Bill Bradburd Seattle City Council, Pos. 9 46 LD

Bill Bradburd
Seattle City Council, Pos. 9
46th LD Additional Question
Q: In a few paragraphs, what is your vision for your jurisdiction? For Seattle City Council, we
would like to hear specifically about your vision for North Seattle.
As an at-large candidate, my jurisdiction is the city as a whole. Overall, I my priorities for the city will be:
To reestablish broader community voice in neighborhood planning and defining how we grow,
increasing public oversight of how capital investments are made and budgets are set, and expanding
grassroots participation on boards, commissions and advisory groups that are now dominated by
special interests.
To implement progressive housing and transportation policies, including incenting deeper
affordability, increasing city ownership of housing stock, and using city financing mechanisms to fund
increased production of affordable housing (all to expand availability and affordability of housing in
the city), and to move to non-regressive transportation funding that efficiently serves the needs of our
To aggressively enforce policing accountability. We are failing to get effective public safety, the
largest portion of our budget. The City needs to ensure that ‘progressive discipline’ procedures are
part of the next contract so that bad behavior is punished, up to and including firing and criminal
charges. Various other reforms should include local hiring and ensuring officers live in Seattle, and
reinstituting community service officers. I would insist on these changes as a prerequisite for adding
more officers (which Seattle needs).
Additionally, I will empower the Districts by seeking to change Council Rules so that every District has a voice
on each Council Committee by allowing the Councilmember’s staff to attend and participate in Committee
meetings (legislative voting only by Councilmember). This will allow all Districts the opportunity to engage in
matters that affect their districts and encourages staff to be well versed in District issues. I will also seek to
change Council Rules so that no council activity occurs one day per week. This will allow Councilmembers to
spend the day in their district meeting with constituents, observing transportation and business activity, and
inspecting public buildings and open spaces. It is important for Councilmembers not to lose touch with their
districts and the people to whom they are accountable.
For District 5, I will ensure that growth is supported equitably. I support the 130th Street Link station,
however we need to ensure the community is fully engaged in the planning process, that affected
homeowners and businesses receive fair and meaningful mitigation, that growth around the station builds a
‘complete neighborhood’ with schools, public open space and parks, public amenities such as community
center and library, and a thriving commercial and jobs center. All Urban Villages should meet these
I will also strive to find solutions to problems that are found in other districts, but are particularly pronounced
in District 5, including: the lack of safe pedestrian infrastructure, a growing homeless population, better
planning for school capacity, implementing a strong urban forest policy, and protecting the unique character
of our north-end neighborhoods.