Lisa Fröbel Director and chief executive at Inspire 4eu AB

Curriculum Vitae
Lisa Fröbel
Rödingvägen 15, SE-83253 Frösön (Sweden)
+46 703 360 222
[email protected]
Sex Female | Date of birth 07 April 1970 | Nationality Swedish
Director and chief executive at Inspire 4eu AB
December 2012–Present
Managing director, Inspire 4eu AB
Inspire 4eu AB
Rödingvägen 15, 83253 Frösön (Sweden)
The company works with innovation systems, sustainable local and regional development processes,
partnership development and transnationality, as well as new forms of knowledge related learning
processes in the area of public development, financing, EU-policy and programs.
Business or sector Limited stock company, sustainable local and regional development processes
Sales manager
Nordic Lokalkapital AB
Gimån 110 SE-84060 Bräcke (Sweden)
Shareholder and active part of the operational development team of an innovative model of crowd
equity, disseminating the concept to a wider public in Sweden, in Europe and in the USA.
2003–November 2012
Skeda Vårbo SE-585 97 Linköping (Sweden)
The association works on service contracts concerning issues related to social economy and local and
regional development in Sweden and in Europe. Lisa was one of the directors of the association and
was responsible for the SERUS office in Östersund. Lisa lives in Östersund since 2005.
Business or sector Social Economy and regional development in Scandinavia (SERUS)
Ph D studies
The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm (Sweden)
Ph D studies within the field of social economy, social capital, local- and regional development and
cohesion policy.
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February 2007–December 2009
Co-ordinator for regional development program in Jämtland
Association of local authorities in the county of Jämtland
Box 3123 SE-831 03 Östersund (Sweden)
Responsible for local and regional development at the Association of Local Authorities in the County of
Jämtland, coordinating the regional development program for growth and job creation.
Business or sector Public administration, regional development and regional policy
July 2006–December 2006
Research assistant
National Institute for Working Life / Arbetslivsinstitutet, Östersund (Sweden)
Ph D studies within the field of social economy, civil society and social capital.
Business or sector Research studies
Director for the Mid Sweden European Office in Brussels
Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland
Box 3014 SE-871 03 Härnösand (Sweden)
Representation and follow up of policy questions for the Mid-Sweden region towards the EUinstitutions, international organisations and other relevant policy actors.
October 1999–December 2002
Managing Director of Koopi Branch in Brussels
Kooperativa Institutet, Stockholm (Sweden)
Responsible for KOOPI contracts and projects. Lobbying and co-operation with the European social
economy and co-operative sector. Development of transnational European projects.
Business or sector Business development, Co-operative affairs
November 1998–September 1999
Program officer, placed in Jerusalem
Swedish Co-operative Center
Box 302 14 SE-104 25 Stockholm (Sweden)
Responsible for the tri-lateral peace project between the co-operative movements in Palestine, Israel
and Sweden. Establishing a co-operative development agency on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Business or sector The Swedish Co-operative National Institute for Development Aid
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Curriculum Vitae
September 1997–September
Project Officer
Swedish Co-operative Center
Box 30214 SE-104 25 Stockholm (Sweden)
Responsible for the cooperation program between the co-operative movements of Sweden, Palestine
and Israel
Business or sector The Swedish Co-operative National Institute for Development Aid
September 1996–August 1997
Project manager
KF Project Center
Box 30228 SE-104 25 Stockholm (Sweden)
Responsible for bilateral development projects in e.g. Paraguay, Gambia and Nicaragua.
Business or sector Development work
1989–August 1992
The Swedish Social Democratic youth organisation, (Sweden)
Responsiblefor the political activities of the Swedish Social democratic Youth Organisation in the
county of Norrbotten and in the county of Värmland, Sweden .
Social Science - Bachelor degree in Social Work
Mid-Sweden University, Östersund (Sweden)
Bachelor degree in Political Science
Mid-Sweden University, Östersund (Sweden)
Project Manager, Peoples’ education certificate
Brunnswik, FHSK,
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Mother tongue(s)
Other language(s)
Spoken interaction
Spoken production
Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Communication skills
▪ excellent communication skills due to years of experience in working with civil society and adult
education in different organizations in Sweden and internationally.
▪ the ability to adjust a message or a complex concept into understandable and inspiring information
▪ often contracted as moderator or process-manager to different external events, that demand a
flexible and adjustable communication capability
▪ excellent experiences of holding keynote speeches for larger audiences or in high level meetings
▪ experienced in communications skills adapted to different cultures and environments
▪ excellent communications skills in written texts, reports and other textual contexts.
Organisational / managerial skills
With my work experience in various leading positions and as an entrepreneur, being responsible for
management and staff policy, I have developed recognizable skills in leadership, coordination and cooperation. Based on an objective oriented vision, I try to establish a work environment with trust and
confidence for an efficient and motivating collaboration with my colleagues.
