Teen Conference Handbook - 4-H Youth Development Program

Teen Conference Handbook
June 28-30, 2015
Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
Sponsored by Washington State 4-H
Washington State Teen Conference will:
Offer opportunities for teens of all backgrounds across Washington to come together to engage in educational
programs applicable to their lives;
Give teens increased life-skills for their future, including career and college preparation and exploration;
Include interactive and hands-on educational sessions, displays, and programs;
Feature nationally known speakers, university faculty, staff and students, community members, and youth as
presenters; and
Promote positive adult and teen partnerships through the planning, implementation, and evaluation stages.
Who May Attend?
Youth who have completed Grades 7th through 12th are eligible. 4-H membership is not required; nonmembers will be included in the 4-H county Extension contact information. Adult chaperones, 4-H staff and
faculty, as well as adult presenters may also attend. Chaperones are required at a ratio of 1 per 10 youth.
Chaperones pay the same registration and transportation fees as youth participants.
Lodging, Dormitory, and Meals
Delegates will stay in Gannon/Goldsworthy Residence Hall on the WSU Pullman campus. Delegates do not need to bring
bedding or towels--only personal toiletry items. Rooms and roommates will be assigned at check-in. Counties will be
grouped together wherever possible, although girls and boys will be on different floors. Changes are not allowed after
assignments are made.
Leave all valuables at home. We cannot guarantee their security. Keys to dorm rooms are available, but even
locked rooms do not always prevent losses. There is a $50 charge for lost room keys.
Report illness immediately to an adult chaperone. First aid will be provided on site. In case of an emergency, the
delegate will be taken to Pullman Regional Hospital.
Respect for the privacy of others requires that members of the opposite sex are not allowed in any dorm room.
Lounges are available on each floor for visiting. You must be in your own room at the scheduled time each
The dormitory will be locked one-half hour after the close of the evening activities. In-your-room and quiet time
begins at 12 midnight Sunday and Monday.
The removal of window screens, throwing any object out of windows, or harm in any way to residence hall
rooms is strictly forbidden. Repair expenses will be charged to the individual(s) responsible for the damage.
Meal service will be provided by Southside Dining Center. The Delegate’s nametag will be used as their meal card and
must be presented at each meal. There is a $15 charge for replacing lost name tags. Meals included with registration
include Sunday dinner; Monday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Tuesday breakfast. Tuesday’s boxed lunch may be
purchased for an additional $8 fee.
What to Expect - Dress Code
Delegates will take part in scheduled educational, recreational, and social events with enough time to explore the
Washington State University campus and relax with new friends. You will live in WSU residence halls, eat in the student
dining halls, participate in workshop tracks, and take part in recreation activities, including the WSU Recreation Center,
and assemblies.
Most activities including workshops, speaker assemblies, evening activities, and free time call for casual summertime
clothing, and comfortable footwear. Please note dress code requirements. For the Monday night banquet we strongly
recommend business casual or jeans, a collared shirt for guys, and a blouse or shirt for girls. No shorts, tank tops, or very
casual dress will be allowed.
4-H Dress Code
Program participants & chaperones are expected to abide by the dress code for this event:
Dress casually, but neatly and appropriately. If you choose to dress inappropriately, you will be asked to change, or be
required to wear a conference-issued shirt. The following dress code will be enforced for all individuals attending the
conference, including chaperones:
1. Articles of clothing which display profanity, products, or slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex, or
advertise gang symbols or affiliation are prohibited.
2. Items of clothing which expose bare midriffs, bare chests, undergarments, or that are transparent (see-through) are
prohibited. Halter tops, tube shirts, and spaghetti straps are not appropriate.
3. Super short or skirts, even with leggings are not acceptable.
There are four workshop blocks. Select a workshop topic for each block. Workshop descriptions are available at:
1. Attendance at all scheduled events is required. Be prompt in attendance and courteous to all instructors and
speakers. You will sign in at each workshop.
2. Workshops are assigned according to choices given on your registration form and available space. They will be
assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, until the maximum number allowed for the workshop is reached. If
the workshop you request when you register is already full, you will be asked to select another one. Attend the
workshops assigned on your registration given to you at check-in. You may not change your workshops once
they are assigned!
Watch for updated information…coming soon…
Travel Arrangements
Check with your County Extension Office to arrange transportation and possibly carpooling to State 4-H Teen
Conference. Bus transportation for $60 round-trip will be available to youth traveling from the Westside and other areas
of the state. The exact bus route and pick up sites will be available in early June.
Travel on your own should be timed to arrive in Pullman between 1:30 and 3:30 pm on Sunday, June 28th. Departure
from Pullman to return home will be at 1 pm on Tuesday, June 30th. A boxed lunch will be available for $8 before
leaving the event.