” prize was
won by John Blaska and Ed Grzelinski won the prize for “I RODE MINE”.
We had a great turnout and it was nice to see so many old and new faces at the
meeting. We hope you all will continue to attend future meetings and join in the rides.
Suggestions for activities are always welcome and can be made via e-mail to an officer or
dropped in the box at the Greeter's table at future meetings.
Check the 4-Lakes HOG website and Calendar for all the updates, events and last
minute changes. Don’t forget to check the Photos as we will continue to post new ones.
If you have a photo you would like to have posted, please email it to the Editor:
[email protected]
April Chapter Ride
We had 16 riders who enjoyed a great ride Sunday,
who didn’t mind the 43 degree temperature when
we departed the dealership. It warmed up to 60 before
the day was over. Leystra’s Restaurant in Sauk City was
a great place to have lunch. We stopped by Sauk Prairie
HD to see how the Nascar race was doing. Several of
the riders continued on their own and road on up to Lodi.
April Chapter Ride Sunday
Leystra’s Restaurant - Sauk City News of a new recall on some 2014 and 2015 touring models hydraulic clutch systems has
been released from Harley-Davidson. This is causing some confusion with owners of these
model bikes as it doesn't include all of them, it is specific to a date range between April 28,
2014 and October 24, 2014. All owners involved will get a notice from the factory if their bike
is included in the recall. If you have any questions whether your bike is included in the recall
contact our service department. If you have a 2014 or 2015 touring model and notice any
change to the clutch operation please contact our service department at 608-221-2761.
Upcoming Rides and Events
MAY 13th - 6:30 PM
MAY 23rd - 11:00 AM
MAY 28th - 6:30 PM
MAY 31st - 10:00 AM
American Red Cross
The Red Cross has One-A-Week Chapters whereby the chapters agree to give a
donation once a week. Please donate and when you do, enter your name and Chapter 178
in the One-A-Week book (they have one at each site). 4-Lakes HOG started this back in
2006. Many businesses, churches, and other organizations have chapters.
If you want to know more, give Norm Sennes a call at 608.695.3890
Annual Harley Tour: Palm Springs
By Jim & Maggie Jirsa
Covering the territory between Madison and the West is most efficiently accomplished by climbing onto I‐90, se ng the Cruise Control to warp 7 and se ling in for the long haul. Doing this allowed us to traverse Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota with dispatch which allowed addi onal me to spend on other sights along the way. We le I‐90 at Spearfish, South Dakota on highway 85 to 212 in Belle Fourche and then proceeded northwest through a bit of Wyoming and into Montana. Picking up 59 at Broadus, we proceeded to Miles City for our fourth overnight of the trip. This was in early September and the next morning was very cool, but enjoyably so. Maggie had her electric vest and heated seat, so all was good. We stayed on 59 to Jordan and then picked up 200 over to Great Falls. The scenery along this stretch was great, but there’s not a lot happening along this route; mostly large ranches and small towns. We spent the following day checking out the interes ng places in Great Falls, including the falls themselves, the Lewis and Clark Interpre ve Center and the Charles Russell Museum. This is a great museum with many of Charlie’s original western/Indian‐themed pain ngs and sculptures. Very impressive place to spend several enjoyable hours. Charlie’s home and studio are also located on site. We found the falls themselves rather disappoin ng but on the other hand, it was easy to see how they would have presented such a serious challenge to Lewis and Clark in their original condi on. That must have been some portage! The Interpre ve Center was very well organized and presented a great deal of informa on on the principals as well as the other men, and woman, who par cipated in the Corps of Discovery. Since we had a whole day, we did spend a good deal of me there. Following our pleasant stay at Great Falls, we got on southwest I‐15 to highway 43 at Divide, taking the Chief Joseph Pass through the Bi erroot Range, over to 93 south to an overnight at Salmon, Idaho, directly east of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area. (On the even‐
ing of the day we le Great Falls, they got snow!) to con here...then scroll down to page Madison, WI May 2015
Road Captains
Mark Aeschlimann (Head Road Captain)
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Safety Officer: Dave Mahoney
Head Road Captain: Mark Aeschlimann
Tom Fisk
Ladies of Harley Officer: Joey Mathews
Ed Grzelinski
Activities Officer: Toby Sigle
D J Mackin
Membership: Tom Tjugum
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