SandyBrown46th LDaddendum - eh edits

Sandy Brown, Candidate
Seattle City Council
District 5
46th Legislative District Candidate Questionnaire Addendum Q: In a few paragraphs, what is your vision for your jurisdiction? For Seattle City
Council, we would like to hear specifically about your vision for North Seattle.
North Seattle consists of many dynamic and vibrant communities, each looking for the
very best from the City of Seattle so they can meet their highest potential. After knocking
on the doors of over 5,500 homes and 300 businesses I’ve learned that we share a strong
consensus about what North Seattle should look like in the future:
North Seattle aspires to be a community of vibrant neighborhoods where people are safe;
where we can move about efficiently to our jobs; where we can walk to vibrant retail
districts and great parks; where there is plentiful affordable housing and great public
schools; where we live in mutual respect and equity, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual
orientation, religion, gender, or political persuasion; and where we live in a truly
sustainable way, protecting our environment and its resources for future generations.
This is an ambitious agenda for North Seattle, so during my first years in office I will
focus on:
Public Safety – North Seattle residents and businesses strongly support the
Seattle Police Department’s efforts to reverse an increase in the number of
burglaries, car prowls, drug abuse, prostitution and street disorder. I will promote
efforts to train more officers efficiently and effectively, and encourage practices
that allow officers to walk their beats and familiarize themselves with the
neighborhoods through Community Policing principles.
I affirm and will support full implementation of the federal monitor’s guidelines
for creating an SPD that understands and applies only the best practices for use of
force and recruitment goals that help our police look like our city.
Transportation – District 5 is heavily car dependent and needs stronger
automobile, pedestrian, bus and mass transit solutions. To address the lack of
sidewalks in North Seattle, I advocate for speeding up funding of the Pedestrian
Master Plan and the creation a series of neighborhood based local-improvement
districts in which neighborhoods can decide whether to build out complete
sidewalk infrastructure for our communities.
Bus transportation also needs to be improved, particularly the creation of more
east to west lines. Further, I think it is vital that a completely build-out the Link
Light Rail line including a bike/pedestrian overpass at the Northgate Station and a
May 5, 2015 Sandy Brown 1 transit-activated station at NE 130th Street to better connect the new trains with
neighborhoods to the east and west.
Livability and Affordability –District 5 welcomes smart growth policies that
bring both new residents and needed amenities and services to North Seattle. We
hope to build vibrant retail and commercial areas that attract residents and visitors
and improve our quality of life.
We need affordable workforce and low-income housing along with improvements
like an adequate community center for Lake City in order to build strong and
diverse neighborhoods. As Seattle grows we need to be certain we are creating a
livable city where everyone has the basics of food and shelter, parks and
playfields, and supportive communities.
An End to Street Homelessness – I will work tirelessly to reorient and augment
the city’s homeless services to end street homelessness in the next four years
through stronger investments in local and regional efforts to prevent
homelessness, provide adequate emergency shelter capacity, and provide local
rent subsidies to help people move quickly out of homelessness into permanent
and transitional housing.
As a City Councilmember, I will work every day to deliver real results for Seattle and
District 5 in order to make our common vision come true. I ask for your support in order
to help build a truly great North Seattle for all of our residents.
May 5, 2015 Sandy Brown 2