Job-related skills
I have a long experience in working in democratic and participatory organisations. Therefore I am well
familiar with decision-making processes and principles in public and private environments. In stressful
work situations, I maintain my ability to focus on the objectives and on the tasks to be achieved. With
the assignments in international environments and in different countries, I gained a valuable
knowledge of intercultural co-operation, management and leadership.
Computer skills
Computer skills in PC and Macintosh environments.
Good knowledge in various office and desktop publishing applications.
Well developed skills in web based applications, search engines and EU database.
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Current and previous
commissions and affiliations
▪ Expert support to the Association of the Samillers association in Sweden,
▪ Swedish Co-ordinator for the Whitefeather Forest Initiative, in Ontario Canada, lead by Pikangikum
First Nation, 2013 – ongoing
▪ Chairperson of Bredberget Broadband Association, 2014 - ongoing
Curriculum Vitae
▪ Member of the Board, Grangärde Local Development Association, 2014 -ongoing
▪ Chairperson, Crowd Equity AB, consultative support in the strategic launch of local investment
companies (LIC) in Sweden and Europe. 2012 - ongoing
▪ Evaluator for the project “Kompetensplattformen” – a co-ordination arena for life long learning of the
regional federation of the County of Jämtland, year 2012 - 2014
▪ Evaluator for the project “Lärlingslotsen 2” – “Piloting apprenticeship 2” of the regional federation of
the County of Jämtland, year 2012 - 2013.
▪ Expert to Västerås Science Park regarding EU-policy and Europe 2020, project design and public
funding. Year 2013 - ongoing.
▪ Expert to the trade union “IF Metall” regarding EU-policy and eurropean co-operation, Europe 2020,
project design and public funding. Year 2013 - ongoing.
▪ Member of the Board, Fund for Micro financing County of Jämtland, 2013-2014
▪ Expert to Mid Sweden University ETOUR regarding EU-policy and Europe 2020, project design
and public funding. Year 2013.
▪ Funding member and Chairperson of Åre Lokalkapitalbolag AB, an innovative crowd equity model
for local development and funding. Year 2012 - ongoing
▪ Chairperson and board member, association for the social economy in Mid Northern Sweden. 2011
– 2014.
▪ Strategic work and development of regional platforms for the social economy. 2005 - 2009.
▪ Member of the Board, Coompanion Co-operative development Agency in the county of Jämtland,
since 2006 - 2013
▪ Moderator for the conference “Kvinnors företagande” - “Women entrepreneurship”, of the regional
federation of the Jämtland county and the county administration in the Jämtland county. 2012 –
▪ Åre Destination AB, project design, co-ordination and services for financial development within the
area of public development capital within the project “Hållbar Destinationsutveckling” - Sustainable
Destination development, funded by Tillväxtverket – National administration for Growth policies.
2012 - 2013.
▪ Transnational co-ordinator for the Vinna project, “unga på väg att lämna skolan” - young school
leavers, of the association of upper secondary schools in the county of Jämtland, ESF – Mid
Northern Sweden, PO 2. 2012 - 2013
▪ Evaluation of the project “Unga till arbete” - Youngsters to work, of the regional federation in
Dalarna. ESF northern Mid-Sweden, PO 2.2012 - 2013
▪ Evaluation of the project Solo/Micro – Dalalyft, competence development in business development
for micro-enterprises and SME. ESF northern Mid-Sweden, PO 1. 2012 - 2013
▪ Mid Sweden Science Park, consultation regarding the start-up of the business and in particular
advice in the work development of financing capital. 2012 - 2013
▪ In-dept analysis of associations needs regarding meeting rooms in Strömsund communityevaluation of the contract with Folkets hus (Peoples house). 2012
▪ Consultation, competence development and project advice to Riksutställningar and Swedish
County museum and similar actors. 2011 - 2012
▪ Consultation and project design at Midsweden University, National center for wintersports. 2010 2013
▪ In-depth study with Swedish example “National approach to SGI/SGEI and the support of the
Structural funds to SGI/SGEI provision” carried out by the European Parliament, 2010.
▪ Founding member and member of the Board, Soft Financing AB. 2009 - 2013
▪ Member of the Board and collaboration with Peak Innovation, a regional Innovation system for
Sports, Turism and Outdoor, 2008 - 2012.
▪ Member of the Board and Presidency of Coompanion Co-operative development Sweden, March
2008 – May 2012
▪ Member of the Board, ESAM AB, 2008 - 2010
▪ General manager for ” The second CIRIEC International Research Conference in Östersund,
September 2009.
▪ The Swedish ESF Council process support in the NUTS 2 areas Northern Mid-Sweden and MidNorthern Sweden. 2008 – 2012.
