May 2009
Editor: Tanya R. Jones
MI (Myocardial Infarction)
Symptoms differ between women and men
I lowered the foot rest dumping the cat from my lap,
This is a great description of how a heart attack can
started to take a step and fell on the floor instead. I thought to
feel different to women than men.
myself, 'If this is a heart attack, I shouldn't be walking into the
Time lost is lost muscle.
Did you know that women rarely have the same dra- next room where the phone is or anywhere else ... but, on the
matic symptoms that men have when experiencing heart other hand, if I don't, nobody will know that I need help, and
attack… you know, the sudden stabbing pain in the if I wait any longer I may not be able to get up.' I pulled mychest, the cold sweat, grabbing the chest & dropping to self up with the arms of the chair, walked slowly into the next
the floor that we see in the movies. Here is the story of room and dialed the paramedics .... I told her I thought I was
having a heart attack due to the pressure building
one woman's experience with a heart atI pulled myself up with under the sternum and radiating into my jaws. I
"I had a heart attack at about 10:30 PM the arms of the chair, didn't feel hysterical or afraid, just stating the
with NO prior exertion, NO prior emotional walked slowly into the facts.
trauma that one would suspect might have
She said she was sending the paramedics over
next room and dialed immediately, asked if the front door was near me,
brought it on. I was sitting all snugly & warm
on a cold evening, with my purring cat in my the paramedics.
and if so, to un-bolt the door and then lie down
lap, reading an interesting story my friend .... I unlocked the door on the floor where they could see me when they
had sent me, and actually thinking, A-A-h, and then laid down on came in.
this is the life, all cozy and warm in my soft,
I unlocked the door and then laid down on the
the floor as instructed floor as instructed and lost consciousness, as I
cushy Lazy Boy with my feet propped up.
A moment later, I felt that awful sensation and lost consciousness, don't remember the paramedics coming in, their
of indigestion, when you've been in a hurry ….
examination, lifting me onto a gurney or getting
and grabbed a bite of sandwich and washed it
me into their ambulance, or hearing the call they
down with a dash of water, and that hurried bite seems to made to St. Jude ER on the way. I did briefly awaken when
feel like you've swallowed a golf ball... going down the we arrived and saw that the radiologist was already there in
esophagus in slow motion and it is most uncomfortable. his surgical blues and cap, helping the medics pull my
You realize you shouldn't have gulped it down so fast and stretcher out of the ambulance. He was bending over me askneeded to chew it more thoroughly and this time drink a ing questions (probably something like 'Have you taken any
glass of water to hasten its progress down to the stomach. medications?') but I couldn't make my mind interpret what he
This was my initial sensation---the only trouble was that I was saying, or form an answer, and nodded off again. I did not
wake up until the cardiologist and partner had already
hadn't taken a bite of anything since about 5:00 p.m.
After it seemed to subside, the next sensation was like threaded the teeny angiogram balloon up my femoral artery
little squeezing motions that seemed to be racing up my into the aorta and into my heart where they installed 2 side by
SPINE (hind-sight, it was probably my aorta spasms), gain- side stints to hold open my right coronary artery….
ing speed as they continued racing up and under my sternum
I know it sounds like all my thinking and actions at home
(breast bone, where one presses rhythmically when adminis- must have taken at least 20-30 minutes before calling the paratering CPR). This fascinating process continued on into my medics, but actually it took perhaps 4-5 minutes before the
throat and branched out into both jaws.
call. Both the fire station and St. Jude are only minutes away
'AHA!!' NOW I stopped puzzling about what was hap- from my home, and my cardiologist was already on the go to
pening --- we all have read and/or heard about pain in the the OR in his scrubs to get going on restarting my heart
jaws being one of the signals of an MI happening, haven't (which had stopped somewhere between my arrival and the
we? I said aloud to myself and the cat, 'Dear God, I think procedure) and installing the stints…
I'm having a heart attack!'
