460 Palm – Q&A With The Interior Designer

460 Palm – Q&A With The Interior Designer
Design Line Interiors
Erika Moody, Chief Creative Officer/Director of Design
460 Palm - developed by ETCO Homes with interior design from Design Line Interiors.
This new luxury development in Beverly Hills, CA offers 35 units including penthouses
that range from 2,114 to 3,643 square feet. Attracting the most discerning buyers,
residences at 460 Palm offer quality finishes and open, modern floor plans.
Contemporary, sleek designs with warm textural elements, residents will love what San
Diego, California-based Design Line Interiors has created. How did the interior designer
accomplish these distinct design features? We asked and she answered!
What was the design vision and inspiration for the interior design?
Based on the locale of Beverly Hills, we let the upscale lifestyle lead us in our approach
to the interior design. With a prime location and walkability to amazing shopping and
high fashion, we designed one model around a Vogue theme where rich azure color is
mixed with whites and greys. The other model is also very elegant but more masculine
and GQ inspired with charcoal, camel and pops of sapphire.
What are the most unique interior design features of the model residences?
There is a big interior design wow factor in the dining room of the first model where a
collection of seven silver globe pendant fixtures are hung at different heights to
accentuate the volume of the ceiling. Our thought is that the lighting acts as the jewelry
of the home, and it should make a bold statement. Beneath the glittering lighting sits a
table for entertaining where we’ve mixed modern banquette seating with chrome and
leather chairs to create the ultimate high-end dining experience in the center of the
home. The Master Bedroom has a private Sitting Area/Retreat, as well as an adjacent
Veranda, where one can curl up in a lounge chair with a cool drink from the outdoor bar
after a long day.
The second model unit has a warm and masculine, yet glamourous, color scheme with
touches of leather and fur mixed with colorful pops of silk and sheen. We wanted to
address the Avant-garde eye of the buyer while keeping it clean, chic and sophisticated.
Mercury pendant lighting sparkles over the kitchen island and reflects off of a unique
stainless steel backsplash. Distinctive patio furniture on the centralized veranda creates
a cozy, yet posh, setting for entertaining guests or relaxing to take in the view after a
soak in the spa. It’s a divine mixture of swanky up-town loft meets intimate abode.
How does the interior design work with the exterior architecture of the building?
Overall, the building has a very contemporary, sleek design with some warm, textural
elements. We mirror that balance in the interiors by using natural materials like dark
woods, Caesarstone and tiled backsplashes. For one of the models the backsplash is
designed mostly of stone to warm the kitchen area while the other model has a more
glitzy backsplash to complement rather than contrast. The balance is also made with
flooring, carpet and area rugs that are grounded and warm. We also used limestone in
the bathroom for a soft and lower maintenance option.
How do the interior and common space designs work together?
The architecture has a lot of clean lines that we wanted to bring into the lobby and into
the model using elements of glass, polished chrome and dark wood with pops of color.
Together with the natural textural elements of the accessories and woven materials,
we’ve created a modern space that feels like home. The community lounge is a focal
piece from the lobby and we designed an interesting, mirrored geometric tile that will
be the central design element that draws attention. The space has a coffee bar, which
adds an element of fun in contrast to a large focal wall on the opposite side where you
will find a built in bookcasethat is more contemporary design. It has very much of an
“ibar” feel with smaller seating areas around the perimeter and taller in the middle. This
makes it more relaxed than a typical meeting space while balancing casual with upscale.
It’s a space that can double as a lounge.
What is your favorite aspect about the design?
We designed some interesting and exciting “wow” pieces; a fur covered ottoman, a
leather wrapped table lamp, inspired out-of-the-box lighting, and so on. We really tried
to co-mingle the old and the new, the classic and the cutting-edge, and I think we were
able to pull it off seamlessly. You can find these unique touches throughout the design
making the space feel really special – a collection of funky, vintage pieces that you’re
not going to see when you’re touring other models. In many instances the architecture
(shell) of a space creates a great base to expand upon design wise. For these models,
that is definitely the case. The interesting architecture of this space is truly brought to
life with the DLI touch.
How does the project fit within the fabric of Beverly Hills neighborhood?
When you walk around Beverly Hills you see very fashionable, busy people whose
lifestyle includes a lot of fine dining and high-end shopping, so the interior design has to
reflect that aspect of upscale and beautiful while also creating a comfortable space that
doesn’t alienate people. At the end of the day we all want to come home to a cozy
environment and have it be a space that we are proud of.
The Design Line Interiors Story:
We began Design Line Interiors in the basement of a wonderful old brick
building in 1985. We had an urgent desire to create beautiful and thoughtful
interiors to help people live more fulfilling lives. We were starry-eyed and
bushy-tailed, and we believed passionately that our interiors could transform
the way people think about interior design. We felt that form and function
should be one, joined in a spiritual union of comfort and practicality. We did
not ever believe this could be accomplished alone, so we sought to join the
teams of the most amazing innovators in design and building. We yearned for
a collaborative process where the greatest minds came together to create
magic. Our very first project had just that; an incredible team of talent. It went
on to have record sales and was rewarded with tremendous accolades. This
launched us into the world of design and a love affair that is still burning hot
today. Along the way we have been blessed to work with many talented,
creative, and inspiring people. Their influence has been a mighty force in our
lives over the years. We have developed cherished friendships with clients and
competition, and the companies who work so hard to provide for us and the
projects we design. We work with amazing builders, architects, land scape
designers, ad agencies, and brilliant people who continually strive to create
beautiful and considerate spaces. Thirty years later we remain starry -eyed and
bushy-tailed, and still believe that beautiful and thoughtful interiors can help
people live more fulfilling lives.