▪ Expert regarding the 4´th Cohesion Report, European Economic and Social Committee, 2007
▪© European
Expert in
study regarding
Social Capital and local entrepreneurship, by the Swedish Ministry
of/ 7
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Justice, 2007
▪ Expert in the European Study about “Social and Health Services of General Interest – SHSGI”,
Previous temporary commissions
and affiliations
▪ Analysis regarding drug abuse and multi abuse conditions, its prevention and care system in the
County of Jämtland, Regional federation in the County of Jämtland. 2013
▪ Analysis regarding social care system for excluded persons in the Jämtland county,
Samordningsförbundet Jämtlands län 2012.
▪ Educator and trainer regarding project design, logical framework approach (LFA) and societal
intelligence assessment , realised seminars within the project “SEMN-Kompetent”, ESF Mid
Northern Sweden, PO1. 2011 - 2012.
▪ Evaluation of the projects “Solo/Micro - Företagsam Gävleborg” and “Solo/Micro - Affärskraft
Värmland”, competence development in business development for micro-enterprises and SME.
ESF northern Mid-Sweden, PO 1. 2009 - 2012
▪ Member of the Regional Program Committee for Regional Development and Growth in the County
of Jämtland. 2007 - 2010.
▪ Member of the Committé for the development of the Local Growth Program in the Municipality of
Östersund, 2007 - 2008
▪ EU-expert and reponsible for policy making and international activties in the Municipality of Piteå.
▪ On going evaluator of the NIL-project for dubblediagnostic and addiction, funded by the European
Union Social Fond objective 2.
▪ Evaluator of Stad och Land Objective 1, Södra Skogslänsregionen. A Leader-alike project locate
din the region of Umeå, with an overall budget of around 55 000 000 Swedish kronor.
▪ Evaluator of Kraftcentrum, an ESF-project Växtkraft Objective 1, Södra Skogslänsregionen.
Located in Strömsund, with an overall budget of around 33 000 000 Swedish kronor.
▪ Evaluator of ESF-projects Växtkraft Objective 1, Södra Skogslänsregionen. Analysing 20 projects
and organized a regional evaluation conference with all stakeholders on local, regional and national
level. November 2005 - March 2006
▪ Expert to The European Committée of the Regions for the position on the General Regulation on
the Structural Funds 2007-2013. June 2004 - April 2005
▪ Coordinator for the National Equal Partnership for Social Entrepreneurship, supported by the
European Social Fund. March 2004 - March 2005
▪ Member of the National programme committee of the European Social Economy Conferenceand
organizer of the Swedish Village in Krakow 2004.
▪ Member and organizer of the sub-seminar for Youth and Social Economy, at the EuropeanSocial
Economy Conference in Praha 2002.
▪ Member of the Board of CECOP aisbl (European Confederation of Workers’ Co-operatives, Social
Cooperatives and Participative Enterprises), 2003 - 2004
▪ Trainee at Olof Palme International Centre, 1995.
▪ Speaker and lecturer at national and international conferences and seminars on e.g. local and
regional development, Social Economy, EU affairs, cross-border and trans-national cooperation.
▪ Representative of KOOPI at the International Co-operative Alliance World Congress in Seoul 2002,
South Korea.
▪ Moderating workshops, seminars and conferences in Swedish and international environments.
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Curriculum Vitae
Winner of the prize “The Leader of the Future”, in the County of Jämtland 2004
▪ “Idébank” för Social Ekonomi mellersta Norrland, publication to the final conference of the project
“SEMN-Kompetent”, 2012.
▪ ”The Social Economy in a world facing a global crisis” publication from the Second CIRIEC
International Research Conference on Social Economy, 2009
▪ ”Social Capital and Rural Development” a chapter in the book ”Social capital and development
trends in rural areas” editors K. Kobayashi, L. Westin, H. Westylund, 2008
▪ Ongoing evaluation report from the NIL-project regarding double addiction. The evaluation was
made using the LFA-method. NIL was a European Social Fund project for improving competence
within the specific field of profession during the years 2008-2009.
▪ A confused world of regional programs, A comparison between North-Tröndelag and the County of
Jämtland regional development process. A “tool” to distinguish between conceptions, programs and
decision hierarchies. The National Institute for Working Life, 2005 (in Swedish)
▪ The study "The European Employment Strategy and its implications on policies on co-operative
federations and the Social Economy sector". CECOP aisbl and the EU-SCOPE project, 2005
▪ The study "Enlarging the CDA model, Final report from pre-study with purpose to establish support
organisations for the development of cooperative and social economy sector in the new member
states". The Swedish Association for Co-operative Development Agencies, 2004
▪ Ethnical Minorities in the EC - autonomy and influence, essay for Bachelor Degree in Political
Science (in Swedish)
▪ Method for obtaining self-financing and bearing capacity in Swedish development aid projects,
essay for Bachelor Degree in Social Science (in Swedish)
▪ Report regarding the Co-operative movement in Palestine, conclusions and proposals for
assistance (in Swedish)
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