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Inside this issue: The Founder’s Desk —2
Words of Wisdom—4
Steps Along our Journey— 3
Calendar of Events—4
Prayer list—3
Founder’s Desk
Greetings my Brothers and Sistas
Women’s Heart Attack
Cont’d pg 1
Why have I written all of this to you with so much
When I think about the things that we all
detail? Because I want all of you who are so important in
have gone through and are going through
my life to know what I learned first hand.
the words to this song ring in my ears, and
1. Be aware that something very different is happenI would like to share them with you.
ing in your body not the usual men's symptoms but inex-
I Truly Won’t Complain
I've had some good days
I've had some hills to climb
I've had some weary days
And some sleepless nights
But when I look around
And I think things over
All of my good days
Out-weigh my bad days
I won't complain
Sometimes the clouds are low
I can hardly see the road
I ask a question, Lord
Lord, why so much pain?
But he knows what's best for me
Although my weary eyes
They can't see
So I'll just say thank you Lord
I won't complain
The Lord has been so good to me
He's been good to me
More than this old world or you could ever be
He's been so good to me
He dried all of my tears away
Turned my midnights into day
So I'll just say thank you Lord
I've been lied on
But thank you Lord
I've been talked about
But thank you Lord
I've been misunderstood
But thank you Lord
You might be sick
Body reeking with pain
But thank you Lord
The bills are due
Don't know where the money coming from
But thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
So I'll just say thank you Lord,
I won't complain
Stay encouraged
Yours In Health,
Hoping You Had A Blessed Mother's Day
Page 2
plicable things happening (it was my sternum and jaw getting
into the act). It is said that many more women than men die of
their first (and last) MI because they didn't know they were
having one. They commonly mistake it as indigestion, take
some Maalox or other anti-heartburn preparation and go to
bed, hoping they'll feel better in the morning when they wake
up ... which doesn't happen. My female friends, your symptoms might not be exactly like mine, so I advise you to call
the paramedics if ANYTHING unpleasant is happening that
you've not felt before. It is better to have a 'false alarm' than
risk your life guessing what it might be!
2.. Note that I said 'Call the paramedics' and if you
can, take an aspirin. Ladies, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!
Do NOT try to drive yourself to the ER - you are a hazard to
others on the road.
Do NOT have your panicked husband who will be speeding
and looking anxiously at what's happening with you instead
of the road.
Do NOT call your doctor -- he doesn't know where you live.
If it's at night you won't reach him anyway, and if it's daytime,
his assistants (or answering service) will tell you to call the
paramedics. He doesn't carry the equipment in his car that you
need to be saved! The paramedics do, principally the OXYGEN that you need ASAP. Your doctor will be notified later.
3. Don't assume it couldn't be a heart attack because
you have a normal cholesterol count. Research has discovered that an elevated cholesterol reading is rarely the cause of
an MI (unless it's unbelievably high and/or accompanied by
high blood pressure). MI’s are usually caused by long-term
stress and inflammation in the body, which dumps all sorts of
deadly hormones into your system to sludge things up in
there. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep.
Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know the
better chance we could survive.
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Steps Along Our Journey
My name is Sandra (Cook) Evans; I was born
in Beaumont, Texas. My family moved to Seattle in 1952, and then we moved to Oxnard,
California in 1960. I graduated from high
school in 1968 and immediately married my
first husband. He was in the military and we
went abroad to Germany for three years. From
this union, three sons were born, Vernon, Walter Jr. and Jason
Bell. This union did not last and I return to Seattle in 1978. I am
now married to a loving man, Kevin Evans and we have been
married for 22 wonderful years.
It was in the fifth year of marriage that our love was
challenged; it was in 1992, and I had been diagnosed with
Breast Cancer. I was told it was aggressive and I would need
surgery right away. They had found lumps in both breasts, so on
the day of surgery I had to have a total mastectomy. Fortunately,
only the right breast was malignant, Praise the Lord. And despite
having been told I had an aggressive form of cancer, I was not
worried; The Lord had given me peace; I was in church at the
time and was told it was not my time to die. I then asked all of
my friends to forgive me if I had done anything wrong to them; I
wanted to be right with them, as well as God before I went under
the knife. I have great Faith and was able to trust God.
When I went through chemo and radiation therapy, I did not
know what it would be like and had no knowledge of health care;
what I could eat or how I would feel, what I need to know period.
I had no support group at the time I was going through. It was
years later, when I met Bridgette of Cierra Sisters that I found out
what a blessing a support group could be. I find Cierra Sisters is
a great support group; we have fun and we can talk about anything.
