NEW NOTICE: Forthcoming changes in the application process

NEW NOTICE: Forthcoming changes in the application process Applicants should expect the following changes in the course of May up to 1 June 2015: Payment methods Current payment methods will be abolished in the course of May. Payments will then have to be made in one of two ways: (1) eCommerce (card payment) (all applicants) (2) Cash payment by using a printout of a system‐generated SAMPLE Standard Bank deposit slip to copy when depositing money at a Standard Bank branch (only applicants in South Africa) Separate payment must be made for each application lodged online. In each case a unique submission number will be linked to payment automatically. No other forms of payment will be accepted. Compulsory provision of banking details The high degree of non‐compliance to application requirements causes extensive administrative work for SAQA. The policy is to return non‐compliant applications and refund moneys paid in order to curb deferred income. Because refunds are delayed by applicants not providing their banking details on request, the provision of such details will become a compulsory requirement in the application process. Banking details will be safety encrypted; and decrypted for use only when necessary and under strict procedures for this purpose. Submission of a consent form for verification purposes Evaluation of foreign qualifications now includes verification. Verification of the authenticity of qualification awards requires the consent of candidates claiming those awards. Therefore inclusion of a signed consent form will become a standard requirement and no application will be accepted without this. Where the application is lodged on behalf of the qualification holder, the agent or representative must ensure that the relevant form is signed by the qualification holder prior to submission of the application pack. Abolishment of priority options and the introduction of payment per qualification evaluated Verification of authenticity brings about a dependency on external responses, which often causes for evaluation not to be completed within predetermined time lines. Fast tracking options at additional cost will therefore be phased out. As from 1 June 2015 the fees structure will be as outlined below. The delivery target will be 15 working days for as far as this is possible: First qualification: R950 Subsequent qualifications: R520 each Online access to evaluation outcome, per instance R120 Appeal Stage 1 R1089 Appeal Stage 2 R1560 Administrative fee: refunds linked to non‐compliant applications R420 In addition applicants will be liable for the external verification fees currently carried by SAQA. Details per country / institution will be communicated at a later stage.