Don’t get me wrong, I had great support from my Family
and Friends and Church Family. Also my Work Family was
there for me in everyway; I really want to thank them for
looking out for me; to drink my water. (Smile) they know
who they are! Especially my husband Kevin; whom I believe
is the best support system in this world.
Now that I look back, I believe my husband suffered the
most because he really didn’t have a support system. He held it
all in to keep me from worrying. This was my husbands way of
showing me he was strong. I wish he would have had someone
to talk to, because down the road it really did affect him.
How much he had suffered came to light on our following
anniversary and we were in the hot tube. It was after chemo, all
of my hair had fallen out, and I realized that my husband had not
seen me without a head covering since this ordeal had begun. I
also realized I was afraid to be seen by him, bare headed. But
when he finally convinced me to take off the head wrap, he said
“he found me beautiful and loved me just the way I was.” I tell
this story as a way to say, “Sisters, don’t leave your Man out.
Let him know just how you are feeling and what you are
going through.” They want to be there for you, but they are
scared to death and don’t know how to tell you because of this
man-pride thing they are told about at a young age.
As for me, I am doing well and on the 18 th of May it will
be 17 years that I’ve overcome. I give all Praises to the Lord
who is the head of my life and to all of my Family and
Friends who still support me. “Give it all to the Lord and he
will fight your battles.” Luke 4:18 is my favorite scripture and
Heb 11:2 “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the
evidence of things not seen.” You can’t see it but if you trust
and believe it will happen for you. Look to the hills which
cometh your help, for it comes from the Lord.
God Bless You all.
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Words of Wisdom
Cierra Sisters’
Choosing your battles wisely
2009 Calendar
Everyday, we consciously and unconsciously choose what battles
we will take on, without giving much thought to the impact of our
Meetings Every Fourth Thursday
decisions. But then there are times when we make a conscience
decision to make real changes in our lives. These battles demand
Rainier Community Center
that we use wisdom, and that we take a profound inventory of
4600 38th Ave. S. Seattle, WA
us to learn from our past and move
Line allows
purposefully toward the changes we want. Taking an inventory of ourselves enMailing Address Line 2
ables us to develop effective strategies based on the truth about our strengths and
Time: 6:15-8:15
3 we reach a new level of fulfillment and
With each
battle Line
we win,
Phone: #206-505-9194
and our appreciation
our battles wisely is increased. Wisdom
Address Line 4
the cost of our battles, as well as to
May 28: Managing your personal
Mailing Address Line 5
goal. However, the real value of
wisdom is that it causes us to know that we can not gain true victory without
June 6: Spring Fashion Event and God. When we tap into Godly wisdom through our faith, we receive direct
Brunch (see reminder pg. 3) guidance from God on when to enter battle and how to prepare for the battle.
Whether we are resisting temptation, battling fear, or in spiritual warfare, it is
June 20: Community Block Walk
imperative that we seek God’s guidance, and that we obey him. When we ask God
and Health Fair
to help us, we must surrender to the fact the battle is no longer ours, but God’s.
Location: Rainer Beach Community God’s way of fighting may be far different then what we want it to be; because
Center 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. He will require us to be prepared to give when others take, love when others
hate, and help when others abuse, and sometimes to be willing to give up our
June 25: Youth and Cancer
rights in order to serve others.
Thankfully, every battle we enter will not be a long one; however, there are
July 23: Lymphadema, After
seldom any short cuts to victory. Taking a shortcut may seem like the right thing
Cancer Care
to do, but it may lead to our own self destruction or lengthen our time in battle.
August 27: Cierra Sisters Bar-B-Q As with Cain who murdered his brother. God gave him the opportunity to repent
and confess, but Cain refused; by doing so he lost the battle, which resulted in him
September 19, Families Coming
living his life out in exile. When we understand that God has a plan for our lives,
Together Conference (Free)
and we walk in agreement with that plan, we are able to choose our battles wisely.
This does not mean that we will not endure hardships because we make wise
September 24: Ovarian Cancer
decisions and choices; what it means is that we understand that battles have
October 22: Celebrating Breast
purpose and that victory is inevitable with God.
Cancer Awareness- Managing
Roosevelt Brooks MA PSY/CMHC
Holiday Madness
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Bus Shopping Spree to Portland
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me to discuss how I can help in the fight against Breast Cancer.
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